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“Queer Eye”’s Karamo Brown opens up about growing up in Texas as a kid who felt different, coping with domestic abuse and coming to terms with a surprise child.
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20 mar 2019

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Andrea Andrea
Andrea Andrea Hace 14 días
Trevor and Karamo; Fabulous men!
Andrea Andrea
Andrea Andrea Hace 14 días
The courage to admit fault and say "I was wrong! I was a bully!" and ask for forgiveness, is tremendous. THIS is how it's done; how we heal the planet. The first step is becoming conscious.
lekiscool Hace 2 meses
I often think of compliments to give people however, social anxiety gets in the way. I strive to be like Karamo and be able to freely give compliments without anxiety.
Amy Mears
Amy Mears Hace 2 meses
Love this interview! Learned so much across the board.
Detriotman Hace 2 meses
Karamo is fine.
Karamo Sellah
Karamo Sellah Hace 2 meses
Karamo is my name :D
Sara S.
Sara S. Hace 2 meses
Never in a MILLION years would I have guessed Karamo being an abusive partner. Much much much respect for growing out of it and from it and realizing that that is not behaviour that is ok. It takes a lot to see the flaws in ourself. Especially big ones like that. All the best to him
Taelor Jones
Taelor Jones Hace 2 meses
I love him so much 🤗
Marcos Martinez
Marcos Martinez Hace 2 meses
This is so crazy to find out. And, I am so proud of him for coming to terms and changing AND so proud and happy for his past victims who have hopefully forgiven him. Wow, just wow.
Meredith Anderson
Meredith Anderson Hace 2 meses
I love how Karamo is embracing true masculinity as opposed to toxic masculinity!
Jessyca Roy Landry
Jessyca Roy Landry Hace 2 meses
Wait, which podcast? I wanna listen!
Maryam Hussain
Maryam Hussain Hace 3 meses
ka moo moo?!
Sheri A
Sheri A Hace 3 meses
Karamo, while I am not black, gay or male, I most definitely related to your story about domestic abuse. My father was violent against my mother and two brothers, but somehow I was spared because I hear I was his favorite. Still, there is survivor guilt and also the mental result of watching your loved ones being hurt. I always felt like I should do something but I was too scared, because I didn't know I was his favorite. I grew up afraid, thinking that if I just behaved well enough, maybe I could escape the violence. But just because I didn't get beaten doesn't mean I didn't get f***** up in the head. As I have said of my brothers, physical damage causes visible scars, but emotional damage often is overlooked because there not be an outward sign like a scar. But the scar is there inside my brain. ❤
Sean J
Sean J Hace 3 meses
I love Karamo..he's so confident. He loves the camera, he loves attention, he pats himself on the shoulder every chance he gets and loves talking about himself..haha
Mattie Herald
Mattie Herald Hace 3 meses
Trevor, please learn more about the causes and results of domestic violence and terminology. Even Karamo, refers to it as an anger issue. It isn't about anger, we all get angry, but can do so without being abusive to others. It is about power and control. His actions to partners were a direct correlation with the behavior of his father and feeling powerless as a child. Happy to hear he has done a lot of self-evaluation and changed the dynamics in his life with others. Looking forward to reading his book.
Sacred Grooves
Sacred Grooves Hace 3 meses
Love Love Love Queer Eye!!!! amazing!!!
Random dude
Random dude Hace 3 meses
She brought up the kid for 10 years and then she figured she could use some money so she contacted him. I'm glad he took the kids. I hate people who make others pay for a child they don't even know. I've never been in that situation so who knows maybe I'd do the same.
xChristiane Hace 3 meses
I dont think i have EVER made fun of anyone because of their name. its such a dumb thing to do
markopolo310 Hace 3 meses
Much respect to Karamo for speaking his truth and being so honest with his past. Love the new Queer Eye, it’s such a breath of fresh air and an emotional roller coaster.
Jeanmarie Todd
Jeanmarie Todd Hace 3 meses
I love the Fab 5 and their great message. I'm curious, who comes and watches such a fantastic interview and gives it a thumbs down? At this point 151 people rated this negatively; did you even watch the interview? Maybe open your hearts a bit to a wonderful human being talking about his evolution as a person.
Emma Johnson
Emma Johnson Hace 3 meses
Wow. This interview is by far the most amazing. I never knew domestic violence in the LGBTQ relationships was higher than straight couples' until now. What an awesome guy to be totally transparent and honest, bravo!
Alex Hristova
Alex Hristova Hace 3 meses
okay, i know this is stupid, but i can't decide if his glasses are real or just the frames :d
Suede Jones
Suede Jones Hace 3 meses
I may be reading into it a little bit, but he seems arrogant.
ohhireneexo Hace 3 meses
I wish he would of asked him about that episode in season 1 when he was pulled over by that cop! If Netflix producers stage that and didn’t tell him shame on them
Millie Atkins
Millie Atkins Hace 3 meses
holy FUCK
Isabella M
Isabella M Hace 3 meses
Trevor and Karamo is one of the few people I look up to. They are such good role models for us all! I am a white young woman living in Scandinavia. Sending lots of love!Ps:I was at Trevors show in Oslo. So good!
Sujata Singh
Sujata Singh Hace 3 meses
Dear Karamo .... anywhere...just about anywhere else in the world ( except the country you grew up in)your name would have been pronounced beautifully!! Trust me.
Bryce Thompson
Bryce Thompson Hace 3 meses
Good for him! Would be interested to know how the victims of domestic violence and control on top of lifelong emotional trauma gay men suffered to whatever degree faired after these relationships ended? Given that there was forgiveness, perhaps he and at least one of the former "lovers"/partners could do an educational speaking tour since he has a following/platform. What a potential impact that could make in domestic violence PREVENTION!!!
PaxPirate Hace 3 meses
Love the professionalism Trevor shows in this interview. He has clearly done his research about the show, the book and the person and lets him speak and it’s just great to see.
Hayley F
Hayley F Hace 3 meses
Man, if I didnt already love this dude. Karamo, you're a rockstar. Keep on keepin on.
Tara Streetman
Tara Streetman Hace 3 meses
This was a fantastic and important segment.
inkstainedhearts Hace 3 meses
Wait Kuramo has a podcast?!
J Cay
J Cay Hace 3 meses
Most times when I decide to scroll through comment sections, I am instantly saddened bc of all the hatred, willful ignorance, and disregard that some users seem to have for the plight of other humans. That wasn't the case this time :) SO MUCH LOVE HERE. It really warms my heart y'all. Love and compassion ALWAYS triumph.
Tanisha Tantrika & Tarot
Omg my gay husband. Hes so beautiful
inmydarkesthour 22
inmydarkesthour 22 Hace 3 meses
Perfect i would say!!
Raquel Hace 3 meses
a whole man
Calla Antoinette
Calla Antoinette Hace 3 meses
This is a really cool story. Very few abusive people can look at themselves this way. I don't think they are all evil. It's a lot of mixed up emotions and frustration over not knowing what else to do. There are too many people that can't be humble or ever admit fault especially for something like this.
LaShayla Scott
LaShayla Scott Hace 3 meses
I knew I recognize him. He was on Real World. ❤ He is awesome.
The Breakthrough
The Breakthrough Hace 3 meses
Aww love this, totally going to get his book.
Denise Radley
Denise Radley Hace 3 meses
Teachers of the world - Don't be a piece of shit. Ask your students with ethnic names HOW THEY PRONOUNCE IT. It's significantly less insulting than constantly saying it wrong and putting in zero effort.
Fito JB
Fito JB Hace 3 meses
This man is my spirit animal!
Angee Guerrero
Angee Guerrero Hace 3 meses
2 Males talking about domestic violence, spiritual growth! If that’s not an evolved society then I don’t know.... love you Trevor!
Nicholas Cobb
Nicholas Cobb Hace 3 meses
"now my boys are 12 and 18 but I got them when they were 10 and 7" *WHAT*!? 5 year difference vs 3 year difference.
Anneloes Barth
Anneloes Barth Hace 3 meses
Nicholas Cobb yeah i thought that too but he probably adopted the younger boy 2 years after learning about his older son.
poornima krishnan
poornima krishnan Hace 3 meses
Karamo's Abs 😍😍🤩
Public Relations
Public Relations Hace 3 meses
"now they are 12 and 18 but I got them when they were 10 and 7"?
Three Jewels
Three Jewels Hace 3 meses
First of all, I'm a fan of Karamo and I appreciate his message of being an abuser and learning how to overcome that. Having said that, I've never heard a celebrity openly speak about being an abuser of a woman and being welcome and championed for it. I don't know how to feel about that. I do believe people can redeem themselves but is it that we still don't respect DV in same-sex areas, or what?
Joelle Steffen Bonifacio
I love crying through each and every episode of Queer Eye. lol
Helen Hankey
Helen Hankey Hace 3 meses
The original Queer Eye was better, sorry!
Jai Joy
Jai Joy Hace 3 meses
Domestic violence is obviously terrible. Karamo actually admitted that he was part of it the problem, and didn't just stop with mentioning it ran through his household. He owned up, he didn't hide, he got help, and now he's helping a lot of other people w/ various issues. 👏👏👏 Only love for this man.
B D Hace 3 meses
They have a whole conversation about how Trevor says his name... the video should include the introduction.
Earbyland Hace 3 meses
Can you please send me a coffee mug :)
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