La Luna Sangre: Finale Recap

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Evil has completely taken over Sandrino as he comes face-to-face with his other being. Malia and La Liga Unida, on the other hand, carry on their mission to protect and save the mortals from the wicked vampires. Unknown to them, Sandrino locates La Liga Unida’s new hideout and scares the Toralbas out of their wits. La Liga Unida puts up a fight in an attempt to save the Torralbas at the hands of Supremo. However, their effort turns futile as Supremo not only managed to take Pina and Gabriel, but also end the life of Baristo. Refusing to let his adoptive father's sacrifice go to waste, Malia commands La Liga Unida to do whatever it takes to save Tristan's grandparents. However, Supremo makes sure that Tristan and Malia know that Gabriel and Pina are at his mercy. Eager to have Tristan join his cause, Supremo forces his brother to make a difficult decision.
Sandrino’s other being kills Gabriel and Pina after Tristan refused to kill Malia. Helpless, Tristan laments the deaths of his beloved grandparents. In a stunning turn of events, the emotional pain caused by the loss of her loved ones unleashes the full potential of Malia’s powers and unveils the truth behind her identity. Meanwhile, Sandrino’s followers start to turn their backs on him because of his mindless cruelty. Jethro gets an alarming vision about the reoccurrence of La Luna Sangre. Tristan resolves to make the ultimate sacrifice: he decides to speak with Sandrino, hoping that there is still a chance for his brother to change. Malia, although initially against Tristan’s plan, opts to accept and trust his decision.
Tristan meets with the Supremo, in hopes of convincing his brother to stop his evil deeds. Their meeting, however, turns into an intense battle instead. Meanwhile, La Liga Unida discovers the Supremo’s vile plan for humankind. Hand in hand, the vampires and the werewolves go the extra mile to protect the innocent mortals. Elsewhere, Malia comes to Tristan’s rescue and finally rises up to meet her destiny.
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Episode Cast:
Kathryn Bernardo (Malia) / Daniel Padilla (Tristan, Imperator) / Richard Gutierrez (Sandrino, Supremo, Gilbert Imperial) / Bryan Santos (Gael) / Joross Gamboa (Baristo) / Tony Labrusca (Jake) / Albert Martinez (Theodore Montemayor, Prof T) / Mark Neumann (Harvin) / Dino Imperial (Jethro) / Khalil Ramos (Lemuel) / Ketchup Eusebio (Lucho) /Meryll Soriano (Greta) / Cindy Miranda (Elise) / Denise Laurel (Soraya) / Erika Padilla (Miriam) / MJ Lastimosa (Tilda) / Kirst Viray (James) / Cris Villanueva (Osmundo) / Kirst Viray (James) / Michael Rivero (Luis) / Regine Angeles (Vanessa) / Josh Ivan Morales (Theo) / Mike Lloren (Vice Pres. Cecilio)


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3 mar 2018






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Lhad Nurhamad
Lhad Nurhamad Hace 9 horas
The best movie
Carino Bungal
Carino Bungal Hace 19 horas
Mas mgnda ung una imortal kesa dito. Ang Korni masyado
clamzy user
clamzy user Hace 9 horas
Kezia Canlas
Kezia Canlas Hace un día
Drref erwfj dfeeii vwthi rgi
Prince Cueva
Prince Cueva Hace un día
Pogi ng bampira oh......idol ko.......2019
Paula Enciso
Paula Enciso Hace 2 días
mas maganda pa rin imortal sa akin nanghinayang ako dito nawala yung kapangyarihan ni angel at john loyd
clamzy user
clamzy user Hace 9 horas
Stray Gray
Stray Gray Hace 2 días
Sino nanonood habang namatay na si Denise Sa FPJ ang probinsyano
lucky sun
lucky sun Hace 3 días
lucky sun
lucky sun Hace 3 días
La Laguna sarangheyo
christhel mae Delloso
Nakakamiss talaga sila...sana may part two
Joy Canque
Joy Canque Hace 3 días
Dandandandan Hace 4 días
season 2 pleaseeeeeee
jhel Sorongon
jhel Sorongon Hace 4 días
Jenny Abayon
Jenny Abayon Hace 4 días
Masaya sana kung si ate locsin parin si malia sa LA LUNA SANGRE nohhh??
Jenny Abayon
Jenny Abayon Hace 4 días
LOBO,IMORTAL, at LA LUNA SANGRE kasali angel locsin....woww....dabest ka talaga ate locsin....😍😍😍
ARBie DoTCoM Hace 4 días
Ewan ko sa ending? 😕 Masyadong Matindi yung labanan 😒 wala ka din maintindihan 😑
Site 3 Memes
Site 3 Memes Hace 5 días
13:35 sa Cloud 9 Antipolo
Still watching ❤️
Miles Piquero
Miles Piquero Hace 5 días
i miss la luna sangre 💓
Mitch Maricar
Mitch Maricar Hace 5 días
Oct,13 2019 Anybody?
Janessa Samporna
Janessa Samporna Hace 5 días
Si hacienta ay si malia bumalik lang ang future sa nakaraan kasi kung anu ang kapangyarihan ni hacienta ganun din ang kay malia ngayun sout din nia ang pulang balabal
Shrink Gaming
Shrink Gaming Hace 6 días
not bad for low budget film
Kaish Velapora
Kaish Velapora Hace 6 días
9M 💖
Build with Me
Build with Me Hace 7 días
Gawa kayo ng next season
Edmar Gabao
Edmar Gabao Hace 7 días
Ang putbinsyano
Pretty Bunny
Pretty Bunny Hace 8 días
Amazing talaga ni Richard G. Mag acting like this.
rishaly raposas
rishaly raposas Hace 8 días
One of the best, still missing this masterpiece
JM Balilu
JM Balilu Hace 9 días
Walang kupas padinn, dibaaa
Lady Hy
Lady Hy Hace 9 días
Parang twilight saga
Brenda Cuizon
Brenda Cuizon Hace 9 días
Wow ang galing nya maging kontra bida 😍😍😍😍😍
Arvi Nazareno
Arvi Nazareno Hace 10 días
Who still watching?Oct 8 2019
desiree largo
desiree largo Hace 8 horas
Me po
Sheila Achola
Sheila Achola Hace 6 días
ilikuwa inafanyika kwa Chanel gani??
Jaydeelyn Labares
Jaydeelyn Labares Hace 10 días
Masa Gua
Masa Gua Hace 10 días
This drama like drama Indonesia, the title"Ganteng Ganteng Serigala" but this drama so creppy. Not like Indonesia's drama. Same about vampire, but Ganteng Ganteng Serigala in the school.
Eduard Molino
Eduard Molino Hace 10 días
Dexter PH
Dexter PH Hace 11 días
Oct. 7 2019, Who still watching Nakakamiss ang kathneil plsss.. bumalik na kayu
Anja Discipulo
Anja Discipulo Hace 11 días
Ang tagal na neto di ko ito naanood noon pero nakita ko lang sa recommendation to napaisip pako kung ginamit si Raymond as double 😂
Mazy Streegan
Mazy Streegan Hace 11 días
ang sakit matapos ng kahit ano
Jordan Magamundo
Jordan Magamundo Hace 11 días
Oct.2019,.namiss ko lang #KATHNIEL.💛💙💚
Reyknoll Koala
Reyknoll Koala Hace 12 días
Kathniel parin
Juvylyn Gonzales
Juvylyn Gonzales Hace 12 días
Kawawa si sandreno
Devz Estabillo
Devz Estabillo Hace 12 días
Kaway kaway sa mga nanonood p
Darios Esllera
Darios Esllera Hace 12 días
Hay kamimiss tou
Katya Luna
Katya Luna Hace 12 días
Trixie’s Life
Trixie’s Life Hace 13 días
Edgil_Rose Mejos
Edgil_Rose Mejos Hace 13 días
Kailangan ko ng season 2 nasaan na ba!!😡😡
Qatar Qatar
Qatar Qatar Hace 13 días
Wow...Watching 2019🖒Sana my bago na nman Vampire knight..Wow parang Hollywood Movie🙄🙄🙄
Whycliff Weru
Whycliff Weru Hace 13 días
English please!!!
Emelita Driza
Emelita Driza Hace 14 días
Gilbert Cartajena
Gilbert Cartajena Hace 15 días
what episode is this?
Iyle Joshua Neyra
Iyle Joshua Neyra Hace 15 días
Oo nga no
Baby in the water
Baby in the water Hace 16 días
Kathden is better.
Lister Morales
Lister Morales Hace 17 días
Who's still watching on October 01, 2019?
Hanna Pineda
Hanna Pineda Hace 16 días
Lister Morales me
Kelly Nevada
Kelly Nevada Hace 17 días
2019 na October 01 im still watching!!!
Djj Jdje
Djj Jdje Hace 17 días
October 1
Rejean 121318
Rejean 121318 Hace 17 días
Oct. 1 2019 ..still watching.. sana may part 2 ang La Luna Sangre😊 ~LIKE👍 THIS IF GUSTO NYO RIN NA MAGKAROON NG PART 2"👈👇
Marvin Balaoro
Marvin Balaoro Hace 18 días
Still watching laluna sanggre❤️ galing talaga gumanap ni mr. richard guttierez
Danielo Chua
Danielo Chua Hace 18 días
Acheche Drama oy Corneeeey !
Alfred Bermeo
Alfred Bermeo Hace 18 días
Raming huling isda hahahaha
u me
u me Hace 19 días
September 29, 2019, who is till watching.
u me
u me Hace 19 días
Wow thousands of comments and 8 million + ang views.
Akinna Jaboni
Akinna Jaboni Hace 19 días
kung payat lang si Raymond nung time na to, siya na ang maging double jan.
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