Kevin Hart's Superstitions During Eagles Games

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'The Upside' star Kevin Hart tried out a new superstition during the game-deciding field goal of the Eagles-Bears playoff game.
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10 ene 2019

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Comentarios 545
Edouard Donod
Edouard Donod Hace un hora
Why the F American viewers can't watch foreign movies with subtitles, and need to see dem in a built up version costing millions of dollars ? I mean, Les frères Lumières invented the cinématographe and Edison was just a kinda copycat... Where does all this superficial pride come from ? French people DO despise Hollywood movies as much as Americans despise French ones !
Jace Cavacini
Jace Cavacini Hace un día
Superstitions aren’t negativity?
Jackie Bowers
Jackie Bowers Hace 2 días
You were GREAT in this movie. Love The Eagles also. Fly Eagles Fly!!!
Joe Samson
Joe Samson Hace 2 días
Sounds awesome! Will definitely watch the movie.
Zone07 Hace 2 días
I guess he saw the end of the game! Thanks Kevin!
Jennifer Innamorato
Jennifer Innamorato Hace 3 días
Venom Hace 3 días
5:50 Eagles
nidhal boulifa
nidhal boulifa Hace 3 días
isn't this the plot of '' les intouchables'' ?
Hani Nusrat
Hani Nusrat Hace 3 días
Kevin hart is awesome 🤣🤣
Negative +Negative =Negative, so y should we spend more time thinking on the Negative things yet the end result is Negative all in all we should be " positive" all the time time and that's me as well. Thank you.
Theophilus Darko
Theophilus Darko Hace 4 días
Best funny show is Norton Graham show
Ryan Miller
Ryan Miller Hace 4 días
He should buy a piece of the Eagles just to get on that stage.
Moni Pampeloni
Moni Pampeloni Hace 4 días
That looks so bad compared to the original
ewignichjesehn Hace 4 días
no bs with kevin hart.. oh well.. copied a movie.
Tyttis MgNittis
Tyttis MgNittis Hace 4 días
This is such a good video, Kevin Hart, thank you **hats off for you**
J Jo
J Jo Hace 4 días
Wasn't this a great French movie 3 years ago?
Ouma Hace 5 días
I feel sorry for the oscars
Lulu Rodriguez
Lulu Rodriguez Hace 5 días
His new movie kinda reminds me of the movie You before me
roskovite Hace 5 días
Another example of Hollywood steeling French movies stories (the list is so long...). So disappointing Kevin.
Chris Connolly
Chris Connolly Hace 5 días
f###ing eagles
Lebron Games
Lebron Games Hace 5 días
Well they lost 😂😂😂😂🤦🏽‍♂️
Christian Añasco
Christian Añasco Hace 5 días
so he had the tv on when they dropped the ball md they lost to the saints
idiot U
idiot U Hace 5 días
astheskylarksings Hace 6 días
This dude doesn’t even think he’s funny anymore... they broke him
Zayn Hace 6 días
Johnathan Sanford
Johnathan Sanford Hace 6 días
It's a rip off the great French film that was made years ago now. Next movie..
JayyL Hace 6 días
“When He Said That’s Stupid”😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
prince_of_golf prince_of_golf
That brian Cranston/Colbert impression was funny 😂😂😂
Musical Heart
Musical Heart Hace 6 días
He speaks so well. Very attractive trait.
kyle Dubbyah
kyle Dubbyah Hace 6 días
none of these hosts are half as funny as conan.....sick of it
tahj malone
tahj malone Hace 3 días
kyle Dubbyah then go somewhere else bruddah nobody’s making you watch anything but yourself
Talia Voider
Talia Voider Hace 6 días
Who is his stylist? This outfit is everything. I want my man to wear it.
TripO S
TripO S Hace 6 días
I'm a big Barcelona fan, but most of the times I watch the game, they loose, so I watch after the game. Lol.. I'm too superstitious
Queen Nandi Jeke
Queen Nandi Jeke Hace 7 días
Kevin just changed the game by deciding not to go back groveling to the Oscars.... A black man saying No thank you to Hosting 😂😂😂 They didn't expect it
VanDaysha Taylor
VanDaysha Taylor Hace 7 días
I like you a lot Mr. Colbert but he has not apologized to dark skin black women or to the LGBTQ community. He’s been known to be a colorist. He likes to tap dance and is embarrassing. He is not coming to the 2019 cookout. Sorry 😐
theGoProOgre Hace 7 días
I could sense tension between colbert and kevin hart... i think colbert disagrees with him not doing the oscars.. because he has never been offered.
Mariama Toure
Mariama Toure Hace 7 días
There is no positivity that’s coming off of negativity ... Ttue but Except in math
KrisHoppz88 Hace 7 días
Cobert is being SO DISRESPECTFUL in this I'm surprised
yahia_90 Hace 7 días
They want to take him down
Tony Santos
Tony Santos Hace 7 días
if anything, those sjw''s just made an extra 50 milions for the new movie upside. its got them so much media attention, the timing may be a little too much of a coincidence
Tito Grillo
Tito Grillo Hace 7 días
Intouchables is so good! Was a silly american version necessary? Is that just because americans are too lazy to read subtitles?
Alex Shine
Alex Shine Hace 7 días
Watch the original movie!
jan morgan
jan morgan Hace 7 días
Once we learn about each other we see love and truth and we have a different appreciation for each other
surgedeb Hace 7 días
Go Saints!! Sorry not sorry Kev
The Wondertwins
The Wondertwins Hace 7 días
We can appreciate its not the original, people from over seas. Speaking the language is different however. French isnt even in the top 10 for most spoken languages of the world. Therefore since English is the 3rd thats the reason for the remake. To get its msg to a wider audience. People like myself whom have never even left our country or been on a plane even wouldnt know it was a french film if this one wasnt made. Therefore they actually draw attention to the original in and of itself by just remaking it. To understand this however you cant really judge people as a whole or expect all people from one place to be responsible for the decisions of a room full of people. Why dont other nationalities realize this is my question?🤔
KAST96 Hace 7 días
Why is no one mentioning the French original of the movie?
Andre Villalba
Andre Villalba Hace 7 días
He really likes his own voice xD
Phresh Ideas + Designs
That security check last year was hilarious!
AB. Digital
AB. Digital Hace 8 días
Copy of a French movie.
Winifred M. Byrd
Winifred M. Byrd Hace 8 días
Kevin I do the same thing.
Kasey Hace 8 días
Kevin is so articulate and talented. And he’s genuine. Love him!
Jacob Reeze
Jacob Reeze Hace 8 días
love kevin, but dude its 2019, you cant be doing these boilerplate feel goods of the week. literally this movie has been done already. i'd love to see kevin in a more nuanced, interesting drama-comedy project. you have two of the most respected dramatic actors in the business (Cranston and Nicole) and this is what you go for?
ZimeleBrowngti Hace 8 días
The Saints are winning this game
Israel Rdz
Israel Rdz Hace 8 días
I thinking they were hoping no would know about or remember the original (the intouchables), and it is annoying how they don't even mention its a remake.
Erin Schrader
Erin Schrader Hace 8 días
So what, there’s a million remakes of so many movies! Hart & Cranston have great chemistry!
Randy Martinez
Randy Martinez Hace 8 días
There is a movie in french thats the same movie.
Noelia Jaime
Noelia Jaime Hace 8 días
The original is a french gem.Trust the U.S to fuck it up as usual.No offense to Kevin or Bryan, but...why???
pat Andy32
pat Andy32 Hace 8 días
love you Kevin!!!
Stephen Bove
Stephen Bove Hace 8 días
Thank God he didn’t fall for the abomination the lgbtq community guilt and their vicious devouring tactics to force others to respect their sin .
Mac Yah
Mac Yah Hace 8 días
He gave the whole movie. Chill KH! Lol
BNJT Hace 8 días
Kinda awkward that the movie was universally panned
Cliff Njoroge
Cliff Njoroge Hace 8 días
Where is the 50 cent interview...
allyiah simon
allyiah simon Hace 8 días
I just love his confidence. Kevin heart is untouchable.
Leonard Bank
Leonard Bank Hace 8 días
Kevin Hart is such a capturing guy, i love this man.
Harriet Thomas
Harriet Thomas Hace 8 días
Kevin's afraid of Snakes ;)
Dane Byrd
Dane Byrd Hace 8 días
It’s weird how he can be in such an insightful movie that is all about seeing the other side’s perspective yet he has been so stubborn and won’t say that what he said back then was messed up
Arianna R
Arianna R Hace 8 días
Why did you host Kevin Hart on your show??? I normally really like you but after what he said that is unacceptable
Jai Hudson
Jai Hudson Hace 8 días
Hashtag Let Hart on Stage!
Jai Hudson
Jai Hudson Hace 8 días
They going to hate first on Kevin for being a bit more serious than they will love him
bananenbrot Hace 8 días
It´s so weird that they just rip off a french master piece and then he doesn´t even really mention the original. wow. Feel bad for my neighbours, coming from a german. I already know that the american rip off will be blow bigly. Only french are able to make movies with this class and feeling.
Phil Obresil
Phil Obresil Hace 8 días
Intouchables was a masterpiece u just cant make a better version.
Karen Gummer
Karen Gummer Hace 8 días
Wow. I needed to hear this. Who knew Kevin Hart would deliver this powerful message. I am going through a rough patch, trying to stay positive, and this reminds me, there is no try, only do.
Natalie Hebin
Natalie Hebin Hace 8 días
It makes me crazy that Kevin Hart dismisses his actions because, in his words, “I think we love to make big deals out of things that aren’t necessarily big deals". Contributing to a culture that is hostile toward gay people is a big deal. It's equivalent to making jokes about how women should stay in the kitchen, or racist jokes against black people. Kevin, the reason your apologies aren't good enough is because they're given for the wrong reasons. You said the reason you wouldn't make these jokes again is because people are "too sensitive" and it doesn't reflect well on your career. The reason should have been that your tweets incite hate and promote violence against gay youth. This is the kind of thinking that allowed Matthew Shepard to be tortured and killed in '98, so yes, words matter. Disappointed that Stephen Colbert even had him on.
D Town
D Town Hace 8 días
KH seems like a nice bloke what's the big deal over there
Noluthando Gosa
Noluthando Gosa Hace 8 días
I’m growing fond of Kevin Hart I must say. He’s smart
Phyllisha Hart
Phyllisha Hart Hace 8 días
Lol “that’s stupid”
Rosebud Kayne
Rosebud Kayne Hace 8 días
It’s a remake of a really good French film! Why redo a film that’s already great? So soon in fact. I’m not impressed.
Inês Machado
Inês Machado Hace 8 días
No mention to the original french movie??
MrRosiesfavorites Hace 8 días
first joke i heard by kevin was him getting out of a trunk to pick up some girls .it was a short man joke .lmao .liked him ever since
Daniel De Nadai
Daniel De Nadai Hace 8 días
Dude, "lovely and talented" are good but mix it up sometimes. You really have "the best words", use them.
Light Lite
Light Lite Hace 8 días
tbh i think that Kevin is biting more than he could chew atm. alll celebrities come to this point at least once in lifetime. some more some less.
ibi ibrahim
ibi ibrahim Hace 8 días
As long as Kevin is in the movie I don't care about remake 😒😠😪😒✌👀👆💞🙌😹💦😒😠😪😒✌😒😠😪😒✌😒😠😪😒✌😒😠😪😒✌😒😠😪😒✌
Jash R
Jash R Hace 8 días
The city does want Kevin Hart on that super bowl stage. This is facts
TruthSeeker Hace 8 días
The white-man hate is even gushing out of Colbert. I wouldn't of guessed him too!
Ala Farah
Ala Farah Hace 8 días
Kevin is hilarious and so so so entertaining .... not sure why Stephen is being so critical / cynical ....
Levi Schaffer
Levi Schaffer Hace 8 días
Love kevin harts personality. Wish i had his money id be wicked happy too
Tosh T
Tosh T Hace 8 días
@7:32 Kevin tells security to not "put a hand on his chest this year." Dude. Trying to change the narrative isn't a good look. Saying he was drunk off his ass and should not have tried to get on stage was not only truthful but hilarious. He said it many times last year in interviews. It was great. I love Hart but he has a prob admitting when he's at fault.
SuperKing604 Hace 8 días
I love Kevin Hart he’s hilarious ignore the haters the online outrage cycle only lasts a little while, the mob will move on to the next wiping boy
daniel Angel
daniel Angel Hace 8 días
i knew it, omar sy is better than kevin hart.
donna taylor
donna taylor Hace 8 días
I Love Kevin Hart! Could watch & listen to him for hrs....
Aaron Mijail Herrera Castro
*"Epic Voice Narrator": The Upside, from the producers of THIS AND THAT, starring Bryan Cranston and Kevin Hart, with Nicole Kidman based on the incredible and truly lovable French movie that was based in a real history*
Carl Creighton
Carl Creighton Hace 8 días
Carl Creighton
Carl Creighton Hace 8 días
you made your son gay not me go Eagles
Carl Creighton
Carl Creighton Hace 8 días
Is your gay son still an Eagles fan?
Carl Creighton
Carl Creighton Hace 8 días
how old is your gay son now?
Carl Creighton
Carl Creighton Hace 8 días
if I ever see Kevin Hart in person I'm going to say hey how is your gay son doing?
Carl Creighton
Carl Creighton Hace 8 días
like I'm sure this is negativity on my part but I will always think about Kevin Hart's gay son now when I see Kevin Hart but also fuck him for making his gay son a joke really amiright if he doesn't want me thinking about his gay son every time I see him now
Jackie Tate
Jackie Tate Hace 8 días
Kevin Hart, so funny. Great guy.
Tecpaocelotl Castillo
Using "talented" very loosely.
Marissa Zurita Virgillio
So... The Intouchables
Anastasiya Hleis
Anastasiya Hleis Hace 9 días
The remake of Intouchables?!?! Why, Americans, why?! The original is a masterpiece!
Sonicthehedshot9 Hace 9 días
What would happen if Lewis black and Kevin Hart hung out?
youpindra Hace 9 días
The Original movie is with Omar Sy... and the real characters of this movie are french, the invalid man is a rich white french man and the care taker is a tuff guy from "LA BANLIEUE" meaning "THE HOOD" in french...they remain best friends until these days... If you want to see how they look like : www.elle.fr/Loisirs/Sorties/News/Decouvrez-les-vrais-Intouchables-ce-soir-sur-France-2-1810152
John Burke
John Burke Hace 9 días
*Words of wisdom...* @5:22
philledwards77 Hace 9 días
Kevin is one cool dude!
Clara Raimundi
Clara Raimundi Hace 9 días
Why be negative?- I like that.
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