Kevin Hart: Not my dream to be LGBT ally

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CNN's Don Lemon says comedian Kevin Hart reached out to him following his emotional plea for Hart to become an ally of the LGBTQ community. #CNN #News

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8 ene 2019






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Jake K
Jake K Hace 2 días
the day CNN disappears will be a good day!
Tom Collins
Tom Collins Hace 3 días
If I was Kevin Hart, I would have not apologize in the first place. He's only apologizing to save face and preserve a brand he's worked YEARS to build in a era that's seems to enjoy tarnishing the legacies of black SELF OWNED/MADE celebrities. 🖕🖕🖕Don Lemon fruity ass
A Naam
A Naam Hace 5 días
Glad to learn that Kevin's not homophobic, that means he's right. Right, I'm not homophobic, but I still can make unEllenly (my heroine) remarks.
Metal Head
Metal Head Hace 6 días
This guy is a joke. Especially when he stands for Smollett and now Smollett get exposed and you look like fool .
Karol Wawzw
Karol Wawzw Hace 7 días
these people from CNN really believe what the saying, is just mad. Few billionaires using CNN caarierists to promote society without culture and tradition, just to have more money. Don’t pologize Kevin.
Minx Hace 9 días
Im sick of this media and community!
Minx Hace 9 días
Ban this fucking cucked media
SuperStar K
SuperStar K Hace 10 días
sensitive ass gay people lol LGBT Community: "Kevin be our savior!" Kevin Hart: "Oh Hell Nah"
Kurtis Graham
Kurtis Graham Hace 11 días
Don Lemon is an LGBTQ fake journalist... ps, CNN is also gay
Chelsea York
Chelsea York Hace 14 días
The LGBTQ, BLM, Antifa their all Domestic Terrorist groups an should be treated as Foreign Terrorists because A Terrorist is a Terrorist an they shouldn’t be here
Chelsea York
Chelsea York Hace 14 días
Phobic aka phobia means fear NO ONE IS AFRAID we just don’t like you an ppl can make a joke if you don’t like there’s the door don’t let it hit you on the ass on the way out an please don’t fuck the door either 😂
DAO DUONG Hace 17 días
Lemon is a retard
Mexicasian Hace 17 días
The loud part of the annoying LGBT community makes the rest of us chill bitches look stupid
moonlight infinite
moonlight infinite Hace 19 días
I guess they call him don lemon, because he is sour as fuck
Didacus Masanja
Didacus Masanja Hace 23 días
Don Lemon you fucked up bro wtf is wrong with you you fucking baby get over it
305Aventura Hace 23 días
DL: Become an LGBTQ ally! KH: No means NO!
da azian boi
da azian boi Hace 23 días
snowflakes.end of story
Augusto Sosa Escalada
Augusto Sosa Escalada Hace 24 días
If he's not a victim then you're not one either. Change my mind.
Augusto Sosa Escalada
Augusto Sosa Escalada Hace 24 días
He says that its not his dream to be an ally because you have him an ultimatum essentially. Say that you're sorry again and say that you'll be an ally and be one Or This video will make you look like a homophobe Which is rather defamatory I think. And you should know what pride is by now Don. If someone was trying to force your hand into doing something you don't agree with, would you do it? If the answer is yes then ok. That's gay. That was a non offensive joke. But if you say no Then you are doing what Kevin did, asserting that he did apologize, that he is better now and that he is an ally already, whether you say so or not. Because he knows that he's done what he can and he knows that if you want to take it badly then that's on you. So nothing is in his hands anymore. If you think Kevin is a homophobe then it's your loss. If you don't think Kevin is a homophobe then good. If you say you never thought that Kevin was a homophobe then you are saying that you did this for the controversy, for the drama and for the attention. Which not surprise me. I am on CNNYT afterall.
Augusto Sosa Escalada
Augusto Sosa Escalada Hace 24 días
"I'm not coming for Kevin" After posting an essentially defamatory video of Kevin Hart You are a liar and a snake Don. You only say you're not coming for him after you try to force his hand to do what you want him to do. You're disgraceful.
TSM_Mc 97
TSM_Mc 97 Hace 25 días
Fuck CNN. There jokes
Peachy Plum
Peachy Plum Hace 25 días
When life gives you lemon, throw it in the trash please.
SNAKEEYES44 Hace 26 días
Who Don think he is God? He should apologized to Kevin and hey fire from CNN for the damage he has cause to Kevin
Del Garner
Del Garner Hace 29 días
I'll never forget his opening statement on Kanye West's visit to the White House to discuss prison Reform with long time Black Community Leader Jim Brown,. Kanye, Kanye, Kanye, then went on to Bash Kanye, saying he's off his meds and laughing at someone on the panel who said, " this is what happens when a _______ Don't read , or can't read , something of that derogatory tone!
Nino Brown
Nino Brown Hace un mes
Stop telling people how to think or what to speak.
literally who?
literally who? Hace un mes
Get off your high horse Don. Look at the dislikes. Don't expect validation from everyone. You are not special because how you were born. This is the very face of privilege. Time to start thinking with less feeling and more rational thought.
literally who?
literally who? Hace un mes
And speaking of dislikes they turned off the dislikes. Pretty dishonest. I wonder where the dislikes would be at now.
Ian Penny
Ian Penny Hace un mes
I really don’t understand how not wanting your kid to be gay is homophobic. I don’t HATE gay people, if my son was gay I would still love him the same way. If I could prevent him from being gay I would. You just have to understand that. Honestly the worst journalist.
Matias Sanchez
Matias Sanchez Hace un mes
TRUMP 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Matias Sanchez
Matias Sanchez Hace un mes
CNN sucks 😱😳
Matias Sanchez
Matias Sanchez Hace un mes
Lemon..cry baby 😢😭😢
JB Hace un mes
Don Lemon is upset because Kevin Hart will not be marching or the Host of the gay pride parades. Give me a break. First he says that Kevin has a right not to be an ally, but then he gets upset at him because he won’t be an ally. Get a life Don Lemon. No one hates gays we just don’t agree with the lifestyle and why do people have to apologize for that. Kevin Hart is right not to come on the show. For what so you can talk to him like a child, a little boy, because he don’t want to be pro gay. You want him to come for ratings to keep the mess going. Kevin ain’t dumb.
Ant T
Ant T Hace un mes
I could care less about the LGBTQ community. They are the enemies of Black men and we don't owe them anything, especially a damn apology. F%ck the MEtoo movement and F%ck being "ostracized" by a community that thinks that they can equate their struggle of choice with the struggle of those that have to deal with issues based on the skin tone in which they were born with. Kevin Hart doesn't owe you Homos/Trannys a damn thing. Just because you're a man that chooses to enjoy a d!ck in your a$$, doesn't mean anyone owes you an apology.
Unnur Sturlaugsdóttir
This is not anykind of journalism or anything but what this man opinion is and what he feels. Not news and not anything he should do and I really do not see why he thinks he is any authority regarding what is Kevins Hart role in anything if Kevins Harts life. WTF.
Andrew Jude St-Fleur
Kudos Kevin! Don't let them bully you brother!
cbx25 Hace un mes
Are we living in a Fucking video game?
Porter Rankins Rankins
Family guy makes plenty of gay jokes, but you don't here anyone complaining about them.
Sp1r1t00 Hace un mes
CNN is garbage.
Innocent Goitseone
Innocent Goitseone Hace un mes
Kevin hart. Smart man. Fuck homosexuals. This is a world for heterosexual people. Fucking useless minority
Kenneth Tucker
Kenneth Tucker Hace un mes
Kevin Hart is not guilty of anything. Only thing that he should've never apologize for what he said we got a bunch of sensitive punks running around doing disgusting shit with each other.amergay is going to hell in a handbasket soaked in gasoline.!
It’s me Who cares
Listening to you guys is a disgrace > just listen to your self jackass! And that’s why#CNNREALYSUCKS
Sheryl Powell
Sheryl Powell Hace un mes
Don IS a bully, hypercritical, manipulative and has double standards beyond belief!
Carlos Cuervo
Carlos Cuervo Hace un mes
Can you ever address thing quick and fast instead of extending such shitty topics like this endlessly, nobody gives a freaking dime about what you do with your black ass, IDIOT.
Bobo Comedy
Bobo Comedy Hace un mes
Roast everybody
Suman Kumar
Suman Kumar Hace un mes
CNN sucks and Lemon is sucker. Go fuck yourself sucker. And who fear gays?? If you can't take joke then its you who fear. Again let me tell this to lemon ..go fuck yourself
Michele S.
Michele S. Hace un mes
This is embarrassing. What straight person wants to waste time touring speaking for gay people?
Jorge Barrera
Jorge Barrera Hace un mes
Don get a life. You are talking about something that happen years ago. Where were you when other people make fun of gay people. Grow a pair and get out of your “safe space”
David Jones
David Jones Hace un mes
Don, Y R U still attempting to persuade people to like or accept you? Are you aware when a person spends this much energy trying to win the love & admiration of others, the obvious truth is, that person does not like or love oneself for it seeks approval of others
Huhu Haha
Huhu Haha Hace un mes
Word homophobic shouldn’t exist. Becoz It doesn’t reflect fear at all. It just a word created to label a group of people and make it wrong. Its like giving ur hated friend a bad nickname so u can troll them.
thefullmonte2003 Hace un mes
Omg, the left is killing everything funny, great and fun. Im sick of you people taking everything personal and to the extreme.
Bechi Bu
Bechi Bu Hace un mes
Yeah, leave him, he hurts the forcing and apologizing to gays
kris stew
kris stew Hace un mes
They were probably killed because you made them kill them selves with this shit
Andrew Burick
Andrew Burick Hace un mes
This guy is telling me people need to be ok with this. No not at all. We have are rights to not have to speak on stuff we dont agree with.
Avry Mason
Avry Mason Hace un mes
How could you possibly subscribe too CNN
Johnny Falcon
Johnny Falcon Hace un mes
F#@k the LGBT!!!! queer!!! 😂😂😂😂
rugdg13 Hace un mes
I don't think its fair to shame him into joining the fight. Comedian Aaron burr here can stand on the sidelines if he wants. As long as he isn't actively hurting others. Or advocating hate why should we care what his personal beliefs are? Not everyone hears the calling to fight for a cause. Hart doesn't hear the calling. That's OK. He apologized for his part.
HiByebtwn Hace un mes
This is like a vlog on ESvid. How is this on a national News Network? Fox News does the same thing.
TLamax Hace un mes
Well, let's see how Don feels about Liam Neeson's comment.
W. Kamara Njoku
W. Kamara Njoku Hace un mes
Kevin is like: miss me with the gay knight shit...
Kevin Wright
Kevin Wright Hace un mes
Dick in SHIT ?
Kevin Wright
Kevin Wright Hace un mes
Angellou Harvard
Angellou Harvard Hace un mes
The problem is that the Lgbt community want for everyone to covert to gays which is weird. If you don't accept to be gays like them, they call you homophobic.
El Gato Bori Truck
El Gato Bori Truck Hace un mes
Kevin fuck this shit keep you head up !! You don’t need to apologize to no body that was a simple joke here my apology.....🖕🏼
Walter Crumbkite
Walter Crumbkite Hace un mes
Don is a bitch.
Prince Harry
Prince Harry Hace un mes
Why should we tolerate gays like him if they can't tolerate others?
Randy Fiedler
Randy Fiedler Hace un mes
Blow back? how about just plane dumb.
Randy Fiedler
Randy Fiedler Hace un mes
I like Mr. hart but this is not news. You are being nieave (Can't spell it) A grown man seldom changes. Hart feels as he all ways has he realises he has to say i'm sorry if he wants to keep making money PERIOD . What I want to know is why you think Kamala Harris is not Black enough to be a leader of this nation?
Randy Fiedler
Randy Fiedler Hace un mes
Mr. Lemon. Why did you say that Kamala Harris is not BLACK ENOUGH?
H.Y.D. Gugo
H.Y.D. Gugo Hace un mes
Hogheads for breakfast
Why is it that people who bark so loudly about their RIGHT to be gay are opposed to people's RIGHT to not agree or support that lifestyle? Like they can choose to live a nontraditional life but people who do live traditional life have no choice but to embrace their choices.... that's hypocritical.
Hogheads for breakfast
After Lemon has his operation he will be known as Donna Le'mon.
Out of The Heart, The Mouth Speaks, Int'l
He's demanding a black to do something about violence against LBGTQXYZ community when Jessie Smollett was attacked by two white men 2days ago. You hunting for the wrong community validation Don. The black community has protected the gay community for years. Where do you think they were able to live safely for generations before the lifestyle protected by changing laws? The black community has receipts Don, don't make up prove it.
nhoj drofnas
nhoj drofnas Hace un mes
F@ck that DON'T NEVER SAY SORRY 4 GAY JOKE'S OR any joke Fuck being funny then
dpastamusic96 Hace un mes
Not agreeing with the lgbt community is my right but, it's also those people's right to be who they want to be. killing or abusing of the lgbt community members is wrong let them live their life and the lgbt shouldn't force to agree with what they believe.
PugsNotDrugs4 Hace un mes
Is this guy gay? Is that why he is so triggered? Legit question btw.
Dee Rocker
Dee Rocker Hace un mes
Nope!!!! Not his dream.
Jamar Walter
Jamar Walter Hace un mes
Yo chill Don that's not him you cant force him
con west
con west Hace un mes
No one one cares u suck penis Don.....move tf on... parents have the fucking right to say they don't want gay kids... FOH America has become to soft....waisting air time on wht ppl can and can't say in a society with free speech...hey Don thts GAY🖕🏿
Marc Duverne
Marc Duverne Hace un mes
Y'all love to destroy a black man don't you nigga let that shit go
Joseph Hsu
Joseph Hsu Hace un mes
Proof nobody likes CNN. This has 22 thousand dislikes
mike groh
mike groh Hace un mes
So the left expects us to accept the gays n transgendered but they won’t accept that some people just aren’t Kool with it? Yea fuck that
Leonard Ayers
Leonard Ayers Hace un mes
For people who proud and happy to be Gay , Ya'll sure need a lot of moral support. You talk shit about me 24/7 about enjoying women, I would need encouragement and parades and what not .. Its not that big of an issue. I think that gay people deep down feel bad about what they are doing and In that is why the need the public and publicly for compassion. Your sexual preference should be private anyway. You want society to pat you on the back for taking man meet. or in women cases liking "hot pockets"...That's like me wanting a banquet or function for me going vegan. WtF its your choice and if you see that that's how you want to live your life that's your choice. It requires pity from no one..You don't deserve entitlements for decisions of preference. Last point I recalled being made fun of and teased by my cousins growing up when they saw me talking to a girl or being friends with a girl. "To this day" I'm still chasing these girl like Chris Brown on the "Grass Ain't Greener" Video. I accepted or ignored the teasing from my cousins and grew up. I didn't need and intervention or a hug or pat on the back. I just grew up.
Sigma Sev
Sigma Sev Hace un mes
I feel bad for Kev. Don Lemon and the Gay Mafia have taken the Oscars away from him, which was his life's dream and now it looks like they want to install a new system by making Kev an LGBTQ ally. But that's not his dream.... will it happen? Tune in and find out later on WTF News !
Kevin Halsey
Kevin Halsey Hace un mes
Diversity = agreeing with Don Lemon
OceanUndertow Hace un mes
Don Lemonhead is mad because Kevin won't pucker up
leroy jenkins
leroy jenkins Hace un mes
A wise man once said "You can take a dick but not a joke"......
Tyler Frosst
Tyler Frosst Hace un mes
No wonder their ratings have plummeted & still plummeting. Leave Kevin Hart alone!!🤨 He WILL NOT be bullied!!🤨 #FakeNewsNetwork #MAGA
Mike Jones
Mike Jones Hace un mes
What does it matter to pickle puffer Lemon if Kevin Hart accepts his deviant lifestyle choice??? Why does he owe u anything?
Mathew Mathew
Mathew Mathew Hace un mes
Don is the biggest pussy ever ! Fake news
Don Jazzy
Don Jazzy Hace un mes
Unfortunately not taking a very strong stance against deviants is the reason we are where we are.
Don Jazzy
Don Jazzy Hace un mes
These social terrorists!
bubbiesdad Hace un mes
Did Jimmy KImmel ever apologize? He had homophobic and racist comments.
Will Souther
Will Souther Hace un mes
Seriously??!,, A ten minute discourse from Queer Don, on why we are all supposed to treat him and his peers like “The Preferred Class” in America today. What news director is allowing this bozo to sit there and run his little workshop on educating America on how to treat gay people? CNN is a joke.
daisi abidemi
daisi abidemi Hace un mes
Dis guy is such an idiot, wit CNN giving so much air time on suxh bullshit talk
S 88
S 88 Hace un mes
Get over it you sensitive bitches damn. Wtf
Justin Browne
Justin Browne Hace un mes
Don Lemon just makes me puke
R Hace un mes
cnn has a black new caster that acts white
R Hace un mes
leave kevin alone he never said that to someone just in just to friends
R Hace un mes
cnn is lying to everyone all of them support hillary
R Hace un mes
cnn doesnt support poor people or blue collars
R Hace un mes
cnn is fake news and bullies there the rich kids in school that were snobs and bullies
R Hace un mes
cnn are the rich snobs in school that find anything to bully you on
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