Kevin Hart: Not my dream to be LGBT ally

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CNN's Don Lemon says comedian Kevin Hart reached out to him following his emotional plea for Hart to become an ally of the LGBTQ community. #CNN #News

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8 ene 2019

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Phil Real
Phil Real Hace 3 días
People are so offended by everything nowadays. It’s ridiculous! Don’t apologize Kevin. Keep making your queer jokes!
Jerry Berry
Jerry Berry Hace 4 días
Who cares about the lgbtq community. Get a job and pay taxes.
Tristan Moose
Tristan Moose Hace 6 días
CNN boomers worst boomers
Cosmo Hace 6 días
Yeah, but you rape people so...
guess who
guess who Hace 8 días
Wish people would listen, when black people try to explain how hard it is to be a black person in Amerikkka.
Aida R
Aida R Hace 14 días
Lemon is a 🐷
SOULSafeProductionZ Hace 15 días
So, if a transgender woman ("transfer from male to female") gets a 23 & Me mtDNA test and they return it saying that only an actual woman can take that test and get an actual result, is it a mistake on the part of 23 & Me?
Ember Firestone
Ember Firestone Hace 16 días
Yo, I’m gay and I find Kevin hart funny as hell, even his gay jokes, what can you say now huh?
Paul Terrano
Paul Terrano Hace 18 días
Going through all these shitty comments, I get that, why Don emphasises talking about the acceptance of marginalised communities (LGBT), still in this day and age... Coz we still discriminate, bear prejudice and bad connotations about it and that costs innocent lives
biomutant242 Hace 21 un día
A May 2011 medical journal article found that felching (“sucking or eating semen out of someone's anus”) was a sought-after practice in one-sixth of men’s profiles in “one of the largest Internet websites specifically targeting MSM looking for partners for unprotected sex.”9
zash p
zash p Hace 22 días
There's only a male and female. Why are you inventing different genders. If you were born with a penis then you are a male, if you were born with a vagina then youre a female.. Why humans are confusing theirselves... It seems like animals are better than these confused humans. Coz animal knows their gender and who's there mate.. My goodness.
Willie Hampton
Willie Hampton Hace 23 días
I'm tired of people accusing other people of being homophobic simply because we have an opinion about a very untraditional lifestyle..😒
Bobby Dickenbags
Bobby Dickenbags Hace 24 días
I don’t give a shit if Kevin Hart apologizes or not, he’s a comedian. Focus on politicians and business. He can just remain neutral and not be an ally. Who cares
The Centurion
The Centurion Hace 24 días
Bryan Gonzales
Bryan Gonzales Hace un mes
Sodemites are disgusting and I'm not apologizing !!
Sandroinorge Hace un mes
Wow. CNN = stoooopiiid
PumpKing Duke
PumpKing Duke Hace un mes
In my opinion, the existence of the LGBTQ community should not be given awareness because it is like an info-hazard, the more people know about it, the worse its gonna get. Think about it like this, a shit-eating challenge comes out and people give it attention, its gonna spread. If you did not know it existed you would not even bother with it.
Graham Slingsby
Graham Slingsby Hace un mes
8:32 gay man says stupid thing
maxtheknife Hace un mes
Why do people want a homophobe to be an lgbt ally??? Next people will expect trump to be an ally to the black and latino communities. Its never going to happen.
zash p
zash p Hace un mes
Why all people should be agreed with LGBT? They should respect the rights of others who is not comfortable with LGBT act..
SlimeBall 4L •
SlimeBall 4L • Hace un mes
Damn Trump was right about CNN all along.
SlimeBall 4L •
SlimeBall 4L • Hace un mes
Imagine apologizing to the LGBT community
Alexie Canary
Alexie Canary Hace un mes
Clinton 2timez imagine apologizing to black people for Slavery
Thanos Hace un mes
if he doesnt want to be an ally . he has every right to do so . who tf are u to control what he wants to do
ovando carter
ovando carter Hace un mes
wow, this video just turned me conservative. so manipulative...
Spittin Fire
Spittin Fire Hace un mes
Don Lemon, stop forcing people to accept a homosexual lifestyle, if they do, they do. If they don't they don't. PERIOD
Frank Da Iel
Frank Da Iel Hace un mes
Lemon is so full of shit his breath stinks
Frank Da Iel
Frank Da Iel Hace un mes
You aren't a victim either Don no matter how much you try play one
Frank Da Iel
Frank Da Iel Hace un mes
I want to know how dumb lemon still has a platform to spew his stupidity and race baiting
dee douglas
dee douglas Hace un mes
i have a dream
8:51: You don't want to turn into bullies??? How about you NOT pen it as if many, MANY within the LGBTQ community haven't ALREADY become bullies???? Stop acting as if your brothers and sisters are so noble and only RUN THE RISK of becoming what they "fight against", instead, why don't you scold them for their hypocritical and heinous behavior IN THE SAME WAY YOU'RE TRYING TO SCOLD Mr. Hart???
7:50: WHEN DID KEVIN HART SAY HE WANTED TO BE ACCEPTED ON HIS OWN MERIT DON??? He never said this which means that you, Don Lemon, are LYING! You are deliberately MISREPRESENTING Kevin Hart for your own agenda! You're saying directly that he is not a victim, but then your words that follow paint him as exactly what you say he's not. Why does he HAVE to be an ally of the LGBTQ community? Maybe, he just apologized for his bad behaviour, but still does not agree with the LGBTQ lifestyles and therefore does not want to use his fame to further your agenda. Is that possible? You all don't want to be shamed for your views, but you all are QUICK to try and shame people for theirs! HOW IS THAT FAIR ?????
Can we get a movement started to stop the use of the INACCURATE TERM "homophobia"! 1. It's used too much 2. It is an inflammatory term 3. People are not afraid of homosexual people JUST BECAUSE THEY DISAGREE WITH THE LIFESTYLE!
3:29: Is it possible that the OTHER part of the reason they don't tell you [that they're gay] is because they actually don't think it's correct to live that way and they're struggling to get free from that lifestyle? These pointed ways you make statements should be applauded, I guess, because it shows how intelligent you are, but it equally shows how utterly manipulative you are as well.
I'm so very tired of the term homophobia! I disagree with your lifestyle so I'm fearful of you? That's pure crap!
Mike Rogers
Mike Rogers Hace un mes
comedy used to be protected...they joke about EVERYBODY including gays religion rich poor ect...my God ur a snowflake just like ur viewers..im gonna hold a moment of silence in honor of ur feelings
njharris1 Hace un mes
Don your a joke. Bitch shut the fuck up
john calangi
john calangi Hace un mes
If it's not his dream, it's not his dream. Why would it be his dream to support a community which does not represent his sexuality? Even if Kevin Hart was gay, it does not have to be his dream to support the community. This journalist is shameless and I really don't get his angle other than to fuel fire and increase viewings. Making news out of nothing.
Jesiah Young
Jesiah Young Hace un mes
LGBT community is wrong not to be racist black people willl nevvverrrr follow that movement Is better you legalize marijuana in America here this right straight is the name straight is the game fuck being lgbtq allyuha lgbtq shove that up allyuha asss no remarks saying that
G Mac
G Mac Hace 2 meses
Fuck everyone’s feelings. Keep your sexual preferences to yourselves. I don’t want my children being taught sex no what in school. Only reproduction. And guess what? You can’t reproduce sticking your cock in an ass that’s used to shit out waste.
phoebe nkole
phoebe nkole Hace 2 meses
LGBTQ community is sickening and Obama is to be blamed.They always play victims when they are not.
arnold cortez
arnold cortez Hace 2 meses
Don is so gay
AtlsOwnSouthSide Hace 2 meses
Why does he have to be “an ally” after saying he apologized already??? Let it go & whatever happened to SELF ESTEEM nowadays it seems like people suffer from us esteem
anthony hunt
anthony hunt Hace 2 meses
Pathetic how spoiled people act, you cant force someone to agree with your life choices, no matter what your always gonna find people who dont agree with you
New Dawn
New Dawn Hace 2 meses
What an idiot ! Lemon sucks !
GOD ? Hace 2 meses
Shut the fuck up.
Luke Green
Luke Green Hace 2 meses
Dud what your gay........but you have to....... address your own homophobia dud what What is so wrong with not supporting the LGBTQWXYandZ community I don’t support it as a Christian but yeah you should have your rights
sdhbfhkds Hace 2 meses
I don't like how the word "ally" is thrown around so frequently. Its almost becoming support us or face the consequences.
gabriella lopez
gabriella lopez Hace 2 meses
How do you make these crazy events news, have you nothing else to report. Gay mafia, that's what you are lemon, gay mafia. We straight people don't care who's sleeping with whom, we just don't want your propaganda pushed down our throat. You were given a platform to report the news, and this is what you talk about?
Comics Book Awesomeness
The gay mafia
Kellie R
Kellie R Hace 2 meses
2014 worst journalist of the year Don Lemon, you can't force someone to change their beliefs or support something they feel is not right. And just because someone believes homosexuality is wrong, doesn't mean they're a homophobe. You actually can not like what someone does, not agree with it or how they live their lives and still be courteous and respectful.
Blither box
Blither box Hace 2 meses
Stop enabling the lunatics.
giy147 Hace 2 meses
Today I mourn the victims of sexual depravity. What is it when the world tries to make Depravity... normal? Where's the LOVE? Is there no shame?
Al Anonimo
Al Anonimo Hace 2 meses
Being BLACK is not being 'marginalized'. It's being opposed, asshole! And black don't have the choice of not being 'out' about being black. White racists homosexuals were perfectly content to be slave masters and architects of Jim Crow laws. To this day, they continue to be 'proud' to be racist. White gays and lesbians call it expressing a 'prefetence' when they state and/or indicate that they do not want to spend time with non-whites (who just happen to be homosexuals).
Al Anonimo
Al Anonimo Hace 2 meses
Right, but why allow him to merely speak on behalf of white racist homosexuals? He should be forced to take on homosexual behavior. But no, he should then have to be proud of taking on behavior that he would be forced to take on....
paul castle
paul castle Hace 2 meses
Don Lemon , the worst black racist in the Fake News media !
Alfred Poe
Alfred Poe Hace 2 meses
this has gone to far men its time to switch sides liberals are crazy.
stillatit 50
stillatit 50 Hace 2 meses
All the crap going on in the world, and Don wants us to care about his gayness. Smh.
mark montgomery
mark montgomery Hace 2 meses
Blacks are not obligated to support homosexuals based on their homosexuality.
Adahm _Greggang
Adahm _Greggang Hace 2 meses
LGBT Some Haters
Obi Mc-anthony
Obi Mc-anthony Hace 2 meses
If some one should ask me as a straight man... if it were possible to choose the gender the of my kids before the become adults what would i choose ...it would be straight as well....not that i hate gay pple ...its just my choice ...but these days choices seem offensive
Tim Hace 2 meses
Don Lemon is such a tool. So big of him to acknowledge that Kevin Hart has the right to think whatever he likes.
koolboi26 aguirresaenz
The man just don't like the life style don,I believe he like gay people, but it is not who he is,that's who you are, get over it man,worry about your life style not his
A Bears Bear
A Bears Bear Hace 2 meses
He’s doing what everyone else is doing right now. Being nice until they no longer will.
Dr. Love
Dr. Love Hace 2 meses
Damn why is it a issue that some people dont give a fuck if youre gay or not or who supports you. Why does everyone has to support this gay agenda/movement.
Steven Watson
Steven Watson Hace 2 meses
Sorry you were so butt hurt by those who don’t agree with homosexuality butt it’s disgusting and a abomination to the lord it hurts well guess what what is gonna be your excuse when you come before God you know what we all sin why don’t you just own up that it’s against God’s laws you can do what you want butt when you think you have the right to tell me I have to call a man a woman or a woman a man or call a person some other term other than a woman or a man sorry you just crossed the exact same line you accuse me of you try to bully me to go against my beliefs of definition of a woman or man so if it hurts to bad grow up because if you think this is to much for your fragile mind to handle well boy are you in for a surprise when you go before God in fact why don’t you just tell that to the Muslims see how far that gets you because at least I would not try to kill you I only say this because you mortal soul is in danger ask God to help you overcome this lust for the flesh of the same sex it’s a choice always was always will be you have got to try to repent from the evils of life period you me and everybody else if you don’t accept Jesus Christ as your savior and try to repent from sins your ass is doomed to eternal damnation it’s just that simple and I’m not judging you I’m simply pointing out the hypocrisy and yes I’m a sinner to but I don’t blame others for my faults or push my sins onto others like you all are doing
Kenneth Tucker
Kenneth Tucker Hace 3 meses
A lot of people don't know this is deeper than Don lemon he just a puppet the lgbtq pull his strings got control over anything he says.the lgbtq is the gay mafia.
Ryk Son
Ryk Son Hace 3 meses
Always trying to force sensible people into accepting your sick lifestyles!!! And it is a mental illness . It is wrong and sinful !
J.Burroughs Hace 3 meses
I'm offended by your lack of remorse to god apologize to him not me
J.Burroughs Hace 3 meses
fuck your feelings it is not my job to right your sins nor Kevin's
Shaban Saba
Shaban Saba Hace 3 meses
Don Lemon is right...
Gemini Hace 3 meses
Hart made a mistake.. Grow up. He owned up to his mistake, yet wanna make a scapegoat out of the guy to push whatever agenda you have.
Gillian Todd
Gillian Todd Hace 3 meses
A public voice should be used to further peace, not wrongdoing. Beating kids for behaviors that may result from abuse is wrong. The church debacles show how pervasive abuse of our males has been
Kavy ase
Kavy ase Hace 3 meses
Please don't compare racism to homophobia! Nigga racism is fighting to be treated as a human being regardless of colour,homosexuals fight to practice a behavior they chose FOH
EastCoast King
EastCoast King Hace 3 meses
The Gay agenda is strong, we are truly in the last days. Seek Yah!
david mugo
david mugo Hace 3 meses
This is guy is so stupid, I can't believe this level of stupidity.
Yanky Wagshal
Yanky Wagshal Hace 3 meses
You're the most stupid guy in the planet faget.
just s0me0ne
just s0me0ne Hace 3 meses
just s0me0ne
just s0me0ne Hace 3 meses
Astro Rockets
Astro Rockets Hace 4 meses
People should not be compelled by the media to be a homosexual ally. In my view they are an enemy to the nuclear family and society. The lgbt are subversive to civilization and humanity.
Metro Pcs
Metro Pcs Hace 4 meses
Danial Tabumi
Danial Tabumi Hace 4 meses
You grow up in the wrong place Don Lemo
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