Killer Croc Carries Babies in Jaws | World's Deadliest

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When she needs to move her vulnerable hatchlings to safer waters, this mother crocodile puts her deadly jaws to work as a baby carrier.
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World's Deadliest: Ultimate Predators
Killer Croc Carries Babies in Jaws | World's Deadliest
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10 jun 2013






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Magda Sovinska
Magda Sovinska Hace un día
Thanks gosh,i guessed this video was about other crocodile eating babies
dylan rogan
dylan rogan Hace 3 días
animals are so beautiful, wish we could give them all their habitats back
Galaxyfoox SS
Galaxyfoox SS Hace 17 días
The baby crocodiles: “pew pew pew pew”
D W Hace 29 días
Only 1% of newborns make it to adulthood??!!! Really??
Fabo Andolini
Fabo Andolini Hace un mes
It was brutal watching that baby zeebra panicing then gettin SNATCHED....that's nature though...nature scary yall
CSX_Coast Hace un mes
Rip that frog
chae 22
chae 22 Hace un mes
Brutal and rough on the outside, but they have a loving and affectionate personality as well... Thus is so cute.
qCryptex Hace un mes
*Imagine If That Crocodile Accidentally Swallows Her Babies*
Thecool Kidz
Thecool Kidz Hace un mes
To punish my siblings I uses the sharpest knifes
The bunnies Garden
The bunnies Garden Hace 2 meses
Mothers love 💕
Tmoney Hylton
Tmoney Hylton Hace 2 meses
Narrater: she gently USES THE MOST DEADLY JAWS TO PROTECT. Her babies normal right🔥🐊😂😂😂
Vidura Chamathka
Vidura Chamathka Hace 2 meses
"Gender is determined by the temperature" If that was same case with human babies,the freaking feminists will be living in freezers 😂🗡️...
Thomas Lai
Thomas Lai Hace 3 meses
Wow gender is decided by temperature. What an amazing discovery for me.
sahil jain
sahil jain Hace 3 meses
Not even their babies are cute
Gghh Vhhvb
Gghh Vhhvb Hace 3 meses
But their babies are cute to their mother
Akbar Khan
Akbar Khan Hace 3 meses
Why crocodile is always hungry
Rageskull _nyc
Rageskull _nyc Hace 3 meses
Cute lil alligators
Dio Brando
Dio Brando Hace 3 meses
she attacc she protecc but most importantly his babies are not a snacc
ちゃいあん Hace 3 meses
Danny Medina
Danny Medina Hace 4 meses
Crocs Are Badasses
funny animal production
As a kid I though they are their babies
AfricaN FuFu
AfricaN FuFu Hace 4 meses
They breast feed?
BABA Hace 4 meses
Deadliest babies of the world shd have been the tagline☺️
Ge1ster Hace 5 meses
Mother croc: *gulp* Mother croc: NOO NOT AGAIN
Dr Vidya Sagar UP wala
Save the kid crocodile
Tipu Sultan
Tipu Sultan Hace 5 meses
President of India is more than deadliest animal. They killed many Kashmiri Muslim.
Lak7al Lak7al
Lak7al Lak7al Hace 5 meses
سبحان الله.
Ro Rio
Ro Rio Hace 5 meses
سبحان الله
Michael Fugate
Michael Fugate Hace 5 meses
Awww poor zebra
Miakhail Sharif
Miakhail Sharif Hace 5 meses
Who installed that highly master intelligence within their Brian that makes them jump at that certain creature and eat it at day one ? Surely Allah is the creator of all things and souls he placed in the heart of the mother a Mercy for their offsprings even if that's the deadliest animal on planet Earth .... The rational biologist minds my comment
محمد ع
محمد ع Hace 5 meses
سبحان الله
Radlers: Jack
Radlers: Jack Hace 5 meses
This needs more Irwin
crzykoment Hace 5 meses
they are the worlds top predator 2nd to human. they dont have predators, only humans, yet only %1 of their babies survive to adulthood. coz their babies looks really delicious snacks lol
عقيل عبدعلي
سبحان الله
SilverBullet Hace 6 meses
Those baby crocs were just and are alrrady hunting. They waste no time.
Saad Khan
Saad Khan Hace 6 meses
Nathan Martyn
Nathan Martyn Hace 6 meses
And people say dinosaurs dont exist.
kerajinan unik
kerajinan unik Hace 6 meses
Real predator
Barbara Witt
Barbara Witt Hace 6 meses
Honestly I hope they go extinct
nitin b
nitin b Hace 6 meses
All that matters to the crocs is that it is edible, n still mom carries them in her jaws.
Erna Wati
Erna Wati Hace 6 meses
Croc mom loves her baby
JAY LOVE Hace 6 meses
They are smarter than they look. They are smart enough to live alongside hippos in the pond and not be dumb enough to attack the hippo. The hippo also has a very powerful jaw and 19-inch teeth and can do a massive amount of damage.
jmar28a Hace 6 meses
So the temperature of the egg determines gender? Wow!
Anthony Nudalo
Anthony Nudalo Hace 6 meses
I didn't know that the temperature could determine a croc's gender.
Linda M
Linda M Hace 6 meses
I swear i never knew how hard it was for a baby croc.. Until i saw a documentary about them last week. And the length a mother goes to protect them.. From egg hatching to getting them in her mouth is a job. She has to protect them from the whole bunch of male crocs. And even in water they said only about one will survive... The birds fly and scoop em up as well.. Biggg kudos to mom.. Sad day for lil ones...
S. T
S. T Hace 6 meses
Watching the most powerful jaw in the world delicately transporting its offspring will never cease to amaze me. Meanwhile I can't avoid breaking eggs from the fridge.
Brick Tamland
Brick Tamland Hace 6 meses
Had a girl carry my babies in her mouth once. 👍
Mr. BootyCheeksSlapperClapper
Oh i see what you mean ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
Omkar Yadav
Omkar Yadav Hace 2 meses
Top comment god
Wolfyy Hace 6 meses
Can we all just give crocs some credit not only do mother crocs carry their own baby’s but also baby turtles. Some turtles lay their eggs with the crocs eggs and just leave when the baby turtles eggs and crocs eggs hatch the mom croc carries them to the water.
Rei sreif
Rei sreif Hace 6 meses
Vishal Bikram
Vishal Bikram Hace 6 meses
No paws,no claws,only jaws.
culam nguyen
culam nguyen Hace 6 meses
Imagine being accidentally eaten by your own mom
Eboni Love
Eboni Love Hace 6 meses
Crazy how such a fierce beast can be so gentle with their babies. She loves those lil ones. That's so sweet.
PokémonParrot 66
PokémonParrot 66 Hace 7 meses
Crocodiles has responsibilities too.😉
Godzilla and Friends [KAIJU BUDDIES ALT]
I loved this series when it was still on Netflix. It was fascinating how to see how these animals live and survive. Predator or prey, it’s a amazing sight to see them.
[YT]OpRage27 Hace un año
I want one
The Stig
The Stig Hace un año
If mom chases after you don't come crying to me
Rusty Carlos Valdez
Rusty Carlos Valdez Hace un año
Wow so gender in crocodiles is in the temperature wow
It's Me
It's Me Hace un año
They’re soooo cute young haha
jannatul fardous
jannatul fardous Hace un año
My brother wants a baby crocodile for his birthday 😲 should I give it to him??
jannatul fardous
jannatul fardous Hace un año
Eventuly my brother loves reptiles but i never gave him a reptile 😔😔😔
sharkfinbite Hace un año
Here's the irony with crocs. They have the strongest bite in our era. Yet hippos can split them apart in a single or a few bites. Yet it cannot do the same to them.
Mhar Ped
Mhar Ped Hace un año
Human Being is the #1 killer
jannatul fardous
jannatul fardous Hace un año
Mhar Pedriňa yes 😡
Lee Hall, VA
Lee Hall, VA Hace un año
poor cricket
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