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Kel Mitchell and Witney Carson dance the Tango to “Get Ready” by The Temptations on the Dancing with the Stars Semi-Finals!
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19 nov 2019






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Joanne Schilling
Joanne Schilling Hace 6 horas
should have been the winners
Carol Curtis
Carol Curtis Hace 18 días
Kel is a great dancer
Esme Delvalle
Esme Delvalle Hace 18 días
Wtf is up with these song selections, they don't even go with the genre dancing music of choice o_0
Michelle Brooks
Michelle Brooks Hace 19 días
Still think it should be more likes
jessica Cloud9
jessica Cloud9 Hace 19 días
I logged into abc.com with TWO different email accounts. So instead of 10 votes! I actually got 20 haha. Best of luck to Kel I've. been rooting for him all season😉😉😉👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽
inSherlock Hace 24 días
I miss him smiling
Gabe Lazar
Gabe Lazar Hace 24 días
Piril Kohen
Piril Kohen Hace 24 días
dancefan 05
dancefan 05 Hace 24 días
Vally Girl
Vally Girl Hace 24 días
En Pointe Song choice, outfits and choreography. Still my fav dance couple. :)
Queentee Onehundred
Queentee Onehundred Hace 25 días
Wrong song for this dance.
Zoe Emiko
Zoe Emiko Hace 25 días
They were good but technically speaking this was a very basic simple Tango missing most of the complex elements.
Lee Cox
Lee Cox Hace 25 días
Nice, but I wish he'd been a little more consistent in his expression. He seemed to keep forgetting that the Tango is supposed to be a dance of intensity, and I didn't really feel that from him.
ashante Hace 25 días
what a horrible song for a tango. It would work for something like a jive, but a tango? WTF
Mommy Garcia
Mommy Garcia Hace 25 días
I hope Kel wins it all !! Team Kel !!
Sueli Toth
Sueli Toth Hace 25 días
Tem apresentação que a gente fica em dúvida, quem é o famoso, quem é o bailarino👏🏽👏🏽 parabéns!
mirabai Hace 25 días
The tango is about sex. Steamy, once-in-a-lifetime, tell-all-your-friends kind of sex. This song makes this dance not sexy. This song is good for the charleston, the quickstep, or contemporary. It is not tango music.
Tina Allen
Tina Allen Hace 25 días
Series Clips
Series Clips Hace 25 días
The upper body stiffness kills me tbh. But he did a good job overall. The song choice ruined the whole performance though
Little Mix Line Distribution
This one kinda bored me but the spins is what got me interested 😂😂😂
Anti Millennial
Anti Millennial Hace 25 días
His swag reads as stiff to me all the time idk y
Anti Millennial
Anti Millennial Hace 25 días
Needs better footwork to be this overrated argh
Christine Shefelbine
Christine Shefelbine Hace 25 días
He needs to win
Bnanaaas Brown
Bnanaaas Brown Hace 25 días
He needs to get into his knees more and not "walk" the dance quite as much as he did. Needs to extend through his back. There was gapping in various places too. Have to commend Witney for her choreo though, she did put try to cheat like a lot of pros - and actually included a lot of genuine Tango in this routine. On the whole, Kel did very well. 8.
crimson35124 Hace 25 días
i only clicked because i thought she was wearing an akatsuki cloak dress
Julie Marie
Julie Marie Hace 26 días
Whoever picks the songs should be fired.
ChocoBaby311 Hace 26 días
Was the singer out of breath or something?
Gary Jolly
Gary Jolly Hace 26 días
Great. ESvid. Video. Great. Show
Steph Rose
Steph Rose Hace 26 días
Kel improve each week . I’m happy he is in the finale . He dance better than Hannah . He work so hard. I should like for his freestyle do good burger.
jessica Cloud9
jessica Cloud9 Hace 26 días
Danielle Burr
Danielle Burr Hace 26 días
This song choice has to be a prank right? 🤦🏽‍♀️ Literal sabotage.
Dee Tess
Dee Tess Hace 26 días
Kel is the winner in my eyes.
Ivan Sentosa
Ivan Sentosa Hace 26 días
Why is he still around ?...ppl chose him over james?...wtf...kel is stiff as a robot... idgf cause he was supposed to go home and let the other four pairs go through to the final
Terri Morgeson
Terri Morgeson Hace 26 días
Stupid song choice. This show had gotten so stupid & I love Whitney & Kel. Producers are ridiculous.
Christina Bauer
Christina Bauer Hace 26 días
Hey ABC, for your next competition show can you guys do a show to win a contract as the dancing with the stars live band and singers. That would be cool.
jjdvideo Hace 26 días
That suit is wack. Looks like they stopped the design half way up.
Victoria Coleman
Victoria Coleman Hace 26 días
It would be nice if Kel won it all, he definitely deserves it.
piesusan17 Hace 26 días
The costumes were loud and distracting but wow! The hold was tight and they made a great couple. He has come very far with his dancing.
speechy_keen Hace 26 días
Nailed it 💕
Erica Hace 26 días
I love watching the end why they get so hype and hug!
Calk27 Hace 26 días
What is this music for a Tango?! Come on dwts?
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