Kevin Hart Talks "The Upside," Eagles, Drake, Bieber & More w/Dan Patrick | Full Interview | 1/10/19

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Thomas Forrisi
Thomas Forrisi Hace 3 días
Kevin, I here ya! Memories are where it's where it's at. Daaaan, I'm guessin' you k ow who Delbert McClinton is. Give a listen to his, "Too Much Stuff" a listen.
Clara Raimundi
Clara Raimundi Hace 7 días
Kevin is so cute....and not a hoarder 😁
Sherpooh66Reborn Linsley
Hi, Kevin is Great! Kept being funny Even w/this guy who was not being helpful!😁I Googled Kevin Sorry no Badminton came up. You've passed the Badminton time lol🤗🐽✌❤,Sheryl
Getling Bande
Getling Bande Hace un mes
i dont finde the heinz ketchup commerzial
Jerry Traveler
Jerry Traveler Hace 2 meses
Is Kevin that short or is Dan that tall? Great Interview.
Funny Bunny
Funny Bunny Hace 2 meses
Kevin is awesome this dude doesn't have a sense of humour
La Montiez Ivy
La Montiez Ivy Hace 3 meses
Luis Martinez
Luis Martinez Hace 3 meses
Lol nick foles is a free agent now
Sandro Kozlovski
Sandro Kozlovski Hace 3 meses
this is a great movie
Its Me
Its Me Hace 3 meses
Im saying why does his voice sound like Howard stern's...creepy shit sound just like em
Alex Camacho
Alex Camacho Hace 4 meses
Sandler would beat Kevin 1 on 1
Caleb Stacey
Caleb Stacey Hace 4 meses
Kev has dropped the church league line so many times in his recent interviews.
DBF 580
DBF 580 Hace 4 meses
He's right! It DOES look like an uncomfortable chair!
SmokeyD Hace 3 meses
It's because the chair is facing the wrong direction - away from the person he's speaking to.
Maria Amukoto
Maria Amukoto Hace 4 meses
I luv Kevin Hart man😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
liuba ciupac
liuba ciupac Hace 4 meses
He is so funny and honest. Love him
Edgar Haro
Edgar Haro Hace 4 meses
Chris Brown can fucking ball
Sancho Pansa
Sancho Pansa Hace 4 meses
This gu6 is not funny at all.
Sumit Vijaykumar
Sumit Vijaykumar Hace 4 meses
tondi Zoro
tondi Zoro Hace 4 meses
Vyble Alvado Morgan
Vyble Alvado Morgan Hace 4 meses
Yumi Tokushige
Yumi Tokushige Hace 4 meses
Hand actress Susan?
AJER ONESKI Hace 4 meses
Android Q Music
Android Q Music Hace 4 meses
Nah! 😂🍗
Jordan jojo
Jordan jojo Hace 4 meses
I felt bad when the host said Adam handler would own you, people underestimate Kevin because he's short
Cookie Gee
Cookie Gee Hace 4 meses
Lol.... Kevin is a blessing
Mitch Fuller
Mitch Fuller Hace 4 meses
He on them pain peas or something. Keeps scratching his nose lol could be a hair or something?
R Dy
R Dy Hace 4 meses
Why couldn't Kevin get on stage? They let the slut Kim Kardashian get on stage just because she was sleeping with Reggie Bush.
Cookie Gee
Cookie Gee Hace 4 meses
I love 💕 KEVIN HART Confidence of who he is and is not letting anyone change him 🏋🏽‍♂️💪🏽🙏🏽
Osi Mac
Osi Mac Hace 4 meses
Osi Mac
Osi Mac Hace 4 meses
“Google it” 😂😂😂
Felicia Moniq
Felicia Moniq Hace 4 meses
Is that a mint majesty?
Misspam Bethea
Misspam Bethea Hace 4 meses
My cheeks hurt!😂
MisterWessells Hace 4 meses
They hating on kevin
MisterWessells Hace 4 meses
west philly n the buildn esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-VopxDs7q9rM.html
Wellz Hace 4 meses
Wtf ..lol interesting interview
ngoga emile
ngoga emile Hace 4 meses
no celebrity can play better than chris brown...its a fact
Retro Kid
Retro Kid Hace 4 meses
Kevin Hart is "culturally appropriating" why the fuck a black comedian trying to appeal to a white audience, once again to all Umar Johnson supporters tell Kevin Hart to stay with the black community, you guys have the hart to complain about the "white man" but want utilize their forum
JTM Hace 4 meses
I cant believe he didnt say Chris Brown... Chris is better than him and dude from the migos
eureka0521 Hace 4 meses
@Broke Rabbit exactly lol Kevin got enough BS surrounding him as is
Broke Rabbit
Broke Rabbit Hace 4 meses
controversy to some media.. u gotta be careful to headlines especially when you 're here to promote your movie... smHart move
Marky Mark Courtney
Marky Mark Courtney Hace 4 meses
Go Chiefs!!!
ToyToy1126 Hace 4 meses
Kevin hart's feet swinging 🤣🤣🤣
Heisenbrekh Hace 4 meses
18:20 almost had problem with chinese people.
Adam Baker
Adam Baker Hace 4 meses
Hey... Seriously... This Kevin Hart x Adam Sandler thing... Will there be tickets? lol
Linda Reavis
Linda Reavis Hace 4 meses
As a fan it’s hard to keep up with Kevin..he truly keeps his feet to the ground... your a awesome actor/comedian.. well heck, I guess even a great hand model!!! 😂
Zeik Hace 4 meses
i think kevin was a little tipsy
Stan ezen
Stan ezen Hace 4 meses
Refreshing interview haha for a second I thought there would be more of the Apology Your
Billy Okode
Billy Okode Hace 4 meses
we all are...but this Hart dude got it written all over his ass!
Temba Mathebula
Temba Mathebula Hace 5 meses
At some point this felt like a very crucial interrogation🤔🤔
Obama is Gay
Obama is Gay Hace 5 meses
I never really liked Kevin Hart until the oscar controversy. Jokes on you Twitter warriors!
bro i’m scrolling through these comments, i KNOW that’s not how you pronounce badminton
Lucky Luciano
Lucky Luciano Hace 5 meses
yoooo his feet is really hanging from a normal chair lmao
Ronald Lassiter
Ronald Lassiter Hace 5 meses
The movie about his swim team is called Pride. Rip to Bernie Mac.
Clary McClam
Clary McClam Hace 5 meses
I'll bust Kevin's ass in bowling
Billy Okode
Billy Okode Hace 5 meses
what jealousy
Julien Cosyns
Julien Cosyns Hace 5 meses
Was Kev a little buzzed for that interview? I love the guy tho, the upside is awesome!
PlayBoii- Jayy
PlayBoii- Jayy Hace 5 meses
The _only_ actors I hate seeing do serious roles Kevin Hart Adam Sandler Steve Carell Chris Tucker Seth Rogen
Terry Reid
Terry Reid Hace 4 meses
@PlayBoii- Jayy , I gotcha.
PlayBoii- Jayy
PlayBoii- Jayy Hace 4 meses
@Terry Reid read what I wrote again
Terry Reid
Terry Reid Hace 4 meses
Chris Tucker did a serious role??
Cameron  Floyd
Cameron Floyd Hace 4 meses
I disagree with Steve Carell. He's the closest thing we got to Robin Williams
Lawrence Smith
Lawrence Smith Hace 4 meses
Dat_kid _jay I disagree with Adam Sandler.
PlayBoii- Jayy
PlayBoii- Jayy Hace 5 meses
socking! Kevin Hart in _another_ movie.... Thats ok tho....I f/w Kevin Hart
Sylvia Brown
Sylvia Brown Hace 5 meses
Wow I saw the movie w/the PDR swim team..Did not know it was based off their team.
Sharon Saynomore
Sharon Saynomore Hace 5 meses
best interview, yes, since all that other crap. I am literally a white female version of this guy. I swear to god. let me explain...
Dwayne Campbell
Dwayne Campbell Hace 5 meses
those mic too hella big yo...change that lol. the fact that he has to remove his face from it to have a sip of his drink makes it uncomfy
YoungJuhh Hace 5 meses
This nigga must have a Starbucks deal 👀
Known Unknown
Known Unknown Hace 5 meses
That wasn't manure. It was straight up dookie lol
GripNation Hace 5 meses
Superbowl suites are like half a million dollars....damn son ik he rich as fuck but I feel like the black in me would get slapped by my dead mama
Robert Kelly
Robert Kelly Hace 5 meses
Soooo funny 😆
Vergilius Tjondro
Vergilius Tjondro Hace 5 meses
except Football and everything else (singing).......
11thWoods Hace 5 meses
20:55 "Nah!!" LMAO
Charmaine N
Charmaine N Hace 5 meses
Is your hand not getting tired, having that star - bucks on your hand all the time? Power of advertisement 😄🤣
smeutr1 Hace 5 meses
Im trying to see if Starbucks misspelled his name too lol
Jay Banks
Jay Banks Hace 5 meses
Susan’s hands 😂
James Jdifk
James Jdifk Hace 5 meses
Did anyone else google "Kevin Hart Hand Model?" Lmao
Anonymous Safety
Anonymous Safety Hace 4 meses
I did can't find it
Jag Gill
Jag Gill Hace 5 meses
" Chris paul in his prime, your lookin at me "
Victor Haynes Jr
Victor Haynes Jr Hace 5 meses
Carlitos Rubio DA WANKSTA Late Night Show
What an amazing interview
Zi Qin Khor
Zi Qin Khor Hace 5 meses
yo fuck i actually googled "kevin hart badminton"
Chase Garner
Chase Garner Hace 5 meses
The weird chair, the huge mic, and the huge coffee in Kevin's hands makes him look like a true midget 🤣
Josh Johnson
Josh Johnson Hace 5 meses
The mic is about the size of his entire head lmao
Imanul Hace 5 meses
Lmaooooo man said ‘bad mitten’ I swear you Americans and you’re pronunciation
karen beal
karen beal Hace 5 meses
So nice .. better get that racket bro
uyetaran udongwo
uyetaran udongwo Hace 5 meses
Susan got the best hands Easy there easy lolz 😂
Antonio Alvarez Jr.
Antonio Alvarez Jr. Hace 5 meses
That coffee cup bigger than Kevin Hart head.
DLAST TV Hace 4 meses
Cristiano Lover
Cristiano Lover Hace 5 meses
Chris Brown plays basketball too!
Official_Esaveo Hace un mes
And he's f**king great at it too
Ossie Richards
Ossie Richards Hace 5 meses
mohammed ibrahim
mohammed ibrahim Hace 5 meses
Suzan got the best hands 😂😂😂😂 12:25
Gary Phillips
Gary Phillips Hace 5 meses
lol. remind me of how i am when im drunk. just major shit talkin at its best.
Kobe Jamez
Kobe Jamez Hace 5 meses
Kevin hart a ranked badminton player I'm done
benniec14 Hace 5 meses
Nobody wanted to ask why a big guy was at the male revue! Hahaha! Don't go there! Too many ways it could go wrong!
C Real HipHop
C Real HipHop Hace 5 meses
why remake a super good movie ' The Intouchables' that is not even that old (2011)??
Jonte Ded
Jonte Ded Hace 5 meses
C Real HipHop Americans can’t read subtitles
Jka Vill
Jka Vill Hace 5 meses
Jealous of Kevin Hart's positivity.
CaptainAMAZINGGG Hace 4 meses
Cultivate it daily :) everythin in life is a practice. <3
Conceited 0
Conceited 0 Hace 5 meses
Y u miserable bum???
Idc Wavey
Idc Wavey Hace 5 meses
Jka Vill wow
Michigan_ Made
Michigan_ Made Hace 5 meses
Badmitten your in trouble lmfaooo 😂😂😂
tygur23 Hace 5 meses
Low key drake can ball i saw drake dunk off a the vert when he was on degrassi
tygur23 Hace 5 meses
@kinnyg27 ive seen him actually ball not the shit on youtube at kentucky
kinnyg27 Hace 5 meses
tygur23 Have you seen his shot? Dude is pathetic at basketball
Ivaylo Iontchev
Ivaylo Iontchev Hace 5 meses
Justin Timberlake is pretty good at basketball. The chicken wing in his face was funny story.
RM89 Hace 5 meses
First interview where a host of a show isn't asking him questions about a fking tweet he tweeted out years ago!
Sergio Velasquez
Sergio Velasquez Hace 5 meses
Nomads Seven : you and anyone else that got “offended” need to move on. No one cares.
Nomads Seven
Nomads Seven Hace 5 meses
I know what you are saying but he tweeted some horrible stuff. He needs to be held accountable of his mistakes regardless of it being twetted yesterday or 10 years ago. Apologized to people that got affected and then move on.
jmac05r1 Hace 5 meses
"sweet cheeks" lmao
Momma Mia
Momma Mia Hace 5 meses
Love this interview!!
Richie Roar
Richie Roar Hace 5 meses
Chris Brown is better than Kevin at Basketball sorry😂
Abisoye Adekunle
Abisoye Adekunle Hace 4 meses
2 Chainz too, he had a basketball scholarship
Brian Lane
Brian Lane Hace 5 meses
Was the one person I thought of but remembered how Kevin has a decade on him so probably wasn't thinking about him. Also Chris was blacklisted when Kevin started in the celebrity games.
Dats a paddlin
Dats a paddlin Hace 5 meses
Richie Roar Yea but Kev not trash either
Christopher Joseph
Christopher Joseph Hace 5 meses
I got memories, I was there... great quote
Jonathan Robinson
Jonathan Robinson Hace 4 meses
😂 90's p diddy "take that"
Christopher Joseph
Christopher Joseph Hace 5 meses
finally we can get back to awesome Kevin Hart interview.
Refresh Yourself
Refresh Yourself Hace 5 meses
You guys should actually see the Original version of the movie. One the best i've ever seen for real.. "Les Intouchables"
Refresh Yourself
Refresh Yourself Hace 4 meses
@The Wondertwins I'm portuguese son, why would i cate about shit like that? You the one who feel's some type of way about uk people "mate" 😂😂 But seriously, i'm 30 years old, i'm guessing i could be your father by the way you react. Gtfoh
The Wondertwins
The Wondertwins Hace 4 meses
@Refresh Yourself because yall say in every post that france has this movie. . Like we havnt heard this 1000 fuckin times from the whiny ass "never wrong ab anything in life" uk fucks. N idgaf what you dk cus you clearly lack common sense kid. I blatantly explain shit to you and you act like a pure ignorant fucktard. Then you get defensive and angry ab a fucking movie. WHO GIVES A FUCK WHAT YALL THINK🤣 Tbh i prolly wont watch upside either, and guess what kid, kevin didnt create the remake. Stop commenting on every interview he has the SAME shit. Its annoying and childish.
Refresh Yourself
Refresh Yourself Hace 4 meses
It would've been a shame if they picked up that movie and done it bad, i think that's why some french people react like that, it's a classic to them. Upside is good tho, so i don't see it. But how would you feel if the french come up and do "Raging Bull" or some shit like that? I'm actually portuguese, so i also don't don't see what the fuck you're talkin about with that uk france talk but that's cool tho
The Wondertwins
The Wondertwins Hace 4 meses
@Refresh Yourself wym? I just told you. Everyone from the uk or france says that. Wonder why they worry ab what we do so bad. I wonder
Refresh Yourself
Refresh Yourself Hace 4 meses
@The Wondertwins have you seen it? Maybe it's real good and that's why everybody says that. Wonder why you said that tho..
* *
* * Hace 5 meses
Soli2de Hace 5 meses
OMG SANDLER VS HART! It MUST happen!!!!!! PAAAAAAH-LEEEEASE!!!!! c'mon i'm trying to do my best needy daughter impression. DADDY DAN PWEEEEEEEZE! Can I see Adam stomp all over that lil man. lol. Honestly i have no idea who would win, but you have to admit, that would be one entertaining game. I dont doubt sandlers skills, but he's a bit older and i'm guessing not moving the quickest. But I still REALLY WANNA SEE that!
Albert Hinkle
Albert Hinkle Hace 5 meses
Hahahaha this was a good one
Isatu Mansaray
Isatu Mansaray Hace 5 meses
First interview I've seen where someone was not beating Kevin Hart over the head about his decade old tweet about the gay community and how he's not apologizing right.
CaptainAMAZINGGG Hace 4 meses
#LetItGo. It stays alive with ppl talking about it.. smh.
Jordan Eischeid
Jordan Eischeid Hace 4 meses
3/4 of the stuff that comes out of his mouth are lies/crap. Don't really like him for that reason alone as he's all about himself but he's a great actor and extremely funny
Jesus Shorty
Jesus Shorty Hace 5 meses
Nice... now i will watch tha whole interview.. just started.. and nice movie i seen it last week with my son... funny cause iam in a wheelchair.. haha
The Family B TV
The Family B TV Hace 5 meses
Yes that's so true ! I'm watching all his latest interviews and I'm angry at how much energy people put into this topic like there isn't anything else to talk about.
Stephen Ferroni
Stephen Ferroni Hace 5 meses
Because most people like ourselves don't judge people over decades old BS anyone who bashes Kevin Hart I want to see what in their closets. He seems like a nice guy to me
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