LaMelo Ball GETS CHALLENGED & Responds w/ SAUCY DOUBLE DOUBLE at Drew League!! vs D1 Guards!

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LaMelo Ball 19 points, 15 rebounds and 5 assists at the Drew League!
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14 jul 2019

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Comentarios 1 069
Yuzku Hace 3 días
melo a g. that guy was such a fucking faggot. such a flop
GTS Official
GTS Official Hace 10 días
#2 was on Melo’s ass the whole game 😒😒
Untilted 9AM
Untilted 9AM Hace 11 días
Been saying it, get lamelo and lonzo on the same team
LaNetric Johnson
LaNetric Johnson Hace 14 días
Keian Kaiser
Keian Kaiser Hace 16 días
Lamelo is trash
Not1ced Hace 16 días
hes still soft
Irving Perez
Irving Perez Hace 17 días
Number 2 clout chasin
Ítalo *ıBm* Morais
Ítalo *ıBm* Morais Hace 18 días
is this nba or High School?
Caleb Patrick
Caleb Patrick Hace 18 días
"Saucy double double" unsubscribing
Tubnails 1347
Tubnails 1347 Hace 19 días
Alguém BR🇧🇷 ?
lil Etiquette
lil Etiquette Hace 19 días
Them niggas are ass lol
Harold Mcliggans
Harold Mcliggans Hace 19 días
That flop tho
Project Vsvp
Project Vsvp Hace 19 días
At 2:30 is gelo with a new girl?
Gonzalo Turpin
Gonzalo Turpin Hace 20 días
Gonzalo Turpin
Gonzalo Turpin Hace 20 días
you guys should like this... get this video to 2 mill views
Delusion In The Brain
Delusion In The Brain Hace 23 días
Lemelo always been good, Lonzo is trash
Alvin Zapata
Alvin Zapata Hace 24 días
Poor highlight tape 0. 1-10
Alvin Zapata
Alvin Zapata Hace 24 días
Young man needs a lot more work I don't see it.
justin zezzer
justin zezzer Hace 25 días
I wanna see nitty vs melo
TheLoboGonzo Hace 26 días
Melo's teammates cannot finish. Mans looked like Jason Williams out there; would've had 15+ dimes.
Pau Franco
Pau Franco Hace 26 días
Dope, but this may be getting him used to the streetball style play? Same he used on highscool and in Europe. Not gonna work in the NBA. I obviously have no idea what training he goes through, but this game is the same you can find on street courts, just better players. That's what it looked like at least.
Daniel King
Daniel King Hace 26 días
Is this the league of no defense?
Lily Garcia
Lily Garcia Hace 26 días
His game has changed.....and not in a good way
yodamaster007 Hace 26 días
Can’t stand the announcer.. holy shit
Eric Mancia
Eric Mancia Hace 26 días
Lamelo is the truth! And he makes the shit look effortless
Marc Zapata
Marc Zapata Hace 26 días
what basketball shoes is melo wearing those are dope
bojo perez
bojo perez Hace 27 días
to counter a crossover junkie .. slap him in the face while looking like you got crossed and tried to swipe the ball but since he crossed you got his face.
Scot Sinclair
Scot Sinclair Hace 27 días
The defense in this game was top tier.
Xr Hamnocks
Xr Hamnocks Hace 27 días
he gotten better
Zay Way
Zay Way Hace 27 días
MUST WATCH!!! esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-tyrs_1kGGW0.html😂😂
GlamBoy88 Hace 27 días
11:36 👀🔥🔥
Clayton Baker
Clayton Baker Hace 28 días
Melt a beast
re ji
re ji Hace 28 días
Melo's still a free agent tho 😪
Ferstnem Lestnem
Ferstnem Lestnem Hace 28 días
Bruuh the challenger looked like the one one the forged "it will keel"
Andres Torres
Andres Torres Hace 28 días
Melos throwing touchdown passes
mr.clickbait Hace 28 días
35 in meloz team is trash
Donnie Moder
Donnie Moder Hace 28 días
He is a little bit of a hot dog out there. I hope he gains some muscle or grows a few inches and can really challenge these other guys. He is 3/4 of he size of the other guys.
Clean Wxrld
Clean Wxrld Hace 28 días
7:51 is what you want
Larry Caldwell III
Larry Caldwell III Hace 29 días
isn’t number 24 in the white team a ESvidr
X8000 Hace 29 días
0:15 Lavar tryna be slick
Tychihcus Gray
Tychihcus Gray Hace 29 días
That darkskin nigga is a blow king😂
Fresniido Hace 29 días
eli sucks at layups
s murakamisan
s murakamisan Hace 29 días
Outstanding speed and handling. Everybody looked slow compare to him.
audies stewart
audies stewart Hace 29 días
Lamelo If Your Reading this, Do More Hesitations. - Dai Dai Chass
The Pond Slayers
The Pond Slayers Hace 29 días
Bro be doing all them fancy crosses and barely moving
ShotByMenaa Hace 29 días
NEW SONG PATCHO NEVER FOLD OUT NOW 🔥🔥 🚨🚨🚨🚨 CLICK THE LINK !!! esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-uJ_aONQ9-1s.html
Klaim _
Klaim _ Hace 29 días
U can tell melo ain’t even trying at all😂
Donnell Billings
Donnell Billings Hace 29 días
That Rico Hines ball got him feeling himself I like that though y’all seeing raw development from him right now.
mamad yusop
mamad yusop Hace 29 días
Welcome to the real game
Anthony Scales
Anthony Scales Hace 29 días
Drew league is gonna be goin down soon
David Moraga666 Oxnard Ca 805City
Lemelo Prodigy!!!
Agnelis Laureano
Agnelis Laureano Hace un mes
Who Is the guest
Izzy Chaverria
Izzy Chaverria Hace un mes
Y’all see Gelo? 2:30
The ML Player
The ML Player Hace un mes
SUBBING Anyone Who Like this Comment
Emilio Gomez
Emilio Gomez Hace un mes
Imagine if melo was like this when he played at chino hills with Lonzo and gelo
DYDADA Hace un mes
That liangelo?
saucyriley Hace un mes
melo need to find teammates who can finish fr tho lol
Chris aka Cnotesforever
I feel bad for the middle brother 😂
half man half kangaroo
Why they got Goldbergs theme playing in the back
Nathan Haire
Nathan Haire Hace un mes
These mfs look younger than he is...he aint sweet thats why his paps had to take him over seas. Sad truth, melo aint cutting it in the N.B.A. unless he gain some weight and play in the paint, but he can't so he won't lol
Jeff Hushaw
Jeff Hushaw Hace un mes
If he’s struggling against these guys no way he’s NBA material he should of went off in this game. He’s way to talented and well known to be playing average against these guys.
joel elatico
joel elatico Hace un mes
Who win?
Zach Rod
Zach Rod Hace un mes
Can’t wait to see Lamelo ball out in the NBA
MSWABMS Hace un mes
Dude commentary was bugging me out
Juan Alejandro
Juan Alejandro Hace un mes
Gotta say, first vid I seen with some significant improvements to his game and of course the growth of the body.
John Torre
John Torre Hace un mes
I see better balling in the hood.
Mr. G
Mr. G Hace un mes
Phoenix suns should pick him up we need a point card he can backup Rubio then take over the next year he’s got handles and can pass I think he will be a great fit for Phoenix Suns
__ Hace un mes
Nah. He is the most immature, toxic, celebrity obsessed clown since the Morris twins. Pass. Rubio will be what Nash was to the Suns when he was signed and took the Suns from 3rd or 4th worst record in the league to top 2 and will get his MVP also.
Whitebolls92 Hace un mes
Why do ppl watch this ugly ass drake lookin family
dex 2x
dex 2x Hace un mes
Liangelo ball at 2:30
o beast
o beast Hace un mes
I remember watching him in his young chino hills days now he Dogging niggas😭
Imagine if lamelo had lonzo’s defence he would be on another level
Aswad McCaffity
Aswad McCaffity Hace un mes
LaMelo is nice
The Real OG Jerz
The Real OG Jerz Hace un mes
Did he win? I was loss
Leroy Booker
Leroy Booker Hace un mes
This felt like watching a WNBA game with all them layups and no dunks
Daniel Mounie
Daniel Mounie Hace un mes
Wtf happened in the beginning
Demario Chambers
Demario Chambers Hace un mes
Number 24 should of got more credit in the video
Katoga Travel
Katoga Travel Hace un mes
2:30 see the goat gelo 😂😂😂
Karson 3616
Karson 3616 Hace un mes
He needs a new camera 0:16 like if u agree
Joey Pappas
Joey Pappas Hace un mes
Lamelo's defense is worse than carmelo and even worse than stat. OMG dude would fit right on on the knicks LMAO seriously maybe take a flyer in the second round on him
_cold_steppa Hace un mes
Lmao melo so petty
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