Lana Del Rey - Arcadia (Live On The Late Show With Stephen Colbert/2021) 

Lana Del Rey
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Lana Del Rey performs Arcadia live on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert
‘Blue Banisters’ The New Album Out Now - Lana.lnk.to/BlueBanistersAlbumID
Listen to Arcadia - Lana.lnk.to/ArcadiaID


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28 oct 2021






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omgbeom Hace un año
lana's vocals are so unbelievably beautiful. she'll def go down in history.
LollieVox (Laurie Webb )
So true! Xo
Barbi Loli
Barbi Loli Hace un año
She already is
Christy Hace un año
@Tanishq Mahajan you wish
Iaco Hace un año
since she put out NFR she became such a great songwriter, when I listen to her last three albums I feel like I’m almost reading a poem . Her songs are filled with beautiful and poetic words. that’s one of the many things that I like about this woman , she has never made plastic pop music , her music is pure storytelling and honestly I don’t get why cotcc and blue banisters are so underrated! those albums are so deep and meaningful !
ashifa geraldine
ashifa geraldine Hace un año
she said in one interview around 2012 that she is a writer first then a singer second
Quincy Helm
Quincy Helm Hace un año
She's ALWAYS been thee songwriter
Ser Castamere
Ser Castamere Hace un año
I think the main reason her latest two albums were "underrated" or criticized was because they should have been ONE album, released near the end of 2021. There's definitely some filler on both, but also an AMAZING singular album compiled from both. This song is definitely one of the great ones
blinkx ddu
blinkx ddu Hace un año
Right! Those are my favorite albums
The Mechaniacal
The Mechaniacal Hace un año
I believe she is underrated because most of the world is plastic pop music. So many are content with little or no content. Lana's art has depth there is nothing she writes that is basic or surface fodder. She reaches into your soul where the true passion is and she brings you into this place where you almost feel you can either fly or just bask in it and refill all the empty places of your heart. I know, I am a bit stoned, but that's what she does to me. Simple people cannot understand her and the world is chock-full of simple people.
Перепелица Максим
Real vocal growth. Her voice is ringing and enriched with a head voice. This is her natural talent.
shailee Hace 9 meses
To anyone that never believed in her because they heard her stage fright on SNL. I wish they would listen to this performance. ❤️
Rainier Nii
Rainier Nii Hace 7 meses
Broooo was just gonna comment thiss
Tim Reisel
Tim Reisel Hace 4 meses
Even the great CARLY SIMON had terrible stage fright.
Ben Kennedy
Ben Kennedy Hace un año
Blue Banisters is a legit masterpiece. Legit
staygolden Hace un año
That it is. The song blue banisters is my favorite
J.C Hace un año
@staygolden I f*cking love that song! ‘Black Bathing Suit’ and ‘Dealer’ too 🚬💯
Joseph Wilson
Joseph Wilson Hace un año
I know NFR! is considered her “best” album but omg does this album do something to me
gisele Hace 6 meses
@Joseph Wilson frrr blue banisters is so underrated
Jonah Mungai
Jonah Mungai Hace 5 meses
Blue Banisters is some of her best work tbh😭❤️❤️
New Heu
New Heu Hace un año
She is the nikola tesla of music , people only will understand her genius musical talent after she is gone
u Hace un año
Nikola Tesla*
J.C Hace un año
Apart from us fans who have appreciated it for over a decade now
Arturs Adminis
Arturs Adminis Hace un año
Many of her videos have literary hundreds of millions of views on ESvid.
Faris Rafi Meitaputra
NO PLEASE DON’T!!! She is too brilliant to be ending up like that.
Kulich Hace un año
Come on, really. She has millions of fans
Rue pm
Rue pm Hace un año
I literally can't even imagine living life without this talented queen
Daniel Marcusso
Daniel Marcusso Hace un año
Me 2!!!!!!!!
diego hdz
diego hdz Hace un año
@Lonely cake ñ
Loveknot H8
Loveknot H8 Hace un año
I fukken like you #420
pussycat Hace 11 meses
the fact that I can't even go on a day without listening to her songs, jeez Lanaaa I love you so much
WillyTucker Hace 9 meses
Some people just look and sound better as they mature. She and her music have always been beautiful, but more so now than ever.
Lane Hace 8 meses
she really is. so happy to live at the same time as her
Sophia Bruscato
Sophia Bruscato Hace 9 meses
She is a true poetic genius, genuine musician. Genuine
Minh Anh
Minh Anh Hace un año
Beautiful song ❤🌹🌹🌹
Grimace Mcdonald
Grimace Mcdonald Hace un año
Beautiful song, words, voice and person
Desgame Reaction
Desgame Reaction Hace un año
Ya, so pretty
Ghaida Hace un año
Lana G
Lana G Hace un año
Yes , all her songs are beautiful shes just a beautiful soul ,& Lana is the best she sings like an angel . 🌹💖💖🎉
Raph Films
Raph Films Hace un año
As a director, I agree with you. Lana is an encyclopedia of inspiration for me. Off her song California, I was able to write a story similar to what she and Barrie went through, I hope Lana del Rey fans would love it as much as I did: esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-nSC4ptU79-8.html
Jordy Hace un año
She's so mesmerizing. Her poetry, her voice, her graceful movements, the glint in her eyes. She's the kind of woman that people write love songs about... you can feel her soul through her eyes.
clara azevedo
clara azevedo Hace un año
she’s an icon, she’s a legend and she is the moment
Brandon Hace un año
come on now
Cinnamon girl
Cinnamon girl Hace un año
a living legend!
Augusto Cassini
Augusto Cassini Hace un año
@Lonely cake no.
mk Hace un año
never in my existence have I found another music artist that I love so much. I seriously love her music so much I would rather die than not be able to hear it
Jeff Wood
Jeff Wood Hace un año
Her voice is so soothing and hasn't remotely changed. She's a bit more melodic in this album and it's great. I could listen to her all day.
Patrick James Spillane
Everything about this is exquisitely beautiful; the song, the words, the performance, the sound of that piano so delicately struck as if the piano, like the strength in Lana's voice, were on the verge of disintegration and would disappear with one wrong touch.
Virginia viola
Virginia viola Hace un año
Truly one of Lana’s most beautiful vocal performances.
Leila Hace un año
Her voice is so soft but also powerful. She's just amazing.
Anya Taylor-Joy ♪
Anya Taylor-Joy ♪ Hace un año
its always nice to see her in television and her vocals has always been more confident than ever. Wish she could do SNL again just to say hello to the haters.
Oliver Quinn
Oliver Quinn Hace un año
Bruh same
Hi, Anya!
sugarpansies Hace un año
@🖤Ashesinferno🖤 not real
Raph Films
Raph Films Hace un año
As a director, I agree with you. Lana is an encyclopedia of inspiration for me. Off her song California, I was able to write a story similar to what she and Barrie went through, I hope Lana del Rey fans would love it as much as I did: esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-nSC4ptU79-8.html
Ink_Blot67 Hace un año
To that SNL thing: I’ve been ‘round the block. I’m not a little girl. I was 23 when Sinead O’Connor hit with her rendition of Prince’s Nothing Compares 2 U. I happened to be lying down reading when SNL’s music talent, Lana Del Rey, began her spot. I put my book down and continued to listen. I was instantly drawn to her music. It was the first time I’d ever heard Lana and she is now one of my favorites. She has a completely unconventional sound and I love it. Screw what everyone else thinks about her ‘so called’ crappy performance on SNL. That performance drew in new Lana fans from all over the world.
Karina Vergara Hernández
Cada día estoy más convencida que esta mujer es simplemente maravillosa e indescriptible. Es mágico como ella te hace sentir intensamente como si estuvieras en el mismísimo cielo; su voz, la dulzura con la que interpreta cada canción y cada uno de los detalles que encuentras en su música, es toda una experiencia sublime, electrizante y reveladora. Admiro tanto quien es y en todo el desarrollo que ha tenido desde que la conocí y jamás me deja de sorprender, es impredecible en todos los sentidos. Simplemente la amo mucho y el hecho de que coincidamos en tiempo y lugar; es lo más bonito que me ha podido suceder. Agradecida hasta el fin de los tiempos por tanta inspiración 💛🤍🌸
Duego Escobedo
Duego Escobedo Hace un año
Definitivamente su música te lleva a otro planeta la amo
Ailton Aquino
Ailton Aquino Hace 4 meses
Tão perfeita, o jeitinho que ela canta essa é surreal. 💗😍
Szu Hace 7 meses
This sounds EXACTLY like the live version brooooo i love her so much
Fernanda Rodrigues
Fernanda Rodrigues Hace un año
Passa anos e não tem como cansar dela ❤😍
JAOUADI Nadia Hace un año
Cette chanson est sublime comme l'artiste qui l'a écrit et la chante si bien...
joão Hace un año
Juliana Prado
Juliana Prado Hace un año
O Brasil tá triste por ela não vir ao Lolla 😭
Clara Oliveira
Clara Oliveira Hace un año
@Juliana Prado ne
evy Hace un año
doarda Hace un año
@Juliana Prado to triste e eu nem ia
Erivan Lima
Erivan Lima Hace un año
Amamos demais ❤️🥺
Faithe Stone
Faithe Stone Hace un año
You know an artist is a great singer when their live performances sounded like the original audio version. Lana, I'm obsessed😭❤
Robert Praglin
Robert Praglin Hace un año
One of the most beautiful songs I've ever heard.
Tiger Bread
Tiger Bread Hace un año
Would love to here Lana and LP do a colab one day they are my 2 favourite voices and styles and they are both so underrated.
𝗺𝗮𝘆𝗯𝗲 𝗶𝘀 𝗲𝗺𝗶𝗹𝘆!
Lana, eu te amo! Você é perfeita e seu vocal mais ainda!!!!💖
Esrail Hace 8 meses
The gentleness of your voice is killing me.Lana you are amazing.😭🤍
Everlost Hace un año
This is fucking live and she sounds like she’s playing a perfected studio version. Her live performances are unmatched.
cinnamongirl Hace un año
Eoin Hace un año
It begs the question what even is a studio version when it comes to Lana 😩
MaxiMusicJunkie Hace un año
She changed at least two notes, so you would know that it's not playback :-O
printemps479 Hace un año
Marcel A
Marcel A Hace un año
its not live
Soulless Meat Puppet
Sheer perfection in human form. ❤️
Francieli Hace un año
Canção tão bonita..🤕❤
Kris Takács
Kris Takács Hace 6 meses
Like…. why doesn’t this heavenly melody have more views? 🥲
Rose A
Rose A Hace 5 meses
To see her grow from her SNL performance to this is bittersweet. She was just nervous then, the talent has always been there, she just grew in confidence.
Hana Desuu
Hana Desuu Hace un año
ultrarockwell Hace un año
She’s become so amazing at live performances. Real fans know how far she’s come ♥️
Shawn Bay
Shawn Bay Hace un año
She’s always been amazingly talented live. I think early on she was nervous and experimenting, but her talent was always there.
edna Go
edna Go Hace un año
@Shawn Bay Yes, I think so too.
PhipheeDancee Hace un año
More singles of Blue Banisters please 💙💙
evi Hace un año
She’s such a beautiful singer
Ni Re
Ni Re Hace 9 meses
This gives me goosebumps - all over
The Brooklyn Garden Club
She just gets better and better ..she finds her voice and then we find her.
Xavii.T7 Hace 8 meses
honestly ever since nfr and after lana has been dropping pure art like her albums before nfr are perfect but this is on another level of songwriting
Everlost Hace un año
The notes she hits makes me wanna cry.
makes my heart melt
LollieVox (Laurie Webb )
Me too the whole song destroys me
Wai Htet
Wai Htet Hace un año
She can sing better and better because unlike BTD era, she wrote the songs that she really can sing. Her vocal will have a difficult time to sing Blue Jean and Off to the Races. But now she wrote a lot of ballads that her vocal is perfect to sing.
wespe Hace 11 meses
you're beautiful. voice. full face . the poet.your views on everything. вы прекрасны.
Ale Reimi
Ale Reimi Hace un año
cuanta perfección en una sola persona
Alexia Yaya
Alexia Yaya Hace un año
Lana is just amazing as always. Love this woman.
Vanessa Devia
Vanessa Devia Hace un año
she's pure magic.
Angelwings Hace 9 meses
THE HIGH VOCALS. Truly a goddess!
Jose Penaranda
Jose Penaranda Hace un año
We should protect Lana at all cost ... She's a gem.
Alexander Mio
Alexander Mio Hace un año
She’s a gem and the most unique cancer women ♋️🙏🏼💜
MoH 465
MoH 465 Hace 10 meses
Perfection in human form
moun moun
moun moun Hace 9 meses
@Alexander Mio cô ấy bị ung thư sao
Painau Chocolate
Painau Chocolate Hace 5 meses
Such grace, such humility, such compassion for sonics and velvet sound. She resonates with the life of us all. She carries us
Love from, Anonymous
The fact that every single one of her songs are good just shows how talented she is
Guadalupe Lazarte
Guadalupe Lazarte Hace un año
cuanto la amo😭
qothh Hace 4 meses
What a masterpiece. I love you Lana 💜
Alice Smith
Alice Smith Hace un año
I thank God that I can live on the planet at the same time with this magnificent woman. Lana is incomparable.
Emily Sierra
Emily Sierra Hace un año
She is an Angel, a Legend, a Treasure.
Mintu Yadav
Mintu Yadav Hace un año
Thiago Pimenta
Thiago Pimenta Hace un año
Verdade amiga 👍👍🇧🇷
Thiago Pimenta
Thiago Pimenta Hace un año
@Mintu Yadav Olá bebê
Louise McKinnon
Louise McKinnon Hace un año
And an angel with a halo and empath
John Peeler
John Peeler Hace un año
Lana's music is like a pillow for my soul and my soul just lies back and lets the vibrations of her voice flow through it and over it like a river through the frequencies of the universe in synch with the vibrations of her music and that of my soul till they are all one chorus singing in unison like the Music of the Ainur before the creation of Eä and...........What the f*ck am I talking about?
Maxime Hace un año
I feel this big time 😂
David Hunter
David Hunter Hace un año
I was with you 😂
maxer pl
maxer pl Hace un año
Pure facts
Tonya Tonya!
Tonya Tonya! Hace 11 meses
All this is just facts my man… 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Gabriela Klein
Gabriela Klein Hace un año
Vc é o meu coração Ahhhhhh eu escolhi amar a pessoa certa QUE VOZ LINDA
chilly zibra
chilly zibra Hace un año
Im obsessed with this woman she's magical
lana is the reason we exist
One of her most beautiful songs im in love with arcadia
Candela Basconcello
Candela Basconcello Hace un año
perfectisima diosa inalcanzable unica
maria paula giraldo escobar
Realmente no imagino un mundo sin Lana Del Rey...✨
Kevin Barboza
Kevin Barboza Hace un año
An absolute angel, we’re blessed 💗
Karolina Lewczuk
Karolina Lewczuk Hace un año
Lana's songs are so calming. I love to listen to them before sleep. One of my favourite activities.
Delphine w.
Delphine w. Hace un año
Love this woman. Most underrated vocals and artistry ever. So many have copied her but we know she’s the blueprint 💙💙💙💙
Francisco Sousa
Francisco Sousa Hace un año
Que mulher perfeitaaaa 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
Inês Sofia Azevedo
Inês Sofia Azevedo Hace un año
Her vocals!!!!
Allyson Pains
Allyson Pains Hace un año
She's angelically performative I can't even put that in words
Пёсов Meдиа
Пёсов Meдиа Hace un año
The face of Crispr-Cas9 edible peptides & stem cell treatment
Amber Andrews
Amber Andrews Hace un año
What a voice!!
Francieli Hace un año
Isso é tão perfeito!
Reading with Mou
Reading with Mou Hace un año
in my teenager, i don't really like this kind of music but in my twenty these days i feel like her music healing my exhausted soul.
Luisa Rafacho
Luisa Rafacho Hace un año
Música boa demais
Es normal que esta canción me haga sentir una nostalgia enorme tanto al grado de darme ganas de llorar 😔💕 I love Lana del Rey 🫀
LM Mberger
LM Mberger Hace un año
vocals, lyrics, melody, performance, everything about this is perfect
Pilar Gómez Maranon
Lo ex/trato
Pilar Gómez Maranon
Trato hecho
J.C Hace un año
‘I stand straight like an angel with a halo’ is one of my favourite lyrics of hers. So beautiful.
Raph Films
Raph Films Hace un año
As a director, I agree with you. Lana is an encyclopedia of inspiration for me. Off her song California, I was able to write a story similar to what she and Barrie went through, I hope Lana del Rey fans would love it as much as I did: esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-nSC4ptU79-8.html
J.C Hace un año
@Raph Films That is beautiful, very relatable for me having BPD
Mahmut Özdemir
Mahmut Özdemir Hace un año
she is like an angel and in fact, she is literally an angel
mill denise
mill denise Hace un año
she has the most beautiful voice i've ever heard
yjmsrv Hace un año
Fuckin' perfect. Lana is the real deal- dealin with the real. Can't say enough good things about how bad ass this really is.
Lester Martienez
Lester Martienez Hace un año
su voz tan angelical
Мария Н.
Мария Н. Hace un año
chara Hace un año
Lyrics: My body is a map of L.A. I stand straight like an angel, with a halo Hangin' out the Hilton Hotel window Screamin', "Heyo, baby, let's go" My chest, the Sierra Madre My hips, every high and byway That you trace with your fingertips like a Toyota Run your hands over me like a Land Rover In Arcadia, Arcadia All roads that lead to you as integral to me as arteries That pump the blood that flows straight to the heart of me America, America I can't sleep at home tonight, send me a Hilton Hotel Or a cross on the hill, I'm a lost little girl Findin' my way to ya Arcadia My body is a map of L.A. And my heart is like paper, I hate ya I'm not from the land of the palms, so I know I can't stay here I'm not native, but My curves, San Gabriel all day And my lips like the fire licks the bay If you think that you know yourself, you can come over Lay your hands on me like you're a Land Rover In Arcadia, Arcadia All roads that lead to you as integral to me as arteries That get the blood flowing straight to the heart of me America, I need a miracle I can't sleep at home tonight, send me a Hilton Hotel Or a cross on the hill, I'm a lost little girl Findin' my way to ya Arcadia They built me up three hundred feet tall just to tear me down So I'm leavin' with nothing but laughter, and this town Arcadia Findin' my way to ya I'm leavin' them as I was, five foot eight Western bound, plus the hate that they gave By the way, thanks for that, on the way, I'll pray for ya But you'll need a miracle America
João Neto
João Neto Hace un año
E a gente grita ARTISTAAAA
DDAVO7 Hace un año
Lana is timeless. She reminds me of singers from years ago, when the world was a much more simple place.
Novatly Hace 11 meses
She is so under appreciated
Finnegan Hace 11 meses
no she's not
Tina Molaei
Tina Molaei Hace un año
Heaven is a place on earth with your voice lana✨
Sarahi Ortega
Sarahi Ortega Hace un año
Danilo Hace un año
Minha gratidão é viver na mesma época que a Lana, que artista genial. Quando a mídia a criticou, ela nos entregou arte e isso ninguém pode tirar!
AJ Hace 5 meses
She's so effortlessly beautiful, what a voice!! ❤❤❤❤❤
Yossi Hajaj
Yossi Hajaj Hace un año
I don't think she doesn't even know how she means to so many people. Sometimes I think that I know her for so many years. She's my guardian angel, the blood in my veins.
Or Prendi
Or Prendi Hace un año
Her angel voice 🌹
SultanAlexander Hace un año
Lana your music makes me feel so loved even when I’m not ☺️ thx God for creating you 😍
cosmo Hace un año
MaryScorpp 13🏳️‍🌈
mds eu amo demais isso aqui
Lucila Aylen
Lucila Aylen Hace 6 meses
amo que lana no haga música comercial y lo haga para los fans que verdaderamente disfrutamos de su musica
Unremarkable Marx
Unremarkable Marx Hace un año
2:46 Clipped the soundboard. That's how cutting, and true her voice is. Lana is power
ally belle
ally belle Hace un año
best vocals in this song! beautiful! 🌸💝
Raine Hace 11 meses
Her voice is so haunting beautiful.. and it’s like a siren’s call it entrances you in 🧎🏻‍♀️🖤
With Lithium Came Poetry
Lana is the only good in my miserable relapsing junkie life. I no longer believe in anything, not even in myself, but I believe in her and her art. I take each of her albums, each of her songs, each of her lyrics, each of her poems, each of her videos, as a sign that I must stay and hold on to this tiny ray of hope.
so you say
so you say Hace un año
I hope your situation can improve and you find a positive path You will have so much to offer others in time. Living through times of darkness can bring light to others
Daniel V
Daniel V Hace un año
Omg I'm crying! I feel for you as I am a recovering alcoholic. Her art is the only thing that makes me happy. Stay strong! ❤️
Anette Hace un año
“Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light.”
Tanya Elle
Tanya Elle Hace un año
You can do it hun.. Methadone saved my life. Idc what anyone says it isnt heroin amd doesnt get u Hugh. When your on the right side you dont crave. I was a junkie for 9 years on and off.. Im 28 now and working and i don't have a lot but i will one day. Plz don't give up....
Cesar Isaac
Cesar Isaac Hace un año
She sings like an angel
matteo Hace un año
when i feel nostalgic and lonely i go on Lana’s yt and watch everything just to feel better❤️
Adryan Gabriel
Adryan Gabriel Hace un año
Porque tão perfeita ? 😭
Final_Mile_Music Hace 10 meses
A seriously prolific artist.
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