Kevin Hart Trolling NBA Players

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Kevin Hart loves to mess with NBA players.
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28 ago 2018

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uwho22 Hace 2 meses
If you enjoyed this video watch Kevin Hart Troll NFL Players: esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-SZVKDEKBa7E.html
Robert Lorono
Robert Lorono Hace 20 días
uwho22 courtside drake vs Kevin Hart
sid the second
sid the second Hace 2 meses
9712819077 text me
Aнтон Давыдов
я ничего не понял)
Alexander Locke
Alexander Locke Hace 51 un minuto
I didn’t think I could laugh for 10 min straight
Shaggy Hace 4 horas
I love Kevin.
Chucky Conan
Chucky Conan Hace 6 horas
Dsmn is kevin a midget ?!?!
jmacsss Hace 9 horas
Funniest part was when he talked trash and then laid down on the court 😂😂😂
SunsHoops Is Life
SunsHoops Is Life Hace 10 horas
Kevin Hart is such a burst of energy
SunsHoops Is Life
SunsHoops Is Life Hace 10 horas
I’ve felt pretty
SunsHoops Is Life
SunsHoops Is Life Hace 10 horas
I’m 14 years old and I am taller than Kevin Hart I’m either 5’7” 1/2 or 5’8”
John Doe
John Doe Hace un día
Kevin heart trolling? Is that like getting athletes foot?
Them putting him on the kids cam at the All Star game was the greatest thing ever.
Do You Wanna Dance?
Do You Wanna Dance? Hace un día
I Love!
Heartattackbacon Hace un día
He’s not funny
Janessa Rud
Janessa Rud Hace un día
bruh when he said "cause if u smile fast yo lips will bleed" SENT ME😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
HelloIsA2letterword Hace un día
He did Irving like that lol
PigCan Hace un día
Anthony Rivera
Anthony Rivera Hace un día
Did anyone else see Isaiah Thomas as a giant compared to Kevin Hart?😭(1:33)
missbrowniejay Hace un día
“If you smile back, your lips will bleed” 😂😂😂😂
Bryant Brantley
Bryant Brantley Hace un día
Jesus Bron is huge compared to Kevin
Cinis Hace un día
he’s so short compared to them lmao
Zelene Antonio
Zelene Antonio Hace un día
Your legs are fake. Kevin Hart 2018
Real Aphid1233
Real Aphid1233 Hace un día
He did kyrie dirty
Cade A.
Cade A. Hace un día
He’s like an edited little kid
Mister Anderson
Mister Anderson Hace un día
James shut that bitch up 🤣😭
Mary Rose
Mary Rose Hace 2 días
Love Kevin Hart.
Mary Rose
Mary Rose Hace 2 días
I don't even watch basketball and I'm lmao
Branbomb10 Richard
Branbomb10 Richard Hace 2 días
I don’t know if basketball players are super tall or Kevin Hart is short
Agent 48
Agent 48 Hace un día
NICEDOPPY Hace 2 días
Lord ShitBird
Lord ShitBird Hace 2 días
Kevin is great around long knees.
James Parker
James Parker Hace 2 días
Kevin hart started the Raptors win , ty
Xielty YT
Xielty YT Hace 2 días
Kevin Hart looks small to noraml people. Now when he is besides NBA players. He's as tall as their legs almost..
Xebolous Hace 2 días
NBA players are too damn tall.
GManTex Hace 3 días
1:46 i don’t listen to hip hop/rap but that’s drake right? i’m probably rly wrong but idk
GManTex Hace un día
India Shep lol kk thx
India Shep
India Shep Hace 2 días
Yes it's Drake lol
Dempazoid Hace 3 días
kevin hart that one mf that posts "GAMEDAY WE EATING 😈 🍽️ " on snap but sits on the bench and airballs in warmups
Vroken Br4t
Vroken Br4t Hace 3 días
Levi Hobbs
Levi Hobbs Hace 3 días
Kevin looks like a toddler next to those players lol love him #nohomo
T. thehokage
T. thehokage Hace 3 días
peep at 3:58 A.i called wade "A bad mother fucker"
Geoviei_YT Hace 3 días
Kevin Hart looks like a little boy on the court
Em 04
Em 04 Hace 3 días
5:20 Embiid starts off focused, Kevin comes in and makes him happy, Kevin leaves and Embiid is focused again 😂
Sito 85
Sito 85 Hace 3 días
0:33 I want someone who gonna look at me the way Kevin look at curry
HealthInfo Hace 3 días
kevin hart is basically mentally abusing them lmao evil cunt
Jessica Elliott
Jessica Elliott Hace 3 días
look at the size comparison between James Harden and Kevin Hart. 2:57
MelJayz _65
MelJayz _65 Hace 3 días
Yo he can suck their dick standing up😂😂😂💀💀💀
Gamer Hace 3 días
The way Embiid had to hunch over to dab Kevin up was great
Ben Z
Ben Z Hace 4 días
Kev looked like a kid in the Harden interview 🤣
Brandon Saulter
Brandon Saulter Hace un día
Ben Z i thought the same thing
Luka Parancin
Luka Parancin Hace 4 días
Shaq and CWebb dying in the video
X9 Nifty
X9 Nifty Hace 4 días
That’s must hurt 16 million views and only 39k subs OWCH
Jordan Hace 4 días
"If you don't get outta here shaped like a beanbag that got sat in"
Alex F
Alex F Hace 4 días
Reminds of hamlinz
Tanner Glutz
Tanner Glutz Hace 4 días
5:40 winded bottle😂
Tanner Glutz
Tanner Glutz Hace 4 días
MahaVakyas Hace 4 días
lol kevin hart is short af.. or the nba dudes is tall af
Agent 48
Agent 48 Hace un día
TeamUs KTYJohnson
TeamUs KTYJohnson Hace 4 días
kevin: my drink!! drake: sip sip, slurp slurp
Shre k
Shre k Hace 4 días
1:36 Rip ref
Lore Jenis
Lore Jenis Hace 4 días
i feel pretty
Nicholas Oh
Nicholas Oh Hace 4 días
I was at the game, the one with Harden!
Ed Win
Ed Win Hace 4 días
5:30 I damn neir pissed myself. 😂
Captain Teeko
Captain Teeko Hace 4 días
Omg when LEBRON took his drink and gave it to drake XD
Carolyn Norelus
Carolyn Norelus Hace 2 días
Captain Teeko LOL😂😂😂😂😂
Alyssa Webb
Alyssa Webb Hace 5 días
I love this
vhugala mufamadi
vhugala mufamadi Hace 5 días
Dallas Alford
Dallas Alford Hace 5 días
Most hated comedian by the Dutch community.
Shōto Todoroki
Shōto Todoroki Hace 5 días
Why was James giving the drink to drake funny? Did I miss a reference?
Patrick Burrows
Patrick Burrows Hace 5 días
I keep watching this video over and over and it seem sto get funnier the more i watch it
McLovin v7
McLovin v7 Hace 5 días
He feels pretty 😂😂😂
Amadou King
Amadou King Hace 5 días
Kevin is too jokes
Giovanni Hernandez
Giovanni Hernandez Hace 5 días
Kevin Hart is like that one annoying mosquito you can never kill.
4K Pixel
4K Pixel Hace 5 días
Shaq could eat Kevin Hart for lunch😂
Active Holiday Nepal
8:08 Dad, son and step-son moment.
joseh STM
joseh STM Hace 5 días
His not funny
lowce Hace 5 días
at 7:50 this mother fucker looks like alien
ImTheMate88 Hace 6 días
The nba players make Kevin look like a hobbit.
10M views Hace 6 días
only kevin could get away with this
brettfavreify Hace 6 días
Player thinking: Different city, same assholes.
Greg B
Greg B Hace 6 días
Next to Drake, the most annoying person on the planet.
The Batman
The Batman Hace 6 días
😂😂when LeBron stole Kevin’s drink and gave it to Drake
Derek Martin
Derek Martin Hace 6 días
At 50 secs...." you know when your courtside" yeah when all of us middle class, pay our whole pay check to watch the game from the bleeders...aka t dot
Jesse Bryant
Jesse Bryant Hace 6 días
They should do a celebrity game where... a bunch of dudes from Hollywood take on the woman's WNBA champions... 😜
Cra-ZGuy Hace 6 días
Kevin really looks like a minion beside the NBA players!!!! 😂😂😂
mrsbrownsugarsweetz Hace 6 días
I’m at Wk cracking up 😂😂😂😂😂man he took me back to my childhood ❤️😂
Not Bill Gates
Not Bill Gates Hace 6 días
“Tell ya team what u did to em” 😂
he’s very annoying
allan wu
allan wu Hace 6 días
1:35 Kevin left the ref hanging feelsbad
Marcus Roselius
Marcus Roselius Hace 6 días
He's like the little brother
Big Chungus
Big Chungus Hace 7 días
Some day I want Kevin Hart to be an announcer in the nba kind of like tony romo right now but in the nba
Official West Tampa Duke
“ u feel pretty “ 😂😂😂😂
Ricky Spanish
Ricky Spanish Hace 7 días
Lmfao lebron didn't have to do kevin hart like that😂😂
oldman 81
oldman 81 Hace 7 días
Drakes a piece of shit but the drink thug was funny
Ben B
Ben B Hace 7 días
Someone teach Klay how to tie a tie please
Wermhats Wormhat
Wermhats Wormhat Hace 7 días
My favorite part of the NBA is sitting close and roasting the players. Hart is one of the best. I almost got in a Pacers style brawl with D Rose once while drunk, most fun game I ever went to
Sam Dilworth
Sam Dilworth Hace 7 días
2:40 Hart left hanging because Harden had to bend over to get to his level haha
Sam Dilworth
Sam Dilworth Hace 7 días
7:16 Connan Obrien having a fake laugh attack. Who is that to left of Shaq at 8:09? Justin Timberlake?
Hotdog Hace 7 días
4:40. am I the only one who thought they were kids because they are so short 😂
GamerBrianYT Hace 7 días
*Kevin Hart has been banned from every NBA basketball game*
Sim Won
Sim Won Hace 7 días
If Shaq's d**k could talk 😅🤣😂
Jill Hurley
Jill Hurley Hace 8 días
“This guy also proves that leavin’ Duke early is a mistake.” Love it!!
Dick Hammerbush
Dick Hammerbush Hace 8 días
I guess Dutch women have fucked up bodies..?
Sam Woodall
Sam Woodall Hace 8 días
And I’m kanye west
imabadmofosofux2 Hace 8 días
Chris sager was always fly 😎💯
улетный кря
Ничего непонятно, но очень смешно
Michelle Despres
Michelle Despres Hace 9 días
All he gotta do is pick up Kevin hart and dunk him
Avexticity IV
Avexticity IV Hace 9 días
5:22 look like a little person
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