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Karamo Brown offers life advice to the Mythical team! GMMore #1548
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16 may 2019






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Comentarios 558
Heather Gonzalez
Heather Gonzalez Hace 4 días
This episode made me genuinely smile. Karamo is a wonderful soul
Lena Monroe
Lena Monroe Hace 7 días
I'm pretty sure if he said any of this stuff to me joking or not I would immediately burst into tears
Aundrea Gaddis
Aundrea Gaddis Hace 7 días
I loved this episode, wholesome
Bee Cask
Bee Cask Hace 8 días
Bring him back. This was so heart warming xoxoxoxo
Justin White
Justin White Hace 8 días
bring karamo back i love that guy
Anna Taylor
Anna Taylor Hace 9 días
Sooo... Link is Cassandra.
seenisabean Hace 10 días
i love him sm
Shane Hardy
Shane Hardy Hace 11 días
someone3 Hace 11 días
Link is dressed like a... hahaha!!
Matt0409 Hace 14 días
I hadn’t heard of this guy until the show. He’s brilliant. Top 5 guests ever easily!
Eirin Halse
Eirin Halse Hace 15 días
Karamo, You make me smile 🧡
mikeysrose Hace 15 días
Adam Reyes
Adam Reyes Hace 16 días
Dam she cute bbw
kinda over it
kinda over it Hace 20 días
i really just need them all on the show now
Curtis Lee
Curtis Lee Hace 20 días
I like Karamo! He’s an outstanding young man, and he’s very confident!
Somebody Hace 20 días
I’m also here! We’ve got videos too! -link Third wheeling 100
Sami Dunlap
Sami Dunlap Hace 23 días
One of the best guests they’ve ever had!!!
MCMooshroom 248
MCMooshroom 248 Hace 24 días
Karamo: Hello! How are you doing today? Me: *cries* so inspiring
Liri Quack
Liri Quack Hace 25 días
I need a Karamo in my life.
Pataya Hace 26 días
Oooo.. Karamo's in the know.. I'm very glad for him. This was so genuine and beautiful. Keep on spreading that love, please
Cody Black
Cody Black Hace 27 días
Idk who this guy is but I F****** LOVE HIM! I wish I could be his friend!
Alfredo Sauce
Alfredo Sauce Hace 27 días
*Best Mythical More ever*
t. prmnv
t. prmnv Hace 28 días
this is very cool
Jasmine Glaser
Jasmine Glaser Hace 28 días
I freakin' love Karamo!
Caroline Kridle
Caroline Kridle Hace 28 días
* cries *
Kelli Sees
Kelli Sees Hace 28 días
Karamo makes me so happy 😭 He’s so effortlessly encouraging like no one was expecting him to really take it home from a concern about house plants
Elect David
Elect David Hace 28 días
Soon, there shall not be left alive any of the LBGTQ upon the face of the earth. David, Man of God
Vaper Eyes
Vaper Eyes Hace 28 días
Natasha Parmar
Natasha Parmar Hace 28 días
Koramo is so great, genuinely I can't handle how amazingly positive he is *heart eyes*
Joshua Navarrete
Joshua Navarrete Hace 29 días
Couldnt watch the video. I had to get my WiFi
Rick Sanchez is My Spirit Animal
I have been watching you guys for 8 years now! And you guys get BETTER AND BETTER!!!
coco noot
coco noot Hace 29 días
5:40 I *love* how mushy they were 😂😍
Jaclyn Hace un mes
GMMore got deep!
Meg b
Meg b Hace un mes
'failure is not the opposite of success its part of it' bruh, that was so sweet pls i love karamo sm
Weasley Gaming
Weasley Gaming Hace un mes
Whats wrong with looking like a 95 year old anyway?
Frank Costello
Frank Costello Hace un mes
2:05 "You have to have misting schedules, fertilizer, and peat moss in the soil *and* *I* *don't* *know* *what* *any* *of* *that* *is* ." LMFAO!... What?!?😂😂😂
Randiriel Hace un mes
I've never actually seen Queer Eye, but Karamo seems like an absolute treasure
Jess R
Jess R Hace un mes
I can’t believe I didn’t know who he was. I love him! Time to start watching queer eye ☺️
Nahla Aly
Nahla Aly Hace un mes
Karamo is probably one of the best humans ever.
Bab's Uvula Who?
Bab's Uvula Who? Hace un mes
omggg plz get them all on
Mariokart360 Hace un mes
Wholesome :')
Jennifer Garcia
Jennifer Garcia Hace un mes
im crying
Batman2567 Hace un mes
Who else watched Good Mythical MORE just because of how great Karamo was in the original episode!
Misha S
Misha S Hace un mes
This was my favorite more other than the go all the way down one Karamo is amazing I cried lowkey lowkey
2:50 Made me think of Sierra Boggess “You are enough, you are so enough, it’s unbelievable how enough you are”
Mahnaz Ashoori
Mahnaz Ashoori Hace un mes
My acne hasn't been cleared, my crops haven't been watered, but now I feel like I can do something to change that. Thank you Karamo and R&L
ilike frogs
ilike frogs Hace un mes
He is wearing toooooooo much orange
angelique dierckx
angelique dierckx Hace un mes
This was so precious. Karamo is the absolute sweetest.
Justin 'the gamecat' Turgeson in Hi-Fi
Karakoram is still rocking that hoodie! 😂 it actually does look pretty dope.
iphu choi
iphu choi Hace un mes
Awwwwww this was so wholesome 😭😭😭
I'm pretty sure I would sob if Karamo even smiled at me, he's so precious
andrea_20306 Hace un mes
This was sooooo cute!!!! I started tearing up!
Paul Bagnoli
Paul Bagnoli Hace un mes
I have never heard of Karamo before today but what an absolutely incredible human being!
GamingMech Hace un mes
best guest everrrrrr
Debra Mahan
Debra Mahan Hace un mes
I’ve never watched Queer Eye but I would watch anything with this ray of sunshine in it 😍
Lily Eichenbaum
Lily Eichenbaum Hace un mes
I love Karamo so much
kortnee Hace un mes
i love karamo so damn much 😭
Rehayel Hace un mes
this guy is cool
Brad kava
Brad kava Hace un mes
This dude is great at not answering questions hahahahah
Patrick Rayvon
Patrick Rayvon Hace un mes
sound_and_fury Hace un mes
Me in social situations: "Hi I'm also here."
sladea19 Hace un mes
What a feel good episode!
Alieakie yawa
Alieakie yawa Hace un mes
Karamo is like a therapist and he is so nice and loving and he has super wow vibes and idk make him come back. He was lovely!
eimajunknown Hace un mes
this whole video was super sweet! 😍
No1likeSharon Hace un mes
Amazing episode❤️
Madi A
Madi A Hace un mes
I had no idea who Karamo was before this video, but I absolutely love him!!! 😊😊
whatever works
whatever works Hace un mes
I think Karamo is my new favorite person.
Tawnie Alexandra
Tawnie Alexandra Hace un mes
Karamo is making me cry he’s so sweet 😭
Bee Mama
Bee Mama Hace un mes
Cutest. More. Ever!
A Hace un mes
Omg I loved both the main episode and this so much... Karamo is the BEST GUEST EVERRRR I have never wished I was a guy so much, just so I could marry him 😂 what a beautiful person.
Emma Brown
Emma Brown Hace un mes
Link's face everytime he looks into the camera is how Karamo makes all of us feel inside.
gemini star
gemini star Hace un mes
Bring him back.
Unorignality Hace un mes
You can tell a guest had fun when they end up on More. Loved the energy he brought, new favorite guest.
Madeline Elston
Madeline Elston Hace un mes
Why did this video make me sob
martief1st Hace un mes
Can Karamo come and end the season every time?
Nona Mackenzie
Nona Mackenzie Hace un mes
any time Karamo is like uplifting to another person, it makes me start tearing up. And that's why I procrastinate watching Queer Eye until my curiosity grows bigger than my disdain of crying.
mark martinez
mark martinez Hace un mes
This was a great show I really enjoyed it
MKH Hace un mes
Omg I almost cried.
Rhys Walters
Rhys Walters Hace un mes
I love this man such a great soul
ChallengeLife Hace un mes
I actually really loved this guest.
S Doerr
S Doerr Hace un mes
what a great episode....
naomie adair
naomie adair Hace un mes
Love me some Queer Eye!
Valerie H
Valerie H Hace un mes
So positive! Thank you!
alyssa wilkinson
alyssa wilkinson Hace un mes
Tbh I've never heard of him before, but MY GOODNESS I need more of him in my life!!!! ❤❤
Rachel O
Rachel O Hace un mes
Okay, new favorite guest! What a sweet guy 🥰
Baron Samedi
Baron Samedi Hace un mes
Wow. I wish I could be THIS charming. Karamo.. What a man.
Emily T
Emily T Hace un mes
So wholesome :'))
Ohmi Dios
Ohmi Dios Hace un mes
Karan’s could crush me and I’d ok with that
Elizabeth White
Elizabeth White Hace un mes
I LOVE this guy!!!!
Megan Simons
Megan Simons Hace un mes
Omg!!!! Can I be best friends with him?!?! ❤️❤️
letitsnow4xmas Hace un mes
AmazingCheetos Hace un mes
I feel better listening to him give someone else advice 😂
Cathryn B
Cathryn B Hace un mes
That was such a lovely episode. Karamo was so genuine and everyone was just so happy.
imarielmermaid Hace un mes
ummm can I have Karamo as my therapist please lol
John Krobot
John Krobot Hace un mes
Karamo needs to be on more please he is so uplifting
SandStorm XII
SandStorm XII Hace un mes
Jason M.
Jason M. Hace un mes
To eliminate the temptation of having one of the gays from “Queer Eye”, they could’ve done another episode of “Year Eye with Two Straight Guys”🙄🙄🙄
Jennifer Robinson
Jennifer Robinson Hace un mes
anyone that disliked this video is not a mythical beast
Vasko Games
Vasko Games Hace un mes
don't forget y'all, link is here too
x heitsmae x
x heitsmae x Hace un mes
Oh, my god! How did I miss this? I love GMM & Queer Eye so much~ Rhett, Link, Karamo, Tan, Antoni, Jonathan & Bobby are amazing!
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