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Kerry Blackshear Jr. stepped up his game in his junior season with Virginia Tech. The 6'10" forward became a leader on the team, especially late in the season when the Hokies were playing without Justin Robinson. Averaging 14.9 points, 7.5 rebounds and 2.4 assists, Blackshear showed off that he had great footwork when down in the paint and he also had the ability to stretch the floor and shoot the 3-pointer. Check out the highlights from Kerry Blackshear Jr.'s fantastic junior season right here!
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6 may 2019

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Sneeky Pete
Sneeky Pete Hace 3 días
Reminds me of a young K. Durant
Clay Scrapper00
Clay Scrapper00 Hace 21 un día
Stay at tech
321gates Hace 22 días
Final 4 once again.
The Light Knight
The Light Knight Hace 22 días
Who all here because of the Florida commit 😂
Patrick Dasher
Patrick Dasher Hace 23 días
If your not a gator your gator bait
wtysont Hace 23 días
Gators are going to be strong next year !!
Ralph Mazz
Ralph Mazz Hace 23 días
Final Four.
CJizzle84 Hace 23 días
Go Gators🔶🔷🐊💯
Chris Latham
Chris Latham Hace 24 días
Chomp Chomp!
Jason Errera
Jason Errera Hace 24 días
TheGatinor Hace 24 días
MR. COREY Hace 24 días
Welcome to Florida🔷🔶
Juice Jig
Juice Jig Hace 26 días
Tennessee bound!
321gates Hace 22 días
Go brush your tooth son.
The Light Knight
The Light Knight Hace 22 días
Your right, he will be there when Florida plays them. 😂😂
CJizzle84 Hace 23 días
Elijah Mitchell
Elijah Mitchell Hace 24 días
Nick Ray 🤣🤣
Nick Ray
Nick Ray Hace 24 días
Juice Jig maybe next time 🐊
kbattle33 Hace 28 días
illini another KENNY NORMAN SNAKE 2.0
Grumor Town
Grumor Town Hace 29 días
Vfl 🤙🤙🤙
Shocker_Tuning Reviews
Headed to UK !!! I think we’ll know by tomorrow either way it goes he’s leaving this school it’s between UK and UT now
321gates Hace 22 días
What is it with you hill people?
CJizzle84 Hace 23 días
Leonardo A
Leonardo A Hace 23 días
Nick Ray 😂😂 go Gators!!
Nick Ray
Nick Ray Hace 24 días
Shocker_Tuning Reviews YOU THOUGHT 😂😂😂 GO GATORS 🐊🐊🐊
mcglover78 Hace un mes
We got that UofM jersey waiting on you
kbattle33 Hace un mes
he will get the proper exposure, coaching and win all the way to the best MOMENT IN ILLINI BASKETBALL HISTORY. Ayo and Trent Frazier GuardsKERRY AND GIORGI FORWARDS WITH KERRY Stretch fourand KOFI KOCKBURN.......BEST K F CHAMPIONHIP CHICKEN IN DA WORLD.
Lane Rose
Lane Rose Hace 19 días
kbattle33 oof
Troy Lee Newgent
Troy Lee Newgent Hace un mes
Come to the vols
Marcus Roe
Marcus Roe Hace un mes
Come to Kentucky bro, what you waiting for???
Elijah Mitchell
Elijah Mitchell Hace 24 días
Victor McGinnis
Victor McGinnis Hace un mes
Go Vols!!! (FaithAndCharacter)
Annie Henderson
Annie Henderson Hace un mes
u kno he’s gonna be rockin blue n white #BBN
Annie Henderson
Annie Henderson Hace 23 días
man f*** it we’ll be whoopin gator ass next year FOOTBALL AND BASKETBALL n i can’t remember the last L from florida stopppp it ya last legit player was bradley beal n don’t let bring up them 4 Ls he took in one year to AD 👑!!!! 👀👀👀
CJizzle84 Hace 23 días
More like Orange and Blue🔶🔷🐊💯😂😂😂
Papi Chullo
Papi Chullo Hace 24 días
Annie Henderson well this didn't age well... 😂
Nick Ray
Nick Ray Hace 24 días
Annie Henderson No ma’am 🐊🐊 orange and blue it is
Mathew Carden
Mathew Carden Hace un mes
Come to Gainesville! Nembhard would be very thankful to have you on the block.
bryce2124 Hace un mes
I wish this man well, but as a Kentucky fan I think we could be better off without him. Last year Kentucky had 3 legitimate point guards with Ashton Immanuel and quade and were a complete mess. Then quade leaves to look for greener pastures and suddenly Ashton becomes to dominant point guard we saw at times last year. Adding blackshear to an already crowded frontcourt could cause confusion in our rotation. EJ and Nick are both skilled and having them focused on their game rather than minutes could improve their confidence. We already have depth with sestina so Blackshear and Kentucky might be better off if Blackshear plays somewhere else.
James Billingsley
James Billingsley Hace un mes
AUGUST ReAX He said frontcourt... u retarded?
bryce2124 Hace un mes
3rdeyeshine yo I’m still waiting
bryce2124 Hace un mes
Tylerawaters92@gmail.com Gators92 might get more playing time so I can’t blame him but if he’s not going to a blue blood why wouldn’t he just stay at VT? Florida is better than VT but might as well go all in if you transfer
Tylerawaters92@gmail.com Gators92
Good thing he’s going to Florida ;), where he’s from and we don’t have a big man returning
bryce2124 Hace un mes
3rdeyeshine enlighten me then bud
Shawn Simmons
Shawn Simmons Hace un mes
Come to Gainesville, Kerry.
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