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Kel Mitchell and Witney Carson dance the Quickstep to “Part-Time Lover” by Stevie Wonder on Dancing with the Stars Show 6!
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21 oct 2019






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Melissa Garnes
Melissa Garnes Hace 6 meses
Can't believe Hannah brown won over him. He was the true Winner all season.
M Schleiffers
M Schleiffers Hace 8 meses
The high energy dances are where he really shines because he’s so high energy!!! He should have won! I LOVED watching him dance!!!
Miriam C
Miriam C Hace 8 meses
I hope this will be their redemption dance for next week. One of my favorite routines from this season.
서영 Hace 9 meses
Does anyone know whose cover this son is?
lulucornlover Hace 9 meses
I. Want. Him. To. Win. The. Mirror. Ball.
Margaret Patterson
Margaret Patterson Hace 9 meses
Best dance so far this season! Go Kel!
Nancy Ramirez
Nancy Ramirez Hace 9 meses
this quickstep was so fun and quirky i loved it ! My favorite quickstep dance this season 🔥👏🏽
Quack Quack
Quack Quack Hace 9 meses
Kel is such a natural dancer.
katattacksweetheart Hace 9 meses
He's improved so much! You'd never know he just started a few weeks ago, he carries himself like he's been doing this much longer. Hope his upward trajectory continues!
Makaela Finley
Makaela Finley Hace 9 meses
Len gave Ally's mess a 9 but gave Kel an 8....okay....
Jasmine W
Jasmine W Hace 9 meses
I wouldn't have thought kel would've been good at the quickstep because you gotta be in control and in hole when i think he's best with rhythm dances like the latin dances but this his best dance to date for me. I guess he's good at coordination too lol Btw all the quicksteps should be danced to part time lover cus the music makes the dance, this one and Hines and Kym. Generally i don't like quicksteps but i like those 2.
Jasmine W
Jasmine W Hace 9 meses
Hold smh
John ny
John ny Hace 9 meses
His Quickstep was Very Cool.
Kathleen Woodruff
Kathleen Woodruff Hace 9 meses
Kel, hannah, ally, lauren and kate are doing a REALLY GREAT JOB!
Comaneci Wells
Comaneci Wells Hace 9 meses
Kelly Carson
Kelly Carson Hace 9 meses
1:14 mark was so epic, I never seen that in a quickstep ❤❤❤
Olivia Brennand
Olivia Brennand Hace 9 meses
Have they sped this video up slightly because the singing and beats are weird af
Nicole Martin
Nicole Martin Hace 9 meses
Lol sounded kinda like bruno Mars
MintNHoney Hace 9 meses
My favorite DWTS couple of the season dancing to one my favorite Stevie Wonder songs! LOVE!
Carlos Santiago
Carlos Santiago Hace 9 meses
Love Kel!!! Hope Kel and Alfonso (Carlton) can do a duo dance with Witney Carson since they both danced great with her.
Dub City
Dub City Hace 9 meses
Dam that dance with the music was a 10.... But at 1:25 I see where Witney step on his foot, great Great Dance I love the quickstep especially when its done right.... Kel did his thang on this one.
Bai Selebano
Bai Selebano Hace 9 meses
I loved this dance
Sandra G
Sandra G Hace 9 meses
It's time to change DWTS judges and Len needs to go, the show will benefit from fresh blood on this panel.
lourdes maria
lourdes maria Hace 9 meses
It was good to have the music in this version. who knows if you have write there
jus Taylor
jus Taylor Hace 9 meses
He should win...I just cant watch DWTS full show(its like nails on a chalkboard) boring!!! Like Wendy Williams said as well. So I will just continue to come on ESvid to see my favorite dancers!
Dream Big Live Real
Dream Big Live Real Hace 9 meses
He was having so much fun at 1:13 & I love it.
Hope C
Hope C Hace 9 meses
I hear my boy Travis Garland doing vocals!!!!! Yesssssss great performance by both dancers as well!
Kristi Hace 9 meses
I honestly didn’t see any mistake and if there was, it was so minor because a lot of people didn’t see it. I definitely think Len’s favorite is Ally because she had multiple mistakes with her footwork and out of sync with Sasha in the beginning and he gave her a 9 but Witney slips on her dress and they get an 8 from Len. So unfair.
crystal nicole
crystal nicole Hace 9 meses
terrible music
Michael J
Michael J Hace 9 meses
Nicely done.
CC EP Hace 9 meses
Can't stop watching this performance Whitney has always been of my favorite dancers on this show kel is also really talented dancer such a simple performance but it was great
Reabetswe Suping
Reabetswe Suping Hace 9 meses
My favourite dance couple 💃🏼
marisa tamayo
marisa tamayo Hace 9 meses
witney looks so beautiful in that outfit!!
Concepcion30 Hace 9 meses
Another hard song to do that they gave the live band to perform. But I think they were more successful on this one than Aha's Take One Me.
Debi Susan
Debi Susan Hace 9 meses
Great dance, perfect timing!
Melina Hace 9 meses
i DIED when len was saying they have no chemistry and then they showed a shot from last week when they were just standing next to each other
Nella J
Nella J Hace 9 meses
Yep. I don’t agree with Len a lot lol
Igor Henrique
Igor Henrique Hace 9 meses
Por que vocês não tiram essa droga de recomendação do meio da apresentação. As pessoas não conseguem visualizar direito a danca até o fim.
Ojnk _
Ojnk _ Hace 9 meses
Kel is getting better every week He is the dark horse for the title
D M Hace 9 meses
Kawaii Great job.Enjoyed it very much!
Kath Hace 9 meses
I love this!! Great choreo by Witney and he's improving so much! Love this pairing! My top three keeps changing...
Beher H
Beher H Hace 9 meses
That was amazing! Keep going kel! ❤️
Desiree Robertson
Desiree Robertson Hace 9 meses
i still dont see the part where witney slipped
Hanna Hace un mes
Me neither Edit: I’ve watched it in slowmotion but it’s so hard to notice because it was such a small mistake. She stepped on Kel‘s foot on 1:25.
Mildred Thomas
Mildred Thomas Hace 9 meses
1:25 looks more like she stepped on Kel
Kali Ellingham
Kali Ellingham Hace 9 meses
I don't see where Whitney messed up like Len was saying?
Avis Wrentmore
Avis Wrentmore Hace 9 meses
He's amazing:) people vote for him:)
Yass Leves
Yass Leves Hace 9 meses
Kel & Witney Outfits Filled With Polka Dots Now That's A Fashion Statement.
Nella J
Nella J Hace 9 meses
Yep lol
Jen Dodd
Jen Dodd Hace 9 meses
I hope kel wins.
Dancing with the Stars Shenanigans
witneys choreo always snaps
Dancing with the Stars Shenanigans
i steel feel soo bad for witney i mean they should try to judge the contestant not the pro and i totally understood why Witney cried 💓💓
Nella J
Nella J Hace 9 meses
Agreed. I felt so bad when it looked like she was tearing up
Chanel Stelmachowicz
he's actually so good and dances with confidence!
laurie stewart
laurie stewart Hace 9 meses
Love how he's getting better every week the nerves were getting to him at the beginning of the season but seem to be getting more relaxed
Emma 54
Emma 54 Hace 9 meses
Hope he makes it to the final! He's so underrated
Fernanda Rojas
Fernanda Rojas Hace 9 meses
That dress!! 😍🙌🏻
Isabella Benitez
Isabella Benitez Hace 9 meses
Where did they even mess up?!? What?!? 😂
EEG Hace 9 meses
Beautiful dance. Kel & Witney looked stunning. Loved the dress.
Dee Q Tess
Dee Q Tess Hace 9 meses
10 10 10 Nothing less
Da Beatsmith Benny Blaze
Rachel Richardson
Rachel Richardson Hace 9 meses
That break down though 🔥 🔥!!! Get it Kel!!
Inzanti Hace 9 meses
Wonderful quickstep! The competition's very close this season...except for Spicer.
Nella J
Nella J Hace 9 meses
This isn’t my favorite performance from Kel but he still did well. Their jazz routine is still my favorite from Disney night. I love Len but sometimes he gets on my nerves with his comments. The judges said there was a mistake/misstep and I didn’t even notice it the first time I watched it live on my tv so I had to rewind it and really watch to see what the judges were talking about. It’s towards the end of the dance near the time which the screens pop up for you to click on the recommended videos. Witney said that she slipped on her dress. Witney pulled it off because I don’t think a lot of folks noticed it unless they are ballroom dancers themselves. I feel so bad that Witney looked like she wanted to cry when they were talking to Erin. Smh. I’m glad they are safe and they weren’t in the bottom 2 this week.
Brendan P
Brendan P Hace 9 meses
Erin needs to stop her weekly insults against Len. She needs to be sacked.
Brendan P
Brendan P Hace 9 meses
One word describing that dance: spectacular!!! We finally saw great chemistry. Finalists for sure. 9/10
speechy_keen Hace 9 meses
He did great! Another great choreo Witney!
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