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Kel Mitchell and Witney Carson dance the Rumba to “My Heart Will Go On” by Céline Dion, from the movie “Titanic” on Dancing with the Stars Movie Night!
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30 sep 2019






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Rose Octoneko
Rose Octoneko Hace 4 meses
Me when that beat hits (and in tears):WEEEELLLLLLL STAAYYYY!!!
Destiny Bedoya
Destiny Bedoya Hace 4 meses
The movie has a lots of kissing that's why the movie is for kids
GamePlays Toys And More
Kidding (7,6,7 20) this deserved for me a 8,9,8 25 or more
Melissa Garnes
Melissa Garnes Hace 7 meses
Even though Whitney didn't win her 2nd mirrorball 🏆 trophy let's hope she'll win next season
ifeelpretty57 Hace 4 meses
Melissa Garnes I’d like her to win again too but I hope it’s with a good partner like Alfonso, Milo or Kel. Sharna had multiple good partners but won with one of her worst and she wasn’t brought back the next season. I was scared the same thing would happen to Lindsay when Spicer kept avoiding the bottom two.
Augiegrl12 Hace 8 meses
Last time I saw a Rumba to this song, Derek got nailed for a "lift" by Carrie Ann. Great seeing it again
Nicole Wangler
Nicole Wangler Hace 9 meses
Since Titanic is my all-time favorite movie, I have high standards for that dance. Kel did a good job as Jack and was hoping Witney would wear a read wig and a rumba-style Rose dress; but hey, she looked good as The Heart of the Ocean
Laura Larrabee
Laura Larrabee Hace 9 meses
That was beautiful. Had to hold back tears
Melissa Pugh
Melissa Pugh Hace 9 meses
When did kel get hotttttt
Sidonia Hace 10 meses
Kel I love you forever after all these years. I’m so proud of you!
beatrice lim
beatrice lim Hace 10 meses
Kel forever!!!!!!
Jema n
Jema n Hace 10 meses
this was not sexy
Timmy Clary
Timmy Clary Hace 10 meses
Kel needs to dance to another song by Celine Dion “I’m Alive” from the movie Stuart Little 2.
Luize Sampaio
Luize Sampaio Hace 10 meses
Primeiramente, Kel, muito sexy!😍 e, bem que o vestido dela poderia ser laranja🤣🤣🤣
Maan Okay
Maan Okay Hace 10 meses
Omg why is Witney so HOT I wouldn't be able to focus on dancing around her 🔥😍
Infinite Me!
Infinite Me! Hace 10 meses
I’m confused. If they had a movie night does that mean there won’t be a Disney night? And does anyone know if dwts junior is going to happen because by Disney night last year it had already started :(
Lee Cox
Lee Cox Hace 10 meses
DWTS Jr. has been canceled.
Brittany Flores
Brittany Flores Hace 10 meses
Who loves organe soda? I don't know but Kel is impressing me week after week. I want to see more.
Leslie Gabbard
Leslie Gabbard Hace 10 meses
I was hoping for A Good Burger theme
Renee George
Renee George Hace 10 meses
Witney made that look really graceful
Victoria De Guzman
Victoria De Guzman Hace 10 meses
They deserve at least a 7 from Len IMO
S C Hace 10 meses
Kel Mitchell and Witney Carson have danced beautifully as a team in every performance. I must note, however that whoever is dressing Witney are doing her a disservice. Her costumes are so short and revealing -remember the little black dress that looked as if it were made of discarded black stockings with runs, in an earlier dance with Kel ? - she has a beautiful body, but we do not need to see so much of it, it takes away from the performance and makes her look cheap. She used to dress elegantly, these scantily-clad outfits do nothing to enhance the dances she is performing with Kel.
Sophia Jarrett Bridge
Sophia Jarrett Bridge Hace 10 meses
I've seen waay skimpier costumes in other seasons..and not just on Whitney
Sister Catrina
Sister Catrina Hace 10 meses
His hands said ✋
Bonny McDonald
Bonny McDonald Hace 10 meses
Why are they in the bottom? I saw one dancer that isn’t so good
greimalkin Hace 10 meses
Wow 💓💓💓
Brian Brown
Brian Brown Hace 10 meses
She did all the work.
Kath Hace 10 meses
Witney is such a great choreographer. And she looks stunning here! The set is beautiful too.
Lindsay Hace 10 meses
You could just stand still and i would blubber to this song💗💗
Sean Speaks
Sean Speaks Hace 10 meses
Witney is gorgeous.
Reabetswe Suping
Reabetswe Suping Hace 10 meses
JENNISEED Hace 10 meses
I don't think the moves went well with the song
Denise Eugene
Denise Eugene Hace 10 meses
Smooth Af...
Sable Senegal
Sable Senegal Hace 10 meses
Enchanting dancers kel is really working hard!
Ruby Hagrid
Ruby Hagrid Hace 10 meses
Witney is STUNNING
Cyber Lex
Cyber Lex Hace 10 meses
I’m glad they didn’t try to cover this song
Virginia Lawson
Virginia Lawson Hace 10 meses
Arman Cole you r so Correct!! My daughter and I Always said that...hard to dance to a song like that...
Patti Chambley
Patti Chambley Hace 10 meses
Pretty good job
NowImDancing 30
NowImDancing 30 Hace 10 meses
im glad celine Dion doesn't let wananbee sing her songs the dancing with the stars people sound like shit when they sing
Alana Sims
Alana Sims Hace 10 meses
NowImDancing 30 ikr! That wouldve been a mess.
Emma 54
Emma 54 Hace 10 meses
He's so underrated!
Britney Grey
Britney Grey Hace 10 meses
Who loves orange soad??? KEL LOVES ORANGE SODA!!!!! Is it true????? Mmmmhmmmm!!!!!!!!! I DO. I DO. I DO-OO Always loved Kel. So talented!
DisneyGirl 4life
DisneyGirl 4life Hace 10 meses
This was incredible and didn’t deserve a 6! Len is extra mean this season and complaining about the wrong things
DisneyGirl 4life
DisneyGirl 4life Hace 10 meses
ifeelpretty57 Well sometimes it might but in my opinion he’s quite rude about it
ifeelpretty57 Hace 10 meses
@DisneyGirl 4life When he critiques someone's costume, it's usually because the costume is hindering their dancing.
DisneyGirl 4life
DisneyGirl 4life Hace 10 meses
ifeelpretty57 He doesn’t complain about every costume it just depends on the dancer. He’ll choose one little detail like shoes or the shirt and use his talking time to like shame them on what they’re wearing and I honestly think it’s being unprofessional cuz he’s a dance judge not the fashion police
ifeelpretty57 Hace 10 meses
@DisneyGirl 4life I don't recall him complaining about Kel's costume. He critiqued his dancing.
DisneyGirl 4life
DisneyGirl 4life Hace 10 meses
ifeelpretty57 What I mean by complaining about the wrong things is like the clothes the dancers wear and the type of sets they use on stage
Cassie Kesselring
Cassie Kesselring Hace 10 meses
Well, they could of done the arm this but they did not. :c
Jenifer Holt
Jenifer Holt Hace 10 meses
This makes my 90s girl heart so happy!
louis dipini
louis dipini Hace 10 meses
I love the dance. But I got a waltz vibe
ifeelpretty57 Hace 10 meses
louis dipini I think it's the costumes, the tux and design of the gown are too formal for a Rumba. He should've worn a costume like Romeo or Derek Hough did when they each danced to this song.
Miami 808
Miami 808 Hace 10 meses
I would never be able to compete on this show dancing with these hot ass women. The judges would be like, "you need to get rid of your third leg"
Andrea Ariza
Andrea Ariza Hace 10 meses
He truly improved. That hip action was definitely not improvised.
A Hace 10 meses
when the singer can't sing like Céline
Zenaida Neduasa
Zenaida Neduasa Hace 10 meses
Dr. Ratchet / Jenna Allen
Holly Coffee Wave
Holly Coffee Wave Hace 10 meses
I was waiting for rumba to this song. That was amazing!
Jaclyn Rene
Jaclyn Rene Hace 10 meses
TITANIC 😭😭😭😭❤️❤️❤️❤️
Dina Sanchez
Dina Sanchez Hace 10 meses
My other top fave dancing to one of my fave movies! 😍😍 James and Kel did amazing! 😍😍😍😍😍
Jennifer Garcia
Jennifer Garcia Hace 10 meses
Kel and Witney did amazing dance on dancing with the stars vote for Kel and Witney
Love Graham
Love Graham Hace 10 meses
I like Kel and also I feel like he is improving and well keep improving but this dance lacked a energy from him
Candy Ortiz
Candy Ortiz Hace 10 meses
They did so good last week too omg the judges are on crack
Arman Hace 10 meses
I have to say this is one of the best rumbas Witney has ever done on this show
Arman Hace 7 meses
@Freddy Quarshie she's done 4 so it's quite justified
Jake Taylor
Jake Taylor Hace 8 meses
Arman what bout the black guy damn u racist
Jadyn Davis
Jadyn Davis Hace 9 meses
Freddy Quarshie remember Carlos Penavegas lol
Freddy Quarshie
Freddy Quarshie Hace 10 meses
Arman She hasn’t done that many rumbas on the show, so I’m not really sure if that’s an accurate statement.
Sophia Jarrett Bridge
Sophia Jarrett Bridge Hace 10 meses
@Tiki80 I think the whole dance showcased her more...
Ericka Ortega
Ericka Ortega Hace 10 meses
Mis favs 🔥🔥🔥🔥
Tai TEOFILO Hace 10 meses
I really love Whitney. Every year she does a great job in DWTS. She has the moves, That beautiful dress stunned her tonite. Good luck for next week Whitney & your partner.
Tiffanye Young
Tiffanye Young Hace 10 meses
He had some trouble with this one ( no surprise it's a hard dance) but a beautiful nevertheless
ifeelpretty57 Hace 10 meses
Tiffanye Young I hope he gets a simpler dance next week like a cha-cha or waltz, his dances so far have been a little too advanced for this early in the competition.
Arman Cole
Arman Cole Hace 10 meses
He did great but the producers need to do better with the song choices. This is not a rumba song, it’s like they get worse each season on picking songs for different styles. It must be so hard for pros to choreograph half the time.
Angelina Van der zwet
Angelina Van der zwet Hace 10 meses
agree . nice dance ,but it annoys me a bit
Arman Cole
Arman Cole Hace 10 meses
ifeelpretty57 I agree and honestly it sucks they can’t choose the music. I don’t think the producers realize how important it is to choose the right music for a performance.
Arman Cole
Arman Cole Hace 10 meses
AJ Lapray just because they did it doesn’t mean it’s correct, dwts has always been inconsistent with song choices it just gets worse the longer it’s on air. A rumba could be done to this song as seen above but so can a chacha to a samba song, doesn’t mean it is a good song choice. “My Heart Will Go On” is if anything a Bolero song, which is the slowest ballroom/rhythm/smooth/Latin dance. A Waltz could be done but a very slow one. This is a really slow song, it honestly really suits almost no style of ballroom/Latin dance. Idk why it was chosen, it makes it harder to choreograph and easier to get off time. He would have done better with a better song choice.
Tyler Torro
Tyler Torro Hace 10 meses
actually this is totatally a rumba song, I remember when edyta and some other pro did a dance to this song back in season 2
ifeelpretty57 Hace 10 meses
Arman Cole Agreed, this song was one time used for a waltz even though the rhythm wasn't 3/4. Another time, one of the former pros actually singled out Lindsay for using a 4/4 song for a Viennese waltz and she very nicely replied that she didn't choose the song.
Casey Maddox
Casey Maddox Hace 10 meses
So good kel!!!!!!! Yes!!!!
Sara Klein
Sara Klein Hace 10 meses
i love the face he makes during all his dances lol
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