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Emilitta1246 & TDWins6
Horrible song for a tango. Nice job to Witney though making it a tango song.
ROXANA C DIAZ Hace 6 meses
La música no tiene nada que ver con el tango
Joanne Schilling
Joanne Schilling Hace 6 meses
should have been the winners
Carol Curtis
Carol Curtis Hace 7 meses
Kel is a great dancer
Esme Delvalle
Esme Delvalle Hace 7 meses
Wtf is up with these song selections, they don't even go with the genre dancing music of choice o_0
Ms Michelle
Ms Michelle Hace 7 meses
Still think it should be more likes
jessica Cloud9
jessica Cloud9 Hace 7 meses
I logged into abc.com with TWO different email accounts. So instead of 10 votes! I actually got 20 haha. Best of luck to Kel I've. been rooting for him all season😉😉😉👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽
inSherlock Hace 7 meses
I miss him smiling
Gabe Lazar
Gabe Lazar Hace 7 meses
Piril Kohen
Piril Kohen Hace 7 meses
Clau Hace 7 meses
Vally Girl
Vally Girl Hace 7 meses
En Pointe Song choice, outfits and choreography. Still my fav dance couple. :)
Queentee Onehundred
Queentee Onehundred Hace 7 meses
Wrong song for this dance.
Zoe Emiko
Zoe Emiko Hace 7 meses
They were good but technically speaking this was a very basic simple Tango missing most of the complex elements.
Lee Cox
Lee Cox Hace 7 meses
Nice, but I wish he'd been a little more consistent in his expression. He seemed to keep forgetting that the Tango is supposed to be a dance of intensity, and I didn't really feel that from him.
ashante Hace 7 meses
what a horrible song for a tango. It would work for something like a jive, but a tango? WTF
Mommy Garcia
Mommy Garcia Hace 7 meses
I hope Kel wins it all !! Team Kel !!
Sueli Toth
Sueli Toth Hace 7 meses
Tem apresentação que a gente fica em dúvida, quem é o famoso, quem é o bailarino👏🏽👏🏽 parabéns!
mirabai Hace 7 meses
The tango is about sex. Steamy, once-in-a-lifetime, tell-all-your-friends kind of sex. This song makes this dance not sexy. This song is good for the charleston, the quickstep, or contemporary. It is not tango music.
Tina Allen
Tina Allen Hace 7 meses
Series Clips
Series Clips Hace 7 meses
The upper body stiffness kills me tbh. But he did a good job overall. The song choice ruined the whole performance though
Line Distributions Of All Kind
This one kinda bored me but the spins is what got me interested 😂😂😂
Anti Millennial
Anti Millennial Hace 7 meses
His swag reads as stiff to me all the time idk y
Anti Millennial
Anti Millennial Hace 7 meses
Needs better footwork to be this overrated argh
Christine Shefelbine
He needs to win
Bnanaaas Brown
Bnanaaas Brown Hace 7 meses
He needs to get into his knees more and not "walk" the dance quite as much as he did. Needs to extend through his back. There was gapping in various places too. Have to commend Witney for her choreo though, she did put try to cheat like a lot of pros - and actually included a lot of genuine Tango in this routine. On the whole, Kel did very well. 8.
crimson35124 Hace 7 meses
i only clicked because i thought she was wearing an akatsuki cloak dress
Julie Marie
Julie Marie Hace 7 meses
Whoever picks the songs should be fired.
ChocoBaby311 Hace 7 meses
Was the singer out of breath or something?
Gary Jolly
Gary Jolly Hace 7 meses
Great. ESvid. Video. Great. Show
Steph Rose 28
Steph Rose 28 Hace 7 meses
Kel improve each week . I’m happy he is in the finale . He dance better than Hannah . He work so hard. I should like for his freestyle do good burger.
jessica Cloud9
jessica Cloud9 Hace 7 meses
Danielle Burr
Danielle Burr Hace 7 meses
This song choice has to be a prank right? 🤦🏽‍♀️ Literal sabotage.
Dee Q Tess
Dee Q Tess Hace 7 meses
Kel is the winner in my eyes.
Ivan Sentosa
Ivan Sentosa Hace 7 meses
Why is he still around ?...ppl chose him over james?...wtf...kel is stiff as a robot... idgf cause he was supposed to go home and let the other four pairs go through to the final
Terri Morgeson
Terri Morgeson Hace 7 meses
Stupid song choice. This show had gotten so stupid & I love Whitney & Kel. Producers are ridiculous.
Christina Bauer
Christina Bauer Hace 7 meses
Hey ABC, for your next competition show can you guys do a show to win a contract as the dancing with the stars live band and singers. That would be cool.
jjdvideo Hace 7 meses
That suit is wack. Looks like they stopped the design half way up.
Victoria Coleman
Victoria Coleman Hace 7 meses
It would be nice if Kel won it all, he definitely deserves it.
piesusan17 Hace 7 meses
The costumes were loud and distracting but wow! The hold was tight and they made a great couple. He has come very far with his dancing.
speechy_keen Hace 7 meses
Nailed it 💕
Erica Hace 7 meses
I love watching the end why they get so hype and hug!
Calk27 Hace 7 meses
What is this music for a Tango?! Come on dwts?
jannelle dear
jannelle dear Hace 7 meses
What a weird song to tango to. Like what are they thinking?
Kim Corprew
Kim Corprew Hace 7 meses
Love Love Love them!!! They get better every week. They put they all into what they do with great team work!!! I'm rooting for them all the way!! Team Kel and Witney for the win!!!👐👐👐
Faye Gourlie
Faye Gourlie Hace 7 meses
Am seeing lots of missteps. Terrible costumes! Too confusing.
lazina bahadoorsingh
I like James van da beak
nikki scissorhands
nikki scissorhands Hace 7 meses
Shay91 Hace 7 meses
Outstanding performance. I wanna see him win the mirrorball.
purpleduck02 Hace 7 meses
27 (9, 9, 9)
Alma Ott
Alma Ott Hace 7 meses
The song didn't match the dance, but they killed it! (Go nephew!)
You are Kels aunt?
Amna Gohar
Amna Gohar Hace 7 meses
Underdog of the season!
Jennifer Garcia
Jennifer Garcia Hace 7 meses
They did so amazing vote for kel and Witney cause they should be in the finals he should win
Alma Ott
Alma Ott Hace 7 meses
I agree.
Michelle Baaz
Michelle Baaz Hace 7 meses
these music choices are RIDICULOUS
Sonya Cosby Henderson
@MieKayla Singleton NOPE
Sonya Cosby Henderson
I agree. It's like "Next, A foxtrot to Ice Ice Baby!" and then they get marked down when the choreography veers away from the classic style of whatever dance they're supposed to be doing. It's so annoying!
whitelily227 Hace 7 meses
I guess they don't make tango music anymore...
MieKayla Singleton
MieKayla Singleton Hace 7 meses
@IcedMintea they don't?
IcedMintea Hace 7 meses
@Wanda Cruz The dancers dont pick the music.
Brendan P
Brendan P Hace 7 meses
This was an enjoyable routine. Great performance, and his confidence was radiant. 9/10.
Vote for Kel to become the first Nickelodeon champion! He’s also an incredible dancer!
starlyn Hace 7 meses
He almost did... 😔
Richie Pham XX
Richie Pham XX Hace 7 meses
Kel Mitchell as Ed said “Welcome to Good Burger, home of the Good Burger, can I take your order?” 🍔
Ashlinn & Jeff
Ashlinn & Jeff Hace 7 meses
“Kel loves orange soda”
Kat ryheje
Kat ryheje Hace 7 meses
Oh yeah , something was wrong with him.
Richie Pham XX
Richie Pham XX Hace 7 meses
Yippee Skippy! Kel Mitchell and Witney Carson are so awesome and so COOL!!! Now that's Super Flawless!! Score: 27 (9,9,9)
011 Stranger Things
011 Stranger Things Hace 7 meses
Derrick Boudreaux
Derrick Boudreaux Hace 7 meses
Kel I voted for u man you deserved to be in the finals
SmolHeroine Hace 7 meses
scoring: 9,9,9 = 27
011 Stranger Things
011 Stranger Things Hace 7 meses
Catherine Zuklic
Catherine Zuklic Hace 7 meses
Gabrielle W
Gabrielle W Hace 7 meses
Giselle Armendariz
Giselle Armendariz Hace 7 meses
CC EP Hace 7 meses
They are so good I love this couple they have been killing it
G G Hace 7 meses
Giselle Armendariz
Giselle Armendariz Hace 7 meses
Timmy Clary
Timmy Clary Hace 7 meses
This maybe Kel’s final chance to get to the finals and become the champion.
Gabrielle W
Gabrielle W Hace 7 meses
Haven’t even watched the dance yet but I’ve already voted for them 20 times (10 on text 10 on website)
Miriam C
Miriam C Hace 7 meses
@Lauren Poland DWTS needs to fix the voting system for those on the west coast. If we want to vote, we need to do so without seeing the dances.
Lauren Poland
Lauren Poland Hace 7 meses
and THIS is why Sean was on longer than he should have been.... watch the dance THEN vote based on the DANCE.
Miriam C
Miriam C Hace 7 meses
Same. I'm on the West Coast but have voted 40 times. By text and using my 3 emails. Let's go #DanceWitKel
Emely Alegria
Emely Alegria Hace 7 meses
KEL & Witney for the win!!!!👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
Myronn Coleman
Myronn Coleman Hace 7 meses
Interesting take on this song... I would’ve thought they could’ve done a redemption quickstep because it was a great one... I feel regular ballroom is somewhat a challenge in some areas for him so i would’ve loved to see improvement on that instead of the Tango... but overall great dance I do see improvement I give it a 9
CaznaBurton97 Hace 7 meses
I actually like that he got the Tango for his redemption dance because he had to do the Tango in week one and it really shows how far he’s come since then.
PowerRangersFan Hace 7 meses
I think they were to redeem the dance style they struggled with the MOST.
Natalie Hope
Natalie Hope Hace 7 meses
For the first round Lauren got all nines, kel got all nines, Ally got Two tens and one nine,Hannah got all nines, and James got all eights!!!!!!
Marisol Quintero
Marisol Quintero Hace 7 meses
I love there outfits 🧥💗
Sofi Lee
Sofi Lee Hace 7 meses
No one cares who was first
Luke B
Luke B Hace 7 meses
Horses_1233! Hace 7 meses
I was first
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