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Sherri Shepherd takes us behind the scenes as she prepares to guest host for Wendy!
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11 feb 2019






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Leo Lioness
Leo Lioness Hace un mes
I love Sherri’s spirit.... Very warm & welcoming🥰
Steeven Hyde
Steeven Hyde Hace 3 meses
She is so much fun!
Carlos Rosas
Carlos Rosas Hace 3 meses
Humble guests are my fave
brunom72 Hace 4 meses
WOW Ms Sherri looks AH! MAZE! ING! she literally has light (Jesus) shining from within her !!! WOW xxxxxx :)
Wedrowny GrajeK
Wedrowny GrajeK Hace 6 meses
The silverfox helping with the stool is yummy! 😍
xoxo ClarissaRene
xoxo ClarissaRene Hace 10 meses
She even has Wendy’s body shape! 😭
Ig the after show is done with....😕
Shirley DeLee
Shirley DeLee Hace 11 meses
Qeen Wendy 💙💛💙💙💛💙💙💛💙💛💛❤💚❤❤💚😝😝😝😝💛💛💛💙💙💙📷📷📷📷🐧🐧🐧
Rhodes Love
Rhodes Love Hace 11 meses
Joshua Lawrence
Joshua Lawrence Hace 11 meses
Sherri sexy in that shirt
Miss Pipeliner
Miss Pipeliner Hace un año
I bet ya that Wendy's staff didn't know how to act when Sherri came in so friendly & happy! I don't like it Wendy treats them like they are below her.
Athena griego
Athena griego Hace un año
Is That Brendan? He looks skinny and old!
Robert Henry Scott
Robert Henry Scott Hace un año
Nick Cannon, Keke Palmer and Sherri Shepherd were excellent choices to host the show in Wendy's absence. Please, no more panels...it takes away the enjoyment of the show.
Dana Elona
Dana Elona Hace un año
Cheri Payton
Cheri Payton Hace un año
Love you Sherri
Jowee Jug
Jowee Jug Hace un año
Such a positive person. I like Sherri.... Good job!
nubiacoco Hace un año
She has a very beautiful skin; her bareface is everything.
B. C. Schmerker
B. C. Schmerker Hace un año
+WendyWilliamsShow *Good work for a petite-guest-host contingency!* Ms. Shepherd's one of the shorter fill-ins. I'd have no more trouble with the tall chair than either Mrs. Hunter or Mr. Cannon. Which made me think up another contingency: Suppose I'm guest host for a given week and two different fellow ESvidrs are scheduled: Molly Burke (and her seeing-eye Labrador-Bernese mix) on her Do What You Can't Tour for Thursday and Julie G on Make-up and Nail Trends (along with the resident Trendy @ Wendy reporter) for Friday. Since Thursday and Friday episodes are taped on the same day, none too much time to change, especially if the crew wants my tips in color for the "Fashion" Friday 'cast. The resulting in-between-show? "After Show: Getting Queer'd in Record Time" - one scene would have Sñrta. Gutierrez applying the Painted Phalanges® in MC Clap Yo Handz (manicurists have to do this on models in six minutes or less at fashion shows) while I stuff a rainbow hankie in the vest pocket, a script (Hot Topics, perhaps?) on the easel.
Talia Tilly
Talia Tilly Hace un año
You can tell the wendy staff isn't used to someone happy
Valarie Moore
Valarie Moore Hace un año
Well i think that the ppl. at the wendy show should let Sherri Shepherd do the show until wendy get back that girl is so so funny. sherri did say she is out of a job
TheCezu Hace un año
Ohh look how sad Brendan and Jhon look. From 9:15 to 10:15, a full minute of missing Wendy :(
G W. Bfly
G W. Bfly Hace un año
Please, don't bring her back she's a waste of tv time and trashy!! Disrespectful man!! She's disgusting, karma finally got her back!! I hope she's hurting!! Like she hurt a lot of pp!! PLEASE Don't bring her back°
Michael Holmes
Michael Holmes Hace un año
LOOOOVED HER! She can certainly host her own show
Pretty Lil humble girl
Much respect to the beautiful, lovely, Mz. Sherri. She is very talented and her talent is natural her engery us awesome and fresh and she seems to genuinely be a good person. Sherri spoke nice and high of Wendy after all the mean and cruel things she's said about her.
David Maine
David Maine Hace un año
If they were to have regular folk like you and I as guest host for a week, I would be on that line to audition in a heartbeat. PS Sherri did fabulous.
yoyotunes54 Hace un año
They should just give her the show, she was so good. Shes like a happy positive likable version of Wendy
Matthew Mullings
Matthew Mullings Hace un año
I love Wendy to pieces but I just gotta day it. SHERRI NEEDS HER OWN SHOW PERIOS
Ellie Jackson
Ellie Jackson Hace un año
Awwww, Sherri just made me love her so much more! So humble and kind. So many "stars" can be so stuck up and rude but Sherri is such a breath of fresh air. Hope she gets blessed with her own show.... She deserves it!!
JoshyJosh Hace un año
Super "normal" celebrities are my fucking favorite!!!!!
Amy Berkowitz
Amy Berkowitz Hace un año
She seems like such a nice lady. I love Sherri. Hey gurl. I don't know her either. So funny and Jovan is cute
Kay A
Kay A Hace un año
Why couldn’t they let her wear this wig!
Bryan Billfold
Bryan Billfold Hace un año
I'ma just say it.. I Love Sheri Sheppard I Mean.. But. Just like Beyonce has her crew.. Im a part of Wendy s crew... I can't watch the show until my friend In my head returns To the purple chair.. Aunty Wendy feel better baby. But miss Williams please come back.. you are awesome..My name is Bryan bigup the radio and win going for Ward. Realtalk Wendy I look up 2 u Fam
CrisMelo DotCom
CrisMelo DotCom Hace un año
This was great. You make people smile so easily, Sherri. Great talent!
CrisMelo DotCom
CrisMelo DotCom Hace un año
I have a hard time telling Sherri from whiny Mo'nique. When I first saw Sherri as a host I had to make sure it wasn't annoying monique. Now I know Sherri is the sweet one, monique is the bitter fruit. Think Cherry. Think Weak. Rhyme and know. Girl, you need a coat on that Coast.
Really Something
Really Something Hace un año
Her energy is AMAZING!!!!! I want some
ak Mc
ak Mc Hace un año
Hey sherrie.
ak Mc
ak Mc Hace un año
Its been awhile wendy.now get better shake it off. Love you miss you .my talk show host "no man shall....no man all ways no man .No w you know a woman can do all things;) yes
Alex n
Alex n Hace un año
BET please give sherry a talk show
Therone Dawson
Therone Dawson Hace un año
Let's not forget that Wendy gave the okay for Sherri to host the show. Sherri is fantastic.
Rikane Jose
Rikane Jose Hace un año
Wow....Sherri is absolutely beautiful with and without make up. I actually like her look more without make up.
Triangle Triangle
Triangle Triangle Hace un año
Love her
Terina Richardson
Terina Richardson Hace un año
I bet the staff is also wishing they can just keep Sherri. In all of Wendy's after shows she seems so bitchy towards everyone. They all just nervously laugh it off as they walk away.
Vee Hace un año
Please please please give this woman her OWN show🙏🏼 she’s a breath of fresh air and such a beautiful aura
Michael Tooley
Michael Tooley Hace un año
The Sherri Shepard Show 😀Wendy Williams bye girl 😁
Celestine Gobert
Celestine Gobert Hace un año
We have been blessed with some good host nick cannon and Sherrie both kept my attention wow they are good
Jiané Archibald
Jiané Archibald Hace un año
😂😂😂 ...❤❤❤ Sherri!
Raymond Reid
Raymond Reid Hace un año
Oh and my buddy Raymond is going to sleep and then chant for me to focus better
Raymond Reid
Raymond Reid Hace un año
Gotta buy the other 2
Biddy Bop
Biddy Bop Hace un año
The wig struggle is real
Raymond Reid
Raymond Reid Hace un año
Hey buddy how I wanna work out with your family first time to meet me and I gotta be around restful
Raymond Reid
Raymond Reid Hace un año
Just getting back with my new job buddy Raymond is coming to see me you soon and can I borrow dog
Raymond Reid
Raymond Reid Hace un año
I’m sleepy
Raymond Reid
Raymond Reid Hace un año
Where is The Wendy?
Christopher Ramon-Reid
alli best
alli best Hace un año
Ms Sherri. From Jamie Foxx and everything else you do not know how much I loved your work May God truly truly bless you I had a chance to meet you at the gospel Stellar Awards while talk to you about a movie you met with the big boy and I told you how much I love the movie and your response probably only you and I really love the movie but I love your work sweetie hope I get a chance to meet you again may God bless you truly may God bless you. Love you my sexy Queen
soulchild61 Hace un año
Thank you Sherrie for giving us this behind the scene total 👀, didn’t know All those people Wk on the show! Your energy is insane, love & U lov 💕 ❤️
Not Madonna
Not Madonna Hace un año
Sherri always seems so humble and grateful. What a sweetheart!
Jupiter Jewelz
Jupiter Jewelz Hace un año
It seems like the staff is ready to give Wendy the boot! It’s gonna be really fake and awkward when she gets back! I had a couple of bosses like that! Fun snatchers!
Theresa ?
Theresa ? Hace un año
It was great to see the prep. Then the cameras rolled and Sherri came OUT POW! Well done ❤😂
Theresa ?
Theresa ? Hace un año
COOL STAFF!! (they are the ones making it happen ) 👍👍
Angela Abraham
Angela Abraham Hace un año
Sherri Shepherd is on fire!
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