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28 abr 2014






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Caleb Crawford
Caleb Crawford Hace 11 días
Only if he knew how far he would go
elemental gamer
elemental gamer Hace 14 días
4:35 7:15 that looks fuckin epic
layne Boutilier
layne Boutilier Hace 21 un día
Bigger wing's more lift What i don't care im 6 year's late
SamTheSnake Hace 22 días
I remember when this came out- ahhhhh I feel OLD
Alexander Macisaac
Alexander Macisaac Hace 21 un día
Ik it’s been 6 years
mark Stengel
mark Stengel Hace 25 días
Me sees this Me waiting for 1.2.0
Origin Gaming orgin
Origin Gaming orgin Hace 26 días
I miss when jack was like this I miss old jack a boy 😪😪😪😥😢😭😭😭😭
blueship 212820
blueship 212820 Hace 29 días
10:11 looks like a UAV from cod
Rory Care
Rory Care Hace un mes
Jack: makes rockets, goes into space, goes to the moon and here we are witnessing him landing a plane for the first time successfully 14 episodes in. Only Jack everybody, love you Jack 💚💙🖤
Rory Care
Rory Care Hace un mes
"If you don't trust me, you're probably wise" Jacksepticeye 2014
Cry Hace un mes
Ngl i kinda miss this jack and this series
Jonathan Wyatt
Jonathan Wyatt Hace un mes
2020 ain’t it! Take me back!
Oscar Quintana Franco
Also it looks like he doesnt have a shirt at 13:27
Oscar Quintana Franco
Who is watching this vid in 2020
Jax is cool ink
Jax is cool ink Hace un mes
Hershcat Hace 2 meses
i love this jet!!! *jet fails sean: *silence me:lmao and dying
tim wheeler
tim wheeler Hace 2 meses
Jack the only plane like that is the british eurofighter typhoon
KerbinSphere Hace 2 meses
I like you, your stupidity makes me feel smart
John Prichard
John Prichard Hace 2 meses
Try mixing both the Jets and speed
Andrew Hamel
Andrew Hamel Hace 2 meses
2020 and this video is still amazing
Zander Van Beeck
Zander Van Beeck Hace 2 meses
wow a good desteny at le minut 7:37 :-:
Trevor Hale
Trevor Hale Hace 2 meses
Is he wearing a shirt?
DOZ Gaming
DOZ Gaming Hace 3 meses
This was the first video I EVER watched on your channel and I have been watching ALL of your videos ever sense Ehh, nobody cares 2020?
not ROY
not ROY Hace 3 meses
I say hi from the worst year of my life (the future) also well done Jack for this sick series bro :)
Finn Herron
Finn Herron Hace 4 meses
7:20 the plane looks like victor from despicable me
gaige griffis
gaige griffis Hace 4 meses
that car in the background was drifting
Drift Boats
Drift Boats Hace 6 meses
hellol im from the future its 2020 hows it felling down there
Wolfs 4 Lif3
Wolfs 4 Lif3 Hace 6 meses
I watched him at 6 years old you guys are not true jackaboy fans >:)
shinny bubbles991
shinny bubbles991 Hace 5 meses
It doesn't matter how long you've been watching I could have watched home for one day and love his content. Just because how long you watch a content creator ESvid or otherwise doesn't evaluate how much you love there content
Zippyte z
Zippyte z Hace 6 meses
I hope he does another series of this when KSP2 comes to fruition
Weird Tomato man
Weird Tomato man Hace 6 meses
Anyone stopping saying "who's watching in 2019, 2020 etc..."?
Tooth brush
Tooth brush Hace 6 meses
Tbh i want the mod for the 1st jet nose or whatever
Jason Olrich
Jason Olrich Hace 6 meses
2020 comment! My gosh I miss these
David Spence
David Spence Hace 6 meses
Jack: *says cutely* Kerbal space program
AvoPlayz Gamez
AvoPlayz Gamez Hace 6 meses
2020 anyone?
Fun With Christina
Fun With Christina Hace 6 meses
Jack: I'm going to make something tiny and fast! *Selects largest cockpit*
Caiden Podlesnik
Caiden Podlesnik Hace 7 meses
I haven’t laughed so hard in so long
yeeteboi 123
yeeteboi 123 Hace 7 meses
AhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhI the cringe from watching in 2020
Gabriel Mayuga
Gabriel Mayuga Hace 7 meses
Brendan Willis
Brendan Willis Hace 7 meses
Love you jack I hate billy
Brendan Willis
Brendan Willis Hace 7 meses
0:16 don't know what he said
AyeJayCey Hace 7 meses
Griffin Engle
Griffin Engle Hace 7 meses
The inspiration for the f-35
Daniel J.
Daniel J. Hace 7 meses
2020? Anyone?
Gerby Moraga
Gerby Moraga Hace 7 meses
jacksepticye 2014: merry christmas me 2020 watching 2014: christmas is like 7.5 months
Gamer Master
Gamer Master Hace 7 meses
4:49 it looks like it belongs in Star Trek oh and who is watching this in 2020 14:03 the way he said no is hilarious
Housie Bro
Housie Bro Hace 7 meses
2020 I’m still watching
Housie Bro
Housie Bro Hace 7 meses
Chris Workman
Chris Workman Hace 7 meses
ZUKA 2143
ZUKA 2143 Hace 7 meses
is that a jet?
Why do I Exist
Why do I Exist Hace 7 meses
4:47 that looks like my LEGO jet from when I was 6 years old
Dianne Taylor
Dianne Taylor Hace 7 meses
all good things must come to an end
Bloop 907
Bloop 907 Hace 7 meses
warpey Hace 7 meses
Jack built a plane that makes sense and works perfectly.
3X Highs
3X Highs Hace 7 meses
Me hah
dark knight plays
dark knight plays Hace 7 meses
Who’s watching from nostalgia week
Mif_Maf Hace 7 meses
The center of mass, lift and thrust should all be aligned, and the center of lift and the center of mass should be as close to each other as possible for less tilting and easier maneuverability. You can think of the center of mass as the spot where you could hang a string, and while holding the string the plane would be completely balanced. You can think of the center of lift as the spot where the plane is being pulled where the arrows around it show, the longer the arrows, the more it is being pulled in that direction(also the faster you move, and if you don't move the plane isn't pulled). The center of thrust is where the thrusters push you, the arrows show which direction and the length shows how much. lol
Pam Daniels
Pam Daniels Hace 7 meses
Diesel antle do not use my name
Bad + Ass = Adss
F Ryde
F Ryde Hace 7 meses
Who’s still watching in 2019
sivis17 Hace 7 meses
stop it... just stop
طيب بومر
طيب بومر Hace 7 meses
Not me
Korbin Wasilewski
Korbin Wasilewski Hace 7 meses
Hello from nostalgia junkies
Gronkus Fronkus
Gronkus Fronkus Hace 7 meses
F Ryde 202p
T Dangler
T Dangler Hace 7 meses
Biggeko118 Hace 7 meses
2019 happy holiday/Christmas
legendaryhusky 1
legendaryhusky 1 Hace 7 meses
Weird how Sean has 23 million subs but this video only has 1.8 million views
Kadyn Robinson
Kadyn Robinson Hace 7 meses
You need to stop saying so many bad words my mom doesn’t like it and I like your videos
Jack Jack
Jack Jack Hace 7 meses
It’s not rocket science Edit: oh wait
Tnt Guy
Tnt Guy Hace 8 meses
6 years I love this jack
Huskyy Hace 8 meses
2:44 "Rocaine?" it sounds like cocaine from space. :3
flopperboi 69
flopperboi 69 Hace 8 meses
2019 enyone?
Galaxy God
Galaxy God Hace 8 meses
Lucas jones you are obviously 8 by your splenic of “anyone” so you just broke the terms and policies
Abirds104 Hace 8 meses
16:30: *Jack's dubstep* GA-G-G-G-G then: FUCK, SHIT, COCK, BALLS AHHH! NNNNNURTS! Me: that should be a new song!! Wait. What are nurts?
Novalite Hace 8 meses
actual pilot speaking. help wanted jack?
Novalite Hace 8 meses
jack:* builds a plane* rudders: am ı a joke to you?
Miles Andrews
Miles Andrews Hace 8 meses
2:16 - 2:21 Jesus Septiceye confirmed!
Tencryn Hace 8 meses
Well, this was in my recommended apparently.
Tofu Chan
Tofu Chan Hace 8 meses
He should bring back The Escapists again
Ledio G
Ledio G Hace 9 meses
when you have the gear farther back, use some little wings at the front to lift the nose, instead of pushing the back down. its a style called a Long EZ
Andrei Sude Serban
Andrei Sude Serban Hace 9 meses
Hey check out my first video on my youtube channel! klik on me and subscribe! *helps a lot*
Ken Thompson
Ken Thompson Hace 9 meses
Jack playing KSP is cure for depression
Tyler’s Vlogs
Tyler’s Vlogs Hace 9 meses
Jeb ain’t a pleb
Raymond Powell
Raymond Powell Hace 9 meses
go to 9:02
Ruby Rastall
Ruby Rastall Hace 9 meses
It looks like hjönk hjönk goose
Tadhg Ennis
Tadhg Ennis Hace 9 meses
Sean when he lands:Acts like a child who just got the best thing in the universe
KANTKILL ME Hace 9 meses
Tadhg Ennis YES🤣
Ellis Mekins
Ellis Mekins Hace 9 meses
Guys at one point he was going at 69 whatever it is they use can I get a nice
Mr. Ok
Mr. Ok Hace 9 meses
If you watch this video with an iPhone set up with Hey Siri at 6:15 jack says: “jebediah I’m sorry” and Siri thinks you’re saying he siri
Mr. Ok
Mr. Ok Hace 9 meses
Sean needs to play this again.
Angie Mattison
Angie Mattison Hace 10 meses
Anyone from 2019 wanting him to play again
Josh Nussle
Josh Nussle Hace 5 meses
Im Watching From 3000 👌
Wolfs 4 Lif3
Wolfs 4 Lif3 Hace 6 meses
Angie Mattison I am watching from 2020
Will Schroeder
Will Schroeder Hace 7 meses
@David Dory the madlad
David Dory
David Dory Hace 7 meses
He fookin did it
NBAZack 1987
NBAZack 1987 Hace 10 meses
2019 anyone 🤔🤔
Luaca da gaming squid
Luaca da gaming squid Hace 10 meses
4:58 It looks like that giant ship from "Godzilla king of the monsters"
RED ZED Hace 11 meses
The good old day
Kelleen Call
Kelleen Call Hace 11 meses
Restart the video and watch it in 2x speed
Kelleen Call
Kelleen Call Hace 11 meses
Restart the video and watch it in 2x speed
Araxi Orichian
Araxi Orichian Hace 11 meses
Jack, there is a mod called bd armory and it adds missiles and guns to the game a person named DevilDogGamer and he made a whole series of it
MEMEBOI 69 Hace 11 meses
This is the 6 gen jet fighter for Ireland
ShywolfGaming 342
ShywolfGaming 342 Hace 11 meses
Even tho im super late jack physics jizzicks
diesel Antill
diesel Antill Hace 11 meses
2019 still love this series
hjonkers YT
hjonkers YT Hace 5 meses
Ruby Rastall
Ruby Rastall Hace 9 meses
Me too
Cameron Rowles
Cameron Rowles Hace 11 meses
Video was very long. Halfway through it, I got hungry so I left it playing and went to the kitchen to fix my self a sandwich. But then I found out that I'm out of mayonnaise so I went to a store. There, I saw the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my whole life. But I'm really a shy person so I took up a three-year personality development course so I can introduce my self. She was very friendly and all, but unfortunately, she has a boyfriend. So I said, all good, I'm a mature person. I want the best for her and I harbor no illusion that I am the best person for her and she seems happy with her boyfriend, so I did not bother her anymore. But we kept in touch and we became friends and I got over my crush on her. Then she broke up with her boyfriend, we drank some alcohol because of it, I told her she'll be fine and I wished her well. I still think she's the most beautiful woman in the world, but like I said, I am over my crush on her. It was like five years already when I first saw her. Besides, I am quite happy with the friendship I developed with her. It was more important than a crush. So we kept hanging out, drinking, having coffee, and all. I had a girlfriend, she started dating other guys. My girlfriend wants to live some other life without me in it, so I said, okay, I want the best for you and I want you to pursue your happiness. My lady friend and I drank alcohol about it, and she gave me the same advice I gave her when she was in that position and I became okay with the breakup immediately. But we were really drunk, so she spent the night in my apartment. I only have one bed, so you know what that means: She took the bed and I slept on the couch. But on the couch, I really can't sleep. Something was bothering me. So I tossed and turned for about three hours, then I finally can't take it anymore, I stood up and went straight to my room where she's sleeping. I approached the bed, gently sat on it and I reached for her shoulder to pull her closer to me. She stirred and woke up. She asked what's up. I told her, you know, the first time I saw you, I was watching a video and left it playing to get my self a sandwich then went to the store to get some mayo then I got distracted by life that I forgot to finish the video. She said, you know what, I've been wondering about a weird noise in your night drawer. So we opened that drawer, and lo and behold, there was my phone and this video still has two minutes of play time on it.
jason chen the pusheen
Do the deja vu side flying
Gurffy 3
Gurffy 3 Hace un año
Man 2014 time were weird... I miss them
Super_ Gamer766
Super_ Gamer766 Hace un año
5 years later, without sas on its like a familiar game, 'SIMPLE' planes
Littlecooled Hace un año
in jacks plane the two kerbels callisigns are maverick and goose
Lt. Anikan Keen
Lt. Anikan Keen Hace un año
I can't believe I'm watching this in 2019 lol XD
JeweledJames Hace un año
God do I miss this
William Hounsell-Drover
Nostalgia Trip.
Hannah Davis
Hannah Davis Hace un año
Popped a badass wheel tho
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