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NPR Music's Tiny Desk series will celebrate Black History Month by featuring four weeks of Tiny Desk (home) concerts and playlists by Black artists spanning different genres and generations each week. The lineup includes both emerging and established artists who will be performing a Tiny Desk concert for the first time. This celebration highlights the beautiful cornucopia of Black music and our special way of presenting it. We hope you enjoy.
Bobby Carter | February 25, 2021
Kirk Franklin, set up with his band and choir in a corner of Uncle Jessie's Kitchen, makes a declaration. "I know you're at home right now, in your draws, listening to some Jesus music. It's ok. Jesus loves you in your draws!" The Arlington, Texas studio, named after a long time close friend, features a large photo of the iconic "I AM A MAN" protest signs from the 1968 Memphis Sanitation Strike on the wall. The jubilant energy that Franklin and company emit, juxtaposed with a visual reminder of the strife that Black people have endured is illustrative of the importance of gospel music in the Black community.
For nearly 30 years, Franklin has been widely regarded for revolutionizing gospel. He incorporated secular music, particularly hip-hop, while preserving the message and integrity of traditional gospel. Here, he and his powerhouse choir pace through a decades-long, sixteen Grammy award winning discography of faith, praise and encouragement while cracking plenty of jokes. I cannot recall a more moving Tiny Desk home performance.
All month long, we've presented artists that speak to the diversity and complexity of Black music--where we've been, where we are and where we're going. For the final show, we take it back to the spiritual roots and there's no one more fitting to cap things off than Mr. Kirk Franklin.
Love Theory
Silver and Gold
Melodies From Heaven
I Smile
Kirk Franklin: vocals, keys
Melodie Pace: vocals
Darian Elliot: vocals
Michael Bethany: vocals
Eboni Ellerson: vocals
Deon Yancey: vocals
Tia Rudd: vocals
Shaun Martin: keyboard
Matthew Ramsey: bass
Terry Baker: drums, percussion
Video: Clear Scope Media
Audio: Michael Havens Reese Brooks
Producers: Bobby Carter
Video Producer: Morgan Noelle Smith
Audio Mastering: Josh Rogosin
Art Director: CJ Riculan
Tiny Production Team: Bob Boilen, Kara Frame, Maia Stern
Executive Producer: Lauren Onkey
Senior VP, Programming: Anya Grundmann
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25 feb 2021






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Yosua Imanuel
Yosua Imanuel Hace 2 días
@MJ Bashien y
Jeff Remington
Jeff Remington Hace 9 días
I love Kirk Franklin and his music. NPR news? Supports a platform that slaughters babies. Don't be deceived. I can only figure Kirk chose to bring the Lord's love, despite management's illness.
Z Bob
Z Bob Hace 16 días
God is real
zenobia328 Hace 17 días
This is incredible!!!❤❤❤👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
MJ Bashien
MJ Bashien Hace 18 días
NPR Tiny Desk is great!
Đào Đinh
Đào Đinh Hace 39 minutos
crgmkmb Hace 7 horas
Matt Ramsey always chooses violence on the bass.....guy is a beast!!!
Tina Eisfeldt
Tina Eisfeldt Hace 8 horas
What a Spirit lifter! Sing it Kirk!
Bruno Goncalves Cesar
Como é bom ouvir vocês, é um som que vem do coração de Deus e enche nossos corações.
Ryan Fleming
Ryan Fleming Hace 8 horas
I watch this Tiny Desk once a week. Matthew is truly blessed on that bass. Shoutout to NPR for putting this performance together.
Emilito Barrul
Emilito Barrul Hace 8 horas
Cherie Leon
Cherie Leon Hace 11 horas
C'mon now💜✝️🛐 won't He do it. Lord please guide my steps today.
Felipe Ribeiro
Felipe Ribeiro Hace 12 horas
for the love of god bassist ...
Lulama Majola
Lulama Majola Hace 12 horas
timothe lambert
timothe lambert Hace 12 horas
Ouhhhhhhhhh 🔥
Muva_Mrose Rose
Muva_Mrose Rose Hace 13 horas
By far my fav tiny desk
rita Sa
rita Sa Hace 14 horas
Lindo de mais
Nathaliê Santos
Nathaliê Santos Hace 14 horas
Luiz Thash Metal
Luiz Thash Metal Hace 16 horas
He is very well known here in Brazil. Black gospel music in the vein ... 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏
aiden Hace 18 horas
now i know why they put the bassist back there they were containing him
Lito Tamburro
Lito Tamburro Hace un día
Muito lindos!!!🥰♥️
Rodrigo Curi
Rodrigo Curi Hace un día
O.V.Gilberto MusicSource
Thank u kirk franlin for this wonderful spiritual music
Henry Neves
Henry Neves Hace un día
Samuel L Jackson is killing on the keys!!
Based Lord
Based Lord Hace un día
Questhagreat M
Questhagreat M Hace un día
Love nobody but you. Nothing else needs to be said. 💯
nj ldn
nj ldn Hace un día
came back to enjoy the guy on bass
Tino B. Rusamhu
Tino B. Rusamhu Hace un día
Like a EWF🔥 ❤️け
AlienBlog Hace un día
This is the pinnacle of music and singing art expressions!!!!! And yeah it should be directed to the glory and beauty of God and Creator of all things!!!
juan ramon muñoz santiago
El bajista es mala persona que barbaridad!!!!
DavidBcg Hace un día
I’d rather have Jesus than silver and gold. That’s a message the church needs to hear these days.
Charles DiCristofano
this was beautiful,.. thank you so much love it!!
류기현 Hace un día
Autumn Star
Autumn Star Hace un día
Kirks singers have the best unison I’ve ever heard in my life! My Godddd
Wanderson Almeida
Wanderson Almeida Hace un día
Esse baixista não é normal! Toca muito!
Joshua Dzidula Kwame
That bassist literally in ultra instinct mode...
Gladys Naa Amerley Amartey
This never get old 💃🏾💃🏾💃🏾❤️
Jared Anthony
Jared Anthony Hace un día
This was a tiny desk production for the Bassit. Matt Ramsey 😭
Umambac, Jan Jewel E.
Wohooo! The bass slaps so hard Dang! This is amazing, I got goosebumps.
FC do santos
FC do santos Hace un día
The best
BassMusician7 Hace un día
That Bass is🔥🔥🔥
Robertus Yosua
Robertus Yosua Hace un día
silver and gold
Nunya Biznazz
Nunya Biznazz Hace 2 días
“ I don’t want to love nobody but you” Is unfortunately not what the word of God says. We are to love the Lord our God with all our heart soul and strength and to love thy neighbor as they self. Sorry but this song is misleading and theologically incorrect. I wouldn’t sing this anymore.
Andre Barnes
Andre Barnes Hace 2 días
Can't believe it's so many folks in comments have never listened to Kirk Franklin. Wow! Just wow...well God's timing is perfect
Shaun Riley
Shaun Riley Hace 2 días
ha ns
ha ns Hace 2 días
Yesss so nostalgic. I used to dance to these songs on the dance team at church 🩰
Fabrício Dias
Fabrício Dias Hace 2 días
Que pena que não tem tradução para o português! Sou seu fã Kirk Franklin
Santiago Miranda
Santiago Miranda Hace 2 días
You have to visit Argentina right now, you are awesome, i love this tiny desk
reinita bonita
reinita bonita Hace 2 días
Que divino escuchar 🎼🎼🕊️🎼🕊️🎼🕊️🌹🌹🌹 excelente 🎼🎼🎶🎶
reinita bonita
reinita bonita Hace 2 días
Hola buenas tardes 🕊️🕊️🕊️🕊️😘 un fuerte abrazo desde Argentina 🇦🇷💞💞💞🎼🎼🎼🎼💞💞💞🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽🙏🏽
nurVrax Art Productions
Isn't that hammer on drums?
nurVrax Art Productions
Innele Borodulay
Innele Borodulay Hace 2 días
Stephanie Thomas
Stephanie Thomas Hace 2 días
amazing! The musicians are absolutely fantastic! Praise God!
Gabriela Lucena
Gabriela Lucena Hace 2 días
The only problem with this video is that it ends up!
Martha Blanche
Martha Blanche Hace 2 días
I nominate Trey McLaughlin and his crew next.. Thank me later.
Martha Blanche
Martha Blanche Hace 2 días
Tasha.. now Kirk. We are gettin' somewhere!!
Jose Luis Gimenez
Jose Luis Gimenez Hace 2 días
Bendiciones desde España!!! Dios os tiene como auténticas saetas de salvación y inspiración para la gloria de su nombre.
ernesto caton
ernesto caton Hace 2 días
fantastic performance !!
LaRhonda and DeJarvis Thompson
Isaias Ferreira
Isaias Ferreira Hace 2 días
It is the first time I see people lining up to commit their lives to Jesus after listening to a bass line..
Samuel O.C.
Samuel O.C. Hace 2 días
Harmony is sick
Antoni Sánchez
Antoni Sánchez Hace 2 días
I'm spanish i really need the subtitle 😭
Giovanni Del Papato
Giovanni Del Papato Hace 2 días
My God!!! Amazing sound!!🔥🔥🔥
Gloss Lips
Gloss Lips Hace 2 días
I never wanted it to end😭
Gloss Lips
Gloss Lips Hace 2 días
Hype man, singers and musicians!? Top tier‼️
Gloss Lips
Gloss Lips Hace 2 días
That run @ 11:30 thou🥲
Gloss Lips
Gloss Lips Hace 2 días
Loved all of this 🤍❤️
Gloss Lips
Gloss Lips Hace 2 días
Kirk Franklin !? Best hype man ‼️
Gloss Lips
Gloss Lips Hace 2 días
I gotta download this🤪
Gloss Lips
Gloss Lips Hace 2 días
Hey that 3rd song came in cool 😎
Gloss Lips
Gloss Lips Hace 2 días
That 2nd song hit❤️
Gloss Lips
Gloss Lips Hace 2 días
Best tiny desk performance ever ‼️ Praise God Hallelujah
Gloss Lips
Gloss Lips Hace 2 días
God loves y’all 🤍 I already was bopping when that intro came in
Gloss Lips
Gloss Lips Hace 2 días
jaymjay55 Hace 2 días
Beautiful! 🥰
TPC Digital Media
TPC Digital Media Hace 2 días
The bass player though!
aaron newman
aaron newman Hace 2 días
Graeme Gibson
Graeme Gibson Hace 3 días
11:26 "Do that cute thing y'all do!" xD He's right though, that's a great run!
Pedro Henrique Ferreira Martins
man Ive never listened this genre of music before, I'm in such a good mood now, feels amazing.
Wanyina Gitahi
Wanyina Gitahi Hace 3 días
I was raised on this ❤️ 🇰🇪🇰🇪🇰🇪
Dags Miguel
Dags Miguel Hace 3 días
It has lately been very difficult for me and my wife, emotionally and psychologically. But after listening to this a few days ago, I cried tears of joy and I sang and danced along these amazing songs with my 3 yr. old daughter. Its her first time hearing Gospel music and I’m thrilled she enjoyed the songs. I’m grateful for the power of the music and more importantly for the power behind the messages of the songs. Thank you NPR, Kirk and to all these amazing musicians and singers. The Philippines is currently in the longest lockdown in the world and so I really miss seeing family, friends and miss living life without fear or worry of covid. I have been sending condolences almost daily to friends and loved ones because of the many deaths caused by covid, but I now choose to fight another day. I’m a tad bit better because of this. Thank you thank you thank you 🙏🏽
BSTEVE Hace 3 días
Immediately thought of Teddy Ray when Melodies from Heaven came on lol
Jawad Riads
Jawad Riads Hace 3 días
I would never forget this song 😍😍i spend 3 of the worst days of my life with this beautiful song smile ,I would love to see it on tiktok for desperate people
André Guilherme
André Guilherme Hace 3 días
R V Hace 3 días
Best thing npr has ever done. “Our people, all people, all God’s people”
shilei chang
shilei chang Hace 3 días
I am just so happy i got tears going on here because of the joyful power of music !!!!
iCarillon inChrist
iCarillon inChrist Hace 3 días
*_Much love and blessings to Kirk 'n Melodie, Darian, Michael, Eboni, Deon, Tia, Shaun, Matthew, Terry ... and Andraé up in Heaven ... you guys keep me lookin up !!_** ʕ•́ᴥ•̀ʔっ⁖💕*
D. Lisa del Rosario
D. Lisa del Rosario Hace 3 días
Kirk looks great! Age looks good on ya! I like his hair and that dimple. I love his energy! I wish this had been a longer session.
José Diaz
José Diaz Hace 3 días
this is pure love through music, nothing else. just smiles and a good song
Vanessa Hace 3 días
I Smile 9:38
Vi Lô
Vi Lô Hace 3 días
V S Hace 3 días
A platform to perform...Love not world 🌎 neither the things in the world 🌎 too much Disco 🕺 and not Gospel...Prince and Michael Jackson did not serve the Lord Jesus Christ and when you’re like the world 🌍 your life speaks for it. What words come out your mouth comes from your heart. It’s not what goes in your mouth that defiles a man it’s what comes out the mouth that defiles a man because it comes from the heart ❤️ get it together before you 🔥forever...it’s sick 😷 sad 😢 and pathetic! You will pay for what you say...and go through for what you do...OBEY ACTS 2:38 to get it STRAIGHT!!!
yovanna dominica torres
fuegooooo , tengo que ver este tipo en vivo , Jesusssssss, omg he has to be the bomb in a concert!
Hernán Lehi Medina
Hernán Lehi Medina Hace 4 días
is that Shaun Martin on keys?
Brice MARTINON Hace 4 días
De France...merci ! Magnifique !
Terrance _
Terrance _ Hace 4 días
That bass hit like you're really in the church!
Sy Nongvan
Sy Nongvan Hace 4 días
Ahmad phuong
Ahmad phuong Hace 4 días
i love your music bless me so much
Isael FerreiraOficial
Glória a Deus From Brasil
Diogo Pace
Diogo Pace Hace 4 días
That bass is in 9th dimension holy tuning
Nick Dache
Nick Dache Hace 4 días
The opening riff made me think of all I need by Jacob collier
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