Kevin Hart talks becoming a dad for third time, reveals life lessons from book

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The comedian talks about his new book filled with life lessons, "I Can't Make This Up," and explains how his humble beginnings shaped the person and father he has become.


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6 jun 2017







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Slot King Dream
Slot King Dream Hace 19 días
Jael Pichardo
Jael Pichardo Hace 22 días
I would love to meet him one day! He is very humble and funny!!😂😂
mo133jj Hace 25 días
imagine starting your day off by watching these fake presenters every morning.... eughhhh
Danial Tabumi
Danial Tabumi Hace un mes
Always fun with kev
Sherpooh66Reborn Linsley
Hi, Love Kevin! Always Have Always Will!!😁🤗🐽✌❤,Sheryl
AnimeRoyal25 Hace un mes
I bet that everyone who know Tokyo Ghoul didn't and couldn't laugh at 9:51
Nora Amburgey
Nora Amburgey Hace un mes
He's so hilarious
Sugar Rush
Sugar Rush Hace 2 meses
😂😂😂 I just Love him!
Sarah Wigman
Sarah Wigman Hace 2 meses
The book is amazing...no joke I keep it beside my brune brown series of books.
Ted Tates
Ted Tates Hace 2 meses
to make things up you have to question things to find a story
Thadrah Bounds
Thadrah Bounds Hace 3 meses
So funny, ppl just gotta relax and laugh
Carmen Carter
Carmen Carter Hace 4 meses
I love Kevin’s spirit!!!! Keep being an inspiration!!! Love love love Him and his grind👌 💯
Randall Ketcher
Randall Ketcher Hace 4 meses
I have to form life-like I can not reform from self produced skeletons in my alien form without first being life-like.
DirtyMoney Narctisss
Ooohhh Didn't know he lost his momma He got me on ....."My mom is my angel..."😭😭😭😭😭 How beautifully he talks about his own mom😻❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Stefan Gelosa
Stefan Gelosa Hace 6 meses
KingKhaled Hace 6 meses
Who is more cocky, Kevin Hart or Zlatan Ibrahimovic?😂
Sylvia Rago
Sylvia Rago Hace 6 meses
Kevin Hart! You're so inspiring!!
Linda Buford
Linda Buford Hace 7 meses
Kevin Hart is amazing.... funny I needed to hear what he said!
Hoàng Nhật An Nguyễn
"My boy still swim". Did he say that? lol
Michelle Clark
Michelle Clark Hace 8 meses
omg I love Kevin Hart.
Fashion Review
Fashion Review Hace 9 meses
I like how he compliments himself
Abdulmalik Hace 11 meses
24K Magic stole the show at the beginning
Wired Weird
Wired Weird Hace 11 meses
Hart of gold. He famously gave Tiffany Haddish €300 when he saw that she was homeless and living in her car outside a comedy club in L.A. (around 2009). They remain great friends to this day
did you notice the black hand shake gave two hugs a very cool handshake to the white man and a what up my nigga to michael lol i told the lack man dap is wat up my nigga lol
Angar Bati
Angar Bati Hace un año
Proto Music
Proto Music Hace un año
I love kevin hart!
Lauren Finley
Lauren Finley Hace un año
Funniest man on earth
Jasmyne Long
Jasmyne Long Hace un año
Love you Kev
Mun Hassan
Mun Hassan Hace un año
God bless him such a funny person and down to earth.
Thicc Kermit
Thicc Kermit Hace un año
That one girl thought everything he said was meant to be funny
andrea foxx
andrea foxx Hace un año
congarts kev a dad for 3rd time and hasn't read book yet I sure it a good book
The flavour family
The flavour family Hace un año
The book is great . ❤❤❤ love you kev 😗😗
Susy Riva
Susy Riva Hace un año
Hmmm I don't know I see him with different eye like he chetead againnnnn
The insider
The insider Hace un año
If there will be the most confident dude in a whole world,then would be this Man Kevin Hart🙌🏿🙌🏿🙌🏿
Louise Dunne
Louise Dunne Hace un año
He doesn't sound as happy and energetic as he use to
Veronica Franklin
Veronica Franklin Hace un año
Kevin Hart is amazing......he has great value's and is a wonderful guy. He is very much a gentleman...I ❤️ how he treats his children.. wonderful. I wish I could meet him in person!
Andrew Flood
Andrew Flood Hace un año
Nicole Calderon
Nicole Calderon Hace un año
how do I but this book . my Google ain't working uuughh plz help lol
RozSpeaks Hace un año
Nicole Calderon Buy it on Audible
J VT Hace un año
this man on every show doing everything all the time. He is hustling by definition. Much Respect.
austin p
austin p Hace un año
I'm a 58 year old white guy who reads a lot and I just finished Kevins book and I'm very impressed. What a hard working man and a positive attitude he has. I'm glad you made it Kev..you Earned it.
Sha ris
Sha ris Hace un mes
@John Nzai maybe just to let him know that he has that type of audience. Just like sometimes I would write, I'm Puerto Rican... Not everything has to be negative you know🤷🏻‍♀️
John Nzai
John Nzai Hace un mes
You didn't have to say "white guy" 🙄
LIBryda Hace 2 años
The book is a great read for anyone thinking of getting it
Annaliza Villacorte
Annaliza Villacorte Hace 2 años
😁😁😁😁so hilarious ...
Annaliza Villacorte
Annaliza Villacorte Hace 2 años
💜this guy Hart
LinaBronco Hace 2 años
Great interview. This guy always goes out on promo!! I'm buying the book because I'm curious.
James Harden
James Harden Hace 2 años
he's just great you can't hate on him, he's just being himself and is naturally funny
Landen Pollock
Landen Pollock Hace 11 meses
play defense
The flavour family
The flavour family Hace un año
James Harden true
Thais_brazil 90
Thais_brazil 90 Hace 2 años
Kevin hart is just out of this world !!!
Jontaye Nicholas
Jontaye Nicholas Hace 2 años
Love kev..but come on, all those movies and work he does...can we say GHOSTWRITER lol
Blac Butterfly
Blac Butterfly Hace un año
OmniTripster J Stfu with your negative ass.
Nova Scafide
Nova Scafide Hace 2 años
Damn. Kevin hart during this interview has made me actually go out and buy his book
Niama Cathey
Niama Cathey Hace 2 años
My bf reminds me of him with his silly ass 😩😂 I know his wife be irked sometimes
nikki nicholas
nikki nicholas Hace 2 años
So Proud of him. Do The Damn Thing Kevin.
Almag, Faris
Almag, Faris Hace 2 años
His presence made the four hosts more comfortable on their show.
pretty gal
pretty gal Hace 2 años
love you Kevin
Rajab Torres
Rajab Torres Hace 2 años
always 30 second ads on this bitch fuck off lmaooo
I Met You Today
I Met You Today Hace 2 años
I covered his security that night the wing was thrown at him at the Surfside Club in Atlantic City. He, and a comedian by the name of Buckshot were the comedians of the night.
quanumphysics Hace 2 años
What is the relevance of your comment? Asking for a friend.
Fancy Pants
Fancy Pants Hace 2 años
I am loving this color, Chris just had a color similar at his premier
nibizi joselyne
nibizi joselyne Hace 2 años
Kevin is just too funny 😁😁😁
cory cuculis
cory cuculis Hace 2 años
Anything with Kevin Hart in it is motivating.
May Flower
May Flower Hace 2 años
I would 💖 to see Kevin as the next short Obama
annie hernandez
annie hernandez Hace un mes
We dont need another Obama!
SheAnatural B.
SheAnatural B. Hace 2 años
Love his spirit! Represent Kev!!
satya Reddy
satya Reddy Hace 2 años
love kevin Hart
Jeannie Jones
Jeannie Jones Hace 2 años
Kevin, just seek medical treatment, you and your wife, and try for seven more children in one pregnancy; make it ten children, I will help baby sit.
Jenbug0421 Hace 2 años
I absolutely love Kevin Hart, by far my all time favorite comedian.
Is this the Camera??
his mom legs was open
when see who the creep of the group is but brother if you can show me the time stamp i would really like that lol but serious though no lol lol
Jimmy Two-Times
Jimmy Two-Times Hace 2 años
What a promo run lol. This guy literally went to *every* major media outlet to promote this book, it must mean a lot.
Jimmy Two-Times
Jimmy Two-Times Hace 2 años
@ABDEL•FYE Yeah, I doubt that. He does want us to buy his book really bad by the lenghts he's gone on to promote it.
Zhzunsksm Hace 2 años
Jimmy Two-Times because he want us to succeed too
FunkyDoolittle Hace 2 años
Just gotta love Kevin...he is so optimistic and positive really what the world needs more...I admire him for that
bustensteiger Hace un año
same thing!
E Logic
E Logic Hace 2 años
24K Magic is his intro 😂😂
YvanYVH Hace 2 años
It was definitely no plastic "cup"
Glamisha Castro
Glamisha Castro Hace 2 años
great work Kevin. continue making us laugh😆😆😆
Tobi Abiola
Tobi Abiola Hace 2 años
This muthafucka got funnier some how 😴
Ahmed Ali
Ahmed Ali Hace 2 años
He's better than them at their own jobs lol 😂
Sharon Allen
Sharon Allen Hace 8 meses
Saturday night live September 29, 2018
Prime lee
Prime lee Hace 2 años
I just wanna kill those 4 people who dislikes this funny ass video🌅
IN CK Hace un año
King Loco you now have 46 to kill.
bobby cole
bobby cole Hace 2 años
how can people hate on kevin..that just's prove that no matter how talented, successful, kindhearted and down to earth you are..somebody somewhere is going to try they damn best to shoot you down..then again they hated on jesus, enough said
Betty Johnson
Betty Johnson Hace 22 días
Yes Bobby, you are so right. It's easier for folk to down you than to say you did a good job or whatever. It's really sad.Folk will remember all your wrong and keep bringing it up, you can do as much good stuff and you won't hear anything. Kevin Hart keep doing you, God Bless you and your family!
Nora Amburgey
Nora Amburgey Hace un mes
Like kevin great comedian hes.funny to me
Bingo 0123
Bingo 0123 Hace 3 meses
He is funny he is is nice, but as a human being he is.. he also have done a lot of mistakes.. for example cheating on his woman! That isn't an honest man's action.
tricia brown
tricia brown Hace 6 meses
NOT YOU Hace un año
Kevin Hart aint no Jesus jackass
Mrs. Adriann
Mrs. Adriann Hace 2 años
Kevin Hart is so confident, outgoing, and hilarious without being arrogant.
Reina Macarena
Reina Macarena Hace un año
he just got caught in the bed how could he be arrogant?
Anwar Omer
Anwar Omer Hace un año
Mrs. Adriann he is amazing
Diana & Jorge Loyal Ones
Mrs. Adriann He Is💯
Lisa Washington
Lisa Washington Hace 2 años
Mrs. Adriann I agree, guess that's why he's so popular, seems genuine
Glamisha Castro
Glamisha Castro Hace 2 años
on point
Julius Caesar
Julius Caesar Hace 2 años
The way he just walks into a room full of people yet seems so on point and comfortable. He controls that room with his words and aura.
klynch572 Hace un mes
Kevin's the man!
tricia brown
tricia brown Hace 6 meses
You got that right!
Hi Def
Hi Def Hace 2 años
I love your ESvid name.
Caron Thompson
Caron Thompson Hace 2 años
I have to read that book
Haniah Ahmed
Haniah Ahmed Hace 8 meses
its a good book im half way thorugh its defo worth it
Lone Ranger
Lone Ranger Hace 8 meses
Caron Thompson well.. have you read it? i bet you havent.
RozSpeaks Hace un año
Caron Thompson It's Awesome...I got it on Audible. Kevin did his own audio...
The Controversy
The Controversy Hace 2 años
shout out to heart
Friye Amen
Friye Amen Hace 2 años
The Controversy You mean hart?!
Sheena Jackson
Sheena Jackson Hace 2 años
Lol @ I thought this [shirt] was for me!
cool dude. love his work ethic
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