L.A. in the Time of Charles Manson (Full version)

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Fifty years later, the shocking Tate-LaBianca murders still haunt the city.
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28 jul 2019






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Tom Sawyer
Tom Sawyer Hace 12 horas
Narcissists and basket cases all came together for one big shit show called the 60s.
THE JOKER Hace 13 horas
Cindy Robertson
Cindy Robertson Hace 20 horas
There was the David Koresh cult and Jim Jones...then there was that cult that killed themselves to go live on a motherhood during the Halbop commet.
Cindy Robertson
Cindy Robertson Hace 20 horas
The 60s was a lost generation...as a verse says.."Where there is no vision the people cast off restraint." (Perish). Evil often comes in the guise of love...the devil comes as an angel of light...otherwise you wouldn't fall for his deceptions.
Cindy Robertson
Cindy Robertson Hace 20 horas
No one knew about narcissism and their emotional manipulation and mind control tactics back then as they do today.
Charlie is the man he got to smell all those pretty white butts
Peter Hace un día
Who's the hippie fruitcakes that talks about the White album and covered Charlie's songs?
Strings of Peace
Strings of Peace Hace 7 horas
I don't know what attracted gay guys to do that ..l
CobraKelly Hace 3 días
Such a load of horseshit. "He brainwashed them, he was older, he told them this and that"...SO!? Even IF that were the case, if these people were lied to and told that they were a family and were going to live in the desert and such- how does that make Charles the murderer?! HE never committed any crime, those lunatics hanging around him did! Charles Manson never deserved to spend his life locked up. He killed nobody.
enigma jd
enigma jd Hace 3 días
27:17 -- NAIVETY OF AMERICANS ET AL... The true/or real hippie culture - mixed with the Manson sage - continued to grow into the CORRUPT, SICK AND MORALLESS WORLD - AS WE KNOW IT TODAY!! That shit never ended.... Perhaps no one has a flower in their hand anymore.... BUT THEY HAVE A SYRINGE - hidden in their back pocket!! The sixties were 'invented' by: TIMOTHY LEARY AND THE BEATLES... And the DOOMING REALITY IS: THE SIXTIES WILL END, WHEN THE THE WORLD ENDS!!
eric burhed
eric burhed Hace 3 días
Bunch of chumps
Jeff Collins
Jeff Collins Hace 3 días
RIP Charles Manson You were cool
Aucturuss Jagaard
Aucturuss Jagaard Hace 3 días
He didn't con he was state raised and did what he was taught.
Robert Dawson
Robert Dawson Hace 3 días
This is a trip have to watch it
IT 290
IT 290 Hace 4 días
Charlie don't surf
atomictrix Hace 4 días
Manson was a walking a Jesus.
Diane Edwards
Diane Edwards Hace 5 días
He lived in the world of Drugs total rebellion against the establishment and was not crazy he played people and dogged all responsibility..He played everyone in the interviews. He was honest when he said I'm nobody
gr ve
gr ve Hace 5 días
When the world realized that Boomers were pigs
Susan Grant
Susan Grant Hace 5 días
Carolyn Kingsley
Carolyn Kingsley Hace 5 días
It's amazing, that people are still interested in this era, especially the Manson family.
Jeff Collins
Jeff Collins Hace 3 días
cause Charlie was cool.
Pamela Hannibal
Pamela Hannibal Hace 5 días
They let him get married before dying 🤦🏻‍♀️
Cynthia Garret
Cynthia Garret Hace 6 días
Who was Manson mother ?and was she dateing anyone in law authority ? When Charlie was a child Sloan Bella .com according to her communication with the after life
Eddy J
Eddy J Hace 6 días
Manson used a similar form of mind control as our Governments do, even to this day!!!!!!
Ovace Sidiki
Ovace Sidiki Hace 8 días
The child who is not accepted by the village will burn it down to feel its warmth...
carol sanders
carol sanders Hace 8 días
I remember my mom telling me the stories of this she was pregnant I wasn't born until July 30th and 1969 my mom was a young mom or my dad got married when their teenagers my dad went to go take off to do what he had to do my mom was left alone I remember her telling me story she was so afraid because she remembers what happened Sharon Tate and she did not want to be left alone in the apartment by herself and she begged my dad to not leave and go to work she was terrified I remember all two of my mom telling me these stories my mom was a 16-year-old young wife ready to give birth to me my dad was working so he was also very young so I can imagine how scared she was Sharon Tate had was murdered in August I believe I'm right she was close to having her baby so her child and myself be the same age today it's just mind-blowing to think how disgusting and how brainwashed people be could become with some lunatic like he was Charles Manson to influence them to do the things that they did yes they were on drugs I know that was a part of it but still to murder people to do what they did that is really satanically mind-blowing.
I am thee thee
I am thee thee Hace 10 días
You know the funny thing about this Charles Manson story is this guy never killed anybody🤣👌
gigerbrick Hace 10 días
buzzwaffle Hace 11 días
Pretty good series on HULU called, "A Crime to Remember", that posters here probably would enjoy.
Mystery2020 Hace 12 días
Interesting that Brian Wilson recorded his version of Charles Manson's "Cease to Exist" ("Cease to RESIST"), on the Beach Boys' 2020 Album. I wonder how they knew . . . CIA? Fallen Angels? This whole story is VERY telling . . . Check out the words to his song, and imagine the Antichrist/New World Order... "Cease to Exist/Resist; Give up your World; SUBMISSION is a Gift, Go on, Give it to your (Big) BROTHER; Never learn Not to Love." Edit: I think that the "Never learn not to love" part of the song is how in the Last Days people's love will grow cold, and we're seeing evidence of that now, in society as a whole. They promote "Oneness", but on social media, (and everywhere else), people are mainly at each other's throats, or talking trash about each other.
Teri Hyde
Teri Hyde Hace 12 días
Tom Oneil Chaos read the book! Joe Rogan podcast. A lot more then people think. Same government shit just a different year.
Kathie Awoyomi
Kathie Awoyomi Hace 12 días
After all these years the devil still has the manson children hopening they changed lol not
doug benjamin
doug benjamin Hace 12 días
Read Dave McGowan's "Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon" and Adam Gorightly's " The Shadow Over Santa Susana: Black Magic, Mind Control And The Manson Family Mythos" to gain a different perspective of this crime.
John B. Goode
John B. Goode Hace 12 días
Manson was only 50 years off.........the "Race War" will start November 2020. It's inevitable.
david page
david page Hace 12 días
A lot of these shots of young folk partying, were actually filmed at a Rolling Stones free concert in 1969 in Hyde park, London. A long way from LA...
Byron Cole
Byron Cole Hace 13 días
So Charlie was charming?
Graham Watts
Graham Watts Hace 13 días
Manson actual had an OK voice, not as good as the Beatles or the Beach Boys as he thought, like Ted Bundy he just went in different direction, very evil, real sick psychopath, amazing influence over people he could have used this talent in a decent legal way, ie public relations, sales music industry.
Corinne Hernandez
Corinne Hernandez Hace 14 días
The lady with the short white hair wig and red blouse is creepy
joyce hewitt
joyce hewitt Hace 14 días
Remember to this day awfull
Lap Lap
Lap Lap Hace 16 días
I really don't get the big deal over him, today he wouldn't even make mark like a pimp is a pimp & those girl well anit all pimped out girls swt beforehand? ?
Barbie K
Barbie K Hace 16 días
I didn’t know know the half 😢🤭
Faceplant1235 Hace 17 días
What happened to this guy's ear? all I could find was he was hanging up homophobic propaganda and a gay bodybuilder cut it off???
Jason Mckenzie
Jason Mckenzie Hace 17 días
Did they have ads every 2 fucken minutes in the 60's?
Matthew Beebe
Matthew Beebe Hace 17 días
The video starts with someone running a red light 😂😂
Rhonda Bitler
Rhonda Bitler Hace 17 días
That lifestyle is NOT fun.
Phil Sooty
Phil Sooty Hace 18 días
How the hell do nutters like Manson get followers! They must be insane as well!
Phil Sooty
Phil Sooty Hace 18 días
Nikolas Schreck, good job he doesn't need spectacles!
Bill Mcphail
Bill Mcphail Hace 18 días
Mark Prius
Mark Prius Hace 19 días
Thats messed up man, u guys were great and then your generation gave us trump, what the heck man. Haha shame on you boomers, I hope the tik tok generation learns from your mistakes.
Dirk Blanston
Dirk Blanston Hace 21 un día
The generation who threw their own grandchildren under the bus
Andrew Nicholas
Andrew Nicholas Hace 22 días
The bottom line is this pathetic twisted flawed conning toad never had the balls to accept responsibility for the crimes of the young brainwashed he ordered to commit. Using mind alteraiting drugs to speed up the process . That pittifull creature is now serving its time beyond the clouds.
jean myers
jean myers Hace 24 días
I visited LA shortly after the trial of Manson to see relatives, I’m from UK. I had read Helter Skelter which was terrifying. I couldn’t wait to get back to UK.as all in Beverly Hills were in lockdown for fear of rest of his cult were still free. I was sorry he was not put to death because over the years he became a celebrities. Please stop blaming Beatles.
Danny C Illumini
Danny C Illumini Hace 25 días
Very good video. watching this 2020! Respect.
Samael Azazel
Samael Azazel Hace 25 días
PROPAGANDA. Read books. I suggest the Manson File by Nikolas Schreck out this November. The most comprehensive book on the subject.
Cheryl Baker
Cheryl Baker Hace 27 días
His eyes look familiar everybody in the Democratic Party!!
K Bux
K Bux Hace 29 días
Damn I went down a rabbit hole googling the guy missing an ear in this video
Tatyana Melnikoff
Tatyana Melnikoff Hace un mes
manson wasn't good enough with the old music. reality. truth. geeescheeeesh! what! a! loser! he just fails at everything! whew! everything! total failure! maybe, could be, he was a jealous closet beeeeeitch against highly successful and beautiful people who are capable of making their own way. and, weren't nuts. dude, take a bath!
Justice Jakober
Justice Jakober Hace un mes
The 60’s Baby
Nicola Benbrook
Nicola Benbrook Hace un mes
Anyone with a BRAIN knows the Mafia/GOVERNMENT WAS BEHIND THIS LOOK WHO THEY KILLED Roman Polanski is a piece of TRASH
highjinxwillie62 Hace un mes
L.A so beautiful back then compared to today. It truly has turned into a third world country.
Brasstacks Hace un mes
28:30 Johnny Scoville!
Christy Stewart
Christy Stewart Hace un mes
Interesting that the people interviewed bring up Hitler and Manson as mind controllers but not Jim Jones. A guy who convinced a large part of his followers to not only commit suicide but murder those who didn’t want to commit suicide. And his followers murdered a congressman. 900+ people dead but Manson for some reason is the bigger con man. I get why Hitler was brought up. But the idea that since Manson convinced a few middle class white teenagers and twenty somethings to murder people caused the end of the 60s is ridiculous. Eventually this would have died out on its own. Once people get a little older they no longer want to hang out on street corners wondering where their next meal is coming from. And dumpster diving loses its allure when you realize this will be the rest of your life.
Ken Bellchambers
Ken Bellchambers Hace un mes
Charles was in reformatories and prisons most of his life where he learned how to be a successful pimp, and he was taught crime and disdain for authorities by serious offenders. That is why he was angry. If he had been treated fairly when he was a child, none of the subsequent crimes would have been committed. What he did had nothing to do with the counterculture movement at all. That movement has never gone away, it is everywhere, and it will emerge as a unified force again when the time is right. I believe it will be called the millennium. When a Hopi leader was asked what will happen to his people, he replied, "My people will return to the land again in nine generations from the time of our surrender. We will come out of the earth, (rocks and waters), and we will be called something like 'Hopi's'. This interview took place about fifty years ago. We came out, just like the ancient prophets said, and the tribes are still gathering as I type.
System Bounces
System Bounces Hace un mes
Monster is the fourth studio album by Steppenwolf. The album was released in November 1969. America where are you now? Don't you care about your sons and daughters? Don't you know we need you now We can't fight alone against the monster The spirit was freedom and justice And it's keepers seem generous and kind It's leaders were supposed to serve the country But now they won't pay it no mind 'Cause the people grew fat and got lazy And now their vote is a meaningless joke They babble about law and order But it's all just an echo of what they've been told Yeah, there's a monster on the loose It's got our heads into a noose And it just sits there watchin'
Jake Spur
Jake Spur Hace un mes
It’s ironic Iooking back on this now how rich white people were allegedly terrorized, in the meantime Black people and people of colour continue to be terrorized on a daily basis and it goes without notice. By the way I’m a white dude
Bruce Gwynn
Bruce Gwynn Hace un mes
What's up with the ear???
tiffsaver Hace un mes
These photos sure bring back memories. I grew up only a few miles from the Sunset Strip, even getting arrested in front of the Pandora's Box night club when I was only 16-years old, the subject of the big sixties protest song, "For What It's Worth," by the Buffalo Springfield, who later went on to form Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young. I had the opportunity to watch the highly touted film by Quentin Tarantino, "Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, and although he did manage to capture the "feeling" of those days quite well, I was extremely angry about how he interjected his film characters into the actual murder of Sharon Tate. To me, by trying to change history, he totally distorted the entire memory of Tate and the others who died so tragically. This horrific event was no Hollywood fairytale, it was an actual event, and I doubt if the families of these many innocent victims would have liked how he turned their deaths into a Hollywood film script. Extremely bad form, in my opinion.
Sheila Clark
Sheila Clark Hace un mes
Being a failed musician really drove him crazy
Strings of Peace
Strings of Peace Hace 7 horas
The Beach Boys covered one of his songs , hardly a failed musician ..
Carol Gladfelder
Carol Gladfelder Hace 13 días
@buzzwaffle Very well said.
buzzwaffle Hace un mes
They had something in common; they were both lazy and thought artistic skill & success comes easily. Then when it didn't, they sought blame to answer for the anger & powerlessness they felt, instead of digging deep within themselves to become better in what they desired to achieve.
loyaldude10 Hace un mes
maybe similar to Hitler being a failed artist; was not accepted into art school in Vienna
Brent z
Brent z Hace un mes
Little do people know that the hippie movement in the US was started by the KGB and tested in India first.
jackson77722 Hace un mes
the good old Daze;,,,,,,,?
Nobby Barnes
Nobby Barnes Hace un mes
The Manson girls/family are no different than the Qanon yokels....they're the same type of credulous rubes.
Cappy 22
Cappy 22 Hace un mes
This was the beginning of the SJW wackjob. P.s I love how "everyone is a victim and Manson took advantage of all of those poor poor women" 🤦‍♂️
Nobby Barnes
Nobby Barnes Hace un mes
you're a slack jawed yokel.
gdcat777 Hace un mes
"Krenwinkle, Planet Of The Apes screen test, take one....."
Carol Gladfelder
Carol Gladfelder Hace 13 días
LOL. 🐵
Teresa Gib
Teresa Gib Hace un mes
LAPD denied the killings were by same people for the longest time. And had the gun in custody without realizing it for a long time. Dipshits were still out looking for it. Keystone cops.
Dennis Giles
Dennis Giles Hace un mes
I lived through the 60s in southern California as a banker in a three piece suit and realized then that this peace and love generation would become a problem, will I was right now we have all these brain fried idiots running our country and they are pathetic
Joseph Consoli
Joseph Consoli Hace un mes
It's the easiest thing in the world to con and manipulate people. The tough thing is to be so heartless and soulless as to take advantage of that fact. Manson was one of them.
Big Al
Big Al Hace un mes
This documentary has made me realize that modern-day SJWs are the angry, hate-filled version of 1960s hippies.
Michael Craig McGee
Michael Craig McGee Hace 8 días
@Cappy 22 I'm 60 and two months now. And boomer is the new idiotic supposed insult these snot rags use for my generation now. Pretty pathetic.
Cappy 22
Cappy 22 Hace 8 días
@Michael Craig McGee ya I don't want to bash hippies. 90% of them were probably awesome lol
Michael Craig McGee
Michael Craig McGee Hace 8 días
@Cappy 22 Ok fair enough.
Cappy 22
Cappy 22 Hace 8 días
@Michael Craig McGee Yes, i understand. Most hippies were probably pretty cool. But Charlie's hippies were spoiled little brats who hated America. (There is no doubt if Susan Atkins was born in the 80s or 90's she would be ANTIFA)
Michael Craig McGee
Michael Craig McGee Hace 8 días
@Cappy 22 I lived post hippy in the 70s did acid and shooms. Take it from me it's nothing like today's SJWs.
1966johnnywayne Hace un mes
"There had never been a cult like this before, and there never was again...preying on young people" ... enter ANTIFA
1966johnnywayne Hace un mes
@Jennifer Jensen BLM is an extension of ANTIFA ... same folks.
Jennifer Jensen
Jennifer Jensen Hace un mes
Oblivious Prime
Oblivious Prime Hace un mes
What happened to that dude's ear?
Pat Moffit
Pat Moffit Hace un mes
Throwaway That’ll Stay
Honestly though, Charlie WAS talented. Just awful as a person. I feel guilty when I enjoy his music (I adore sharon). I’ll be walking around the house sometimes and find myself singing “pretty, pretty girrrrl”. 😬 Also, For those who don’t know, Penny Lane was based on Pamela!
Carol Gladfelder
Carol Gladfelder Hace 13 días
Who's Pamela?
jake scott
jake scott Hace un mes
Ugh, give me a break. His music sucked and he was not talented at all lol. He's a pseudo-intellectual hack.
Sam Hain
Sam Hain Hace un mes
Worst crime bittetker
Michael N
Michael N Hace un mes
On of the biggest psyop in history. Subverting a whole generation of youth to degeneracy and submission.
A t las
A t las Hace un mes
Because mind control is just one of the many things that you “learn in prison”... These people have no sense of reality at all. What type of prison has she dreamed up, some type of CIA “re-education camp”? Also, that race war that Manson was talking about, and warning you about that was so bizarre to you that you didn’t bother paying any attention to, I’ve got four numbers for you, 2, 0, 2, and 0, the year the entire world turned into an endless nightmare. Music stolen from him by a very famous band, and put on their album titled 2020 of all things (not to mention the name of the song stolen), a producer screwing him around instead of getting him with some producer that COULD utilize his talent.. and then thrown in prison and left to rot for multiple murders of people that he was nowhere around at the time they were killed. All of these things happened to Manson because of the people around him. Am I saying he was a great upstanding citizen? Not at all. I am saying that he was not the mind controlling utterly evil psychopath that the people demonized him into being. If this guy could capture the minds of young people, and then proceed to control their minds and get them to do his will, so far as to murdering people, dont you think the Intelligence Agency would be all over such a guy? Think Operation Paperclip. He was given the death penalty, only to have a halt put on executions a year later, and he manages to live right up before all of this 2020 madness. Is something not off about all of this? I will part ways with this.. I try to see things through the eyes of both/all sides, and shy away from the ones that just don’t add up. What an unbelievable hand to be dealt. If you’ve read this far, congratulations! You’re an intellectual, with a great attention span. Take care!
Felix Bruyns
Felix Bruyns Hace un mes
Since the Agape Lodge opened in 1935, California has been filled with Satanist activity. The Black Dahlia was killed in an alchemical ritual. Manson was a low-level, run of the mill Satanist, a mere pawn of Anton LaVey. The Zodiac Killer, as his chosen nickname suggests, had occult motives. Arlis Perry was murdered at Stanford in 1974 in a way to profane Christianity. Stay out of fraternities, sororities, yoga and "transcendental" meditation. These all open doors that you would wish had remained closed.
EVIL QTip Hace un mes
This guy wouldn't last in my neighborhood ....growing up we were all hard workers .. strong kick ass dad Grandfathers that were war hero's .. We would have shot this man early ..before anything like this would happen.. I guess that's what happens when your grow up in L.A as a bunch a sheep..
catsintexas Hace un mes
the journalist woman, near the end of the video is WRONG. there has been a similar cult, except for the murders. NXVIUM CULT, Keith Ranier and Allison Mack.
catsintexas Hace un mes
I wonder what Frank Sinatra and his people thought of Manson. Didn't they live in LA?
catsintexas Hace un mes
After manson, came OJ Simpson. Before Epstein, there was another popular hollywood guy who secretly had a deranged psychology mind makeup. But we didn't know that until AFTER Simpson killed Nicole Simpson and robbed that Football Card show at the hotel.
catsintexas Hace un mes
when you want to experience the stupidity of a civilization, one way [ just one ] to experience is to watch the STUPID INTERRUPTING crass pop up commercials interfere with your video. but instead of being angry, watch carefully and guardedly the innaneness of the serious sounding music and the presentation of the GIMMICK about the product like its something important. it has NOTHING to do with what you have been watching. its an insensitive OBVIOUS marketing of a product that insults the seriousness or joy of entertainment you have JUST been watching. The importance here, is showing you what business marketer AD men think about the rest of us and our thinking. we are sheep or fools to be conned for a product. Consumerism. NOW COMPARE THAT with the evil genius and charisma of Charles Manson. Ad the drug filled 60s. IT WAS LIKE TAKING CANDY AWAY from a baby!!
Mr B
Mr B Hace un mes
Cameron Moore
Cameron Moore Hace un día
@Nobby Barnes maybe you could name the exceptions then
enigma jd
enigma jd Hace 3 días
@Nicholas Shade No added value here!!
Keith Wilson
Keith Wilson Hace 7 días
Mr B What the city is now is because of these filthy people.
Nicholas Shade
Nicholas Shade Hace 21 un día
@MaoS I love your singing.K-9
Christy Stewart
Christy Stewart Hace 28 días
Yeah that would explain San Francisco......And Los Angeles and San Diego. Every major city has a run down area and has since the beginning of time.
J B Hace un mes
What's the difference between a hockey player and a hippie chick??? A hockey player takes a shower after 3 periods😁💯
Texas Ray
Texas Ray Hace un mes
Red light means "stop".
Endless Nameless
Endless Nameless Hace un mes
Red light indicates door are secured
James Bond007
James Bond007 Hace un mes
So much drugs.. so much fun.. it was a great place to live .. lmao that granny 🤣🤣🤣
Beverly Delisle
Beverly Delisle Hace un mes
My mother always said if someone told you jump of a bridge would you !! Thats the question nobody makes you do anything you wanna do !!
Robert Price
Robert Price Hace un mes
She looks like the mom from everybody loves raymond
James D
James D Hace un mes
Too bad it didn't turn out like once upon a time in Hollywood man that would have been great.
MindsOfConflict MOC
What happened? I haven’t saw it yet
Dorn im Auge
Dorn im Auge Hace un mes
Charles Manson killed who? Charlie Mason, the "Mass Murderer" and man of "Pure Evil" has never killed anyone or was aggressive in prison until his death ... start to think.
arajoaina Hace un mes
The weird truth is the fact that Manson was convicted even when he did not take part in any murder. He wasn’t even at the scene of the crime.
James D
James D Hace un mes
If you imply or order a murder your guilty it's that easy !
shawn McCoin
shawn McCoin Hace un mes
I'm very f****** scared of the guy with one year I think I'm just f****** pissed my pants I'm scared the f****** death of this f****** freak what the f*** man can you buy a prosthetic that's very scary and I'm very sorry whatever happened to you I'm a very compassionate person but you scared the f*** out of me know you're not a freak it just looks scary to me I'm sorry you're a very smart person I get it but man that's just the men f****** scared me
Brad BradBradBrad
Brad BradBradBrad Hace un mes
annoying *HIPPIES*
daneg007 Hace un mes
ahhhhhh, your fuckin ear, man.
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