kid in vr talks about living with rare disease

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Cool kid in VRchat explains what life is like with the "butterfly disease"
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Aaron recommended this source to learn more about Epidermolysis Bullosa: www.webmd.com/skin-problems-and-treatments/epidermolysis-bullosa-what-is
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10 feb 2019

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Syrmor Hace 12 días
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Gabe Gang
Gabe Gang Hace un día
I enjoy these wholesome vids, that kid sayin what he said, I’ll take it to heart cu
Faris Ebrahim
Faris Ebrahim Hace 6 días
Honestly, how do people stare at disabled people? I'm 11 and I know not to look at people weird when they're disabled.
blueberries Hace 8 días
I just clicked on the link, he was offline but on the screen it said 'No hands no excuses' it was the most pure thing I have seen today
InsaneVibz Hace 9 días
Ya boi A-aron
Ya boi A-aron Hace 9 días
Shhh-ilent 1289
Shhh-ilent 1289 Hace 4 horas
400k,almost to half a mill! Gg Gj
Bolita kawaii
Bolita kawaii Hace 5 horas
Elvis Tek
Elvis Tek Hace 8 horas
good thing that vr exist for this brave man
Murrell Mation :3
Murrell Mation :3 Hace 8 horas
CopyKitten217 Hace 10 horas
And I thought having asperger's syndrome was bad. I hope he finds a way to make his life the best one ever. I wish the best of luck for him.
Wojtek Hace 10 horas
Ommggg ur at 399k subs
Ruben Zumaya
Ruben Zumaya Hace 11 horas
I have a problem to people say that I don't walk straight and this girl asked me about that and everybody was laughing at me and it hurt my feelings and they pretending how I walked and I was crying
Ruben Zumaya
Ruben Zumaya Hace 11 horas
Ruben Zumaya
Ruben Zumaya Hace 11 horas
I feel bad too and he is way better than me at fortnite
PuppetGameReviews Hace 12 horas
holy shit, another lady has this, its a nerve problem, she got it cause she crushed her hand and it screwed up her hand
will morgan
will morgan Hace 15 horas
all the little shits that disliked the vid like it now your lucky you can go outside and play with your freands and a shower dosent feel like HELL
Roger Sheddy.
Roger Sheddy. Hace 20 horas
The missus and I attended a short seminar on stem cell therapy. Mel Gibson was associated with the company because he had his father put on stem cell therapy and it helped him a lot with a variety of things-- it was really surprising. Perhaps someone could look into it, and maybe there might be something there for him... not maybe a cure but perhaps something that could lessen the suffering he's going through. By the way if you're worried about ethical questions when you check it out you'll find out that they take great pains to do things in a way that is absolutely moral ethical all of that. Is there live stem cells that were actually harvested through a means that caused no one any harm at all--check it out and you'll see. We are talking about tissue that used to be discarded as worthless-- placental cells.
Satanz_gamez Hace un día
I would just kill my self
Patrick Doolan
Patrick Doolan Hace un día
I didn't really look into school shooting in the us idk if they are students or just a reg guy but shit if it is a student but I can see why kids in the us are such fuxking assholes like shut they need a good beating
Egg roll 109
Egg roll 109 Hace un día
Ima support this kid all the way dude 💝
It’syoboyjaychad Hace un día
The people who disliked your offensive
Turbro Hace un día
This kid plays fortnite with his fucking feet... tell me you can do that All I’m saying is this kid is a legend
Awesome Production
Awesome Production Hace un día
I love watching this because it makes me happy that the kid is happy
Ellen SHOW
Ellen SHOW Hace un día
Do you ever get emotional when you hear these stories when you're muted Syrmor?
your mother has arrived
I love him please protect this kiddo
personthatplaysfortnnite kol
It dope that there is still some good
Heathcliff Hace un día
"i dont wanna get stared at, i wanna get looked at."
Saberina White
Saberina White Hace un día
He is a really strong and smart kid
Urdadlesbian Urmomgei
JUST TOMS must be that one guy...
Thicc nibba
Thicc nibba Hace un día
C'mon bro, he just wants to do fist bumps and use chopsticks.
GameDang Hace un día
(445 dislikes) how could you dislike this i have one hand so i know what its like not really in his way do but i know some of the challagens sorry about my spleeling 11
Peppa The Cat
Peppa The Cat Hace un día
7:10 Oooo nanii
Racer Rex
Racer Rex Hace un día
Salute to him please tell him he has god on his side
I know u feel bro my cousin has the butterfly condition but she has a new baby brother so they took some bonemeal from him and now they're better!!! Hope ur better now
ItsKristina Hace un día
im praying to jesus to make his condition go away
char voltron
char voltron Hace un día
Aubrey Peters
Aubrey Peters Hace un día
I just watched this video, I cried so hard
Donx Hace un día
Damn dude this shit hits hard. I know without a doubt that I could not handle what that kid goes through. No doubt
Dumb FuckTeen
Dumb FuckTeen Hace un día
How the fuck do you keep finding all these people?
Falconer89 Hace un día
I love How he talks, he Is so cute :3
Braydon Hace un día
I dont have a vive vr and I really want to play vr chat dis is so sad ( but really I wish I had a vive vr )
Justin beliver Vids
Justin beliver Vids Hace un día
Why did some dislike this
MelonDew Hace un día
How do you find these kids?
Krypt Vorce
Krypt Vorce Hace 2 días
Wait that’s Aaron the fastest editor in Fortnite lmaooo
tanner zeise
tanner zeise Hace 2 días
I lokey love your vids
Scarlet m
Scarlet m Hace 2 días
Everyone sub to this kid on twitch, lets do this boys . almost a million views and he only has 20k followers!
delaney martinez
delaney martinez Hace 2 días
this honestly makes me feel a lot better about my own situation. aaron is incredibly strong. i cannot imagine living with a condition like his, and he’s still so kind and intelligent. his experience is one that we will never understand. stay strong aaron
Aidan Schlottke
Aidan Schlottke Hace 2 días
Honestly I wouldn't be strong enough mentally to live like that, you keep on keepin on brother.
Eyy It’s me
Eyy It’s me Hace 2 días
I’m actually really proud of him for holding up.
the gargoyle Gaming
the gargoyle Gaming Hace 2 días
I feel so sorry for this kid he has an amazing dad, mad me sad
Kristian Monjazs
Kristian Monjazs Hace 2 días
i feel bad
Marinara Mom
Marinara Mom Hace 2 días
who’s the girl that spit in his face, i just wanna talk.
Lit Hace 2 días
I feel bad for him but he claps kids with no problems like its nothing
Cosmic Koi
Cosmic Koi Hace 2 días
There are so many kids out there that really show that I take the life I was given for granted. No one deserves to live with that kind of pain.
Samantha Rider
Samantha Rider Hace 2 días
:( im legit crying this breaks my heart :((((
Peachy Productions
Peachy Productions Hace 2 días
I WANNA HUG HIM !!! Extremely gently 😊
hi arroyo
hi arroyo Hace 2 días
I would love to be his friend wait I would love to be his best friend
ZTX Gleiru
ZTX Gleiru Hace 2 días
how do you like everyone’s videos without watching them because you don’t want to cry
Some Random Boi
Some Random Boi Hace 2 días
Im in a discord server with aaron and months ago when i first met him in a vc i thought the was just some annoying kid but now i know that he has this disease, i feel bad now
Sniper Hace 2 días
Samurai Hace 2 días
Wth this kid is a frikin psyco at fortnite
Rae Gacha Wolf
Rae Gacha Wolf Hace 2 días
Oh poor child
Chilleds Hace 2 días
literally not more then 5 seconds in and I’m crying either I’m too soft or this is too sad... or I’m too soft
Matthew McLellan
Matthew McLellan Hace 2 días
Kids a fucking trooper goddamn a toothache cripples me
Robert V
Robert V Hace 2 días
0:30 *Rubs self on log*
Murilo Altobelli
Murilo Altobelli Hace 2 días
Thats why vrchat is awesome
Wowzer Hace 2 días
I don't normally comment on videos but you're videos are so wholesome and great I had to stop by. Keep it up man your videos are amazing!
cb7s4life Hace 2 días
Good kid remaining optimistic.
endlel Hace 2 días
Some people really have to live life rough :(
PieStar Hace 2 días
Please give him a follow on twitch :)
Nap *Chara*
Nap *Chara* Hace 2 días
i hate all this
storm_cc100gamez Hace 2 días
JACK Hace 2 días
i love this man, wish my dad was cool like this, and kid you're stronger than ill ever be ''never let anything stop you''
LimboToInfinity Hace 2 días
You’re a legit angel man
KindaSloth Anton
KindaSloth Anton Hace 2 días
proof that god doesn't exist
thefatcatgamer 321
thefatcatgamer 321 Hace 3 días
It's always a sunny day when Christopher Robin comes to play
Yetaa Hace 3 días
That ending was really sweet, I have diabetes now 😭😭😭😭
Peta-Jane Bogdanek
Peta-Jane Bogdanek Hace 3 días
Never let anything stop you!
Mr Bandito
Mr Bandito Hace 3 días
Now we truly have an epic gamer
YuNg x SEth
YuNg x SEth Hace 3 días
"call of dutying" XD also great vid guys
BerNA* Hace 3 días
You should make more videos of this kind, stories of people and others, it's very nice to see, it makes you see life in another way
Sazanka Bianca
Sazanka Bianca Hace 3 días
the holy trinity: Jordan, Aaron, and Cody.
Jocelyn Rabinowitz
Jocelyn Rabinowitz Hace 3 días
If I use VR specifically to meet you, will you meet me?
Andrew Lopez
Andrew Lopez Hace 3 días
I’m fucking crying 😭😭😭😭
Robby Smith
Robby Smith Hace 3 días
Hey to Aaron hey lil bro keep that positivity up bro hey if you need a friend or someone to talk to when you down hit up my instagram @124robbyv4 just gimme a text if you need to talk
kittycat 22xox
kittycat 22xox Hace 3 días
You are sweet💗✌
Lily's world
Lily's world Hace 3 días
i would like to give Aaron head pats *gentely*
Kolby Pappan
Kolby Pappan Hace 3 días
I had a Déjà vu about this video
lovelyeonwoo Hace 3 días
Make a t shirt of the Korean bird and it says bye Falica( I cant spell )
Toastbr0t1337 Hace 3 días
stay strong kiddo. i loved the story about the girl, what happened to her?
Crystal Janes
Crystal Janes Hace 3 días
This made me so sad and happy at the same time.
Ack ;W;
Ack ;W; Hace 3 días
This is sad.
Natalija Dimitrijevic
i literally balled my eyes out thru the whole video...such a sweet kid..
Mya Brownlee
Mya Brownlee Hace 3 días
I'm cryen stap
doodle moo
doodle moo Hace 3 días
This is my favorite vid from symor. What aaron says at the end is so true!
SamHydeDisciple ye
SamHydeDisciple ye Hace 3 días
Wow him and his dad are absolute gods. God bless them. I’m glad you make these vids Syrmor, It really does expose the lives of these people. I would definitely sit with this kid if I went to the same school as him
The Childish Beaver
The Childish Beaver Hace 3 días
IS it just me or did anyone else click video in chill zone on discord
VinChinto -
VinChinto - Hace 3 días
North Swamp
North Swamp Hace 3 días
“Call of dutying”
Kobalta Hace 3 días
this video...PepeHands
Rabideau 8
Rabideau 8 Hace 3 días
I can’t get through these videos without tearing up
deoxys 5671
deoxys 5671 Hace 3 días
Sad story
Anonamous One
Anonamous One Hace 3 días
i feel super bad for him i want to be his friend. :c
obamabeenlagging Hace 3 días
I'm going to cry if I watch more
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