Kid Chef Vs. Adult: Thanksgiving Leftovers Challenge

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Can an adult home cook defeat a MasterChef Junior contestant in a cooking competition? Let the battle begin! Masterchef Junior airs on FOX.
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16 nov 2019






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Comentarios 80
Calixco 123
Calixco 123 Hace un día
The people that dislike are sad because they are not good chefs
Samsclub69 Hace un día
did anyone else notice the madden mobile music in the begging of the vid
UYOU Hace un día
Why dose the music in the beginning sound like the porn hub intro 😂😂
Gaming Clipz Ultimate
The k8d pisses me off
Michelle Yan
Michelle Yan Hace 3 días
Meme god Best
Meme god Best Hace 3 días
This is a copy of the old one
Becky Benisz
Becky Benisz Hace 3 días
vdjvbjvbjkbvkb vjbvjbvjvjfjjvdk
Becky Benisz
Becky Benisz Hace 3 días
thats sign for good vid
i was never here
i was never here Hace 3 días
Why was the porn hub intro playing
Zephyrus_anim8 Hace 5 días
Their banter is cute 🤣
Sickelet Hace 5 días
Did anyone hear the p-hub music in the background in 2:25
Noodleisasimp Hace 5 días
2:35 did I just hear what j think I heard 😂u guys added the phub intro music lmao
John Belino
John Belino Hace 6 días
The guy's boyfriend material oof
Exno Hace 6 días
2:25 phub intro
Bruh GingyYT
Bruh GingyYT Hace 6 días
2:24 hahahahaha they snuck the Phub intro in there listen carefully lol hahaha
Vandana Mishra
Vandana Mishra Hace 7 días
The child is like really cocky though! If it's like a bit, it's not very fun.
Toxic bosss
Toxic bosss Hace 7 días
Isn’t that the porn hub music in the background
Desto Dubb
Desto Dubb Hace 7 días
Bro they using porn hub for a beat
Charlie Tompkins
Charlie Tompkins Hace 9 días
NaiahGames Hace 9 días
Me 9 years old He’s been cooking for my entire life
Kweb Hace 9 días
why did they play the porn hub music in the background when the adult was looking for food
wojtek machala
wojtek machala Hace 9 días
This guy looks like blake grffin lol
Mini Jeff
Mini Jeff Hace 12 días
Víctor looks like my geometry teacher from freshman year🤣
Mini Jeff
Mini Jeff Hace 12 días
Mallet Hace 13 días
Bruh is that the phub intro
Lil_pumpkins money
Lil_pumpkins money Hace 14 días
2:31 What type of music is that
Noah Silverberg
Noah Silverberg Hace 14 días
2:23 really hit us with the hub music
Prashant A. Bokade
Prashant A. Bokade Hace 14 días
10:47 eye got moist ...... thats sad... :·(
Ohh No No
Ohh No No Hace 15 días
Why did u play the porn hub song
Andrew Mandel
Andrew Mandel Hace 15 días
Remember Phil? You won’t remember.... and Noah?
Luke Walker
Luke Walker Hace 16 días
10:42 umm im sorry but the adult guy...his buttons on his pants xD thats embarrassing.....
Benjamin Smith
Benjamin Smith Hace 16 días
Why is there Pom hub music in backgroung
Roman Ortiz
Roman Ortiz Hace 16 días
Hey judge number 3 is Brandon’s friend Brandon Walsh
Anchadaddy Connor
Anchadaddy Connor Hace 17 días
Who went to the comments after hearing ph intro?
J.Angel Rodriguez
J.Angel Rodriguez Hace 17 días
The adult reminds me of chris pratt
Evan Apodaca_20
Evan Apodaca_20 Hace 17 días
The music in the background is the same music that they us in madden mobile. In the beginning
chocmilkshake24 Hace 18 días
The trash talk is cheesy and kinda embarrassing tbh
Melba Mussagy
Melba Mussagy Hace 18 días
Why does the man look so muck like post malone
james allen
james allen Hace 19 días
2:33 if ya know you know
Samuel Garza
Samuel Garza Hace 20 días
Porn hub music ? Lmao
Vrunnn Hace 20 días
Imagine being that disrespectful to an adult
its_lazar-_- Hace 21 un día
Who thinks of sweet potatoes for Thanksgiving
DeslredCalls Discourd - REN 2.0#4166
uhhhh am im trippin or is that the pornhub theme song ;-; ( i got whooped after my mom heard this but my dad was chill lmaooo )
It'syeboyjawad Games
It'syeboyjawad Games Hace 23 días
8:24 bruh what’s that handshake
XJ_X Hace 23 días
EAZG yt Hace 23 días
That kids gay
Luke Fuller
Luke Fuller Hace 26 días
He's like 12, and he's been cooking for 9 years...k bud
POV: rushed to the comments because of the background music😂😂
moon22 midnight
moon22 midnight Hace 26 días
Whos watching in Quarantine
SCP Time
SCP Time Hace 26 días
Okay I'm not from the U.S.A, so i was shook when i heard that people eat sweet potato and marshmallow??? That sounds good and bad at the same time. I don't know how to feel about this.
Frank Banana Bread
Frank Banana Bread Hace 27 días
I’m kind of out of the days so Kyle what kind of music do you like? Don’t worry I’m picking the soundtrack for this video. 😂
Niko Megalondon
Niko Megalondon Hace 28 días
7:06 is it me or that looks like an ahego face xD
BPE_ MIDNIGHT Hace un mes
That kids so annoying
Candy Rikona
Candy Rikona Hace un mes
damn that kid's cocky. what a cringe😬
FoxTamer34 Hace un mes
8:25 he went for the high five and got a hand shake look at his pace priceless
elyazya alzarooni
elyazya alzarooni Hace un mes
the whole world: doubting 12 year olds 12 year olds: can cook better than you when you're 30
Herman Mabunda
Herman Mabunda Hace un mes
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Samuel Endicott
Samuel Endicott Hace un mes
During vic’s montage You can hear the p*rnhub theme
Rachel and Sam My awesome turtles
What is up with the p hub song???
Helen Nou
Helen Nou Hace un mes
Almost all the comments r about the background music
Poise Hallucinate
Poise Hallucinate Hace un mes
Background music😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣😂
Fishy Nippie Izzee
Fishy Nippie Izzee Hace un mes
I remember Victor as a Former Kcf employee
CreoleFaerie Hace un mes
Ppl mocking this kids confidence have clearly never watched Master Chef junior 😂😂😂
Yoshinta Bachtiar
Yoshinta Bachtiar Hace un mes
Chef Toy
Chef Toy Hace un mes
7:03 Kyle: At master chef Gordon Ramsay always taught me to test, test, test my food Me: At home my mom sways tell me to test your the food before serve. He said your food like a river
Chef Toy
Chef Toy Hace un mes
3:57 Vic Adult home cook: I forgot the top (laugh) Me: I remember since I worked as a barista when I made a smoothie I forgot to cover a blender . So sound like this hahahaha
Kayla Aubrey
Kayla Aubrey Hace un mes
Now I am good ,but not that good, lol great job Kyle!
Lorahs Hace un mes
Did anyone else find out the music is from something else O.O Uhhh you know what...😬
SlowTaps Hace un mes
whats the girl judge instagram?
Hailstorm How To Videos
that man is FAT AS HECK bro like man loose some weight!
Hailstorm How To Videos
lol jk he is like not at all
JULI EN Hace un mes
He’s so arrogant and confident his parents didn’t educate him?
Kyler Talor Taylor
Kyler Talor Taylor Hace un mes
Pornhub playing in the background
egcarti to slimey
egcarti to slimey Hace un mes
So we just gon sit hear and act like we ain’t hear the intro of ******* ....
gamer Sloth
gamer Sloth Hace un mes
Did yall miss when he said out of these three dishes at 10:03
Jake Peterson
Jake Peterson Hace un mes
Why did you put the phub Intro
TTv_Zippy_ Hace un mes
Wait fr is the background music at 2:50 a remix of the phub starting theme?
DDTech Videos
DDTech Videos Hace un mes
Food baallllll
DDTech Videos
DDTech Videos Hace un mes
Take it
DDTech Videos
DDTech Videos Hace un mes
Friends of peopllell lol
ChodeSlayer 69
ChodeSlayer 69 Hace un mes
11:05 that "handshake" hurts sooo bad
Ariel Grinberger
Ariel Grinberger Hace un mes
Anybody else noticed that in some parts of the video they played a remix of the pornhub intro
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