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Kel Mitchell and Witney Carson dance the Jazz to “We’re All In This Together” by The Cast of High School Musical, from the Disney+ series “High School Musical: The Musical: The Series” on Dancing with the Stars Disney Night!
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14 oct 2019






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Megan Daugherty
Megan Daugherty Hace 2 meses
Maddy Lenhardt
Maddy Lenhardt Hace 2 meses
awsome dance what a surpise on tv
Eddie Genotivo
Eddie Genotivo Hace 2 meses
Mackenzie i saw you
Eddie Genotivo
Eddie Genotivo Hace 3 meses
My favorite song you guys are correct
Ollie Reid
Ollie Reid Hace 3 meses
Was I the only one like a tiny bit disappointed when they didn’t do the iconic dance at the part of we’re all in this together.
TRINITY HILL Hace 3 meses
LA_King 23
LA_King 23 Hace 4 meses
This Ally Brookes, and James Van Der Beeks performance was my favorite
Teri S
Teri S Hace 7 meses
They should do a broadway in high school musical
Aaron Wilkins
Aaron Wilkins Hace 8 meses
The first dance of the season I would give a 10 to.
Tonya Reddinger
Tonya Reddinger Hace 8 meses
I agree with len. Good man I. Pick kel. Mitchell. For the mirror ball trophy
LA_King 23
LA_King 23 Hace 8 meses
I wish they had straight 9s they deserved it
Vikki Shaaa
Vikki Shaaa Hace 8 meses
This man's flow with the music is just so natural & beautiful! I know he can win this😌
Carrie E.
Carrie E. Hace 8 meses
Love me some Kel Mitchell 💜💜💜. Dude is such a good dancer haha
Autumn Briggs
Autumn Briggs Hace 8 meses
Dude this was my childhood. Thank you dwts for finally doing this
TheKimiko16 Hace 8 meses
I JUST SHIT MY PANTS!!! I've been dying for someone to do HSM on this show!!! FINALLY!
Julia Mayhew
Julia Mayhew Hace 9 meses
That was the best dance of the night you guys!!!! keep it up!
lulucornlover Hace 9 meses
That should have been a ten but it was too early I guess
BookB1tch Hace 9 meses
Tsukino101 Hace 9 meses
What team!?
Jess Hace 9 meses
Watching it right now and he's definitely my fav this season omg 😍😍😍😍😍 EFF IT UP KEL
Nalita Cloud9
Nalita Cloud9 Hace 9 meses
Kel is so awsome. Is it wrong that I'm developing a low key celebrity crush on this dude??🤔😬😍😶
Jess Hace 9 meses
Same he's so fine wth 😭😭😭
Mia_Starz Hace 9 meses
Witney and Lindsay actually were in the cafeteria dancing scene in High School Musical.
Alzxandra Hace 9 meses
I'm so happy to see that !! In France we do not have a Disney night on DALS !
Quack Quack
Quack Quack Hace 9 meses
10 - 10 - 10 effortless dancing. Kel is a real natural smooth dancer.
ABCDEFGH Hace 9 meses
Maybe they can get back to releasing DWTS in the spring.
Maria Jose Dominguez
Finally one choreography worth the time
Lauren Hace 9 meses
Do they got Drew in the back singing?
DOPE TIZZLE Hace 9 meses
Is nobody talking about Kel's dancing skills?
DOPE TIZZLE Hace 9 meses
Get It Kel!
Lisa Burke
Lisa Burke Hace 9 meses
That was beautiful!
Pocachontass ;-;
Pocachontass ;-; Hace 9 meses
Duble g
Salina P
Salina P Hace 9 meses
I cant believe that i miss this in tv😞😭
M. Phillips
M. Phillips Hace 9 meses
Alright & Outta Sight K E L ☆☆☆☆☆ "Strawberry Jacuzzi !"
Winter Smith
Winter Smith Hace 9 meses
I’d prefer if he did good burger ☺️🤣
E Penn.
E Penn. Hace 9 meses
He’s gonna win. I call it. He’s a great dancer and she’s a great choreographer
Monica Carmichael
Monica Carmichael Hace 9 meses
Go kel Mitchell
Tiffanye Young
Tiffanye Young Hace 9 meses
Absolutely awesome! He did better than the actual cast! I was truly feeling that one!
Jess Hace 9 meses
Anyone know what score they received? This performance was fun.
Something Productions
26/30 Len gave them an 8 :/
frenchy skipworth
frenchy skipworth Hace 9 meses
Kel deserves to win DWTS, he has all my votes! Go Kel & Witney!
Joyce Dutil
Joyce Dutil Hace 9 meses
Why we don't have dwts juniors this year ??
Variety Central
Variety Central Hace 9 meses
It is nice seeing ABC using Disney Channel songs. This is the third time that they promoted Disney Channel, including the performance for Descendants 2, and Teen Beach 2
Sarina Frohn
Sarina Frohn Hace 9 meses
Not very mutch jazz movez
Wanda Maximoff edits
Milo was a better partner
Ketina Renea
Ketina Renea Hace 9 meses
Dang Kel can freaking dance!!!
Brittani P
Brittani P Hace 9 meses
Why is the quality so low???
Austin Fritz
Austin Fritz Hace 9 meses
oh yeah high school musical
Courtney Pendragon
Courtney Pendragon Hace 9 meses
Quien Quiere Ser Millonario
Cherisse Eisenberg
Cherisse Eisenberg Hace 9 meses
He’s so good! Great footwork
hee man
hee man Hace 9 meses
Why don't they have more hip hop and jazz dances on here? They're way more fun and hype to watch
Jess Hace 9 meses
Bc DWTS is ballroom dancing and hiphop isnt ballroom
TheLadyEmerald809 Hace 9 meses
kel mitchell makes me SOO HAPPY!!!😭😭
Ciana Fudzie
Ciana Fudzie Hace 9 meses
I met Kel at LA comic con! He was so nice
Elise Tucker
Elise Tucker Hace 9 meses
I was waiting for Corbin to join them!!
heyitskymberly Hace 9 meses
This is the best dance EVER
TsWade2 Hace 9 meses
I don’t like it when they include High School Musical, but Kel and Whitney gave out their greatest performance in this one.
John Smith
John Smith Hace 9 meses
Why isn't this in HD? 360p is a damn joke....smh
ThatsSoMyaa Hace 9 meses
Silver Shadow
Silver Shadow Hace 9 meses
This was the best dance routine on dancing with the Stars by far. They did a great job. Having lots of fun....
Lucas Stark
Lucas Stark Hace 9 meses
Full HD?
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