Kieron Pollard HITS Six Sixes in an Over!! | West Indies vs Sri Lanka | 1st CG Insurance T20I

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See the whole of an incredible over as West Indies Captain Kieron Pollard equalled Sobers, Gibbs & Yuvraj with six maximums in a single over from hat trick bowler Akila Dananjaya!
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4 mar 2021






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Asif Ammu
Asif Ammu Hace un hora
Broad record breaking dhanajaya 😉
Ahmadqtr1989 Ahmad
Ahmadqtr1989 Ahmad Hace 2 horas
Hhhhhhhh amazing
Pratap Chandra Giri
Pratap Chandra Giri Hace 4 horas
Stuart Broad's Brother is here.... Akhila Dhananjay
m Vidya
m Vidya Hace 7 horas
മലയാളി ഉണ്ടോ 😁
vedanshu nagar
vedanshu nagar Hace 7 horas
Kieron pollard hit very very very hard
sadiya gamin
sadiya gamin Hace 7 horas
Stuart broad gets a partner
rohan jatt
rohan jatt Hace 9 horas
Poliat power
kartik kolamwar
kartik kolamwar Hace 11 horas
One thing we r missing here.. crowd...
Murugesan Kalaivani
Murugesan Kalaivani Hace 11 horas
Yuvraj Singh first
User None
User None Hace 14 horas
Vraj patel (no copyright song)
ANAND KUMAR Hace un día
Akhila dhananjay ab 6 ball pe 6wicket lega
Najeebuddeen Najeebuddeen
Swagata Acharya
Swagata Acharya Hace un día
I love this guy. Much of T20s I see because of Pollard.
Will Smith
Will Smith Hace un día
Only WI can score 98 runs AND lose 4 wickets in 6 overs. Such an exciting team to watch.
Aparna Pulluri
Aparna Pulluri Hace un día
Dananjaya:-see my hat-trick polllard:-see my double hat-trick😂😂
Mushfiqur Rahim official channel
Pollard 1 over (6) 36 run
Irfan Mulani
Irfan Mulani Hace un día
MR, Walter gamer
MR, Walter gamer Hace un día
Parag Afzulpurkar
Parag Afzulpurkar Hace un día
West Indies Should select a full-fledged squad for T20 WC Like 1. Lewis 2. Gayle (wc) 3. Hope 4. Pooran (wk) 5. Russel 6. Pollard (c) 7. Holder 8. Allen 9. Bravo 10. Roach 11. Cottrel 12. Simmons 13. Narayan 14. Hetmyar 15. Alzarri
Augur Cybernaut
Augur Cybernaut Hace un día
Dananjya face 😣 ......😂 😝 😝
Madara Uchiha
Madara Uchiha Hace un día
Fact Yuvraj hits the sixes of a pacer. But no doubt pollard is a beaut
Pratic M
Pratic M Hace un día
Only windies can hit 10+ sixes in a low scoring match courtesy to Pollard
Rupesh Rajput
Rupesh Rajput Hace 2 días
Pollard my favourite cricketer
Tippana Sridhar reddy
Slow bowling
amruta sabnis
amruta sabnis Hace 2 días
Pollard= baap baap hota hai
Wolfy County
Wolfy County Hace 2 días
East Indians who were born from West Indian Sperms are everywhere here.
Sai dinesh Info
Sai dinesh Info Hace 2 días
Commentator is worst
KL Rahul ✔
KL Rahul ✔ Hace 2 días
Yuvraj be like: Welcome to my club polly Broad be like: Welcome Dhananjaya😂
KL Rahul ✔
KL Rahul ✔ Hace 2 días
Polly is legend ❤️
cricket only
cricket only Hace 2 días
SHAJU PR Hace 2 días
That was awesome,pollard hits 6×6 in a spinners over ....great..But YUVRAJ hits 6×6 in pace bowlers over and also left handed batsmen tooo...any great from the powerhouse pollard👏
Shorts Channel
Shorts Channel Hace 2 días
Thanks for 100🙏❤ Love you all❤ Ab 150 kar ba do bhai log
pawan tiwari
pawan tiwari Hace 2 días
This is IPL experience 😁👍
Muthu Mani
Muthu Mani Hace 2 días
Yuvraj Singh only best
Suyash Dhingra
Suyash Dhingra Hace 2 días
Other than him gibbs and pollard also have hit 6 sixes
David Palraj
David Palraj Hace 3 días
jagga singh khosa
jagga singh khosa Hace 3 días
Pollard cannot can yuvraj records Pollard record can also break
Janni Naveen
Janni Naveen Hace 3 días
Chinna pillalu midha kodathavu yuvararaju Kante goppakadhur
Leo Editzz
Leo Editzz Hace 3 días
Love you polly from India
Gurjit Singh
Gurjit Singh Hace 3 días
crowd ke bina maza nahi aa raha
paul frehley
paul frehley Hace 3 días
This is how you celebrate Warner.
Vishwajeet Bhad
Vishwajeet Bhad Hace 3 días
Great Power show by Pollard. Excellent batting and selection of shots. Love to watch it.
Nepalese BadLiar
Nepalese BadLiar Hace 3 días
Remember the knocks of Pollard.. Vs Punjab in 2019 Vs Sri Lanka Vs Csk in 2021 ..❤️
Manju Aladi
Manju Aladi Hace 3 días
My hero
Harsh Kumar
Harsh Kumar Hace 3 días
Does it really look like a international match?
Dharam Veer
Dharam Veer Hace 3 días
Who is here after corona cases in ipl
Abu Bakar
Abu Bakar Hace 3 días
Yeah paji
Kenit Dhingra
Kenit Dhingra Hace 3 días
Best pollard
Altrin Hace 3 días
Abhishek Yadav
Abhishek Yadav Hace 4 días
Somdutt Verma
Somdutt Verma Hace 4 días
Fake video
Gung gung Moirangthem
38 of 10 is he hit two six more or what if he hit two more six than 50 off 12 the fastest fifty
Althaf M Ansari
Althaf M Ansari Hace 4 días
Le Dhananjaya: hi..! Le stuart broad: come on sit here😀
Balmukund Bisen
Balmukund Bisen Hace 4 días
Jis jis ko pollard acha lagta h vo like kare
MANICKA JENO Hace 4 días
Any body after CSK match
Elite Brickman
Elite Brickman Hace 4 días
Fact - We have watched this video more than once
Suresh Kalar
Suresh Kalar Hace 4 días
But yuvi is in a fast bowler
MR Gameing Subha
MR Gameing Subha Hace 4 días
Yvvi always best❤️
Gokul Maske
Gokul Maske Hace 4 días
Wicket hattrick then six sixes
Stuart broad and Dhananjaya bro code
Lakshan Silva
Lakshan Silva Hace 5 días
Morningbot Hace 5 días
Hitting sixes against spinner and hitting sixes against top class fast bowler is tooooo much different...... Broad was the top bowler of his era.. and yuvi killed his whole career in just an over...🙏🙏🙏😌
parash Khatri
parash Khatri Hace 5 días
My favourite p
parash Khatri
parash Khatri Hace 5 días
My favourite p
RAJESH DAVE Hace 5 días
5 Out of 6 sixes are at same area side of stadium....... yuvraj had hitted 6 sixes all around the stadium.....just compare both....
Rocky G
Rocky G Hace 5 días
The bowler didn't knew off the first ball that Stuart Broad was going to laugh at him 😂.
Kmm 417
Kmm 417 Hace 5 días
Here's the Sixes 0:01, 0:41, 1:25 , 2:23 , 4:26 , 5:21 Don't waste your TIME✌️
_ Shetty_
_ Shetty_ Hace 5 días
Nk Nirob Khan
Nk Nirob Khan Hace 5 días
good hit good man
Manish Kathait
Manish Kathait Hace 5 días
No one remember his hattrick now😂😂
Ananthan Hari
Ananthan Hari Hace 5 días
Ananthan Hari
Ananthan Hari Hace 5 días
Pollard in OLD
Mayur Meshram
Mayur Meshram Hace 5 días
Ambani played here also
Cs K
Cs K Hace 5 días
Ishant Mishra
Ishant Mishra Hace 5 días
But yuvi is father
Shyam Hari
Shyam Hari Hace 5 días
Bday of polly💯😍
Raja Navid Raja Navid
Wao super man💪
NIKHIL FF Hace 5 días
We can have a free seat in that stadium
Rohit Sharma ✔️
Rohit Sharma ✔️ Hace 5 días
Good job polly
Jadav Nikhil
Jadav Nikhil Hace 5 días
Super 💞💞💞😘💞😘😘
Bhavya Bhateja
Bhavya Bhateja Hace 5 días
Windies Team :- Kya kiye Pollard :- Koot diyea .
Gangadhara N
Gangadhara N Hace 5 días
jayant mishra
jayant mishra Hace 5 días
Ab csk Vale bolenge ye match fix tha😀😀😀😀
Hardik Pandya
Hardik Pandya Hace 5 días
Only Player to Score 10000 runs & 250 wickets in T20Is...🔥🔥 Only player to Play 500 T20Is... 🤯 3rd player to hit six sixes in an over in T20Is...😎😎 Happy Birthday Kieron Pollard 🥳🎂🎂🎂 Many Many Happy Returns of the Day Polly ❤❤❤
Srinu Reddy
Srinu Reddy Hace 5 días
Great stats what's your stats ? Fake pandya
Sanidul Islam
Sanidul Islam Hace 5 días
Love this over
Deep thoughts
Deep thoughts Hace 5 días
Happy Bday LLORD Polly 💙love from India 🇮🇳 Fan of Mumbaiindians😀
ViralTalkiesMedia Hace 5 días
Is he off spinner or leg spinner?🤔🤔He bowling in both variation
Shayaan Rasul
Shayaan Rasul Hace 5 días
Ji_thin Hace 5 días
Hitting 6 sixes in an over to Stuart Broad is still uncategorised on an another level. Yuvi❤️
Paulam Rana
Paulam Rana Hace un día
true and what sort of analysis was this i mean Pollard hits a spinner for 6 sixes in an over and gibbsy hits a spinner in WC50 over match but yuvi smacked a worldclass fast bowler for 6 sixes in INTT20WC Tournament that indeed was something spectacular infact smacking a fast bowler for even consecutive 4 sixes till date isn't a piece of cake for many batsmen.
Suresh makwana
Suresh makwana Hace 5 días
Polard power
Abhi man you
Abhi man you Hace 5 días
Happiest B day man❣️
DILLI BABU .J Hace 5 días
Pollard 🔥🔥🔥
BUSSID RIDES Hace 6 días
But jedeja 37 in a over
Preethy Rajeev
Preethy Rajeev Hace 5 días
Amit Kumar
Amit Kumar Hace 6 días
Dhanjya ka manjya kar daya
A H Hace 6 días
I think at present, Pollard is the most effective threatening batsmen in the world. Russell is little overrated in my opinion.
Pollard power
Ahad Gamer4u
Ahad Gamer4u Hace 6 días
Polard is polard