Lady Gaga - Hold My Hand (Live From The Oscars/2023) 

Lady Gaga
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12 mar 2023






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@LauDume Hace 11 meses
@namantherockstar Hace 11 meses
But wait i also make music check it out
@Gagas_Version Hace 2 meses
@@namantherockstar I also make music
@AntonArmstrong-ju4kf Hace 23 días
Marina abramovic Satanism
@AntonArmstrong-ju4kf Hace 23 días
She have achieved no sense of art 😮esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-yYn9-uHhBf8.htmlsi=VZNXtmVY6eU2gJoh
@user-yo9lw6td9s Hace 20 días
Зая ты самое людей не ешь❤
@rhondabeirne8560 Hace 2 meses
At the Oscar's with no designer gown, no make up no fancy hairdo, just her and her talent....and she blew the rest of the talent right out of the water....
@TT-tp9hw Hace 2 meses
@iamwhatiam105 Hace un mes
and to top it off she wore her shirt inside out !
@prankymcpranker7634 Hace 29 días
We need more of this
@AntonArmstrong-ju4kf Hace 23 días
She have achieved no sense of art😮esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-yYn9-uHhBf8.htmlsi=VZNXtmVY6eU2gJoh
@AntonArmstrong-ju4kf Hace 23 días
She have achieved no sense of art esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-yYn9-uHhBf8.htmlsi=VZNXtmVY6eU2gJoh😮
Raw talent….incredible! No makeup no fancy clothes; just her voice. i know it’s not likely she will do another performance like this but I truly hope she does ♥️
@lightbulbsun Hace 3 meses
Pretty much the entire Joanne-era was performances like this....
@loosetear Hace 3 meses
See her in concert. However great you expect her to be, she's even better.
@voyagerone7487 Hace 2 meses
look up her piano version of paparazzi
@aluisious Hace 2 meses
Of course she's wearing makeup.
@ThiagoAvilaSP Hace 2 meses
She´s wearing normal makeup, like every normal woman. She´s not wearing a costume, or playing a character like she used to do years ago.@@aluisious
@CraigFrancisSoto Hace 5 meses
When I first saw and heard Lady Gaga many years back,I completely misjudged her voice and overall musical talent. I initially thought "oh,here's another Madonna type doing some outrageous stuff just to get noticed. But man, I was SO wrong. This lady not only has one of the most touching and beautiful voices I've ever heard but she also plays the piano very well and writes some of the most wonderful and touching music and lyrics that I've heard in my lifetime(and I'm 60 years old). And to top it off,she's 100% Italian ! Bravissima signorina e grazie mille.
@justincarey7462 Hace 2 meses
The thing is, she doesn't have to be this way to be considered talented. She's multifaceted. I encourage you to watch her more energetic performances where she masterfully sings and performs complicated choreo. Madonna was never this talented, she was just original.
@CraigFrancisSoto Hace 2 meses
Now that I've seen more of her work,I completely agree with you .She is multifaceted. What I admire most about her is her songwriting ability and that beautiful voice It conveys such emotion and feeling.And she has an excellent vocal range and a wonderful vibrato. As you said,Madonna was never even close to having this much talent.@@justincarey7462
@ishankapoor Hace 17 días
give a listen to shallow and i'll always remember us this way
@grngjack Hace 7 meses
Lady Gaga is something else. She touches the soul when she sings. Extraordinary in every way. She surprises everyone everytime. ❤
@justingreen4450 Hace 29 días
Her natural beauty is stunning. She's an absolute goddess.
@LauDume Hace 11 meses
Esta canción ganó la mejor del año, y nadie me va a decir lo contrario! 💕🥹
@namantherockstar Hace 11 meses
But wait i also make music check it out
@mcfistro9372 Hace 11 meses
Totalmente de acuerdo. Supongo que los de RRR eran más "diversos"...
@estebanrodriguez1159 Hace 11 meses
Los votantes del oscar y los millones de personas que vieron la premiación te dirán que el premio no lo gano gaga
@nxxxgj Hace 11 meses
​@@mcfistro9372es por la maldita inclusión, según ellos
@Chromatica_Monster Hace 11 meses
@@estebanrodriguez1159 she deserved it.
@jamespla Hace un mes
Should’ve won the Oscar for best original song that year. No question
@jack_barr Hace 22 días
Have you listened to Naatu Naatu?
@@jack_barr Hollywood stars go under the knife often, to reduce their own bone anatomy and to replace real bones with implants: if real human bone anatomy ain-t known, all proofs of reality stay hidden. Human bone anatomy which Hollywood cannot change: ¤ female s shape back bone ¤ male straight back bone ¤ male shoulders ¤ female shoulders ¤ male hips ¤ female hips Human bone anatomy which Hollywood can change: ¤ male face: bone cutting jaw bone / brow bone / adam`s apple shave ¤ female face: implants for jew for brow for adam`s apple. ¤ male rib cage (ribs removal) ¤ nose job in both ¤ Hormone therapy in both (for being FTMs and MTFs)
@jamespla Hace 22 días
@@jack_barr yes
@jack_barr Hace 21 un día
@@jamespla okay, then you're valid :)
@_nj10_ Hace 6 días
@kyliepollert8341 Hace 6 meses
I watched this umpteen times the day after it aired... for a last-minute performance, she just walked onstage and poured her heart out into this song, without any makeup on. This is, if not, one of the best awards show performances I've seen, and I've loved her since the beginning!!
@szentesidavid7447 Hace 6 meses
@wuzzysworld2020 Hace 6 meses
@youreyesopen34 Hace 2 meses
She is her most beautiful when she looks like this. Nothing to distract from her amazing voice. Music is in her soul!
@edup-8953 Hace 7 meses
She is the GREATEST performer of our century. What a mind blowing performance !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
@edwardocanul130 Hace 6 meses
1,000,000,000% what it means to be an ARTIST! Astonishing! Beautiful! Heartfelt! Emotional! Raw! A voice that can go beyond speaking to you but projecting through you fully with no emotions barred. Can it get any better than this?
@superkawaiyenne Hace 11 meses
I love her for being raw in front of THIS crowd at THIS event. So bold. So powerful. We need more real people on TV.
Being raw...lol....what does that mean?....she is real...real what....I think u mean real honesty...that's what being real means...to be honest.
@lawrenceg4104 Hace 11 meses
​@Danielson E Martinez Blea You are all over the comments. Just say you're a hater and go 😂
@mattthompson4836 Hace 11 meses
​​@@danielsonmartinezblea1316real' and 'raw' is pretty obvious in the scenario. She is at the 'biggest' event of the year, surrounded by supposed 'mega stars' with egos bigger than Jupiter. She isn't dolled up in some dopey costume. She isn't revealing her body for shock value. For the most part, she's sitting on a chair in a tee shirt & ripped jeans and she isn't miming. She even yanked out her earpiece out after slightly bumming a note. That's what we need more of. Real and raw. Better than pretentious, ostentatious, half-naked performers that can't even sing without lip-syncing to backing tracks. Pretty obvious really...
@@mattthompson4836 in that case I like raw.....the world needs more raw(honesty)....
@iamnataliailuvparis Hace 10 meses
I wonder "who" aka as "a girl" told Gaga that she would be happy again. Do you guys have any idea of her friend's name? I am curious now. 🤭❤
@jworthy4438 Hace 2 meses
And there she goes again.. her voice makes me cry. And she's so purely beautiful without anything on
Probably the best performances I have ever see in my life!
@user-ft2kv4jl7k Hace 2 meses
I’m recovering from an accident that left me with severe brain damage and a new identity. Lady gaga has given me strength when I felt I lost it. Thank you gaga your my hero. I’d do anything to meet you
@user-yy6sv8oh4k Hace 26 días
Хранит вас Бог, классная мечта, обязательно напишите, когда встретитесь!!! Я верю!
@rr5733 Hace 7 meses
Her voice is 🔥🔥🔥
@vampirzhul8115 Hace 7 meses
*His voice
@CraigFrancisSoto Hace 4 meses
She truly sings from her heart. Just a wonderful and thrilling voice.
@wendykrahn6345 Hace 11 meses
I love what she said to introduce the song. I love that she presented herself stripped of make-up, stripped of fancy clothes. She offered her simplest, truest self here. Not many people can do that. Most of us spend our lives trying to hide ourselves. Love this woman. Such a moving performance.
@paulasignorelli3481 Hace 11 meses
Concordo plenamente.❤️
@kattrinaj6575 Hace 11 meses
Yeah she's real💚
@jsully8076 Hace 11 meses
Remember, this is the same woman who just had one of her friends vomit on her twice during a live performance. Real Class Act.
@kattrinaj6575 Hace 11 meses
@@jsully8076 🕉🕊💚
@Gemmarose9012 Hace 11 meses
Annnnd you bought it. Just like you bought that who she was next to Tony bennet was who she really was, just like you bought that when she wore the meat dress she was being who she truly was. I don’t know what’s worse the fact that she can’t pick something and make it stick or that the fans grab a hold of every one of her gimmicks like it’s her best and truest self ever!
@flopsterplopster Hace 2 meses
i`ve never expected her to be that good. But she is. And even better. I love her.
@realpicklemick Hace 3 meses
this woman has helped me through so much lately, im a metalhead but theres something so beautiful about her and her voice that touches my frickin soul so much!!
@unkn0wnr0ckstar Hace 3 meses
she is a genius. just brilliant
@AntonArmstrong-ju4kf Hace 23 días
She have achieved no sense of art esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-yYn9-uHhBf8.htmlsi=VZNXtmVY6eU2gJoh😮
@laluname Hace 7 meses
I’ve been listening to this song on repeat. Thank you Lady Gaga. We all need each other for sure. Even in the darkest of times, I need to remember that I am not alone. May we all find some ease and comfort through this song. I know I did. ❤
@justinrevel8705 Hace 4 meses
The irony that she has went from the shock and awe tactics to raw and organic. She has no boundaries. America is blessed to have talents like her and Taylor.
@NiftuCalTheGOD Hace 21 un día
Forgive me, but imho, Taylor has nothing in common with Lady Gaga. Here we have a wonderful voice and a truly talented artist. Taylor can just kiss the ground LG walks on. Just my 2 cent.
@rowdy6274 Hace 13 días
​@@NiftuCalTheGOD it honestly took me a moment to realize he was talking about Taylor Swift, it didn't even cross my mind until I thought about famous Taylor somethings (there my first thought was Taylor Lautner, not Swift). It's like praising buttered bread as outstanding cuisine
@han-fk9gh Hace 11 meses
From the wildest costume and makeup, to the purest Tshirt and without makeup. She has proved that talent and voice are the essence of a diva
@Hrdfrmhvns333 Hace 10 meses
Love the tshirt!!!
@anthonygiunta8955 Hace 10 meses
What is lost is that she needed those costumes to get to this point.
@richellesolano4769 Hace 10 meses
@LaodeHarianto-lg3nb Hace 10 meses
@johnwillemen6698 Hace 10 meses
yes she may call herself a diva proven every time again
@pauldunnill8184 Hace 2 meses
Such pureness. The lady and the voice beautiful x
@loki200 Hace 6 meses
Such an epic performance. Definitely a queen of music!
@Ginger51 Hace 10 días
The fact that she can sit bent over and still belt out a song shows what a powerhouse she is. Love her!
@gabycastro9679 Hace 2 meses
I tear up every time I hear this song. That song is so powerful and she’s right it’s personal to her. It’s personal to me as well and I’m sure it’s personal to other people. You could feel the pain in those words as I am doing this messages I’m crying, love this song Lady Gaga you are an inspirational to me and to everyone that needed their hand to be held and like you said on the song never let go of my head. Thank you thank you thank you.❤❤❤❤❤❤❤
@PickleJoshKy Hace 5 meses
Shes been my biggest life coach thru her music keeping me going when I thought I was alone I have music though.
@artpop8 Hace 11 meses
No makeup, no glam, no theatrics. Just pure talent and honesty
@LJC4495 Hace 11 meses
Just pure talent ❤️
@kenyaouko7388 Hace 11 meses
She's pretty, less intimidating w/o all that makeup and glam. I could see myself having a nice conversation w her.
@user-nk3zs6kr2c Hace 11 meses
@@LJC4495 арго озгшгнпньжющра🎉😅зш❤реогн жгущ г тф❤❤❤я❤❤
@purefoldnz3070 Hace 11 meses
I dont think no make up means what you think it means.
@Schlummerfee94 Hace 11 meses
Just beautiful ❤
@bethepperson5363 Hace 3 meses
Such a beautiful sing and voice!!!
@user-kf5ip9vt9y Hace 26 días
Fell in love with this song
@maelee9908 Hace 6 meses
Can't help but fall more deeply with lady Gaga..
@kerrysinclair9408 Hace 22 días
That from you belong here funny!😂😂❤❤😂😂
@riverasmr330 Hace 7 meses
I love this woman with all of my heart, I’ll always love her.
@kathawenzel8033 Hace 5 meses
Still one of the most beautiful/pure moments i ever watched in music/film industry
@mehmeetzengin Hace 11 meses
No show off, no big production, just her strong voice and that face that's so pretty even without make up. YOU ARE A WOMAN FULL OF TALENT LADY GAGA🖤
@JohnB-ws4ge Hace 11 meses
she makes you feel the music, very few people can do that.
@jonah.donohue Hace 11 meses
Staying true and HUMAN
@Yugvijay Hace 11 meses
@tinavonfricken9320 Hace 7 días
WOW!! I Couldn't make it past the 1st minute without the tears beginning to fall, my father passed away rather unexpectedly on October 18th, 2023 and this was so very beautiful, I have always been a huge fan and one of the main reasons is your always you, you are a remarkable woman and artist and I'm an empath so I (feel) get the feeling you are truly a kind and caring woman regardless of fame. You sang this as always beautifully. Much love and support ❤️. I needed a song like this, cause I'm not doing very well without my father. 😢
@RyanMayer Hace 5 meses
This hits me on so many levels.
@IamGygz Hace 2 meses
Now that is pure talent...powerful..
@peterbingham8016 Hace 8 meses
Just wow absolutely stunning rendition of this truly brilliant song. watched the official version then saw this live in the list. So back to back listen. Love the original and think the theme makes the movie. This is so full of soul, LG you are just Star of the highest order. Love you XXX
I am so broken inside and trying so hard to "be my own hero" Thank you for this
@Tipy. Hace 11 meses
I remember when Gaga first appeared in mainstream, many thought she was a flash in the pan. This woman is incredibly creative, powerful, inspirational, and has a voice that transcends most distinguished pop icons of our era. What I love most is that she did a total 180, no makeup, no extravagant designer pieces, to give us the woman she is deep down. There is so much beauty in the raw, and we need more people to realize that in the polished “everything has to be polished” pop culture.
She’s flat and had a ton of bad vocal techniques in this song.
@jacksonrouse9953 Hace 11 meses
She’s a living legend
@katerinajarosova5854 Hace 11 meses
I agree with you ❤Just... Maybe I am too old or not wise enough to understand the "hidden" meaning(if there is any) behind all the songs such as Bloody Mary, Telephone etc... But it just might quite easily be the level of my English🙈🙉🙊Anyway, Lady gaga is real star with or without makeup and I wish her all the best🌻
@AshleeACAmusic Hace 11 meses
I’ve always loved her extravagance. I’ve been here since nearly the beginning of her career and her talent, passion, and humanity is what made me love her. I love that the world and average person is seeing what I always saw underneath everything.
@c17sam90 Hace 11 meses
That’s because she grew up and it became less about her being the centre of attention and her music over took her image
@KimoPollock Hace 7 meses
Got me all teary eyed.
@Legend_Ga Hace 4 meses
Gaga is so talented. I love you so much Queen.
@szentesidavid7447 Hace 3 meses
Same 🥰❤️👑
@stevensiefke9659 Hace 5 meses
You made me cry being so raw , that's how much I love you.
@WarrenFINNE-ed7kh Hace 5 meses
She always has it in her
@DustyBelew Hace 5 meses
This is wonderful, and she has never looked more beautiful.
@georgegoros5916 Hace 5 meses
This for me is her best performance she called the Oscar committee 4 days before the show she had just finished joker 2 so there was no time for rehearsal the show was locked down so they could not announce her from the stage she showed up in full makeup and a red carpet dress and like this performance she stripped all that off all this 1nce in a era multi talented performer needs is a microphone a band and with her operatic voice forget backup singers love the fact that you can see her face in all it’s natural beauty love the chapped lips and the dark ends of her hair Stefani Joanne Angelina germanotta has never looked better in black tshirt and torn black Jean with the voice to match
@luis1111 Hace 11 meses
This was such an honest, amazing, deep performance. It touched me to the bone. I could feel every note she was singing in my heart. What an amazing talent Gaga is.
@juliemouw8880 Hace 3 meses
Stunning. Inside & out. I hope she knows that she was chosen to be a messenger. Chosen. That voice is a gift. Her delivery - flawless in its purity.
@hihi-xu8dp Hace 8 meses
i come back to this video every once in awhile to get some courage and hope, thank you stef
@jackiek9543 Hace 13 días
"You might find that you can be your own hero, even if you feel broken inside"...
@lisaroyals6832 Hace 5 meses
I love her, her inspiration, and I love that she sings directly straight from her beautiful soul. She’s amazing!!
@PW-rg1gg Hace 2 meses
Beautiful.natural.your voice is so emotional.class above any other artists ❤
@jairocastro42 Hace 11 meses
“You might find that you can be your own hero, even if you feel broken inside.” Thank you Lady for reminding us that we should never give up on ourselves
@Yyyy-tp1qe Hace 11 meses
Es señorita no señora, todavía no se ha casado ni tiene hijos
@laurat9043 Hace 11 meses
Well said - we should NEVER give up on ourselves ❤
She is incredible, her words touched me so much
@merchegomezvarade658 Hace 10 meses
Vi su película ha nacido una estrella y me gustó 😊
@leebates8439 Hace 4 meses
I’m to broken I hurt too much from cronic migraines to losing my twin sister my heart will never heal 🥺🫢🫢💔
Lady Gaga is awesome. Raw emotions in her voice.
@Jollyroger4973 Hace un mes
That's just so... powerful. I got to watch it again, every now and then.
@littlecheetah47 Hace 6 meses
Lady Gaga is so very talented and has so mush to say!! Keep on singing what you have to say and we will always be listening!!
@WarrenFINNE-ed7kh Hace 5 meses
It is really nice to see her she is doing well
@AntonArmstrong-ju4kf Hace 23 días
She have achieved no sense of art 😮esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-yYn9-uHhBf8.htmlsi=VZNXtmVY6eU2gJoh
@metsogrand Hace un mes
Wow ! there are layers of glorious sounds coming from this lady's voice . ❤👏
@BlueBearOne Hace 3 meses
"But you might find that you can be your own hero even if you feel broken inside." Thank you for fearlessly sharing your beautiful soul with the world. You radiate love when you can be vulnerable and share your inner light. God bless you ❤
It doesn't matter if you are sad, happy or depressed, Lady Gaga will always have a song for you.
@lanseaair Hace 11 meses
Agree! 💯
@esccyprus Hace 11 meses
She is Mother
@gz9035 Hace 11 meses
@gauravbora6429 Hace 11 meses
Hahaha that's why she is our Mother and Mother knows what her little kids need...😆😍
@angelpirulin9395 Hace 11 meses
Let's be honest. This performance was horrible. Much better in the movie!
@sarahsamson2088 Hace 5 meses
WOW! What a powerful and honest performance! TEARS!!! Thank you!
@user-xf7su2lx2z Hace un mes
You look so beautiful without the costumes and all that Make up you were born a star looks and all I love you Gaga
@bjornemccomb8262 Hace 5 meses
Held my breath the whole time, she’s got it for sure 🫶🏻
@viname9120 Hace 7 meses
I fell in love with this song the first time I heard it. I'm a huge fan of Lady Gaga she is beyond talented and I respect her for the songs she has.put out. It says alot about her not only as an artist but as a person and inspiration to us all.
@arielle_p1471 Hace un mes
You Are so amazing!!!
@marija9013 Hace 11 meses
This is so raw. Raw emotion, raw skin, raw look, raw instrumentals, raw voice. So beautiful
@jigsawjason1984 Hace 11 meses
Tanned sorta pail sexy skin, with a shine is better...... 😂🤣😂😇😏😒😘🥰🥳🤗😊☺️😍🤩🤩😍☺️🥱🙄🥱🥱😀😄😃😃🥵🥵😚😙😗😉😥
@mikskaragodins4656 Hace 11 meses
Raw coment.
@1981troublemaker Hace 11 meses
Raw raw raw aw aw….. I really wanted maw.😊
@yikes7963 Hace 7 meses
What a beautiful soul she is! ❤️😍👏👏
Just passing by to say you are not alone in this moment of grief. Hoping you will feel better soon. ❤
Amazing Sounds Flow From Her Heart Shines Glows Through Her Soul Gotta Love 💕 Such Beautifulness Lady Gaga Sparkle Like Diamonds Natural Pure Lovely Talent God Bless Ya
@BlueRidgeCritter Hace 6 meses
I have said since she first came on the scene, that she's probably one of the most gifted singers out there. There are things about her that I personally don't agree with or particularly care for, but I've never once questioned her abilities. And over the past few years, since she has sort of gone down a different path in her music style and the natural look, I have started really enjoying more of her work. She is so extremely talented, and I think she is very pretty without make up and in every day clothes. Her voice really shines.
She's beautiful and talented!!
@jetl.lpw.404 Hace 11 meses
No makeup,no gaga styled dress,no artistic scenes Just pure singing Absolute Queen!
@kaziupir Hace 11 meses
She looks much better like that
@ReeseMalott1976 Hace 11 meses
And lip injections
@zandrokos Hace 11 meses
this is the real gaga and she now has a lifelong fan
@jody024 Hace 11 meses
She had make up on.
@jody024 Hace 11 meses
​@@ReeseMalott1976 She has been having those for quite a while now. Nothing to fuss about though, she is amazing.
@prixos6605 Hace 7 meses
Holy Moly. She is so good at live Performence. Great
@SDANA-DJSLOVE1881 Hace 7 meses
@Helices83 Hace 2 meses
a performance without effects. incredible.
@TT-tp9hw Hace 7 meses
What a divine performance
@mayanitamorstl7038 Hace 6 meses
Love the voice...AMAZING Lady Gaga
@SpongeBobfan3646 Hace 11 meses
The way she performed was awesome. No make-up, no fancy clothes and no over the top music in the back ground. Just her looking natural and really using her voice. Blew me away!
@ajplays7241 Hace 11 meses
just Stefani Germanotta
@zubidubi792 Hace 11 meses
@dove3853 Hace 11 meses
Remember that the Lord Jesus Christ died on a cross for you because He loves you so much. He then rose up from the dead three days later The Ten Commandments are called the moral law, (most of us are lying thieving blasphemous adulterer at heart and deserve hell) you and I broke the law, Jesus paid the fine. That’s what happened on that cross. By believing that Jesus died on the cross and rose up from the dead 3 days later and not just confessing your sin, but also repenting of all sin you have done and putting all your trust in Him in prayer, He will grant you everlasting life as a free Gift
@fredwerza3478 Hace 11 meses
She can easily morph from super-glammed Lady Gaga to ordinary "Joanne" from the lower East Side --- that's why people love her
@Nancybelongs2Jesus Hace 11 meses
@@dove3853 thank you Dove. awesome, beautiful. true. hallelujah
@SpookyRedz Hace 7 meses
I sincerely hope all is well with Lady Gaga , we love her and are huge fans ❤
@RobertsDavis-kf6nk Hace 2 meses
One of my favorite songs🤟
@wassimhajaj1008 Hace un mes
Amazing Performance 🎉
@ronxander Hace 7 meses
You re now officially become a Legend, girl. Hats off and hands down from me.
@patrickritter3028 Hace 2 meses
"WOW"i love this song and love lady gaga
@atmtucker Hace 11 meses
I love how she stripped away the flash, costumes, make up and just gave us a raw real performance…. When you take away all of the flashiness you get the real emotion of the song that ppl can relate too and be drawn into.
@lauralarrabee7870 Hace 11 meses
I like how she turned it into a country song almost. You and I also has that country twang. Best act of that night.
@CalliAMusic Hace 11 meses
@@lauralarrabee7870 you and i is such a great song
@aggydreams Hace 11 meses
What else was she gunna do, she has already done everything
@nazminasha7736 Hace 11 meses
@lolekelo4214 Hace 11 meses
@@CalliAMusic zaltw robotę
@natashaburke6354 Hace 2 meses
Her voice is amazing
@mugostanley2690 Hace 7 meses
She's just an incredible soul ❤❤She's my idol
@rumigeorgieva5892 Hace 2 meses
The best voice ever❤!!! Thank you, Lady Gaga 🥰
@candacejones3352 Hace 21 un día
You cannot deny how otherworldly talented this woman is. so many songs she has written have given me joy and solace over the years.
@AntonArmstrong-ju4kf Hace 19 días
@oliviaxo7775 Hace 11 meses
Incredible raw performance! Just pure Talent from Gaga. She truly is the greatest artist of our generation ♥️
@VitinhoOliveira97 Hace 7 meses
What a voice ❤
@superena2844 Hace 7 meses
Love this lady so much!!! Every song she writes is such an inspiration! More of this please! @ladygaga ❤❤❤ what an amazing soulful piece of talent!!!
@lizajeancagunan16 Hace 6 meses
@szentesidavid7447 Hace 6 meses
Pure Talent ❤️
You are so much more of a lady now... to sooooo many of us... being truthful to yourself is 🔥
@AlphaVisionPro Hace 11 meses
All of her Oscar performances, whether it is Hold My Hand, Shallow, Till It Happens To You or The Sound of Music, she has delivered a breathtaking experience. Pure talent!
@Felicity_Young Hace 11 meses
and all got her a STANDING OVATION
@diane5836 Hace 11 meses
Hold my hand (my opinion) deserved best original song Oscar.
@LunaRain01 Hace 11 meses
She has the no make up make up look on.
@prettykiray Hace 11 meses
She studied Opera ❤ that explains her great performance
@diane5836 Hace 11 meses
Juilliard grad. Nuff said
@marybreen77 Hace 29 días
I'm going through a really hard time at the moment...this song makes me feel better....
Her vocal range is INSANE! What a beautiful song!
@Tywerr6 Hace 7 meses
This is my “go to” song when I feel so down and lonely ❤
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