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Kel Mitchell and Witney Carson dance the Samba to “’Every Little Step” by Bobby Brown on Dancing with the Stars Show 2!
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23 sep 2019






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Saida Bouzian
Saida Bouzian Hace 8 meses
Kel Mitchell tu es le meilleur et tu sais bien danser
Sawyer Averys
Sawyer Averys Hace 8 meses
everyone voteeeeeeeee 🗳 to make sure *Kel* stays in the show becuz I do not want him to go home what so ever so make sure y'all vote
beatrice lim
beatrice lim Hace 8 meses
Winner winner chicken dinner!! Kel needs to win! We all love him! Do drama no tears just pure fun and great dancing. Love you kel
Jadyn Davis
Jadyn Davis Hace 9 meses
I forgot how much Witney could work a Samba😍😍🔥
Quack Quack
Quack Quack Hace 9 meses
This show has such good lighting. Kel’s a great dancer. Maybe the best they have ever had on DWTS.
DOPE TIZZLE Hace 9 meses
Yes Get It Kel!
Amy Mifsud
Amy Mifsud Hace 9 meses
Why does Whitney get the best partners
MuMu Hace 9 meses
Tbh she doesn't always get the best partners. After she won with Alfonso, all her partners were meh or pretty bad until the most recent seasons.
Virginia Carner
Virginia Carner Hace 9 meses
Need New JUDGES!!!!!
Virginia Carner
Virginia Carner Hace 9 meses
Kel Mitchell a Great dancer, hope you Win!!!
Laura Larrabee
Laura Larrabee Hace 9 meses
Bobby Brown would be proud. Bet he never thought his music would be used for the Samba.
beatrice lim
beatrice lim Hace 10 meses
I want him to win so bad!!!!!
Traci Anderson
Traci Anderson Hace 10 meses
I think this was the best one of the night.
greimalkin Hace 10 meses
Wow they wound up in the bottom 2 after doing THIS? I want this dance by itself so I can put it in my playlist
Nella J
Nella J Hace 10 meses
This is my favorite dance of his so far. Lol. I love Kel Mitchell and I love Bobby Brown so I think the music is what set this off for me. I hope he doesn’t get eliminated too soon. I at least want 3 or 4 more weeks out of him.
Brian Brown
Brian Brown Hace 10 meses
Notice kel looks just like the guy that played Bobby brown in the movie. @woodythegreat
Nella J
Nella J Hace 10 meses
S C Hace 10 meses
Kel's family is adorable at 1:55, his daughter looks just like him.
HappyCat Hace 10 meses
Oh my god,is that Double G from Game Shakers??
Leah Shepard
Leah Shepard Hace 10 meses
She might get her next mirror ball trophy
sadie C
sadie C Hace 10 meses
i thought kel did sooo good. sad they didn’t get a bigger score
Ebony Essence
Ebony Essence Hace 10 meses
They would have a Bobby song with a Witney dancer lol!!! Irony😂😂
Debra Vowell
Debra Vowell Hace 10 meses
Where's the orchestra
androssteague Hace 10 meses
Len has never been a fan of hip hop and r&b so a 6 is pretty generous coming from him
Tiki80 Hace 10 meses
But then again why would u give a hip hop song to samba???
Maureen Carroll
Maureen Carroll Hace 10 meses
Best dance, I love Kel Mitchell!
Joshua Askew
Joshua Askew Hace 10 meses
Anybody other than Bobby Brown singing that song.....no
Sabrizela Nicos
Sabrizela Nicos Hace 10 meses
Samba steps in disco pop music? Hmmm....
Victoria De Guzman
Victoria De Guzman Hace 10 meses
Kel needs to avenge Milo
Adrianne Cadwell
Adrianne Cadwell Hace 10 meses
Good job Kel!!!!💖💖💖
nene jackson
nene jackson Hace 10 meses
Kel is so handsome, and such a great dancer 😊😊😊💚💚💚❤❤❤.
Racheal P.
Racheal P. Hace 10 meses
Love Kell
Aaron Wilkins
Aaron Wilkins Hace 10 meses
Oh dear, I didn't see what they did. Bizarre bounce, hardly any hip action, pigeon toed at times, dreadful posture and to be honest Witney let him down with that choreography. I think he has massive potential but they really were too kind on this. 4.
Queen of R&B 👑
Queen of R&B 👑 Hace 10 meses
Colineo Hace 10 meses
Kel is a fuckin snack!!
Mrs Monkeybean
Mrs Monkeybean Hace 10 meses
Whitney is so damn smart, Kel for the win!
Jadyn Davis
Jadyn Davis Hace 10 meses
Mrs Monkeybean yeah I wasn't surprised u got them mixed up
Mrs Monkeybean
Mrs Monkeybean Hace 10 meses
Jadyn Davis they’re besties I get them mixed up 💖
Mrs Monkeybean
Mrs Monkeybean Hace 10 meses
Jadyn Davis I be high lol
Jadyn Davis
Jadyn Davis Hace 10 meses
Lol that's Witney
Blue Eyes
Blue Eyes Hace 10 meses
I dnt how I feel about that ending though lol.
Kelly JF
Kelly JF Hace 10 meses
Moooove over Mondo Burger!
flower040 Hace 10 meses
He did a really good dance🌸🌸🌸
MARIAH X Hace 10 meses
❤ me some Kel! #MyBooInMyHead
Ashiya Nelson #RawVeganAthlete
Nicely done!!!👏🏽👏🏽👏🏽❤️
Arman Hace 10 meses
such a poor song choice for a samba..
CrystalGTV Hace 10 meses
Even though they aren’t gonna win I know they will make it far 🙌🏽 enjoyed dance and you gotto love Whitney 💕
Maan Okay
Maan Okay Hace 10 meses
Witney’s legs are op
maya alyssa
maya alyssa Hace 10 meses
I felt like the dance didn’t suit the song
Connie P
Connie P Hace 8 meses
So much of the music is garbage. Completely inappropriate for the type of dances they are supposed to do. And then they get garbage scores because the dance wasn't 'right'.
Hi Hace 10 meses
I agree it didnt see like a good tango song to me but apparently the producers choose everything now even songs, i heard the pros have practically no creative control anymore
Tiki80 Hace 10 meses
I cant be only one tht thinks he looks too much like kevin hart.. That fall at end tho! So now we're doing samba to hip hop song now..
Nella J
Nella J Hace 10 meses
Lol yep
globalcoupledances Hace 10 meses
Tiki80 - I agree. If it has to be a hip hop song then choose _Mas que nada_ by the Black Eyed Peas
Tiki80 Hace 10 meses
@KCohere33 most of the dances gets ruined bcuz of their song choices.. especially the latin dances.. u dont get the real feel of the dance with white pop songs. U cant choreograph the intense steps n dynamics with electro/pop beats. The best argentine tangos that everyone still says is the best one n to beat... also a proper one without 100 lifts is cheryl n gilles marinis n recent one being hers n juan pablo from last season. Both were perfect 30s n with right music n so good than giving pop songs n ruining the dynamic.. something Len have mentioned in past. Its like saying a heavy metal music doesnt bother me on a ballet performance. Uhm yes it does.. music does matter. Your steps needs to match with beats n tones.. otherwise why even bother to have music at all
KCohere33 Hace 10 meses
Tiki80 I’m not familiar with that song but why not? This show has never really been about being super exact and technical. A lot of it is but a lot of it is just about being fun and entertaining the audience. So they mix it up sometimes and use unconventional music. I’m not a professional dancer so I guess that’s why it doesn’t bother me.
Tiki80 Hace 10 meses
@KCohere33 its two different elements..and this was no near of a samba.. whats next? A paso doble to "u need to calm down" by taylor swift??
dee stevens
dee stevens Hace 10 meses
Geez none of the brothers on this season can dance!!!! Bring back CARLTON for some lessons!!!
Valerie Williams
Valerie Williams Hace 10 meses
That is why the last season I loved was the season Normani was on there. All the black cast could dance on that season and it was so great to watch.
Nella J
Nella J Hace 10 meses
KCohere33 agreed
KCohere33 Hace 10 meses
dee stevens He can dance
Julia Balcewicz Konzen
They were good. However, as far as I know, samba is a very different rhythm and a very different dance style... I don't think that what they danced was samba, and the title is misleading...
globalcoupledances Hace 10 meses
The dance is samba, the music not
Nicole H
Nicole H Hace 10 meses
Kel is my childhood ! I hope they win! I’m watching this season of DWTS because of him!
KTPofficial Hace 10 meses
i think it was the song choice i love bobby brown i do but if you doing a samba you need a fast paced song thats why he looked relaxed but he did good
Anna USF
Anna USF Hace 10 meses
I'll take a great burger!
Teresa Elizabeth Durham
I liked it when he began but he lost me when the woman began dancing. My eyes was on her and I am woman. I can't imagine a boy watching this two dancing.
Maan Okay
Maan Okay Hace 10 meses
Can confirm as a dude my eyes are always glued to Witney. Girl's legs are insane. If I was a judge I'd be fired in minutes.
Its_Ari Hace 10 meses
I watched it on TV live yesterday this was my favorite
Renee George
Renee George Hace 10 meses
I love Kel, I met him at a convention he is so sweet and fun. Fun dance, the ending split what was that?? Look like he was suppose to do that James Brown move where you drop down to floor in a split and come back up but look like his knee buckled or something that had to hurt. But still he's improving proud of him :)
λεωνιδία Fakiola
He should be feeling pretty excited, you can tell he has great things in the locker if he continues to push himself and that suit was awesome.
Katlyn B
Katlyn B Hace 10 meses
They're both SOO charismatic I love watching them dance together!!
Nella J
Nella J Hace 10 meses
Me too lol
Fun G
Fun G Hace 10 meses
Kel Mitchell I could see he’s kinda like Alfonso
MsBridget Hace 10 meses
Go Kel!!!!
katattacksweetheart Hace 10 meses
Yknow I was conflicted at first when I heard the song bc I didn't think it'd be a good samba but I was really impressed by how many good samba moves they were able to fit to the song!
Big Kahuna
Big Kahuna Hace 10 meses
Love the song, but the dude ruined it. Kel, you rock.
Tanya Rahman
Tanya Rahman Hace 10 meses
Kel and Bruno twinning !
Stella M.
Stella M. Hace 10 meses
This song didn't do this choreography any justice! I wish whoever's in charge of the song selection, would choose better songs!
LovedBy You
LovedBy You Hace 10 meses
I actually find it so sweet how serious he takes this. Good for him. I thought he was going to come in and just make jokes but it's not the case.
Nella J
Nella J Hace 10 meses
Me too
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