L.A. in the Time of Charles Manson (Full version)

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Fifty years later, the shocking Tate-LaBianca murders still haunt the city.
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28 jul 2019






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A T Hace un día
LA in the 60s. Peace love drugs murder. Now homeless drugs gangs murder crowded. Seems it’s not moving in the right direction now either.
Travis Haynes
Travis Haynes Hace 2 días
At 24:45 , " there had never been a cult like this and there never was again " ? Never was again , when? Ever ? The 20th century ? Her lifetime ? Shouldn't she say there probably will never be agian ? Am I the only one to notice this. Did she say that because it sounded sensational ? There seems to be an underlying motive to most of these people words. Fame ! Everyone wants to become famous hitching a ride on Manson' , Atkins' , Watson's or anyone else's involved coattails !!?? He used drugs , sex , ROCK & ROLL to enslave these people to do his bidding !! WOW !! I bet this woman has little or NO experience with these three "tools". One more thing , " he had a streak of pure evil in him " come on !? Really? I think she has a streak of pure dumbass in her !!
Toby Hiddens
Toby Hiddens Hace 3 días
Psychedelics aren't drugs especially mushrooms and pot.
Cat Man
Cat Man Hace 3 días
Burnout. Decade led to Clinton’s/Obama 👎🤦🏻‍♂️
fiona beswick
fiona beswick Hace 4 días
Cease to Exist is supposed to be a mystical song..its about dissolving personality, giving up ego..not about 'let me tell you what you are'
GSXR LIFE Hace 4 días
Charles got so railroaded it's unbelievable. It just shows the power the media has to make someone out to be someone there not. They used him to stop the 60's hippy movement by making hippies out to be crazy cult murderers. They made him out to be worse than the ones who did the murders! As a normal average person nobody could tell me to kill somebody and if you think realistically I'm sure nobody could tell you to murder someone What ever happened to being responsible for your own actions
Joseph Marton
Joseph Marton Hace 5 días
he killed high profile people , what if he killed a few janitors ? would the media be the same ? why are high profile people using the services of Manson..prostitution and drugs ? so polansky and the rest of Hollywood are just as guilty !!! why is the very people who used Manson's services not in prison ? did Hillary and Bill Clinton use Manson's services ??
Bill Lozier
Bill Lozier Hace 5 días
Old people with a conscience I mean to say.
Bill Lozier
Bill Lozier Hace 5 días
One other observation from all the interviews from the participants in the murders is that other the days, weeks, months, years & decades they have all evolved as people. They have changed from who they were in 1969. From 20 year old kids to old people. They changed. All, except Charlie.
Bill Lozier
Bill Lozier Hace 5 días
Boy one thing the 60s didn't have was good air. Omg you can really see the awful smog. In L.A. 2020, it's not nearly as bad. Smog control has worked pretty well. The smog made L.A. very gloomy & nasty. Manson was some story.
Bill Lozier
Bill Lozier Hace 5 días
Its amazing, all ya ever hear about or from Manson is how he lived his life in prison. Yet, while he was out he hung out with Dennis Wilson of the beach boys & almost made it in music. Then formed a drugged out cult family & got members to kill people. He was only about 5'2 &125 lbs. Geez louise what a storied life. His spirit was strong too. Lived til he was 83.
Dalí_Hemingway Hace 6 días
...meanwhile there were ugly monsters hiding behind the curtain and looking at this bunch of misfits and wannabes and rubbing their paws and congratulating themselves on finding such easy prey....
Spanky Harland
Spanky Harland Hace 6 días
manson like hitler was not given a chance to become an artist- so they ended up doing the alternate- bad things. If hitler was praised for his art and given the opportunity to become an artist....there would be no WW2 in europe.....if manson was given the opportunity to be a musician rock star.....all those folks would be alive still.... so give folks a chance to be an artist, praise their work - you may be saving the world from a future psychopath.
jrdedonato Hace 7 días
what a disgusting time...
Amparo Howell
Amparo Howell Hace 7 días
They were called hippie then now they are the homeless 😁
Joseph Marton
Joseph Marton Hace 5 días
lots in canada ! free marijuana free opiates...welfare free !! party time !!! methamphetamine and Jack D !!!
none of the nones
none of the nones Hace 8 días
Nothing's hunting the city.
Paul Russell
Paul Russell Hace 8 días
Helter Skelter is BS. This was about drugs, drug deals gone wrong and an angry manipulative little man. The end.
Paul Johnson
Paul Johnson Hace 9 días
Sadly, if Jay carried back then, with either a 1911 or a .38 special, the whole thing could've ended differently. Parent would've died but the 3 assailants, with their buck knives and .22 Buntline, would've been no match for an armed vet. Since Sharon's dogs weren't out, there was no early warning. And history would not have been made.
Fidneus Diller
Fidneus Diller Hace 9 días
10:40..... incredible that those girls believed that. I imagine that he was a manipulator who used acid, sex, and fear any way he could. He sure enough became world famous.
fiona beswick
fiona beswick Hace 4 días
What he did, was learn to have sex in such a way that he focused totally on the girl. He didnt judge girls according to some standard. He saw them as people..that was powerful. He saw them as perfect..Mary Brunner..the prosecutor called her 'exceptionally unattractive" but Manson said "she wasn't pretty..but she had qualities" and he liked her and found her 'my kind of girl..she minds her own business and she's smart". Unusual for men to see women like this. Pat Krenwinkel had been nothing but abused and called ugly by all other men...Manson saw her as perfect. She wanted to remove that extra body hair and he said "I'll kill you if you do..its perfect, because you are perfect"..imagine how much that could move a person when all other men had called her disgusting. When he had sex he wouldnt pound away and expect the girl to tell him how great he was..he gave himself to her..Dianne Lake said 'he avoided all my sensitive places til I was ready to scream" and Sandy Good said he made love to her beautifully for an hour and could have kept going but stopped, because he observed it was enough..he wasn't focusing on his own getting off. They'd never known anything like it. and Manson said they were transformed by this pleasure. They couldnt do enough for him. And they shared him and they didnt quarrel with each other...except Susan wasn't popular with the others, being insecure and loud. And that's how he did it, in the final analysis. Hooked them with sex and love..and fun and drugs and this special world they created..and then it all went bad, very fast.
Ferdinand The Bull
Ferdinand The Bull Hace 10 días
I dont get how a 5 foot freak could control the minds of all these people. To think he lived to 80. Unfair a lot of these people are still alive!!
Saturnin 78
Saturnin 78 Hace 11 días
krenwinkel is hairy like a man and pamela had crush on everybody
Ferdinand The Bull
Ferdinand The Bull Hace 9 días
Don't forget real homely too!! Lol
Erik Molnar
Erik Molnar Hace 12 días
Joey Ramone 0:58 minute in! Wow
JD Shemp
JD Shemp Hace 12 días
Manson and company was an MK ultra mission to destroy the love hippy moment,and maintain the status quo. Timothy Leary was cellies with Charlie,at one time. They had to stop the coming revolution.....
Flaming Warrior
Flaming Warrior Hace 12 días
Without the CIA dispensing the LSD for free to suppress the youth counter revolution and wholesale slaughter overseas of the flower of youth of their nation, then yes they could have changed the world.
Petepan Hace 12 días
My friend and I saw Manson and two topless girls wearing blue jeans dancing on the end of a jetty just south of Temescal Canyon in Pacific Palisades, CA . in the late 60's. I can still see it because we saw the topless girls and as teenagers got as close as we could to them, they were dancing around Manson with their arms above their heads, looked cool at the time. At that point we did not know it was Manson for sure but a few days later confirmed it when we came across 40-50 dead and sacrificed animals on the beach, some headless some with their throats slit. There were many birds, a few goats and other animals I don't remember what they were. It was weird and a bit frightening to say the least. When I got home I told my mother, she called the cops so there may be a record of it.
Kevin Kaatz
Kevin Kaatz Hace 12 días
Lies, lies, and more lies. Ya'll listening to yourselves talk this nonsense about Manson?
Stuart Lee
Stuart Lee Hace 12 días
Adam Schiff Manson follower
Barton Knight
Barton Knight Hace 12 días
5:54 In the village of the deaf ... the one eared man is king. 😎
Wyatt's dad
Wyatt's dad Hace 14 días
Would you say Charles Manson and the Manson family were conservatives or liberals..?
Paul Johnson
Paul Johnson Hace 9 días
Collectivism is a leftist ideology. Individual rights are a hallmark of the right. Those views permeate every issue. Cults are, by definition, leftist. Nobody who thinks for themselves wants to be in a cult.
Ure Royaltyy
Ure Royaltyy Hace 14 días
He simply told ppl what they wanted to hear ...
Ure Royaltyy
Ure Royaltyy Hace 14 días
Are we going to ignore the fact that who ever was driving and recording just passed a red light 🤷🏽‍♀️🤷🏽‍♀️
Monkey_King Grunge
Monkey_King Grunge Hace 8 días
@Ure Royaltyy what? i saw someone exactly like you not too long ago in the comment section.. they're even posing in the same way as you are in your profile pic
Fidneus Diller
Fidneus Diller Hace 9 días
@Artist Film yes.
Artist Film
Artist Film Hace 9 días
Fidneus Diller Is that a Judas Priest reference? 😄
Ure Royaltyy
Ure Royaltyy Hace 9 días
Fidneus Diller lmfao 🤣💀💀
Fidneus Diller
Fidneus Diller Hace 11 días
breakin the law, breakin the law...…..
DACHBO1 Hace 14 días
Manson didn't tell the kids what to do,and he never killed anyone.
justin chapman
justin chapman Hace 15 días
19:35 Wrong and wrong again. Try again.
theman36 Hace 17 días
The ignorance of youth.
Bola Oladapo
Bola Oladapo Hace 3 días
No. This is different. Psychopathy is something else. Don't underestimate these predators.
J2B Hace 18 días
Manson just wanted an easy free loading life. Unfortunately the bullshit he had to spin to try and keep the family serving their purpose got out of control and it ended up with those murders. Manson was no master architect nor did he believe in Helter Skelter. It was just stories to keep the gullible kids working for him and doing what he wanted. The Lotsa Poppa drug burn and Hinman murder were the catalyst for everything else. There was no master plan.
Colin Farren
Colin Farren Hace 19 días
The guy was a cult leader no mistake, he brainwashed his followers.
Fidneus Diller
Fidneus Diller Hace 11 días
L. Ron Howard led the Mayberry Cult.
Fidneus Diller
Fidneus Diller Hace 11 días
Of course, .... Jim Jones, David Koresh, Bo and Peep, L. Ron Howard, Mahariji what's his face, and many many others. It surprises me how easily led and how gullible certain people are. Everybody's looking for something I guess.
Kevin james
Kevin james Hace 19 días
Nothing whatsoever to do with the Beatles
Living Shadows
Living Shadows Hace 20 días
Stephen Kay from his Mother...
Amaziah of Judah
Amaziah of Judah Hace 21 un día
Charles Manson was a failed musician, but I do not think he was a failed artist. Karl Heinz Stockhausen arguably the most genius musician of the 20th-century made a comment about 9/11, which was misinterpreted and which he walked back from contextualizing it as spoken with the voice of Lucifer from Light: The Seven Days of the Week. Many people didn't understand that, because they did not understand Stockhausen and his expertise in music theory and critical theory, he was a friend of Theodor Adorno and one very much needs to be familiar with Adorno's deconstruction of the culture industry and his musical theory to understand any of Stockhausen's comments or his work. But the comment went as follows: "Well, what happened there is, of course-now all of you must adjust your brains-the biggest work of art there has ever been. The fact that spirits achieve with one act something which we in music could never dream of, that people practise ten years madly, fanatically for a concert. And then die. [Hesitantly.] And that is the greatest work of art that exists for the whole Cosmos. Just imagine what happened there. There are people who are so concentrated on this single performance, and then five thousand people are driven to Resurrection. In one moment. I couldn't do that. Compared to that, we are nothing, as composers. [...] It is a crime, you know of course, because the people did not agree to it. They did not come to the "concert". That is obvious. And nobody had told them: "You could be killed in the process."" Art isn't limited to what most people narrowly conceive of it, it isn't good by itself, it isn't always beautiful, familiar, or limited to certain spaces like a gallery or a concert hall. I would compare Osama Bin Laden and his followers to Manson in that regard, they took the most powerful symbols available to them, the New York Skyline representative of capitalism and the Western World as the canvas, the Twin Towers as ultimate symbols of that prowess, the Pentagon as the symbol of the paramount hegemony of the American empire, and the White House as the ultimate symbol of western democracy, as well as trans-Atlantic jet airplanes as symbols of technological progress and combined them in one performance they rehearsed for almost a decade to create hellish, alien and powerful imagery. Their work was burned into the mind of most people alive at the time. They created the greatest and most powerful piece of art with these symbols determination and a pair of box cutters. Of course, their actions are seen as pure evil by those who believed in the values the symbols they destroyed/sought to destroy represented while they were cheered on by those that despised them. Manson's performance was of much lesser greatness, he played three acts, the ritualistic murders, the trial, and becoming a modern myth like Romulus Rape of the Sabine women. He took the symbols of the era, free love, drugs, etc and superimposed them against the world of aspirational fame and wealth that was also part of the American Cold War zeitgeist. This was his first act. It struck fear into the audience, he was the director of an orchestra and the audience was moved more powerfully than any musician could have moved them at a concert. His second act was the trial where he orchestrated a theatrical performance that entranced millions, he superimposed his representation of the devil, destruction personified, a puppet master that could have lured any American son or daughter into one his followers. He rehearsed for this his whole life, he was no stranger to the court, nor the justice system, nor prison, he knew what roles they would play and he did it so well, he managed to turn the most world's powerful man at the time into his antagonist during his performance. This was his second act. And his third act was having become a living myth, he would spend the rest of his life in prison, a place he knew, retired, with little more to do, but the character he created lived on it could no be jailed nor killed. This was his third and final act. Each of these by itself is a decent piece of art, but taken together they probably would have been the greatest piece of art of the 60s had it not been for the Apollo 11 mission and the images that produced. But his work moved more people than Beatlesmania ever did, and its cultural impact was greater than it could have ever been had he become a successful musician. I do not endorse or condone their works of art (except for the Moon Landing, that one agrees with my morals), I simply want to draw your attention to their cultural gravity. To say 'Charles Manson was a failed artist' can't be empirically proven wrong or right, it depends on your understanding of what art is, but I do believe there is a very strong case against that view.
M Schau
M Schau Hace 21 un día
She had a hormonal imbalance which cause hair to grow all over?? HAAAAHAAAAAA nasty bridge troll haaaaaa.
David Kelso
David Kelso Hace 22 días
The 60's ended gradually when baby boomers finally realized they were going to have to work a 9-5 job to survive.
lalain m
lalain m Hace 22 días
what i don’t understand is how they got past into her home? like she was sharon freaking tate, married to roman freaking polanski. was there no security at all?
lalain m
lalain m Hace 17 días
Johny2bikes oh thanks for explaining
J2B Hace 18 días
You have to remember it was totally different times back then. There was minimal security at the house and certainly no security guards. This was what made it all so shocking as people were much more naive and you could say innocent back then.
lalain m
lalain m Hace 21 un día
Chese 311 guns existed. i’m sure security guards did too?
Chese 311
Chese 311 Hace 21 un día
lalain mashood, in 1969???
chop 362
chop 362 Hace 22 días
My Dad tells me all the “celebrities” were either hiding or fleeing, where’s Manson when you need em😂😂
Judita J.
Judita J. Hace 4 días
@chop 362 Yeah, those emojis could confirm that.
chop 362
chop 362 Hace 16 días
michelle stein-evers frankl Wasn’t meant to be.
michelle stein-evers frankl
chop 362 Not funny.
Ed Smith
Ed Smith Hace 23 días
You should look up targeted individual's that r being tortured by the government by electric magnetic weapons and infargard group's are using these electric magnetic weapons.
Claire Hace 24 días
I wonder if Beausoleil's cellmate ever called him "cupid" before they made love
OLD BAY Hace 24 días
Dennis Wilson got affiliated with Charlie by picking up some of the girls hitch hiking close to his house, which some say was staged. He was the only Beach Boy that did drugs on a steady basis, which was how Charlie played him. The song that they said was altered(which was supposed to have infuriated Charlie) was done so by Brian Wilson, because it was the only way he would OK it to be played by the band. Brian found Charlies music amateur at best, but basically terrible. Terry Melcher had NO interest in it at all, which infuriated Charlie. Once Wilson broke ties with the family, Manson supposedly gave him a bullet, meaning it was time to die. Thats why though years later, the drowning of Wilson, who was an avid swimmer, was thought to be murder ordered by Manson. Its also why the the house Tate was living in was picked, and he ordered to kill everyone in it, even knowing details of the property. . Melcher had been leasing it, and had a small studio there where he first heard Manson`s music, but had moved without Manson knowing it. The murders were never about a race war to Manson, that was a ploy to get his drug crazed followers to do what he wanted. It was revenge, from another drug crazed moron that could not accept reality. Thats what drugs do, and why they are used....
J2B Hace 18 días
Agree, but I think Manson actually knew Melcher had moved out. I think the motive was a combination of copy cat killing to get Bobby B out, and also to get other people in the groups hands dirty so he could maintain control over them. Manson was losing control of the family and was getting paranoid so he was also spinning the Helter Skelter bullshit to keep them on side. On the night he chose Tex as he said Tex owed him after the Lotsa Poppa drug burn. Apparently when Tex asked where to do the murders, Manson told him to pick a house like where Terry used to live.
baron urias
baron urias Hace 24 días
The End came at Altamont...
David Hace 11 días
Nope. Kent State.
MrShobar Hace 25 días
These women rhapsodizing about the '60's. None of then received a draft notice at the end of 1969, like I did. For a Southeast Asian vacation-all expenses paid. Terry Melcher. What a life. Only remembered as the son of Doris Day, and being the tenant Charlie was really looking for at the Altobelli house.
soltan alosmi
soltan alosmi Hace 27 días
Only drug user knows how drugs can really be the cause of everything horrible human can do.
Victoria Trambley
Victoria Trambley Hace 28 días
Jan 21, 2020: Make a difference? FUN? YOU WERE ALL INSANE. *1) For God did not send his Son Jesus to condemn the world but to save it. John 3:17; and 2) In Christ we have redemption through His Blood, the forgiveness of sin in accordance with the riches of God’s grace. Ephesians 1:7
Susanne Buchholz
Susanne Buchholz Hace un mes
27:50 Pamela Des Barres is totally right.You cannot compare cold-blooded murderers with hippies.
Chris K
Chris K Hace 20 días
What if their brainwashed hippies
Dmitri Vlad
Dmitri Vlad Hace un mes
2:57 Gross
Frederica Bimble
Frederica Bimble Hace 15 días
What part was 'gross?' That Manson hustled her into bed?
Randall Skipper
Randall Skipper Hace un mes
The earless dude is van gohs son
Judita J.
Judita J. Hace 4 días
You think that's genetically thing? :D Btw, you do know when was Vincent's time, right?
Jae Crowther
Jae Crowther Hace un mes
3:38 what a great song look at you’re game girl Chex out the manson album lie has all the great hits dude he wasn’t part of the scene he was the scene I’m still waiting 4 that war Charlie AWTA!!!!!!!! Man you should of bought it and had them sign it
Judita J.
Judita J. Hace 4 días
Should of?!
William W. Campbell-Shepherd IX
93 Don't believe this for a moment. 93/93
Phantom Voodoo
Phantom Voodoo Hace 2 días
Do What Thou Wilt
huwhite Devil
huwhite Devil Hace un mes
Probably learned it in prison. Lol....AVE Sir Nikolas
David Longenberger
David Longenberger Hace un mes
How would anybody know anything unless they were there bunch of bull 💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩💩
David Longenberger
David Longenberger Hace un mes
@Jolene Loveland it's fudge 💩
Jolene Loveland
Jolene Loveland Hace un mes
@David Longenberger ~mmmmm chocolate!
David Longenberger
David Longenberger Hace un mes
@Jolene Loveland well it's not chocolate 😊😊😊
Jolene Loveland
Jolene Loveland Hace un mes
What are those brown thingies after your comment?
Bob Dobalina
Bob Dobalina Hace un mes
00:04 dude just ran a red light.
Joseph Marton
Joseph Marton Hace 5 días
due...like so like dude like....red lights dont stop some people. thats how they get ahead in life. if a red light stops you , then you will never prosper. laws are created to keep us from prosperity and happiness. the law makers are above the laws they create for the poor
Steve Vaughn
Steve Vaughn Hace 8 días
I saw that also. Straight up RAN IT. Dude rolled up while it was yellow, than after it went red he rolled on thru. No cops around....luck!
SidForBrains Hace un mes
The comments at the end about the love generation thing ending. I recall the sick feeling I got realizing this truth at the time. Up until that point, the flower child was the reality we lived in, some of us literally and some, ideologically. But the reality of using people in such a way killed that fantasy for me and the culture.
crankylifter Hace un mes
Another glorification piece about the worst generation.
Claire Hace 24 días
lol no doubt the beginning of real stupidity
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