LADY LIKE Official Trailer (2018) Teen Romantic Comedy Movie HD

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LADY LIKE Official Trailer (2018) Teen Romantic Comedy Movie HD
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18 oct 2018






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IndiaBatson Hace 3 meses
Why are they literally all white..? It’s 2018...
laveenr Hace 21 un hora
Legends Why I'm black but I prefer Caucasian it's ugly to watch negro people coz they look like they are straight from African tribe like big lips rough hair big nosrtrils and eyes and in movies i like to watch only white couple.
Legends Why
Legends Why Hace 21 un hora
+laveenr lmao dude you're hindu lmao you guys fight even your own race you don't speak on behalf of shit you ain't even caucasian stop trying you wanna be.Shame on you and the rest acting as if...pfff
laveenr Hace 3 días
Legends Why tell that to the casting couch of this movie coz I speak behalf of the billion racists out there.
Legends Why
Legends Why Hace 3 días
+laveenr say "I" not "people" since you own your racism speak for yourself
Lia Sieradzki
Lia Sieradzki Hace 2 días
Ya know, this movie would be AWESOME...... If they changed the whole ______ thing.
akshay salunke
akshay salunke Hace 3 días
So...this is a movie about white US teenage girls?
watchingrob Hace 3 días
Oh youre trying to make the most annoying immature movie ever? Cool, you did it!
2dclxvi Hace 6 días
Oh dear fucking god...what manner of insufferably WASPy bullshit fantasy was this inspired by? Vomitous in the extreme.
Anh Tien Quang Nguyen
*coming to a campus near you* God I hope not.
jermaine silvera
jermaine silvera Hace 8 días
Lax bro
Flamingo Fight
Flamingo Fight Hace 9 días
This seems so bad like it was a german movie xD I swear if you are living in germany nearly every movie made by us you recognize imidiately 2seconds into the trailer xD If they weren't speaking english I would swear this was a german production
Nicole Molokwu
Nicole Molokwu Hace 9 días
This is 50 shades of TERRIBLE. Should be a horror movie judging from how much I cringed. Like honestly, ewwwww.
Rosy Sabella Purplish Carrat
what's the title of the song? please...
Prima Modonna
Prima Modonna Hace 9 días
What happened too classic romantic comedies.... What happened to the subtle breakfast club What happened to Notting hill What happened to sleepless nights in Seattle I mean come on
Shady Hace 9 días
so sexual harassment against men is funny huh🤔🤔
nylahhh. Bck upp ytt
Sksksksks boiiii it’s on Netflix
ItzaMe Hace 10 días
Why are people calling this movie racist? Because there are only white people? Because a movie with only black people isnt racist, well, it is both 'racist'. Just get the actors who are the best fit for the movie, and dont judge on race at all. (Not saying these actors are good they are terrible)
FirstLifeFan Hace 10 días
I don´t get what this movie´s about. I mean, okay, it´s a "Teen Romantic Comedy", so Im not expecting Shakespeare drama plot level - but usually, when watching a trailer, you get an idea of the subject. This thing here is all over the place and I don´t even know who the main protagonists are.
A Fehr
A Fehr Hace 12 días
This movie is not worth the watch. Save your time for more interesting things like watching paint dry.
Spudster Hace 14 días
So this is what people think us teens do all the time? Lol how disappointing
Becky Fall
Becky Fall Hace 16 días
Conventionally attractive actors... filling a really narrow niche of what beauty is... with super shallow expectations... even teenagers care about more that abs....
Ruth Prophete
Ruth Prophete Hace 17 días
This was such a bad movie
Malaya Canchela
Malaya Canchela Hace 17 días
II can predict the movie: "LIKE HONESTLY" Like like like like, HONESTLY honestly honestly. SO ANNOYING!! Btw leave a like, like honestly.
h d
h d Hace 17 días
Comment board is awash in "literally"s. And "like"s galore of course.
Brittany Hace 18 días
disappointed. i thought this was going to be gay.
VoiceOfTruth Hace 16 días
i'm more dissapointed, movies with gays are old news...I thought I was going to see a transexual in the movie.. and we are in 2019 !
Claudette Sifelani
Claudette Sifelani Hace 19 días
what a wonderful little world of only white people?
Adam Banks
Adam Banks Hace 21 un día
A movie teaching girls how to be whores. Deal with it.
Sarah Augustus
Sarah Augustus Hace 22 días
The girl with the brown is such a mood
Eternal Bliss
Eternal Bliss Hace 23 días
girls, do weed forget alcohol.
Naenia Orenda
Naenia Orenda Hace 23 días
김상훈 Hace 25 días
썸네일에 개낚임
Noah C
Noah C Hace 27 días
IndiaBatson sees trailer for Tyler Perry movie "Why are they literally all black..? It's 2019
VoiceOfTruth Hace 16 días
why are there literally no gay transexual??? it's 2019.
marija korica
marija korica Hace 27 días
song at 0:27?
Rose Castro
Rose Castro Hace 28 días
can someone explain the ending of the movie?? I'm literally so confused lol
bb77077 Hace un mes
So this is what it’s like to be white? Thanks to the cancer that is feminism, this is what we get in the US.
Meg Erick
Meg Erick Hace un mes
Honestly this was a good movie I enjoyed it. It’s about college and how you can start to get lazy and loose yourself and rely on your friends to much and also keeping things in until u explode. People should really give this movie a chance
Noemi Dengel
Noemi Dengel Hace un mes
I watched this trailer and still don't know what the movie is about
VoiceOfTruth Hace 16 días
actually.. this can sometimes be the sign of a great trailer... because nowadays trailers reveal spoilers, even the ending of the movie - which makes it lose all the mystery of it.
Minadrac Hace un mes
Nicolas Wind
Nicolas Wind Hace un mes
You watch the first 5 seconds and you don't wanna watch the rest of it.. Just another piece of a mediocre zero talent waste.. Sad..
Lili Bárdfalvy
Lili Bárdfalvy Hace un mes
It's like a movie version of "Faking it" or something
Haley Haley
Haley Haley Hace un mes
Is this a real movie? It looks like some low ass budget project some white girls made in their film class in college
Kennedy Gates
Kennedy Gates Hace un mes
I'm pretty sure this is just that skit called "a movie for women, made by men" just turned into an actual movie.
Clare JOSEPH Hace un mes
i so feel you on the wine
Doris Odoi
Doris Odoi Hace un mes
why are there white people everywhere in this movie? like the whole cast...eekk
混血撈麵Little Mix Eurasian
This looked like porn then nothing happened.
Oumaima Rahoui amale
What's the song in the beginning name???
Fiona Snow
Fiona Snow Hace un mes
“Teen comedy” because these chicks tOtaLLy look like they’re in high school 🙄 🙄
Amanda Van Slyke
Amanda Van Slyke Hace un mes
Is it supposed to be funny that they're getting wasted the whole time? 🤔
johhny cash
johhny cash Hace un mes
The main love interest guy us actually the whitest boy Ive ever seen in my entire life. And also not that pretty. Where are your latinos your asians and your black guys? Its america in 21st century there is all sorts of people and all I see id white people in this movie. The fuck.
Despoina Ld
Despoina Ld Hace un mes
0:28 SONG pleeease😭😭😭?
Mike Essa
Mike Essa Hace un mes
Just watched the movie (also scored a 98% on rotten tomatoes) movie plot: two girls. One is innocent and one is promiscuous. Millennials millennials millennials men men men. Cute boy. Two girls who lead boring lives are boring as hell while making lame jokes about their vagina while working out. More boring activities. There is nothing interesting about these characters nor the movie I hope they die the end
BENTLEY GT Hace un mes
STUPID. GLAD i saw the trailer before watching the whole movie and waste 1 hour and 20 minute of my precious time
Rockmusicmania LP
Rockmusicmania LP Hace un mes
Can people stop objectifying women in their trailer thumbnails?
diy lover
diy lover Hace un mes
Watched it. I do not recommend. Totally annoyed by the protagonist's behavior. No just no.
k hurl
k hurl Hace un mes
Complete trash
mad schutz-beaton
mad schutz-beaton Hace un mes
this is literally that funnylike sketch from ages ago
Jackie Moreno
Jackie Moreno Hace un mes
the ending ain’t it
Dfegw Sdge
Dfegw Sdge Hace un mes
AI FTW Hace un mes
Shitty movie but can someone help me with the soundtrack? Pleeeeaasee
2718aj Hace un mes
George U
George U Hace un mes
+2718aj ya cud be but im with u confused . and i dont see how guys wud pass her up becuz she is a hottie indeed lol..
2718aj Hace un mes
George U I don't think it was in her head cuz her friend told her about the guy. Then she sent her off but when she got there she said to the waitress. Do you think maybe she said no to the date cause of what the other girls said that she was boy crazy? I am confused
George U
George U Hace un mes
Same here. She had a date but then said to waitress she wasnt looking for anyone there. So she stood up her date? Was the date all in her head? Wtf!!
VaderVengeance Hace un mes
How dare they use Ingrid Michaelson's smash hit Girls Chase Boys as the poppy backing soundtrack to this horrid trashboat of a film!!!!!
cookiesncream789 Hace un mes
The acting looks awful.
DaBookWormGamer Hace un mes
Seems like another typical “teen” film, get wasted, look for “good” guys to date, blah blah
fourplay Hace un mes
They forgot this tagline “Everything’s gonna be all white”
The Rocker X
The Rocker X Hace 2 meses
I was afraid the trailer would spoil all the good jokes but there was literally nothing funny in this trailer for a "teen romantic comedy movie"
Najum Hussain
Najum Hussain Hace 2 meses
No white people in this not gonna watch it.
john smith
john smith Hace 2 meses
Tabs T
Tabs T Hace 2 meses
The most boring trailer ive ever watched.
Madeline Harper
Madeline Harper Hace 2 meses
MK Amantedelibros
MK Amantedelibros Hace 2 meses
The "Girls will be girls" line is just as wrong as saying "boys will be boys". People are people; individual, unique people. Stop making assumptions based on gender NOW, please.
"Girl Will be girls" the I am not a girl
libbjubi816 MDS
libbjubi816 MDS Hace 2 meses
Lol did anyone else hear the roblox drinking sound when she drank the wine or whatever near the end
maran Nagamanimaran
maran Nagamanimaran Hace 2 meses
Whats the first song in the Video?
Rennie Hace 2 meses
What are they even saying? They keep slurring their words
BLooDY GaL Hace 2 meses
Me and my girl best friend don't like alcohol, we eat ribs and talk about God of War like crazy people in a restaurant, we have boyfriends but we're not this pathetic... these are the types of girls that make our eyes roll XD
H3adphonez Hace 2 meses
black women?
asa8494 Hace 2 meses
This was written by men
Kevin Phillips
Kevin Phillips Hace 2 meses
what is this god awful crap
Nonamé San
Nonamé San Hace 2 meses
am I the only one who enjoyed it ? i found it refreshing. even though it's clearly not a teen movie but more like a young adult movie. I found it relatable, for once.
That Drunk Guy
That Drunk Guy Hace 2 meses
We all know why you clicked on this.
REMF Hace 2 meses
Maybe our lives are a result of predictive text. Or was that "more hives are salted predicted next...?"
Luisa Hace 2 meses
If they are teens, i am not even born
lorna alvarado
lorna alvarado Hace 2 meses
Everything about this movie is sooo wrong.
Cooter Robinson
Cooter Robinson Hace 2 meses
Mellinials are officially fucked
91clarie Hace 2 meses
Is that some kind of a High School project, or like, a legitimate movie??
Ashley Kutcher
Ashley Kutcher Hace 2 meses
This movie looks painful to watch
Lasse Henriksen
Lasse Henriksen Hace 2 meses
Oh look its buzzfeed the movie
Justa Hace 2 meses
This is so lame that I hoped the trailer was a parody.
spill the meme
spill the meme Hace 2 meses
Can't they get teens or young adults that look like teens cause everyone in this looks 25+
Frankincensed Hace 2 meses
If you’re NOT under 20 and a girl, no way would you see this mess of a movie. Good lord! the dialogue and acting is full on cringe worthy. Director and writer have no shame
Byron morris
Byron morris Hace 2 meses
Buzzfeed:the movie 😂
Conneri Athenais
Conneri Athenais Hace 2 meses
I disn’t understand a thing ...
Charlotte Burns
Charlotte Burns Hace 2 meses
What What is the plot
Ashley Marie
Ashley Marie Hace 2 meses
Sexual harassment
Xander X
Xander X Hace 2 meses
This looks stupid....
غرائب الحياه
Am a person who's watch a many movies arwnd the centres and to be real in my opinion in american movies there is sex and this is a big trablem it's not normal for us I mean there's kinds can see these and the picture will stack in there head for ever
Michael232 Hace 2 meses
teen movie? they all look over 30. wheres the plot? from this trailer it looks like it was a waste of film and a waste of time to make.
Rosy Valentine
Rosy Valentine Hace 2 meses
buzzfeed gonna sue
M Hace 3 meses
Today's generation ... SOOO SAD
Eiligh Orff
Eiligh Orff Hace 3 meses
such a white feminism movie
Gshift Hace 3 meses
t i t s That is all.
Evelyn Dovale
Evelyn Dovale Hace 3 meses
The Seeker.
The Seeker. Hace 3 meses
Nice ass 1:13
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