Kendrick Lamar - Die Hard ft. Blxst & Amanda Reifer (Official Audio)

Kendrick Lamar
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Kendrick Lamar “Mr. Morale & The Big Steppers” is available now: KendrickLamar.lnk.to/MrMorale


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11 may 2022






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Lord Alpha
Every song is a completely different vibe bro i cant help but be immensely impressed with this whole project, the versatility from track to track is insane 🍷so classy
ensight Bowyer
ensight Bowyer Hace 21 un día
"I got some regrets, But my past won't keep me from my best" so fucking powerful, I hope everyone listening will internalize that. I love y'all. Good luck
Miguel Burney
This gives me a "All the Stars" vibe. Could imagine this song ending the Black Panther 2 credits
The chorus is so catchy, had on repeat for hours now
Ntangi Koyi
I don't understand how anyone can hate on this project, this song especially, people don't understand what it takes to make such timeless music, God bless you Kdot this is amazing.
paloma campos
“If I told you who I am would you use it against me?”
Aku is Best Girl
This is 100% going to be the most popular song on the album, it's so radio-friendly
Jack Langdon
Jack Langdon Hace un día
I get really emotional listening to this and it really hits the soul. I feel for all people out there battling your own mind everyday, you are not alone.
StarSupreme TV
StarSupreme TV Hace 28 días
This shits fire. People don't see the better. Everybody goes thru their shit. Blessings to the vibes. Keep your head up my people
This album has a bit of everything for me, your hype song, your chill song like this, sentimental songs, and vulnerable ones
Kali Sav
This song is helping me through my breakup, I’m still heartbroken about it but I’ll get through. Thanks Kendrick ❤️
Tren Genius
Tren Genius Hace 21 un día
This song always puts you in a good mood
[Intro: Kendrick Lamar]
Cornelius Hawes
This song hits so hard, it hard for me not to tear up listening, keeps reminding of my lost ones, great song
Lynette Townsend
Lynette Townsend Hace 16 horas
I want to see the family stronger
Felix San Miguel
When I first heard the album I played it while I was laying down I couldn’t help but wanna dance on this song. One of my favorites off the album. Thank you Kendrick for blessing us with pure eargasms
Mateo Luna
Mateo Luna Hace un día
This song makes you find multiple memories and emotions within yourself.
PogFish Hace 28 días
The best song to play in the car while the sun is setting
My personal favorite off the album. Just hits the soul. I send my love out to everyone out there fighting their demons. It's not too late for us.
Tangie Calloway
Damn, the wait was majorly worth this "food for the soul" of an album. Simply hands down perfect.
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