Kevin Hart: Not my dream to be LGBT ally

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CNN's Don Lemon says comedian Kevin Hart reached out to him following his emotional plea for Hart to become an ally of the LGBTQ community. #CNN #News

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7 ene 2019






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Saeed ALMuhairi
Saeed ALMuhairi Hace 6 días
Hey I hate gay people anf lgbtq i am sorry but i dont like them they are free to do what ever they want...Respect for kevin hart 👍
P.T.onfire Hace 7 días
Who cares .....geta life & leave your sex life at home(in the closet Donna)
Aimee Mattingly
Aimee Mattingly Hace 8 días
First of all, I am a member of the LGBTQ community, and I thought that last time Don was a complete narcissistic asshole about Kevin. That is a frequent thing for him anyway, but still. He was particularly obnoxious last time when he called Kevin out. There are people that are not comfortable, but that does NOT mean they hate us! Everybody that takes discomfort (but not hatred) to a personal offense level needs therapy. What do you care?? If it is a friend and it is awkward, then don't be friends with that person. If it is a public figure, don't watch them. And comedy should NEVER BE CENSORED. I LOVE all types of comedy and yes that includes the dark stuff too. People don't seem to understand that social media has ushered in this wave of so ready to be offended generation of absolute pussies. The more you get offended, the more the very people you are trying to foster awareness in get stubborn and dig in even further. It is human nature. You are undermining, social justice warrior style, the VERY thing you are trying to accomplish! Don was better and a bit more humble this time, so I guess that is an improvement. If you are easily offended, I have a vary simple solution for you. Stay the hell offline, stop with all the outrage culture nonsense, and just live your life. Good lord.
Ronniejames Hace 24 días
Look at Don Strollin for some Colon 🤣
One two
One two Hace 25 días
Hart...don't let these tools like Lemon pressure you into anything.
Mohd Khai
Mohd Khai Hace 28 días
Fucking hate LGBTQ community
Jorge Salas
Jorge Salas Hace 28 días
Joel Graxie
Joel Graxie Hace 29 días
These fruitcakes are getting out of hand
kenny smith
kenny smith Hace un mes
I never understood how the LBGT community attacked him during his chance to host a major awards show. Many years ago, things were DIFFERENT for them and the rest of us! To bring up something like that at that time in his extended career would MAKE me homophobic, too; even when I really wasn’t.
Gary Quarty
Gary Quarty Hace un mes
Does Kevin Hart know what happened at the bar in Sag Harbor? There's certainly some material there.
Gary Quarty
Gary Quarty Hace un mes
Some life styles are simply tolerated not embraced. I've never heard stink finger Don celebrate heterosexual activity. If you think three percent of the population is correct go for it.Don doesn't seem to be very happy does he?
Don Lemon can be such a fucking pussy
Mike Rogers
Mike Rogers Hace un mes
don lemonhead is a joke..u r not a victim stfu
M A Hace un mes
Fuck this reporter
Jisleiny Mateo
Jisleiny Mateo Hace un mes
And this is why I’ve never liked Don he trying to get Kevin into drama even though he knows that everyone loves Kevin 😭💀🤦🏽‍♀️Don needs to stop
Tfam Hace 2 meses
It's OK to not think homosexuality is normal and not want to support it. It's OK. I would not be rude to a homosexual but I won't support it or encourage it. Live your own life
Luger 9mm
Luger 9mm Hace 2 meses
Fuck you Don
The Queen Ruler The Queen Ruler
Freedom of speech you have a right to your opinion but when you make a statement stand by it when he apologized is where he went wrong I don't think he's funny or talented but the difference is I'm not going to apologise for saying it because I believe it's true
Ill Nyx
Ill Nyx Hace 3 meses
So what why is this guy putting this out without kevin being thereto defend Exactly what he said🤬🤬🤬🤬
Matthew Elliott
Matthew Elliott Hace 3 meses
Don Lemon should watch Dave Chapelles standup about the black french actor Juicy Smu-ye..😁
Matthew Elliott
Matthew Elliott Hace 3 meses
This gay udiot Don Kemon said he had a talk with Kevin Hart that he will keep private then he talks about it. LOL..Moron
Matthew Elliott
Matthew Elliott Hace 3 meses
As soon as comedians stop jokes about whites blacks asians etc they can stop the gay jokes. Therefore I am happy to report they will all continue. Yee haw
James Hallgring
James Hallgring Hace 3 meses
Homophobia on the loose in these remarks. Some disguised. Some not so much. It's just weird, because when I see or hear bigot shit, I just immediately discount that person. Suddenly, they don't matter, and I wouldn't defend them if they were in desperate need. So easy for people to step away from humanity.
creshawn2483 Hace 3 meses
So what u shouldnt be Gay. U fuckin GayBlade
ijji jiij
ijji jiij Hace 3 meses
Wtf is going on in the world 🌍 This is out of pocket
Jordan L
Jordan L Hace 3 meses
CNN is such a joke. I can't fathom how people can be so idiotic to listen to this channel.
Kevin Joseph
Kevin Joseph Hace 3 meses
I've never seen such a punchable face
Theron Wright
Theron Wright Hace 3 meses
This lgbtq agenda is bull. I don’t have to agree with it.
Beliarch Hace 4 meses
pray away the gay!!!!
Will p
Will p Hace 4 meses
Notice only teouble makers cnn made this as big as it became ..well the new netflix shows this and cnns 2 top goons flap there gums..i crack jokes all time to ppl i love .you cant force ppl to believe in something they wont. homosexuality is a person choice for ppl if they choose ..its there buisness not mine but subject kids to it and put on a parade dressed in god knows what we them have the choice to refuse to except it..wait till your lbgtq adds the big p for pedifilesas there wanting to do
EFD620G Hace 4 meses
Don (rump ranger) Lemon must realize that not everyone approves of his sexual preferences.
Mb Hace 4 meses
I think It is a very valid fear. For a man to be concerned that his son could be " gay " and Not create his own grandchildren .
Charles C
Charles C Hace 4 meses
Wow, I've never seen a ESvid video where the there's a 4- 5:1 disapproval ratio opposing the issue
declan walsh
declan walsh Hace 4 meses
Who the fuck is this guy
Sonnet Lyric
Sonnet Lyric Hace 4 meses
Tekka579 Hace 4 meses
Men have become weak, all this stupid apologizing for jokes that were told before they were born is insanity and this country is heading towards a dystopia ruled by sects.... Stop the crying....
J Hace 4 meses
Absolutely pathetic. Playing the victim. The guy I apologised and that's not enough because you want him to be forever punished for something he did long time ago. Basically you want to make him your puppet. Disgusting
David Cruz
David Cruz Hace 4 meses
Hey lenmon you should give the president the same benefit of the doubt The same way you give to kenvin hart
Carlos Heredia
Carlos Heredia Hace 4 meses
Dude your fucken stupid leave Kevin alone
Shane Watson
Shane Watson Hace 4 meses
Why is this even on the news?..
Natalee Robinson
Natalee Robinson Hace 5 meses
CNN is a piece of shit house. I never vote republican but 2020,I will. These ppl are forcing other to go against their beliefs. I have no respect for this man
Natalee Robinson
Natalee Robinson Hace 5 meses
Don’t apologize no more.. I’ve been hurt most my life.. I don’t hold it against, those who hurt me. This is crazy shit.
Carla C
Carla C Hace 5 meses
Not accepting the way of life of others does not mean that we are homophic. Only we do not agree there lifestyles it does not mean that we are going to stop talking to those people, we must love them all equally as Jesus Christ loves us. 1 Corinthians 6: 9-10 Do you not know that the unrighteous will not inherit the kingdom of God? Do not err; neither the fornicators, nor the idolaters, nor the adulterers, nor the effeminates, nor those who are thrown with men, nor the thieves, nor the misers, nor the drunkards, nor the cursed ones, nor the scammers, will inherit the kingdom of God. What can do to enter the kingdom of God is to repent. God bless everyone
Bryan Tucker
Bryan Tucker Hace 5 meses
See this is bullshit because everyone wants everyone to care about everyone’s feeling that’s what wrong with people that u only need to care u and ur family and that he is apologing what happened in 2009 man get the hell over it you mean not one person has ever said anything rasist or gay comment i don’t have nothing against anyone do you be you so many people care about someone else’s feelings if Kevin wasn’t as famous as he is all of this wouldn’t be nothing people try to tear people that are successful apart just because they aren’t just so sad they cry and complain and use that words (feelings) till they get there way so sad cry baby’s
Alegna Rolyart
Alegna Rolyart Hace 5 meses
Are people saying that Kevin has to be okay with his son being gay, or are they saying he just can't joke about it?
suhail hassan
suhail hassan Hace 5 meses
furthermore, if u gay then its your choice, Kevin isnt and he joked about it, is the LGBTQ not comfortable enough with their sexuality to appreciate jokes about it?
suhail hassan
suhail hassan Hace 5 meses
Kevin didnt need to apologize, i also wouldnt my son to be gay because im heterosexual and my family line has to continue
Abdikadir Abdiwahid
Abdikadir Abdiwahid Hace 5 meses
suhail hassan that’s very understandable but his commuting refuses to accept others opinions
RR Hace 5 meses
Fuck these gay people... they think they're always a fucking victim...
BE NICE Hace 5 meses
Keep raping woman 🍋
BE NICE Hace 5 meses
Don the 💩 tard lemon needs to be publicly beaten
ROrlando SP
ROrlando SP Hace 5 meses
No one has to be an ally to LBTQXYZPRD. I absolutely believe in gay rights but what's with this mob, including the media pushing an agenda.
Suvi Eskelinen
Suvi Eskelinen Hace 5 meses
I watch the documentary about the Hart. And I wanted to watch the videos about "the homophobic" issue and jeez.. I'm bisexual, not a perfect mom and sooo scared about raising my first baby. So the jokes that Kevin voiced about how he has insecurities or he is scared when he had small children.. Hey my dad is gentle homophobic that's how he was raised.. He can't love a guy, but as a daughter i love him and forgave him.. I hate that we gay can't raise up from the rasism but bully People with "the homophobic" word. So cruel.
Anthony Ponce
Anthony Ponce Hace 5 meses
He’s saying let him be accepted by allowing the man to say what he wants, period end of story just like the LGBQT community will say what it wants. Don lemon you always looking to twist shit around you simple minded tool
Jisleiny Mateo
Jisleiny Mateo Hace un mes
Exactly at least Kevin isn’t hating on Lqbtq he just doesn’t support it which honestly is fine he’s isn’t hurting anyone
Maxwell R.
Maxwell R. Hace 5 meses
Don Lemon stop being gay! (Mic drop)😎
Staedt88 Hace 5 meses
That is false that 52 LGBTQ people were killed because of hate crimes. Many of them were killed due to drugs and prostitution and had nothing to do with hate crimes
Staedt88 Hace 5 meses
So tired of CNN and Cooper and Lemon pushing their LGBT ideals on everyone. Always only showing one side of the story.
Niccey001 Hace 5 meses
You can't force your beliefs on people.
loso lee
loso lee Hace 5 meses
He should've never apologized for not being on board with the gay ish! Why do we have to agree with it?
mark montgomery
mark montgomery Hace 5 meses
Free Will Is A Myth
Free Will Is A Myth Hace 6 meses
You need to stop punishing people for not accepting an ideology they don't believe in. Think of the people throughout history who have punished those who did not accept their views on various topics.
Kimberly Sweetman
Kimberly Sweetman Hace 6 meses
No one else is interested in your bedroom crap. That is the point.
Dennis S
Dennis S Hace 6 meses
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Jerry Eden
Jerry Eden Hace 6 meses
LGBTQ is the tiny minority but the new makes you think its 50 percent of everyone is gay. They want to normalize it and have your children act and be gay. Get out of here.
Jay Blair
Jay Blair Hace 6 meses
Don is a crazy queen whining
Lee Rico
Lee Rico Hace 6 meses
Thumb down for CNN please
5keating Hace 6 meses
TMZ has more credibility than CNN.
Jason Haynes
Jason Haynes Hace 6 meses
Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is abomination. Leviticus 18:22 KJV bible.com/bible/1/lev.18.22.KJV
Gremy Saint
Gremy Saint Hace 6 meses
Thought youtube was gonna start deleting videos like this ?????
Stewart Joe
Stewart Joe Hace 6 meses
Nobody cares if you are a Peter Puffer keep your s*** to yourself
Art Gozzip Nation
Art Gozzip Nation Hace 7 meses
That’s why mike Tyson called u a lil punk don faggot lemon thank u next
chima chibi
chima chibi Hace 7 meses
Gay men used to have a sense of humour about themselves but now they’re some of the most humourless and deluded people.
Iron Foxy
Iron Foxy Hace 7 meses
Don, you're one of the few folk that can make me wretch just listening to you
Hm'd Hace 7 meses
CNN need to come up with real news, not gays bs
P.A.L TV Hace 7 meses
Don you bully. You are the exact reason why many people see the left and LGBT+ community as violent and aggressive.
Alden Buyer
Alden Buyer Hace 7 meses
4:50 Don, when will you apologize for being a homophobic, transphobic bigot? You mentioned it but you offered no apology!
Alden Buyer
Alden Buyer Hace 7 meses
How can there be homophobia in the black community? Black people don't have systemic power therefore they can't be bigoted.
King Kennedy Thomas phiri
You alphabet people cant take a joke
Sohail Ashraf
Sohail Ashraf Hace 7 meses
What the fuk has happened to all the alpha males....people get offended over everything nowadays.
Trae Z
Trae Z Hace 7 meses
"A joke can be a joke and sometimes it can be dangerous and hurtful" Yet who decides that?? As of recent it's the alpahabets who've self appointed themselves as judge and jurors
gina Mo
gina Mo Hace 7 meses
We need to leave Kevin Hart alone... he’s a comedian.. get over that...
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