Kevin Hart (Full Interview) | Chelsea | Netflix

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The hilarious Kevin Hart joins Chelsea to talk about his new marriage, his new movie, and how he stays grounded as one of the most famous people in America.
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Kevin Hart (Full Interview) | Chelsea | Netflix


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14 oct 2016

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Comentarios 1 675
mdj68 Hace 2 días
Chelsea has cute feet and wears wonderful shoes!
Q Nguyen
Q Nguyen Hace 8 días
I don’t like her laugh... it always seems so... sarcastic..
Ultimate Game
Ultimate Game Hace 4 días
You are SO right ! In fact, I started scrolling down the comment section to see if anyone felt the same. And guess what ?! Your comment was the first that I found and you said exactly what I was thinking ! Chelsea is really a woman of no class like one of those with the fakest, dumbest snobs you can ever find.
Maroccomar 23
Maroccomar 23 Hace 9 días
Her white evil neighbour women lough hahaha....Kevin hart handel himself very well
mashall khazan
mashall khazan Hace 9 días
Was she on her period?
billzkhan100 Hace 10 días
Chelsea's laugh is sooo annoying sonehow.. is she high..??
arun mathew
arun mathew Hace 10 días
മലയാളികൾ ഉണ്ടോ ഇവിടെ?
arun mathew
arun mathew Hace 10 días
Watching on 2019😍
Julios Rome
Julios Rome Hace 10 días
2:56 she was digging in her toes then she put those same fingers in her face smh lol
Rudee Hunkk
Rudee Hunkk Hace 10 días
That dog is more adorable than this blondie
Shaun Lagassa
Shaun Lagassa Hace 11 días
Chelsea is the coolest
Patrick Spruill
Patrick Spruill Hace 11 días
Chelsea have such a cute laugh
You Tube
You Tube Hace 12 días
What the fuck is wrong with that white lady? She on drugs?
Kiss Chew
Kiss Chew Hace 12 días
this guy needs to have his own talk show..
Abdullah Alqahtani
Abdullah Alqahtani Hace 13 días
There's no need for the is host to swear not a pro lady👎
Dread Knot
Dread Knot Hace 14 días
Well you see the way my comment is setup what now?.
M.A. Zaki
M.A. Zaki Hace 14 días
7:39 When I spoke confidently after my presentation.
eltoro gillz
eltoro gillz Hace 16 días
that sexy foot though
Joseph bauy
Joseph bauy Hace 16 días
He so funny but true
ogin elven
ogin elven Hace 18 días
what kind of a yoga pose is that???
akram anwar
akram anwar Hace 19 días
If he is smart he will find Al-Islam which is the only way...
akram anwar
akram anwar Hace 4 días
@Ultimate Game it is very relevant my brother if you know the truth, Islam is all about morality and Noble character like I said if u know , don't follow your media read if you want to know search if you want to know ...
Ultimate Game
Ultimate Game Hace 4 días
Thanks for showing how smart you are by making that irrelevant comment under this video that has nothing to do with Islam. Your comment only shows that people are likely to become the opposite of smart if they embrace Islam.
Mohammad Saad
Mohammad Saad Hace 21 un día
She's stoned
Patrick swayze
Patrick swayze Hace 22 días
I love stupid shit.fuck positive shit.live once die once
Zelan Tra
Zelan Tra Hace 23 días
Bulll Shit::
Tau Rian
Tau Rian Hace 24 días
Lovely dog! funny kevin and horrible lady..... Notice tht she uses f wrds just trying to fit into tht cool thug kind.... since there is a black man!!!!! Wat an ass!!!!
Brian Cannon
Brian Cannon Hace 25 días
It's easier said than done kev. Apparently, he just got caught cheating again
Animalbeast Hace 25 días
Segomotso Letlojane
Segomotso Letlojane Hace 26 días
Can’t get enough of this man. He’s the best.😘😘😘
Jezza Delirious
Jezza Delirious Hace 26 días
So you got married, had kids, divorced, married again... what now?
Trust Hace 26 días
Whoever ever Chelsea is...she's annoying af!
wolverineiscool Hace 18 días
ikr...it's like she's trying to embarrass him or something...
Nashida Miriam
Nashida Miriam Hace 27 días
Love this
AR$3N Hace 27 días
Chelsea so sexy
eric draven
eric draven Hace 29 días
Kevin hart married a leo….eesh cancer and leo….give it 2-3 years...before he gets closer to mid forties he settles with a young twenty something model and rides it out...
wolverineiscool Hace 18 días
you got it
The Stuffed Vegan
The Stuffed Vegan Hace 29 días
Alpha Focus
Alpha Focus Hace un mes
Kevin is the only one who look cool with neck high button closed.
W.B-Star Belaidi
W.B-Star Belaidi Hace un mes
That's wassup 😎
Russell Johnson
Russell Johnson Hace un mes
When white guys get mad they say. Good one pal .....🤣🤣🤣🤣Or good one buddy 🤣🤭
Qwiet Ryott
Qwiet Ryott Hace un mes
Bet that dog eats ALOT of Peanut Butter.
Gilchrist Atchaoue
Gilchrist Atchaoue Hace un mes
Kevin Hart is seriously funny
420 Hace un mes
chelsea the main whore in the biz
Asem Nutrition
Asem Nutrition Hace un mes
I would have kissed her thought!
ak pathan vlogs
ak pathan vlogs Hace un mes
She is racist
Dhanuja Boyagoda
Dhanuja Boyagoda Hace un mes
Who else came here for the dogggo 😌
Somalida Cusub
Somalida Cusub Hace un mes
I dont think Kevin was talking to the dog at all.
Deba Dev
Deba Dev Hace un mes
I love that she only has great people on her show.
Batman From India
Batman From India Hace un mes
More like chelshit
Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman Hace un mes
Don’t find him funny, I’m sorry. He likes to think he’s deep but he’s just loud and full of meaningless motivational quotes...
Saran Hassan
Saran Hassan Hace un mes
Chelsea is bitch
Abdullah Asif
Abdullah Asif Hace un mes
Chelsea is not funny at all
Sherpooh66Reborn Linsley
Hi, I can't afford Netflix therefore I don't like Netflix, but I like both of them! Love me Some Kevin! I'm married too😁🤗🐽✌❤,Sheryl
Ruchir Hace un mes
I'm new to this channel and This interview felt a bit awkward at certain times. Do all episodes of Chelsea's talk show feel this way?
Rationalism Pragmatism
Yes. Chelsea actually barely laughs.
Collen Timashe
Collen Timashe Hace un mes
I love u bro all the way from zimbabwe...
Random Gamer
Random Gamer Hace un mes
Where is the episode on netflix
Omari Bailey
Omari Bailey Hace un mes
I like the way she sits on the couch. I get mad nina Hartley vibes
King SKD King
King SKD King Hace un mes
Chelsea wtf 2:2 burnley?? disappointing results
سيمو ولد العبد
Chelsea she is so arrogante and full of hatred i feel her black heart
Ebony Hicks
Ebony Hicks Hace un mes
My top favorite comedians of all time !!! I would love to marry Chelsea just to make her laugh ❤ Her laugh brings me joy lol
StartingBiking Young
Yo This Womon get Fired after the show! L
Robert Sibley
Robert Sibley Hace un mes
Lmao i remember the first time i saw kevin hart when he was in 40yr old virgin
alex   fernando Huenten
Scott Hall
Scott Hall Hace 2 meses
Chelsea is good looking
Rastko Stefanovic
Rastko Stefanovic Hace 2 meses
2 years later try to take the Super Bowl hahahah lol K Hart a legend
The Daily Shift
The Daily Shift Hace 2 meses
At 1:45 chelsea heard the audience clap and laugh and she was like "alright, s#it ain't that funny." Lmao
Yousra Slaoui
Yousra Slaoui Hace 2 meses
Hot guy His wife is lucky...
SAMSKID TV Hace 2 meses
Who is still watching this interviews 2019 Kevin Hart is too funny little man 🤣🤣🤣🤣
2 3
2 3 Hace un mes
SAMSKID TV i agree
Ben King
Ben King Hace 2 meses
This chelseas laugh is so fake... (not every time)
Ms. Angela
Ms. Angela Hace 2 meses
You can’t become a mogul if you’re doing stupid shit... like getting caught cheating in a hotel room 🤦‍♀️
5426 5426
5426 5426 Hace 2 meses
Didn’t he cheat on his 1st wife. With his 2nd wife ?????
thomas wieder
thomas wieder Hace 2 meses
I Digress, surely he ment regress?
Jonathan Moore
Jonathan Moore Hace 2 meses
Nickolas Dejero
Nickolas Dejero Hace 2 meses
"You're supposed to progress, you're not supposed to digress."-Kevin Hart I have no intention of being the grammar police, but I think he meant to say *regress* during that interview.
Nickolas Dejero
Nickolas Dejero Hace un mes
And I know, he said "digress" in the sense that you are not supposed to get distracted, but digressing is not a bad thing, it perhaps may be healthier. I only meant it worked better in that statement, since regression is always negative.
Wirawan Adnan
Wirawan Adnan Hace 2 meses
Chealsea is eiher she is being a good host , good listener or she’s really holding it in from wanting to shut him up for goin on and on..... she’s a good host either way
G.O.A.T All-rounder Collection
This man is "GOAT"
Danial Tabumi
Danial Tabumi Hace 3 meses
The Dog was nice to 😍😎
Danial Tabumi
Danial Tabumi Hace 3 meses
Kevin is smart man 😊
XxtreywolfXx 51
XxtreywolfXx 51 Hace 3 meses
Kevin Hart is truly a very funny, down to earth and loving person. I'm sure outside of him doin comedy he is a funny person at home with his family and friends. This is the one comedian I would love to meet. #NothingButLoveForKevinHart💜👏👏💜
Lamond Jay
Lamond Jay Hace 3 meses
What is it with woman and the "f word" so unattractive
Joe Davis
Joe Davis Hace 3 meses
He just reminds of the guy in high school that’s full of shit but believes himself so much that he’d past a lie detector test.
SNAKEEYES44 Hace 3 meses
This women is drunk all the time
Christofer Yonathan
Christofer Yonathan Hace 3 meses
"after everything you do, what now?." - kevin hart
Kevin Miranda
Kevin Miranda Hace 3 meses
Chelsea... I love you.
Dave Demers
Dave Demers Hace 3 meses
Its obvious that kev and chelsea have fucked before... jus sayin
Harold Edmunds
Harold Edmunds Hace 4 meses
Funny interview. The profanity should be edited out. It's unnecessary.
Jan Blacm
Jan Blacm Hace 4 meses
Ugly cunt
Ryder Kick!
Ryder Kick! Hace 4 meses
Damn! Chelsea is hot as hell. I hope 50 cent tore that ass up!
Alab Ng Puso
Alab Ng Puso Hace 4 meses
Dont cheat again buddy
Rene'e Rose
Rene'e Rose Hace 4 meses
I'm only watching this because of the amazing Kevin-Chelsea is obnoxious .Nasty
Gearz86 Hace 4 meses
Cheated on his new wife shortly after this lol
curtis morris
curtis morris Hace 4 meses
How this foul mouthed whore got a show/following is beyond me. (other than the obvious norm) the casting couch.
cia dummy mission Jason Bourne
Brought a dog out. Next lvl gimmicks, stop it
n1rwana Hace 4 meses
I love that dog omgm, what breed ?
Ced Hicks
Ced Hicks Hace 4 meses
She is so sexy 😍😙😙
Oly Bonita
Oly Bonita Hace 4 meses
She is annoying when she laughs ugh!!! Love Kevin he is hilarious
you6382tube Hace 4 meses
He talks a lot about himself. Trying to convince himself of something. Kinda blah. Where was the funny part?
Sancho Pansa
Sancho Pansa Hace 5 meses
He isn’t Fanny at all
Bilyana Hadzhieva
Bilyana Hadzhieva Hace 5 meses
probably the worst host I've ever seen
Paula West
Paula West Hace 5 meses
Love Kevin Hart !
Paula West
Paula West Hace 5 meses
When this fake ass Butch cried over killary losing I laughed my ass off !
Paula West
Paula West Hace 5 meses
Kevin don't talk to Chelsea ! Hate that bitch ! Do you ! Fuck the lbgqtv community !
Simon Huey
Simon Huey Hace 5 meses
Well kevin does owe some of his success to Chelsea... She had him on her old show on E! Wen he wast well known... Im pretty sure theirs a clip wete he thanks her
Bernie Duane
Bernie Duane Hace 5 meses
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