kid in vr talks about living with rare disease

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Cool kid in VRchat explains what life is like with the "butterfly disease"
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Aaron recommended this source to learn more about Epidermolysis Bullosa: www.webmd.com/skin-problems-and-treatments/epidermolysis-bullosa-what-is
Aaron's stream: www.twitch.tv/thatgeekaaron


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10 feb 2019






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Syrmor Hace 2 meses
If you wanna go say hi to Aaron or have more questions for him you can watch him stream at www.twitch.tv/thatgeekaaron Keep up with the channel at twitter.com/SyrmorS and instagram.com/syrmor/
Mawson Grube
Mawson Grube Hace 10 horas
I want to inform you that hemoglobin Is actually the chemical that absorbs and releases oxygen so without those monthly transfusions no matter how many breaths he took he would suffocate which is very sad
The Good Boi
The Good Boi Hace 2 días
+Dwayne cmon man not now
Mike Myers
Mike Myers Hace 5 días
I cried throughout the whole video
gisadodpapa Hace 5 días
Are there any legit charities or donations that go towards funding research for the development of new treatments for this?
Google Translate sings
thanks for making these videos cause they show me how lucky i am in the state im already in, cuz if this kid cant even get hugged or wiggle his fingers i cant complain for some things, i might just stay strong cause i have only 1 parent (in my household) so things are already hard on me so i should just be grateful that im not homeless or have a rare disease, such as the butterfly disease, i do have athsa and exsma but now i see your videos its harder for me to complain no more, some youtubers talk about mental health but you get people who have been through some sh|t that are strong enough to talk about this, this hits my heart man these videos are nice and i really enjoy watching them when im down, i try to be a funny guy, but when i am sad have have bad thoughts your videos just help me have good thoughts and be thankful for what i have, love these vids dude, keep making them please. we pray for you.
Henriette Emma
Henriette Emma Hace 2 minutos
crying and smiling at the same time
Davelizard Hace 10 minutos
I feel bad for him. I realise how lucky i am because I don't have any bad diseases or illnesses and I'm just a normal kid. I pra y for this kid to get better.
PikaPlayer Hace 2 horas
Dude i'm hooked on this videos these are really heartwrenching stories hopefully these kids lifes get better💝💝
Random Potato
Random Potato Hace 2 horas
9:33 sounds like malachichi
DatBoyDarius Q
DatBoyDarius Q Hace 2 horas
Yo wtf this was sad as fuck. I wanna show him some support, as well as you for being nice to the kid and supporting him.
Nefelibata Hace 5 horas
without medical care it would not be possible for him, not sure if that is a good or bad thing that people have to live with this Im guessing the lifespan is not very long tho
Rush Hace 6 horas
Its so sad😭
Viggo skrrt
Viggo skrrt Hace 6 horas
*F In Chat*
oh yeah yeah
oh yeah yeah Hace 8 horas
I feel so bad I hope he finds diamonds in minecraft
joohoney's deep dimples
6:20 ew that girl is not my species GET HER THE HECC OUTTA HERE
DiRTY BOi Hace 9 horas
Glad I found this channel
LentilsOverkill Hace 11 horas
"Pretty soon I won't have any fingers at all" I'm a musician; I cannot even fucking imagine this. I don''t have the words to express how that makes me feel, but I'm crying now
TACOSANCHEZ Hace 11 horas
God I always cry in these type of videos
TACOSANCHEZ Hace 11 horas
God I just wanna put my arms around this kid without touching him so he is in no pain
T U R K - 1 8 2
T U R K - 1 8 2 Hace 13 horas
We need more people spreading positive vibes online💜
top mark
top mark Hace 14 horas
why is there 506 dislikes all of them are officially gay
SALETZGY PLAYZ Hace 14 horas
Im very lonely at school but i hang out with a couple of friends with me since we all are retards and autistic😔
SALETZGY PLAYZ Hace 14 horas
PoisonCloud Hace 15 horas
I dont mean to be rude but why does pooh need to be having a mini seizure every second while the boy is talking
Aidan Healey
Aidan Healey Hace 16 horas
Poor kid, really sucks that someone so young has such a heavy burden to deal with. Very glad he has such a supporting father, and that there was that nice girl who became his friend. That's the kind of positivity and love we need in this world. I wish him and his family the absolute best.
Trevor Peters
Trevor Peters Hace 16 horas
Imagine having a 3rd degree sunburn but 10 times worst... That's how it feels to have butterfly disease.
Jon Hace 16 horas
Going through a rough time right now. Really opened up my eyes to put myself in others shoes and realize my good fortunes. Much love to everyone.
B Kay
B Kay Hace 16 horas
Idk how I found this amazing series of vr videos by this channel but I love it.
Nebula SpaceFart
Nebula SpaceFart Hace 17 horas
OMG ITS THATGEEKAARON. Hes a friend of my friend lol.
Hayden Reynolds
Hayden Reynolds Hace 17 horas
When he said at some point I won’t have any fingers at whole I was like holy shit oh no I also felt really bad even though I know it sounded sarcastic
Metallic Braxton
Metallic Braxton Hace 17 horas
That is so sad, my 2nd cousin has that disease 😕
ツXahanic Hace 17 horas
This is the fortnite guy who edits with his feet
Pillowteers Hace 18 horas
anyone else cry while watching this? this was extremely heart-warming to hear how much hope this kid has. and after hearing how highly he spoke of his dad and how proud his dad is of him. i love this so much.
DUMO Hace 18 horas
I wish I was as close to my dad as he is
S1lv3rc0m3t Hace 18 horas
It's nice that Aaron at some point in private school had a good friend who didn't care what he looked like she just accepted him as a regular person
Your Dad
Your Dad Hace 19 horas
I love Aaron, what a mad lad ❤️❤️❤️ I wanna be his best friend and give him all the fist pumps
Emoji tube
Emoji tube Hace 19 horas
Can he do air high fives or not touching things (that sounds wrong)
Abner Perez
Abner Perez Hace 19 horas
I've seen a few of these videos and... I feel like shit. Some of this stuff, no one deserves to go through it.
Derrell Conger
Derrell Conger Hace 20 horas
Damn I have a bleeding disease that killed my kidneys when I was 18 and put me on dialysis until I get a transplant and now I’m 20 and it’s currently moving to my lungs and I thought my life sucked but this kids a fucking trooper
HighKingDeimos Hace 20 horas
God damn this kid got me crying, good on his father for taking charge and being there for his son, beautiful video.
Sajan B
Sajan B Hace 21 un hora
5:34 Charles is right about Axl hahaha
Savage 44
Savage 44 Hace 21 un hora
This guys are awesome talking to this kid so nice friends and the kid is so cool I hope he could find a cure one day
Overall Manx
Overall Manx Hace 21 un hora
Lowkey crying not even joking......
jeroen Hace un día
Fucked up on opiods and barely any fingers and still great at fortnight. Thats pretty cool allright.
Mango Hace un día
You can be a Streamer but not a TTV
Albin Kindberg 7
Albin Kindberg 7 Hace un día
Make A Donation Link For Defeating This Disease. Poor Kid Hope He Fights through it
fern V hh
fern V hh Hace un día
He's so cute. He looks like Goob from Meet the Robinsons 🧡
Mayhem Infinite
Mayhem Infinite Hace un día
Oh yeah that’s Aaron he’s a god at fortnite
Ceramic HoodZz
Ceramic HoodZz Hace un día
Why am I sweating from my eyes.
Ceramic HoodZz
Ceramic HoodZz Hace un día
Man this was emotional. My dog just died and I thought I was living a hard and rough life. But this kid is a soldier. My respect for this kid is so high. I wish him the best of luck.
Otro Cell
Otro Cell Hace un día
Amazing son and dad.
GamingOneOhTwo Hace un día
Hurt me so much hearing him talk about this but definitely not as much pain as this young warrior goes through every single day of his life. I loved how intelligent he also seemed to be, and how much he knew about the human body from his own personal experiences. He's a true inspiration.
NeilDaNub Hace un día
that kid is like augest in wonder in real life.
JR Hace un día
It's conditions like this that convince me that there isn't a God, but it's the attitudes of Aaron, his dad, and his little girl crush that prove to me that we don't need him.
Zans Crabs
Zans Crabs Hace 17 horas
JR stupid
Ian C
Ian C Hace un día
Speaking of chopsticks this ESvidr William Osman made automatic chopsticks. Ok that's all cya
Dank Lambsta
Dank Lambsta Hace un día
Backyard_Assassin Hace un día
7:00 reminds me of forest Gump the lonely kid getting one pretty girl that likes him
jtman2012 Hace un día
Aaron will be a great man some day.
percy thehero
percy thehero Hace un día
Aaron is so cooolll
EMC Animations
EMC Animations Hace un día
I’m emotionally moved
[GD] RainbowBunny
[GD] RainbowBunny Hace un día
these videos are heartwarming
hash slinging slasher booty gang captain
There is a kid who has the same skin condition that is going to the hospital almost everyday to create a cure for this disease
Ex Hace un día
Praise 6:30 Screw 6:18 through 6;30
F34R PLAYZ Hace un día
Enjoy it while you can you r a young God
Super Saiyan Kermit
Super Saiyan Kermit Hace un día
he play fortnite now and he very good i love his streams
It’s sad that something as simple as taking a shower hurts, we are lucky for small things
redtube 12
redtube 12 Hace un día
Bruh you dont link him that's I'm sorry a ass move you should put him in desc I'm sorry but that's fricked up
Yi'en Liu
Yi'en Liu Hace un día
idk if a fork would beat a chopstick cuz I''m pretty sure chopsticks are more deadly.
Bribrigamer 1234
Bribrigamer 1234 Hace un día
the story with the girl is kinda like Wonder
Bonarrow Hace un día
Damn this is heavy. All the Best kid😊.
Ben Dover
Ben Dover Hace un día
This is so unfortunate but I love how he is always so positive * I cried
Ian The Asshole
Ian The Asshole Hace un día
Holly Hood
Holly Hood Hace un día
Mario Magic
Mario Magic Hace un día
then how did you get your headset on??
Joackim Gj
Joackim Gj Hace un día
its so sad, but also really beutiful
Dank Memer
Dank Memer Hace un día
I used to be best friends with Aaron, we met online but sort of drifted apart, I still have him as a friend on discord and I've called with him many times before I saw this video. I searched him on youtube and realised he has almost 20k subscribers, me, him and a few other people used to play Minecraft quite a lot together, we used to hop into group calls and mess around. I miss you, Aaron.
-The Eel-
-The Eel- Hace un día
When I saw this I was deeply stuck by the pain that probably everyone got. It's hard to have something to keep you from doing things in life. And it's something I think people like who spit and flipped him off, needs to realize. We are all different and have different lives but you can't just look at someone from your own point of view and go, "Oh hey you can't do much of anything, weak!" Aaron, is strong and determined in my eyes because if I had that, I don't think I would have made it. Things like this both make me tear up, and want me to do better in life because i'm also struggling with stress and anxiety at the moment. When I see things like this, I want to strive to do the best I can and do what I love most, which is art. I think everyone is a piece of art, almost alike but not every art piece is exactly the same unless photocopied. But I went the his channel and followed him for some support! Do good, die great!
ChaseXO Hace un día
his characters face makes it even more sad :(
Chxrry Cola
Chxrry Cola Hace 2 días
This made me cry ;-;
hatched tundra7
hatched tundra7 Hace 2 días
Whinnie the pooh eating his shirt
Sushi Dumpling
Sushi Dumpling Hace 2 días
O shi- I didn't realize who he was I didn't see his name but when I did I freaked out.
AquaOctoZombie Hace 2 días
I almost cried when his dad was talking about how proud he was of Aaron. What a lovely family and I can’t wait to see Aaron grow!
Lexi Rene
Lexi Rene Hace 2 días
I literally cried.
Black_Leopard Hace 2 días
I should probably stop complaining about my health problems
littlebigjace Hace 2 días
This really makes you realize how lucky we are that you don’t fear to lose your own fingers like holy crap. I hope Aron can make it big in the twitch world. We all think your great Aron!
Alex Garcia
Alex Garcia Hace 2 días
i want to know about the delusions of just toms xD
Alex Garcia
Alex Garcia Hace 2 días
+Syrmor The delusions of Just Toms by Symor. where can i buy the book
Syrmor Hace 2 días
People think they do but they dont
cosmic Hace 2 días
as if my heart hadn’t melted enough already, when he said he was excited to get animal crossing i broke
toad Hace un día
exactly! I couldn't hold back tears!
EarlFromPh YT
EarlFromPh YT Hace 2 días
Lol cant even hit someone in fortnite and this kid is one hitting everyone with a scarred finger
Jeffrey L
Jeffrey L Hace 2 días
im sorry to be this one in the comments but i killed him in fortnite a hour ago, and didnt realize it was him now i fell bad cause i emoted also.....
Sneeryliam Hace 2 días
dude i saw the this guy on fortnite montage im so happy u talked to him and make him feel better
Dvddy Matt
Dvddy Matt Hace 2 días
i cried i love this kid
Henry Swain
Henry Swain Hace 2 días
You are a normal person who has a condition 😢
Corneredkidtv Hace 2 días
Waiting for this kid to stream so I can drop him a 500$ donation
Victor Stancu
Victor Stancu Hace 22 horas
Are you actually going to do it
Charlotte Cousineau
Charlotte Cousineau Hace 2 días
Joki Boki
Joki Boki Hace 2 días
does his vr mask hurt to put it on?
_chocopuffle_ Hace 2 días
rare diseases can suck.. i feel bad for this kid
jungkook’s shirts in dna mv
Makes you appreciate your life a lot more.
Evan Rain
Evan Rain Hace 2 días
"never let anything stop you" *is stuck in table*
John Barrett
John Barrett Hace 2 días
It’s ok I can’t use chopsticks either
Ben Hace 2 días
This is the most depressing arse channel I’ve ever fucking seen
Sophie Brewer
Sophie Brewer Hace 2 días
My little sister has the same condition and ever one thinks that she was in a fire
DreNerD 510
DreNerD 510 Hace 2 días
damn, its sad that u get nervouse for taking a shower. i cant imagine
grim g
grim g Hace 2 días
My mates call me the tfue of console but watching him play is crazy
Prophedeus Nvt
Prophedeus Nvt Hace 2 días
a very nice vid indeed heart warming, honest and educational at the same time loved it thumps up for the dad and the kid and of course for this vid
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