LADY LIKE Official Trailer (2018) Teen Romantic Comedy Movie HD

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IndiaBatson Hace un mes
Why are they literally all white..? It’s 2018...
sisco2da Hace un hora
White women
Tsar Hace 7 horas
+Desea Green Its time to move on and stop blaming the white man honey!!! we are not slaves, our parents arent slaves and our grandparents were barely slaves.. we sit and complain while Japanese Americans, Chinese Americans, Italian Americans build apps and develop social network websites and make billions of it while employing thousands of their own kind... meanhilw a black man just wants to buy some bling bling and flash cash on instagram and yet complain
Desea Green
Desea Green Hace 8 horas
+Tsar ...what are you doing off about?
Farza Mohamed
Farza Mohamed Hace un día
All white is good niggas don't need to stuff their nose where it don't belong to fuck with the year!
Najum Hussain
Najum Hussain Hace 13 horas
No white people in this not gonna watch it.
john smith
john smith Hace un día
Tabs T
Tabs T Hace 2 días
The most boring trailer ive ever watched.
Madeline Harper
Madeline Harper Hace 2 días
MK Amantedelibros
MK Amantedelibros Hace 3 días
The "Girls will be girls" line is just as wrong as saying "boys will be boys". People are people; individual, unique people. Stop making assumptions based on gender NOW, please.
"Girl Will be girls" the I am not a girl
libbjubi816 MDS
libbjubi816 MDS Hace 5 días
Lol did anyone else hear the roblox drinking sound when she drank the wine or whatever near the end
maran Nagamanimaran
maran Nagamanimaran Hace 6 días
Whats the first song in the Video?
Rennie Hace 8 días
What are they even saying? They keep slurring their words
BLooDY GaL Hace 8 días
Me and my girl best friend don't like alcohol, we eat ribs and talk about God of War like crazy people in a restaurant, we have boyfriends but we're not this pathetic... these are the types of girls that make our eyes roll XD
H3adphonez Hace 8 días
black women?
asa8494 Hace 9 días
This was written by men
Kevin Phillips
Kevin Phillips Hace 10 días
what is this god awful crap
Mista Lovalova
Mista Lovalova Hace 10 días
am I the only one who enjoyed it ? i found it refreshing. even though it's clearly not a teen movie but more like a young adult movie. I found it relatable, for once.
Game at War
Game at War Hace 11 días
We all know why you clicked on this.
REMF Hace 12 días
Maybe our lives are a result of predictive text. Or was that "more hives are salted predicted next...?"
Luisa Hace 13 días
If they are teens, i am not even born
lorna alvarado
lorna alvarado Hace 13 días
Everything about this movie is sooo wrong.
Cooter Robinson
Cooter Robinson Hace 14 días
Mellinials are officially fucked
91clarie Hace 14 días
Is that some kind of a High School project, or like, a legitimate movie??
Ashley Kutcher
Ashley Kutcher Hace 16 días
This movie looks painful to watch
Lasse Henriksen
Lasse Henriksen Hace 17 días
Oh look its buzzfeed the movie
Justa Hace 18 días
This is so lame that I hoped the trailer was a parody.
spill the meme
spill the meme Hace 18 días
Can't they get teens or young adults that look like teens cause everyone in this looks 25+
Frankincensed Hace 18 días
If you’re NOT under 20 and a girl, no way would you see this mess of a movie. Good lord! the dialogue and acting is full on cringe worthy. Director and writer have no shame
Byron morris
Byron morris Hace 19 días
Buzzfeed:the movie 😂
Conneri Athenais
Conneri Athenais Hace 19 días
I disn’t understand a thing ...
Charlotte Burns
Charlotte Burns Hace 22 días
What What is the plot
Ashley Marie
Ashley Marie Hace 23 días
Sexual harassment
Xander X
Xander X Hace 23 días
This looks stupid....
غرائب الحياه
Am a person who's watch a many movies arwnd the centres and to be real in my opinion in american movies there is sex and this is a big trablem it's not normal for us I mean there's kinds can see these and the picture will stack in there head for ever
Michael232 Hace 24 días
teen movie? they all look over 30. wheres the plot? from this trailer it looks like it was a waste of film and a waste of time to make.
Apoorva Lundchuse
Apoorva Lundchuse Hace 24 días
What a sad, depressing movie ....
Rosy Valentine
Rosy Valentine Hace 26 días
buzzfeed gonna sue
M Hace 28 días
Today's generation ... SOOO SAD
Eiligh Orff
Eiligh Orff Hace 28 días
such a white feminism movie
Gshift Hace un mes
t i t s That is all.
Evelyn Dovale
Evelyn Dovale Hace un mes
The Seeker.
The Seeker. Hace un mes
Nice ass 1:13
jazminestryder Hace un mes
I don't even understand what this movie is about? Just screwing around with guys and getting drunk and STD's? They didn't catch my interest... let's just go with that.
Mickey Ascue
Mickey Ascue Hace un mes
This movie looks so fucking funny I will be going to watch this movie
lucas Rozmus
lucas Rozmus Hace un mes
The first 2 words said is me, but for a girl
Makenna Edwards
Makenna Edwards Hace un mes
Because we totally need another hetero-normative movie with unrealistically white skinny tall girls and ripped guys.
Max Collins
Max Collins Hace un mes
Jesus, the amount of comments complaining about the entire cast being white is pathetic, only racist people would pick up on such a thing so stop complaining and grow up, not every movie has to have a Black in it
Maeve McCann
Maeve McCann Hace un mes
This is a bad trailer
Lord Gunther
Lord Gunther Hace un mes
Good thing their white, black ppl in movies is meh
Jordan Mc
Jordan Mc Hace un mes
lol,, comments all the comments about race. Bypassing the fact, the movie looks garbage. Add as many minorities as you want, cannot help or hinder this movie. Looks like a 90's tv movie
Chloe Gold
Chloe Gold Hace un mes
I love how it’s supposed to be a teen movie yet they all look like 35 year old soccer moms
Sydnee Eberly
Sydnee Eberly Hace un mes
Reading over the comments section, it's clear to me we've lost track of what's great about film: the autonomy to watch or not to watch it. If they want to write, film and produce a movie about a topic you don't agree with? Don't watch it. If it doesn't represent enough diversity for you? Don't watch it. If it doesn't satisfy your need for a more developed plot, theme, trope, character, etc.? Can you guess? Don't watch it. That being said, if you do you watch it [which it seems like none of you have and are literally judging this movie by it's trailer (new age "book by its cover"] and you relate to it? Congrats, their work here is done. I, for one, as an upper-middle class white woman, that acknowledges her privilege, can deeply identify with the toxic female relationships I had in high school and college. I don't think we can see a trailer and say that the behaviors are unhealthy AND promoted here. Based on the trailer, I think they portray the jealousy well, and the oversimplification of one's downward spiral is just what movies have to do; there's not enough time in the world to unpack the absurdities of female adolescence. I think a portrayal of the college coming of age story, even as a non-minority, is seldom. It is usually sensationalized in other movies by the portrayal of Greek life with perfectly made up women and very rarely tells the other side of the story. That women in college are usually a hot freaking mess. I know I was! So maybe let's just let this movie come out, and if you don't want to see it for yourself, at the very least to confirm or deny your opinion, you should keep your comments to yourselves.
Næp Sæck
Næp Sæck Hace un mes
The sound is awful
Flowered Sentiments
Who disliked before even seeing the trailer too?
Flowered Sentiments
Trying waaay to hard to make gender roles be a social construct by trying to make girls act like "bros". God, society is getting worse every year
Flowered Sentiments
Can't they make a teen movie without all that stupid parties and alcohol. It's not really like that really happens..
Ashe Rp
Ashe Rp Hace un mes
can't....can't tell what she's saying
Kindergardner101 Hace un mes
this got some blockbuster feel to it wow 🤘🤘
Sandra Oman
Sandra Oman Hace un mes
yaay good oldschool style comedy. awesome guys 👏👏👏
Claudia Kornmayer
Claudia Kornmayer Hace un mes
I'm gonna watch this on christmas eve lol
Paul Berger
Paul Berger Hace un mes
I thought I'm too old for this stuff but guess I'm wrong. enjoyed it quite a bit, can't lie
brennerbaum Hace un mes
holyshit where they get these chicks from. they look hot a f
FrlRottenmeier Hace un mes
I LIKE lady like - so to speak 🙂😍
Emma Arendt
Emma Arendt Hace un mes
finally a good comedy. it's been a while since my last
Meike Fink
Meike Fink Hace un mes
I was expecting the worst at first but was pleasantly surprised! can't wait to see it now! 😎🙏👏
Helen Markatz
Helen Markatz Hace un mes
the acting is better than in most comedies these days, don't you think?
Sabine Kollmann
Sabine Kollmann Hace un mes
good job guys! Brent got a hit on his hands with this one, I'm sure :-)
betttelstudent Hace un mes
girls are hot, what else can you ask for heh 💥
Lena Pfeiffer
Lena Pfeiffer Hace un mes
I'm definitely gonna watch this. is it out yet??
Loreley Hace un mes
I love that kinda comedy. reminds me of the 90ies
Falballa Hace un mes
I think it's funny and romantic at the same time. not easy to do right
BetterOffHead Hace un mes
awww that is soo cute 😂
Stringer Bell
Stringer Bell Hace un mes
Now thats what you call an All White Cast. 😂😂😂
Khadidja B
Khadidja B Hace un mes
Lmfao what the hell is this shit
Showbreadgurl 84
Showbreadgurl 84 Hace un mes
White ppl sh@#^&/$
Dvena Schleig
Dvena Schleig Hace un mes
why is the majority of teen movies filled with an all white cast? i don't get it, you want to depict modern teens in our world, not every modern teen in our world is white. movies just like ''all the boys ive loved before'' are such a step up because the lead role is played by an asian american. which is crazy bc you should see people of color in this kind of roles all the time. not just once in a while if were lucky.
lina Hace un mes
woah this is a hetero version of netflix's almost adults
sheentheexplorer Hace un mes
Ok. He’s cute haha
Gobblerster Hace un mes
i seriously hope girls don't aspire to act like any of these characters. Shameful
Alex Vargas
Alex Vargas Hace un mes
WWP. White people problems
someone plz tell me the name of song playing backgroud 1:31
Victoria I
Victoria I Hace un mes
The movie wouldn't be so bad if they just changed everything about it.
Rhys Seddon
Rhys Seddon Hace un mes
Teenager dont act like this, why do teen dramas have false teen interaction, like 17 again did the same thing
Brien Van Dyke
Brien Van Dyke Hace un mes
So.... are they meant to be eighteen year olds in college? Cause they don't look or act like teens in high school.
Camryn Jensen
Camryn Jensen Hace un mes
"Teen comedy"
Jon Bell
Jon Bell Hace un mes
Note on the very last scene: Sexually assaulting strangers walking by = still not funny in 2018
scottishbuddha Hace un mes
Wow, this movie is setting us back decades in so many ways. It's insulting.
NiaNamora Hace un mes
Did some research and confirmed it's written and directed by the same man, and neither character turns out gay.
Paloma Brighton
Paloma Brighton Hace un mes
This is terrible wth it had to be a joke
Paloma Brighton
Paloma Brighton Hace un mes
They look so old wth
RealFarknMcCoy Hace un mes
Looks like a stinking pile.
Meghna R. Iyer
Meghna R. Iyer Hace un mes
This looks like a movie written in the 90s that never got made. Token hot white boy? Check! Super-skinny white girl who thinks she's fat and needs to work out? Check. All-white cast? Check, and double check! Super heteronormative? Hell yes! Underage drinking, because ALL TEENS are on the verge of being alcoholics? Obviously!! Jealous BFF because she doesn't have a *super hot boyfriend* that could double as a model? Uh huh. Teenagers (JUNIORS, no less) who are portrayed by 30-year-olds?? Ya, my dude, as if teens look perfect. Unoriginal? You betcha!!!! "Girls will be girls"??? The director is 99% a man, so like. Literally what does he know?
I can't thumbs this video down any harder. I don't have enough thumbs for this bullshit.
Bella R
Bella R Hace un mes
They look old as hell
MrPukestick Hace un mes
Calling bullshit right now. That's an American High School and I didn't didn't see one gun. It needs to end in a shootout.
Kiernan Christ
Kiernan Christ Hace un mes
0:41 Georgetown!
NPC 4627381
NPC 4627381 Hace un mes
where are the boys?
нυrrιcane Hace un mes
wait this is a HIGH SCHOOL movie? they look like they're in college
Itz_bree Hace un mes
Matthew Morgan
Matthew Morgan Hace un mes
This looks like absolute trash
Hot Take, Babe
Hot Take, Babe Hace un mes
You can tell this was written by men
Jon Bell
Jon Bell Hace un mes
Yup, and IMDb page confirms: Written by Ben Craft, story by Matt Nemeth
Cherry Cola
Cherry Cola Hace un mes
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