Lady Gaga - VMA Performance 2020

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3 sep 2020






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Y-E-S! Periodt. I remember being in the (NYC) clubs with GaGa before she was the mega-star that she is today, she was so shy but even then she ALWAYS captured others’ attention.
Holly Davidson
Holly Davidson Hace 9 horas
If they can do this performance in masks, Karen can wear one at the fucking supermarket
Anastasia333 Hace 11 horas
Fucking masks
Khalid Harag
Khalid Harag Hace 13 horas
Khalid 1982/03/12 ~~
jordin bramley
jordin bramley Hace 13 horas
i wonder how many takes and shoots it took? i mean ariana grandes mask changes shape at the sides several times look at 3:45 and then 3:54
Sinara Beauty
Sinara Beauty Hace 18 horas
Amazing performance and very good everyone wearing mask.
Bella Bradley
Bella Bradley Hace 18 horas
Atluangtea Pieces
Atluangtea Pieces Hace 19 horas
I wonder is her mask available to buy
Cameron Gellineau
Cameron Gellineau Hace 20 horas
"Let me change real quick"
Daniel Conant
Daniel Conant Hace 20 horas
Wow every time I rewatch this I’m still blow away these are 2 icons, a power duo they need to collab again
Fathullah Hace 22 horas
Guys I think she Lipsync?
Eirene Song
Eirene Song Hace 22 horas
does anyone notice the earloop of Ari keeps changing ?
Flasher Catcher
Flasher Catcher Hace 22 horas
Damn, lady gaga caught caught the corona 15... means she got fat if you're dumb
Huda _
Huda _ Hace un día
4:02 gaga wtf u doin lmao 😂😭💔🙂
love yourself
love yourself Hace un día
Hope you like it esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-IQAWV4C9tsY.html
ROCHULCR Hace un día
Que tristeza ver a todos con mascarilla, espero esta pandemia pase pronto, pero aun asi, quiero una mascarilla como la de gaga.
Tess Hace un día
is blows my mind that she can be this person and also have an album with tony ??? very different vibes haha but go her
Come Flag with Me
Come Flag with Me Hace un día
Oh, so if I have to wear a mask then I want that mask. Today.
Adnan Nillos Balisi
Adnan Nillos Balisi Hace un día
1000 Subscribers without a video Challenge
*_see you guys in 3 months when the video will come in your recommendation feed_* Also help your man reach 1000 subs
Phyllis Solis
Phyllis Solis Hace un día
One of my fav duets. They freaking killed it!!!
Veronica Hace un día
It's so good! I'm crying
Johnny F
Johnny F Hace un día
Marcio Marchesi
Marcio Marchesi Hace un día
mono janna
mono janna Hace un día
O peito da Gaga querendo sair hauahaua
Barbara Vithoria
Barbara Vithoria Hace un día
Queria poder conseguir dar mais likes, lady Gaga é uma deusa👏👏👏
Matias Guzmán
Matias Guzmán Hace un día
This performance saved the world from thr caos
Loasty Hace un día
Brian Villamar
Brian Villamar Hace 2 días
Lady Gaga saved my life
team admin
team admin Hace 2 días
Such a Low Vibration pseudo music.. depressing for already depressed Americans STUFFED WITH DRUGS for the mood
Start Replay
Start Replay Hace 2 días
Love 🇷🇸(-:(-:(-:
Enrico Gonzaga
Enrico Gonzaga Hace 2 días
Let's all wear face masks that have rare designs Ari: wears a normal black mask*
araceli ulloa
araceli ulloa Hace 2 días
te amo lady gaga
Liwong Ganjen
Liwong Ganjen Hace 2 días
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unique unicorn
unique unicorn Hace 2 días
Like you could tell she was having trouble breathing. While singing. My favorite artist. 🦄🦄🦄🦄
Cornelia Langer
Cornelia Langer Hace 2 días
Bravo Lady Gaga, fantastic
Caio Oliveira
Caio Oliveira Hace 2 días
Dazae Carter
Dazae Carter Hace 2 días
Giving me very much Valentina, take that thing off your mouth realness ! Except it's not a lip sync lol
Bella Bradley
Bella Bradley Hace 2 días
Moniqueandry Andry
Moniqueandry Andry Hace 2 días
Ru Bich
Ru Bich Hace 2 días
As a once fan I can't believe how trash she became. Bye
K. Julianna
K. Julianna Hace 2 días
AMAZING. I love you GAGA! 👑
Tofuschnittchen Hace 2 días
4:02 Gaga's left boob is a visualization of my mood during 2020. _Aight, I'm outta here._
Lavon Williams
Lavon Williams Hace 3 días
Ok but I need to know she changed outfits like that
Lord Angel
Lord Angel Hace 3 días
I love that every microphone she used is the color of her clothes 💛💛💛
Alexandre Damaceno Vitória-ES
Eu te amo Gaga. I love love love!!!
MisterRambutan Hace 3 días
Wow shittiest performance ever!!! What the hell singin with a mask??? These guys are totally crazy!!!
bidaurre Hace 2 días
sebasrojas00 Hace 3 días
I wonder if Elon Musk will provide trips to Chromatica....
Jake Canten
Jake Canten Hace 3 días
This performance made me feel “old Gaga vibes.” I feel like the Gaga now is a character who wears costumes when in the past her persona and outfits were who she truly was Offstage and onstage. I feel like she’s lost her fearlessness and mysteriousness to her. I’m not saying anything of this in a negative way, as we all change and grow. But I miss her edge. Anyways, let the negative responses to my post commence! I’m ready rain on me lol.
Christian Pacheco R.
Christian Pacheco R. Hace 14 horas
Totally true, but there’s one thing about her “she’s grown up” . Everybody does, so we cannot fight with that 😉
Mario Hace 3 días
xristos Mirwnitis
xristos Mirwnitis Hace 3 días
Deamm I don't believe this woman is Ali from movie lady Gaga is also awesome actor
Louis Felice
Louis Felice Hace 3 días
17th October 2020 : 5 058 123 Views 181 585 Likes 3 594 Dislikes 7 637 Comments
Kenisson Andrade
Kenisson Andrade Hace 3 días
Love from Brazil
putaro Hace 3 días
Cute masks😷😷
Yup it's me Anthony
Yup it's me Anthony Hace 3 días
Gaga making me so gay day by day and I love it♥️♥️♥️
fabio Garcia pelaez
fabio Garcia pelaez Hace 3 días
Excelente artista, con muy buena coreografía, escenario, y bien producido
janro martinez
janro martinez Hace 4 días
David Santos
David Santos Hace 4 días
Lirous BR?
smoull piece quijano
Ya saben de quien hablo .. Miss B
smoull piece quijano
Lo mas icónico fue que mencionarán a la Princesa del pop al inicio de la presentación 😂
Lucas Boaretto
Lucas Boaretto Hace 4 días
Mais alguém aí assiste essa performance diariamente? Hahahahah
WORD WIZARD Hace 4 días
Mortal Combat. GET OVER HERE!!!!
Andrew Young
Andrew Young Hace 4 días
Pappa 911
Haean Hace 4 días
I've been watching the video since I covered this song. "Rain On Me." It's so nice to hear it live.
José Neto
José Neto Hace 4 días
I want 2018 gaga back... there she was normal and her own..here shes only a freak
Dan iel
Dan iel Hace 4 días
I swear my friend had a playset that looked like this
Dan iel
Dan iel Hace 4 días
Let's be honest....she has had a glowup
derek gibson
derek gibson Hace 4 días
respect to everybody for wearing a mask
plolololololoo Hace 4 días
5.010.540 visualizaciones
Jonathan Ronen
Jonathan Ronen Hace 4 días
Am I the only one who noticed that enigma is playing on the tv in the first scene....
reagina tremba
reagina tremba Hace 5 días
She is so ill
Tony Stark
Tony Stark Hace 5 días
esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-Y2xpabt7X1s.html ???
Ioana Vlog
Ioana Vlog Hace 5 días
Rain on Me made me cry. It is amazing. 🖤🖤💅🏻💞💫
Manuela Roth
Manuela Roth Hace 5 días
She is e sik person
Helene N
Helene N Hace 5 días
Soooo kranke Bilder 🤮🤮🤮
Yudi Ahmad
Yudi Ahmad Hace 5 días
Mampir kesini karena mau lihat Maskernya Lady Gaga Masker Design dari mbak Diana M. Putri, Indonesia 🇮🇩🇮🇩❤️❤️👍👍
Ari Stan
Ari Stan Hace 5 días
Its sad this is not 100% live I guess some of this is lip syncing even for ariana Like 4:28 She moved the mic away and still her sound so normal Even tho i love them sm😍😍
Ari Stan
Ari Stan Hace 4 días
@Alexis Markham arianas mask seem so flat U cant put a mic on it haha Idc if its lip sync or not Those ladies are so talented so its ok
Alexis Markham
Alexis Markham Hace 4 días
The mics are props, they have mics in their masks
Tat Ind
Tat Ind Hace 5 días
du Satanist, Gott ist auf der Seite Armeniens🙏
Matthew Jones
Matthew Jones Hace 5 días
Amazing Gaga
Blunted After Dark Media
yes gaga we were waiting for you! 💜
the best music to sleep!!!!
Músic to sleep here esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-i0pv0ceeqCU.html !!
Ppteam Hhansel
Ppteam Hhansel Hace 5 días
Y arina grande pegando grito me encantó
jake mosnter
jake mosnter Hace 5 días
Love You Gaga
JustaDevil Hace 5 días
I really like these new Mortal Kombat 11 skins
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OurLife! Hace 5 días
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Paul Gregg
Paul Gregg Hace 6 días
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Tiago Pereira
Tiago Pereira Hace 6 días
A B Hace 6 días
Is these masks gonna be part of our lives forever now?
K. J.
K. J. Hace 6 días
K. J.
K. J. Hace 6 días
Thank you again Gaga!I just lost my older sister Kelly 2weeks ago.I have been miserable. So thank u for your energy and talent.
Luis Augusto Barros
Luis Augusto Barros Hace 6 días
Haja fôlego com essas máscara , perfeito
Bella Bradley
Bella Bradley Hace 6 días
BellaI love Lady Gaga911
P H Hace 6 días
Donaaa do VMA 😍
Jakob Whale
Jakob Whale Hace 6 días
Still got *Chromatica on repeat.* I'm not even gonna lie. *I'm GAY.*
Matthew Jones
Matthew Jones Hace 5 días
Mitchell Brown
Mitchell Brown Hace 6 días
This performance but like her other ones are very Satanic if you notice on the old 1990 or 1980s TV at the very end of the other older videos they’re talking about like Britney Spears and *NSYNC it stops and there’s a little circle with something going through it I believe that the devils pentagram. Does it going to the room it shows an alien lying down in one of the photos also next to that is the window with the curtain shaped like the pyramid that’s on everything dollar bills everything the illuminati and then you see a picture of the tattoo tour which could be something to do with the tattoo and identity thing they want Bill Gates wants to do this is very dark and this is actually the inevitable of the future
Mika Games
Mika Games Hace 4 días
she's done tons of things filled occult imagery but this probably one of her cleanest yet LMFAOOO take the tinfoil hat off
jboyce1976 Hace 6 días
They all think they're bad bitches until the baddest walks on the stage shows them how its done.
Bob Kalanyos
Bob Kalanyos Hace 6 días
Elena Herranz Morales Bermudez
lady gagaaaaaaaaa
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