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The Wolfcatbeast
The Wolfcatbeast Hace 31 un minuto
Kawhi has been the best player in the world since the playoffs started and its been obvious as fuck
Alex Hace 32 minutos
How max looking 🤡
Dru Moncatar
Dru Moncatar Hace 33 minutos
Kawhi > KD. Saying otherwise is just BS... Here's a guy lifting up an entire franchise over his shoulders vs a guy who's franchise is lifting him up. Come on now. Be real
Zeb Nicklin
Zeb Nicklin Hace 33 minutos
He has proven his is the best in the Playoffs! LBJ still the best, unfortunately he not in a position right now to prove that, due to his team. Wait, if they get some more players next year and they get deep into the playoffs, he will prove he is still the best. actually, he will prove it 2019/20 regular season.
Profound Observer
Profound Observer Hace 34 minutos
"and who did he lose to? kd!" ..... and westbrook .....
EruptDrew Hace 34 minutos
James Charles just kissed you, like to undo 👇🏽
EruptDrew Hace 34 minutos
Sub to my youtube to meet or lebron James
Charizard123 Hace 37 minutos
What is going on
Profound Observer
Profound Observer Hace 40 minutos
put kd in kawhis place and the raptors don't make the ecf
Mexican American
Mexican American Hace 41 un minuto
Go watch LIPS DON’T LIE by ally broke ❤️
Ardi Nur Hidayat
Ardi Nur Hidayat Hace 45 minutos
Sarah Raa
Sarah Raa Hace 45 minutos
OZMX Hace 45 minutos
Kawhi has 1 Rings period. LeBron has 3.
PlanetJigobotTV Hace 47 minutos
Tripping if anyone think Kawie is the best player in the league....
Nor Priest
Nor Priest Hace 48 minutos
Whoever thinks Curry is a better player than Kawhi is a stupid idiot
Your Name Here
Your Name Here Hace 48 minutos
Lol when the raptors were down 0-2 they had already counted out kwahi and brought up his possible injury and desire to be out of toronto.
Nideesh Reddy
Nideesh Reddy Hace 50 minutos
Kawhi Leonard the best player in NBA
Craka Jack
Craka Jack Hace 51 un minuto
Calling it now if Raptors win and make it to the final and the warriors beat the raptor excuse going be Kawhi has no help or Kawhi is a hurt
Aliou Cisse
Aliou Cisse Hace 51 un minuto
Does anyone really listen to these idiots? Not too long ago after Gms 1&2 Max said if Giannis developed a jump shot he would be better than MJ..Now he's singing a different tune about Kawai😂😂😂😂😂
Pyroman /
Pyroman / Hace 52 minutos
Everyone pretty much agrees kawhi is "-the best two way player in the game" but then says at the same time he isn't the best it's a two way game motherfuckers lmfao
Craka Jack
Craka Jack Hace 54 minutos
Ok max what about steph on what he’s been doing in the playoff lol
Pyroman /
Pyroman / Hace 54 minutos
The bucks have turned into the doe's turned out the antlers were a strap on
Pyroman /
Pyroman / Hace 55 minutos
Ice-o mode motherfucker
jay Tiller
jay Tiller Hace 57 minutos
Max: im happy! SAS: no, you're gay.
Desmond Ngoran
Desmond Ngoran Hace 57 minutos
Stephen A Smith is always on KDs back
Matthew Hill
Matthew Hill Hace un hora
Kawhi is a mixture of MJ AND Pippen. Truly a unique player
Cristian Rodriguez
Cristian Rodriguez Hace 43 minutos
Ever since he worked out with Kobe He's been on that Mamba mentality shit with that dirty midrange game
Shivan Anirudhra
Shivan Anirudhra Hace un hora
He's better then KD because he didn't need 3 hall of famers to fall back on
Crispy Que
Crispy Que Hace un hora
Please Vote !! Who is better Kawhi or Lebrun ??
DuongE Luu
DuongE Luu Hace un hora
Max is a clown 🤡 😂😂😂
Junior Abou Airr
Junior Abou Airr Hace un hora
finally max is right for once
Tee Shifty
Tee Shifty Hace un hora
I love how max said James harden then didn't even say curry's name when talking about who want the number 1 player in the league title
Will Cunningham
Will Cunningham Hace un hora
Max was on fire here. TWICE as good as the 2nd best defender on Giannis. All that needs to be said.
Enthusiastic Zestful Villainy
SAS Logic, kawhi performing supremely against the number 1 offensive and defensive team in the league does not mean he is the best player? LOL this is why i stopped watching these shit show with their 'analyst'. Go watch bballbreakdown, heatcheck, coach daniels, and thinking basketball instead to understand what is happening in the series.
Zacharias 220
Zacharias 220 Hace un hora
They really doing everything in their power to bring LeBron James onto First Take. They acting outta pocket.
Jayson Morgan
Jayson Morgan Hace un hora
This is the first time I've agreed with Max all year
daniel saiyan
daniel saiyan Hace un hora
If Bucks win Gianis is the best player in the world, if Golden State wins it's Curry lmao...let the playoffs finish and we can see who is the best player at the moment and it's still probably Lebron he just had a bad year with a new team at LA but individually he still the best.
kenny ross
kenny ross Hace un hora
LeBron did not put down the baton, he had it taken away. If he retired last year that would have been putting down the baton.
Abdi Rahim
Abdi Rahim Hace un hora
ESPN: "Hey Lebron Kawhi is the best in the world" Lebron: #Itbelikedat Toronto: With or without kd and boogie we good"
daniel ong
daniel ong Hace un hora
hahah.. he said NO.. he's not great.. it's just because the bucks and their best players is struggling because they made the adjustment to put Kawhi on Giannis. Homie, Kawhi straight put the lock down on the best player and team wit his D; that definitely didn't support your argument Stephen.
MrRainman007 Hace un hora
What happened to the Bucks Stephen A. ? The Toronto Raptors happened to them. ;)
thrupodi Hace un hora
SAS need to stay off the WEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEDUH!
Clip That Shit
Clip That Shit Hace un hora
Ream Da Dream
Ream Da Dream Hace un hora
Stephen A smoking crack lmao I wonder if you put KD on Annis what would happen
asdf072xxp Hace un hora
GOD, these guys have the attention span of a kitten w/ a laser pointer stuck to its head. One good Nuggets game later: "Here's why Gary Harris is the best NBA player of all time!!"
Kyle Jones
Kyle Jones Hace un hora
I'd love to see the raptors go to the finals and lose to golden state and see drake cry
Shadow561781 Hace un hora
Lmao Kawhii got the face of... "Im here so i dont get fired" 3:48
Jeremy Augustin
Jeremy Augustin Hace un hora
Stephen A. need a max contract from ESPN
Bobby Taylor
Bobby Taylor Hace un hora
Sean Walsh
Sean Walsh Hace un hora
Steph > kawhi
Rich H
Rich H Hace un hora
Max is falsely starting with the presupposition that only Kawhi or Giannis can be the best player in the world; that whoever wins this series, that's right, THIS SERIES, determines who's ultimately the best basketball player in the league. Max is ignorantly excluding any other player who's either not in this series, or who's team has been eliminated or not have made the playoffs. This is a argument from ignorance. And according to Max's reasoning, this means that Darren Collison is better than Kemba Walker, or Derrick Favors is better than Anthony Davis, or Aminu is better than Paul George. Its absurdity
TheOne Hace un hora
First off , stephen A says KD is the best player in the world??? R U SURE?!!!
Martinez sQUAD
Martinez sQUAD Hace un hora
LeBron: Yo Kawhi Kawhi: Bron, what’s up fam? LeBron: If you tired of Drake all in the media videoooosssss, all over the court dancinnnnnnnn. THEN COME TO LA!! Kawhi: (awkward laugh)
GEMMBOL Hace un hora
esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo--WqN41IYZyA.html how to make motocross 👍👍👍👍
Dylan Black
Dylan Black Hace un hora
What dis boi Max been schmokin lately
MaganeziM Hace un hora
Best NBA debate Max ever had against Stephen.A 😅
Cameron Johnson
Cameron Johnson Hace un hora
Let's be honest. Cleveland would run through both teams last year. Lebron can score and at times play defense as good Kawhi. The difference is that lebron's ability to make his teammates better is why he can make a lottery team go to the finals
Sam L
Sam L Hace un hora
Max wrote a banger of an analysis on Kawhi
nohomers100 Hace un hora
Tom Brady will be a bum in short order A stupid punchable smirking douchebag 2016
Nick Corso
Nick Corso Hace un hora
I can't take Stephen A. Smith serious ever agin after the baby filter videos
Bbcshan thapa
Bbcshan thapa Hace un hora
Kawhi is now the best player only curry is close now.
Jonah Saldana
Jonah Saldana Hace un hora
Max smoke to much dick. He be dick ridding who ever hot!!
blue sky251
blue sky251 Hace un hora
max is retarded he speaks so loud and with so much conviction but he changes his opinion daily
Mikey. Cž
Mikey. Cž Hace un hora
this argument can be related to someone who just smoked a jimmy to someone who just had a redbull b4 work and is still buzzing from last night
Mikey. Cž
Mikey. Cž Hace un hora
lmao holy this guy snapped at the end
Lashal Hace un hora
Always changing their opinions . Foh 🙄
Quiet_as_a_Mouse Hace un hora
Max: Scratches nose SAS: first of all you’re wrong and here’s why
Spice 0o0
Spice 0o0 Hace un hora
2 days from now LeBron is the goat -“Max”
Max is 💯 correct right here and I’m a LeBron James fan!!!
MAK3212 Hace un hora
Agreed, we can put this "KD is the best player in the world" to sleep.
Kawhi Leonard
Kawhi Leonard Hace un hora
I’m the best player in the world and a fun guy
Marcel Overlorx
Marcel Overlorx Hace un hora
Kd still better man
Raymond Frazier
Raymond Frazier Hace un hora
slaving stephen a for that 10 mill lol
Harvey Dent
Harvey Dent Hace un hora
Stephen A needs a holiday!
Prudhvi Vankineni
Prudhvi Vankineni Hace un hora
Kd will come back and kawhi will shut him down
lars bellamy
lars bellamy Hace un hora
discord.gg/AXQftd join if you want a clan
Efrain Perez
Efrain Perez Hace un hora
Way better kawhi can play defense and hit all his free throws
Davis Hace un hora
shut the hell up max
Justin Przytula
Justin Przytula Hace un hora
Why this shit on trending? 💵💵💵💵💵💵
Draeze Reger
Draeze Reger Hace un hora
Damion Biggs
Damion Biggs Hace un hora
MaxBron really need a drugs test.
Osama Obama
Osama Obama Hace un hora
Stephen A you are wrong. Kawhi defends better than kd
DeKobe DeBryant
DeKobe DeBryant Hace un hora
#1 tending it Canada. Let’s go Max
MichaEl V
MichaEl V Hace un hora
These guys dick ride anybody
Francis Gonzales
Francis Gonzales Hace un hora
The ending is a great cliffhanger
Rebs Rebolledo
Rebs Rebolledo Hace 2 horas
if you replace kawhi with lebron right now in Toronto, GSW in 4
Mihai Marchidann
Mihai Marchidann Hace 2 horas
only SAS is talking about KD lol
EM Davila
EM Davila Hace 2 horas
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Noah Muncy
Noah Muncy Hace 2 horas
Okay now max just trippin
A D Hace 2 horas
Max will give his whole speal for an hour just to come on tomorrow and say Giannis or flippin jared from kmart is better
Zac Lodro
Zac Lodro Hace 2 horas
Kawhi is gonna be the GOAT! He will retire with 7 rings, mark my words!
Manny G
Manny G Hace 2 horas
Max is a clown.
Kawhi has the personality of someone that was homeschooled.
Jay Hace 2 horas
If he becomes Champion then yeah Kawhi will definitely be the best.
Vaughn Catillon
Vaughn Catillon Hace 2 horas
Raptors bout to wrap it up. Series ova
Gregory Clay
Gregory Clay Hace 2 horas
talking heads. nothing they say matters. they’re reactionary. if the raptors lose the series they’ll be calling kawhi just a better than average player.
Moon Bruhhh
Moon Bruhhh Hace 2 horas
Freddie Jones
Freddie Jones Hace 2 horas
Cmon max🤦🏾‍♂️That wasn’t the Hampton five kawhi was playing against when he got injured dumb ass. Steph,klay,dray,boogie,and Kd are the Hampton five
EddieTV Hace 2 horas
this nigga hits the verge of being in the finals and now we having discussions on he’s the best player in the world when everyone was just riding lebrons dick until they got fucking destroyed regular season. makes sense though right?
DSM Hace 2 horas
Hello. Please subscribe here esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-IJizyoN8YI4.html
Freddie Jones
Freddie Jones Hace 2 horas
Cmon max🤦🏾‍♂️That wasn’t the Hampton five kawhi was playing against when he got injured dumb ass. Steph,klay,dray,boogie,and Kd are the Hampton five
Jesse Valdez
Jesse Valdez Hace 2 horas
Warriors in 4!
Noeum Din
Noeum Din Hace 2 horas
Max.. stick to boxing. Your a selfish idiots, that pural for your nonsense and answer, your share of thoughts IS your delusional merit, because your explanation is follow by more SMH..your a living legend.
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