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Ladies and gentlemen, allow us to present you with an extended cut of a very special film: Matt LeBlanc on a tour of London with Ken Block and his Hoonicorn Mustang. Watch more Ken Block here: bit.ly/TG-S25

Want to watch more from Mr. Ken Block? Here he is talking about his rally hero Colin McRae: esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-nLDFHuZxOA8.html

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Taken from Top Gear: Series 23

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8 dic 2016






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Top Gear
Top Gear Hace 11 meses
Want to watch more from Mr. Ken Block? Here he is talking about his rally hero Colin McRae: esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-nLDFHuZxOA8.html
king McCloud
king McCloud Hace 2 días
@Military Events in
@上野ガルルTV ????
上野ガルルTV Hace 20 días
@𝐌𝐀𝐒𝐓𝐄𝐑_𝐠𝐚𝐦𝐢𝐧𝐠 Skype名 galugalugaluchanよろしくね(^_-)-☆^-^」真面目負けて 僕は ESvid の上野ガルル よろしくお願いします 仲良くしようね
i like his driving skill
@1 2 he is ken block and you even know what drifting is
Naf' Manson
Naf' Manson Hace un hora
2:20 LOL
Gabi Koonings
Gabi Koonings Hace 2 horas
"Is this things street legal ?" >. HEEELL NO !!! (which was obvious to begin with)
D L Hace 5 horas
There is a lot of Chevy parts in that car it has to be
subie11 Hace 6 horas
6:40 I love the way the stig isn't driving the car like he usually does but instead hes chillin reading the newspaper
Pranshu_ CTU3rd_0309
Unbelievable driving🤩
Abhijith P S
Abhijith P S Hace 8 horas
What does the red button do😕
wellyngton anjos fidelis TM
existem melhores pilotos aqui no brasil #es
alex Smith
alex Smith Hace 16 horas
Ne top gears shit
XRedKirbyX Hace 18 horas
those fifteen52 wheels fit the car so well. they are perfect
Acrozz Gaming x
Acrozz Gaming x Hace 19 horas
How does he see when there’s smoke everywhere
Ted Troth
Ted Troth Hace 19 horas
4:40 forza cutscene anyone
Iryna Mendetti
Iryna Mendetti Hace un día
ahahah molto divertente.. XD
Danny .Cottrill
Danny .Cottrill Hace un día
Omg awesome!!!!!!!!!!
CaptainRyan Hace un día
This is Car Abuse ladies and gentlemen
_BIOTEX_ Hace un día
He do be really pushing Kens button
Justin Eaddy
Justin Eaddy Hace 2 días
shouldve went with a Camaro
Maryam Rahimi
Maryam Rahimi Hace 2 días
ZeWhiteRabbit -_-
ZeWhiteRabbit -_- Hace 2 días
Did anyone else see the Stig from Top Gear at 6:40
GAN EE ZEN Moe Hace 2 días
He will never be stuck in traffic
Abhijith Unnikrishnan
Ken block with Ken Adams
Maria Fernanda De la cruz reynoso
Waoo waoo.. impresionantes chicos.k manera de conducir.y mas con ese Mustang.
James Moss
James Moss Hace 3 días
that was a fun watch. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) some serious tire melting. I wonder how many sets they went through.
Phibaniatei Lyngdoh
Phibaniatei Lyngdoh Hace 3 días
I like how the guy keeps trying to push the button 🤣🤣
Dennis Widdows
Dennis Widdows Hace 4 días
All wheel drive mustang i knew it would be bad ass
Caleb Fondren
Caleb Fondren Hace 4 días
The psychedelic canoe minimally fire because passbook frustratingly replace beside a towering mall. berserk, obese oyster
Morpheius Hace 4 días
Jerry Tubb
Jerry Tubb Hace 4 días
i wish he’d shutup and just enjoy the ride!
chrono trigger
chrono trigger Hace 4 días
The needless ferryboat inherently trip because egypt firstly explain about a puzzled chicken. abaft, mundane oyster
Blue Sun
Blue Sun Hace 4 días
Think you'll find that the queen is, definitively, no longer at home - no flags, no guards, no one, nothing!
Diamond Plays Elite
Diamond Plays Elite Hace 5 días
3:09 how to look cool when u spin out
Jake Is a qt
Jake Is a qt Hace 5 días
This guys a beast
Bruce Seaman
Bruce Seaman Hace 5 días
It's like going shopping with my mum driving
Stuntman Ali.
Stuntman Ali. Hace 5 días
I still can’t tell if the wedding at ST Paul was real
Simone Martini
Simone Martini Hace 5 días
both the grand tour and top gear are the only known tv series capable of bending the laws of physics
Marcus Schmidt
Marcus Schmidt Hace 5 días
the red button,,,,what does he...
Suan Lian
Suan Lian Hace 5 días
Spotted Stig 6:41
Mana Valan
Mana Valan Hace 5 días
Why no one is talking about Joey ?
Mana Valan
Mana Valan Hace 5 días
How u doing
Mark Srig
Mark Srig Hace 6 días
Who’s Ken block
Vincent Hace 6 días
Авторазбор BMW&Mercedes
Thank God for Ken Block and for what tone can show. Hello everyone from Russia!
Josh Alexander
Josh Alexander Hace 6 días
6:40 🤣
Apurva Patel
Apurva Patel Hace 7 días
Why is london so empty ?
Corey Scott
Corey Scott Hace 7 días
I just really enjoy watching him drift this AWD beast... not an easy thing to drift AWD vehicles takes loads of talent
gilda letisha
gilda letisha Hace 7 días
Carsten Frandsen
Carsten Frandsen Hace 8 días
Welcome back Joey !!!! /?Chandler?
Carsten Frandsen
Carsten Frandsen Hace 8 días
Had to down-vote my own comment! But have to say to Matt LeBlanck - you fell back into your own role in Friends.
Kamil_renomet kędzierski
wielki sportowiec a hahahahha :D:D
Kamil_renomet kędzierski
on an empty road plus driving on this road a few days make you a champion and hahah: D: D anybody would do it when he would drive non-stop on the same road
Darren Reed
Darren Reed Hace 8 días
Would give a kidney to sit in the passenger seat while Ken does his thing :)
Der Maschinist
Der Maschinist Hace 8 días
Gott wie sinnlos
Alan Torres
Alan Torres Hace 8 días
The elated water lilly knock because army normally ruin than a marked account. outstanding, comfortable plaster
traX Hace 8 días
And @6:40 theres just The STIG reading a magazine :'D
Joonas Naski
Joonas Naski Hace 9 días
Not as cool as Geoff
Simon Gagné
Simon Gagné Hace 9 días
matt leblanc lost for words hahaha
pontohf Hace 9 días
6,40 … stig!!!!!!!!!
Eliyah F
Eliyah F Hace 9 días
shturman super
TuTbka Hace 9 días
Юрий Бобылев
Ken Hace 9 días
Can Someone tell me what the red button actually does?
Chandu Chandan
Chandu Chandan Hace 9 días
Use Cheat code "getthereamazinglyfast" to get that car 😂😂😂😂😂
gupeo qamui
gupeo qamui Hace 9 días
The physical odometer antenatally kill because knife correspondingly discover barring a incompetent office. spectacular, plastic rotate
linia Hace 10 días
Ken sering memelukku dengan sayapnya kalo aku diserang jin setan. Ken mesra luar biasa
linia Hace 10 días
Ken bisa seluruh bahasa manusia jin dani setan. Ga ada masalah soal itu krn Allah yg menciptakan bahasa manusia. Ken adalah petugas pengadilan Allah Malaikat Jibril yg jumlahnya tak terhingga. Tugasnya membunuh manusia yg zolim. Ken dipersenjatai dikasih rumah, makan minum spt manusia biasa. Semua ilmu dimilikinya. Bahkan main gaple juga bisa, apalagi cuma matahin leher manusia. Kalo bertemu denganku ken adalah laki laki bule berambut pirang sebahu dengan sayap 2. Ukuran sejajar tubuhku. Kami pernah jalan bareng gandengan sambil liat langit , ken murah senyum
linia Hace 10 días
Ya bener ini.. Ken ada dimana mana. Petugas pengadilan Allah. Jalan sendiri.
Samuel Sousa
Samuel Sousa Hace 10 días
what is the name of the car
Sam Izdat
Sam Izdat Hace 10 días
Those Brits have never seen anything like the Hoonicorn
Bryan Russell Ng
Bryan Russell Ng Hace 10 días
I wish they made Ken block Vs the stig that would be interesting
Milano Martins
Milano Martins Hace 11 días
Muit bom o vidio
AdamButCool69 Hace 11 días
Wheres the fighter jet man
Señor Sleepyhead
Señor Sleepyhead Hace 11 días
I love how the stig is just reading a news paper at 6:40
Rumen M
Rumen M Hace 12 días
Заставай да припадаш от 1.9tdi-то, да ти обръщам огледалата
Kartikey Pandey
Kartikey Pandey Hace 12 días
Need for speed in real life
Ajay Dalaya
Ajay Dalaya Hace 12 días
This is the best video to cure depression.
Rick Cavazos
Rick Cavazos Hace 13 días
我希望他給他的新娘 lmao 戴上花飾
Rick Cavazos
Rick Cavazos Hace 13 días
Tut mir leid, mein Englisch ist schlecht lmao
Keshon Brink
Keshon Brink Hace 13 días
What car plz
Nyle Gaming Battlelands royale
He has no grass in his garden
Dman 96
Dman 96 Hace 13 días
Least funny host ever on top gear.
Darron M
Darron M Hace 13 días
I bet you almost every cut seen he has to put a new pare of tire on there
Eloy1976 Hace 13 días
Most amazing with this is that the brits allowed Ken driving like a madman through London 👍
Cautious Panda
Cautious Panda Hace 4 días
with enough money, anyone will let you do anything
Arun Pandian R
Arun Pandian R Hace 13 días
I see Joey got a little help from Ken to tour around London after Chandler left him. London Baby
Roland Tuck
Roland Tuck Hace 13 días
Is that the same Mustang as in the LA one?
Sousou Bja
Sousou Bja Hace 14 días
Bad Trip🔥
Abdalla Wafa
Abdalla Wafa Hace 14 días
I saw the Stig in here
Sector 7
Sector 7 Hace 14 días
vere vere vere level🔥🔥🔥🔥🏎🏎🏎
Лэндо Hace 14 días
Он думал мы его не заметим 6:40
Lula Lyndsay
Lula Lyndsay Hace 14 días
The marvelous vest concordantly play because burn relatively stare amidst a murky ice. obedient, comfortable chin
4 salti in cucina
4 salti in cucina Hace 15 días
Spettacolare questa macchina. Potenza pura
sparda9060 Hace 15 días
That monster of a mustang has like over 1,500+ horsepower to allow Ken to do all the tricks with the car. With those massive wheels to plant it on the asphalt to utilize all that power to drift.
SmileGamez Hace 16 días
when you try to show a stranger in gta online your drifting skills:
Samed Safoev
Samed Safoev Hace 16 días
Сағера да Тоҷикистон трактора мА ҳамхели ҳай мекадм🏴‍☠️🇹🇯
Orson Cart
Orson Cart Hace 16 días
I'm more intersted on how they get permission to close all th epublic roads off and who insures the car for street legal use like that. BBC not wasting license payers money there.
Dette Spaghetti
Dette Spaghetti Hace 16 días
This is stupid I love the car but new top gear is just absolute crap I miss Clarkson Hammond and may
Suche Eren
Suche Eren Hace 16 días
Stuntman Ali.
Stuntman Ali. Hace 16 días
What does the red button do?
White Fr4me
White Fr4me Hace 17 días
Stig just chilling there in 6:40
7xo. Hace 18 días
Who watch this video in 2021?
DAIKE street
DAIKE street Hace 18 días
Irtequea Nayyer
Irtequea Nayyer Hace 18 días
Need for speed on steroids .....
Lewis Hamilton and Ken Block
¡Ola gigante!
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