Keegan-Michael Key Has Wept With Stephen

The Late Show with Stephen Colbert
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'Friends From College' star Keegan-Michael Key was one of two people weeping uncontrollably at a play in New York. The other was Stephen Colbert.
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9 ene 2019

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Cheddar Bob
Cheddar Bob Hace 5 días
Drove me crazy trying to remember what ive seen him from Skyrim very special edition!
Susan Furnish
Susan Furnish Hace 6 días
When's Key gonna do an imitation of Cory Booker?
LaviniaVeiled Hace 7 días
I wish I could have been at that performance to cry with them!!! 😭💜
MementoX1013 Hace 7 días
I love sensitive men.
Jacquo Bollaz
Jacquo Bollaz Hace 8 días
Key was freaking hilarious as Mr. Garvey, the substitute teacher.
MrAlex3132003 Hace 8 días
Awesome if Blackish had him as the wife's older brother!
Josef Myers
Josef Myers Hace 3 días
hahahaha goooood call
YoCatDoc Hace 8 días
They have their hearts on their sleeve
Joshua Korynta
Joshua Korynta Hace 8 días
Orange man good.
Adrian Labastida
Adrian Labastida Hace 9 días
I also have that empathy issue where I get too much emotionally involved in what I'm watching (if it's done right) and sometimes I can drop some tears and get my eyes wet, I don't care, I like to really get into it and enjoy whatever I'm experiencing, even the sad things, I've also cried of excitement or from heartwarming stuff, the endorphins crying can give you rocks lol
Neo McDoom
Neo McDoom Hace 9 días
That blindfold bit was CRIEIEIEJJEJDAjakwoapapapqkaopp
xTheOxx Hace 9 días
I'm looking at what both Key and Peele are doing with their career and I have only one thing to say: NOICE!
Nika Gravel
Nika Gravel Hace 9 días
anyone watch interviews sometimes and just think to themselves "damn lol he totally did a couple lines of coke before he came out"
Snaggle Toothed
Snaggle Toothed Hace 9 días
Promenade Play does anything sound more pretentious than this? Following actors around a big house. SMH!
Mei Hace 9 días
Love Key and Peele. So funny.
Lucas Jackson
Lucas Jackson Hace 9 días
Not surprising that these fruity liberal nancy boys would "weep" over a play🙄
MsTM MS Hace 9 días
Adore the riff on Bird Box
Brendissimo Hace 9 días
Sounds like an amazing production of one of my favorite plays.
Funny Hut
Funny Hut Hace 9 días
I like his show.
He’s always funny
Hans Morales
Hans Morales Hace 9 días
Ben Simmons?
salas7146 Hace 9 días
Keegan Michael key and peel are so hilarious
R. H.F.
R. H.F. Hace 9 días
keegan is the funny uncle of an entire generation
Kevin Berger
Kevin Berger Hace 9 días
Real men always find time to weep together.
Blue McDaniel
Blue McDaniel Hace 9 días
yahia Aly
yahia Aly Hace 9 días
at 2:01 feel the pain as keegan-michael sees stephen's hand and goes for the handshake only to be left hanging for like a second ...we all have been there man
cyanide jack
cyanide jack Hace 9 días
OMG! The Dead is my absolute favorite short story. I loved John Huston's film adaptation. I would have given anything to have seen it performed this way. And I too would have cried like a baby.
frankinsane and myrrh
He's so much fun it somehow distracts me from his handsomeness, lol.
Dylan Basil
Dylan Basil Hace 9 días
Stephan goes right in to make it a fraternity rush event.
Mark Lance
Mark Lance Hace 9 días
Shahrooz Shadbakht
Shahrooz Shadbakht Hace 9 días
I’m so happy for this guy’s success
BossAct7 Hace 9 días
the way he speaks in interviews reminds me of Neil degrasse Tyson
adornoir Hace 9 días
Keegan-Michael has amazing energy and talent, but this show looks as shitty as they come.
Jeremy H.
Jeremy H. Hace 9 días
It's hilarious this dude has to hyphenate his middle name in like some weirdo so that everyone doesn't call him " Key-Key ".
ゴリさん Hace 9 días
I want subtitle in English …
Mark Marquez
Mark Marquez Hace 9 días
what word did he say ? "reclept" ?
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman Hace 9 días
I am the next
Eric Cartman
Eric Cartman Hace 9 días
#6 on trending
Keshav Hace 9 días
Weep with Stephen should be the next name for the Late Show
samplexample Hace 9 días
I cant wait to hear about these two betas weeping on Nov 9 2020.
Vengar Hace 9 días
I read ‘slept’ in the name of the video and was very confused for a second.
Ben G
Ben G Hace 9 días
The top physical comedian so far of the 21st Century
Terry Bonnell
Terry Bonnell Hace 9 días
Did he say he slept with Stephen Colbert I always thought Colbert played for the other team.There is sure a lot of dl brothas coming out of the closet and 2019 has hardly started. It's no wonder since the metoo movement has weaponized women's vaginas against men.
IVIr Moore
IVIr Moore Hace 9 días
This. Everything about this. Screams Incel tears. I'll pray for you brudda.
Liam M-D
Liam M-D Hace 9 días
5:48 Kegel Michael Key
Hamed Rishehri
Hamed Rishehri Hace 9 días
Where I can find that movie adaptation? Or that book?
LovingMe_ Jan
LovingMe_ Jan Hace 9 días
When you get a chance, please check out “Glam Doll Si” on youtube
Garit Guy
Garit Guy Hace 9 días
Stephen Colbert looks sleepy.
Teena Bell
Teena Bell Hace 9 días
2:03 oh no
Paul H. Kircher III
Paul H. Kircher III Hace 9 días
He's cool with Kevin Stapleton.
Orlando G.
Orlando G. Hace 9 días
1:05 Tasty bassline
TheVargasShow Hace 9 días
Please bring back Keegan N Peele.
Daniel 89
Daniel 89 Hace 9 días
I bet he feels depressed cause he is not as successful as his partner
Tristan Spencer
Tristan Spencer Hace 9 días
We are men manly men
BG Resjek
BG Resjek Hace 9 días
He came a long way since Killswitch engage. Go Howard
MPTH Hace 9 días
ggali09 Hace 9 días
When the mask slips and you remember that these people are actually the one percent elite that they pretend to oppose.
Night Girl
Night Girl Hace 9 días
Steve Smith
Steve Smith Hace 9 días
Steve Smith
Steve Smith Hace 9 días
@t Hi I know this is rude but please guys can you download something if you like i really need the money so i can buy my pc to draw more.
Steve Smith
Steve Smith Hace 9 días
@t Hi I know this is rude but please guys can you download something if you like i really need the money so i can buy my pc to draw more.
Mike Jones
Mike Jones Hace 9 días
colbert was funnier when he was pretending to be funny on comedy central and keegan or whatever if i need to take a nap ill watch him do anything
Daniel Gadberry
Daniel Gadberry Hace 10 días
Keegan Michael Key needs a stand-up
MIA JEAN Hace 10 días
“Weep with Steven next Thursday” 😂😂😂
Vinyl Buff
Vinyl Buff Hace 10 días
I thought the title said slept
M.A.S mm
M.A.S mm Hace 10 días
*slept with
Diesel Hace 10 días
What are you doing on this clowns show?
mjnari022 Hace 9 días
White folks love him
Samuel Clemens
Samuel Clemens Hace 10 días
Why does he feel the need to shout so loudly. ?
ArGaMer Hace 10 días
dead crowd
Timothy Clark
Timothy Clark Hace 10 días
Colbert is so good at interviewing that he mostly just sat there and let the guest do all the talking without interrupting. He has a great feel of when and what to ask.
Cordale Smith
Cordale Smith Hace 10 días
Who else read the almost the title "Has Slept With Stephan"
Slick Rock
Slick Rock Hace 10 días
Angela K
Angela K Hace 10 días
I thought he was doing the bird box challenge
Unity Hace 10 días
LONG LIVE THE GLORIOUS C.S.A!!!!!!!!!!!!! ❤️🌞🙏
Donald J. Trump
Donald J. Trump Hace 10 días
I hate this bisexual hipster
suheyla afra
suheyla afra Hace 10 días
I wept with Stephen!!!
Fairy Slayer
Fairy Slayer Hace 10 días
Does Stephen Colbert ever have a guest who _isn't_ there only as an excuse for him to talk about himself?
Stroller Boy
Stroller Boy Hace 10 días
He's a obnoxious neegro!
Dodelijke Koninkrijk
Dodelijke Koninkrijk Hace 10 días
Key & Peeles IS MY SHIIIIT!
Lavender Life
Lavender Life Hace 10 días
Miss this guy. Love his personality. Love the suit. bring him back sometime.
Darling Nikki
Darling Nikki Hace 10 días
2 of the most intelligent, classy and funny men on the planet. 💙 it!
tumblinbubble Hace 10 días
holy shit...thanks for all the likes
Chiko was here
Chiko was here Hace 10 días
Colbert's on CBS?!
Emo With An Ego
Emo With An Ego Hace 10 días
I thought it said that he slept with Stephen...
*The Wayans dominated for more thab a decade. Now, Key and Peele*
lance gross
lance gross Hace 10 días
Who cares
KoreanBBQ Hace 10 días
LMAO that Birdbox entrance was gold
Nightmare Files
Nightmare Files Hace 10 días
***What you don’t know is that “Get Out” was made about him.....***
wendy darling
wendy darling Hace 10 días
Huh. Fortunately I got a lottery ticket for The Dead. I enjoy crying at shows but had zero emotional response to this. It's a night out for fancy folk who have money to burn. Beautiful setting and some tasty mashed potatoes, though. 😂
Chengy Poo
Chengy Poo Hace 10 días
Where is Balake
Rachel Maxwell
Rachel Maxwell Hace 9 días
Chengy Poo you done wrong Col-Bert
CumulusSkies Hace 10 días
Problems from the 1%.
Lakers fan4life
Lakers fan4life Hace 10 días
Does anybody know the song in the Raid 2 trailer. I mean, I know that it’s la grande sarabande pour cordes et basse, but the song in the trailer is a different version that the original-anyone know?
Geekmom D
Geekmom D Hace 10 días
I love seeing guys like this admit to weeping over performances. Non-toxic masculinity is awesome.
Azul Amazigh
Azul Amazigh Hace 10 días
i miss dave and chapelle.
Emily Eldridge
Emily Eldridge Hace 10 días
Absolutely brilliant and would love to see more of him on the show with, Stephen.
David h
David h Hace 10 días
The end is near by 2025 people will began to realize its true but it would be in vain
EvilZ Rich
EvilZ Rich Hace 10 días
Key funny...So im a new ESvidr go add me and the first 20 people to join will get something...dont add just join...u scared????
Can We Get 169,000 Subscribers without a Video?
*Tonight shows don't need the extra promotion in the trending section. Fix your algorithm ESvid*
Ayo O
Ayo O Hace 10 días
3:11 had to look it up. The word is Verklempt - overcome with emotion
essillius Hace 7 días
Jeeze guys, tie the knot already and get a room. The only time I've heard that word was on Golden Girls from the same woman who says "betweengst" XD
james d
james d Hace 10 días
+CALICOTV301 It was sarcastic like saying "have the guts" I know that might be a little complicated for you. Seeing how you're apparently extremely literal. Also you have no business talking about formal/informal anything. If your going to use informal writing.
CALICOTV301 Hace 10 días
+james d the sentence stopped so it's complete. You're not using temerity properly
james d
james d Hace 10 días
+CALICOTV301 If you want to present yourself like a pompous individual at least have the temerity to write complete sentences.
CALICOTV301 Hace 10 días
Useless like copacetic since it is informal. Like using slang
e66iu _
e66iu _ Hace 10 días
Every racist in the audience laughed when Keegan-Michael Key mentioned his irish roots. The quick chuckle and then confused stifling of chuckles makes me think that non-racists gave them the look your mom gives you when you laugh at a funeral. "But mom, he died of Boneitis!"
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