Lana Del Rey - Did you know that there's a tunnel under Ocean Blvd (Audio) 

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'Did you know that there's a tunnel under Ocean Blvd'
The New Album Out Now - lanadelrey.lnk.to/oceanblvdID
Listen to ‘Did you know that there’s a tunnel under Ocean Blvd’ - lanadelrey.lnk.to/oceanblvd_sID
Music video by Lana Del Rey performing Did you know that there's a tunnel under Ocean Blvd (Audio). © 2022 Lana Del Rey, under exclusive licence to Polydor Records a division of Universal Music Operations Limited


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6 dic 2022






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Fatima Khaled
Fatima Khaled Hace 6 meses
She slayed as always
Canna Vega
Canna Vega Hace 6 meses
my man wrote this before he could actually listen to it
Selish Art
Selish Art Hace 6 meses
Uriellh Jkoab
Uriellh Jkoab Hace 6 meses
Song came out two minutes ago you commented a minute ago and it’s 4 minutes longer how come you know ? Haha 😅
mariah Hace 6 meses
it’s 4 min long and hasn’t even been out for that long…
Doodoo Swaggy
Doodoo Swaggy Hace 3 meses
It's a crime that she hasn't been asked to do a Bond song yet. There's like...no one more fitting.
M 3cinco
M 3cinco Hace 3 meses
Sad. Seems if you are not popular like sam smith or adele there won't be a chance
Doodoo Swaggy
Doodoo Swaggy Hace 3 meses
@M 3cinco At least Adele's song was good. But no one will convince me that Lana couldn't do something better than Sam Smith's forgettable tripe in her sleep.
Dung dao xuan
Dung dao xuan Hace 3 meses
And the last song was handed to Billie of all people lol
lee Hace 3 meses
@Dung dao xuan billie’s was amaazingggg
The Chivers Beat Company
Here is what a Lana Bond theme would sound like to me !! esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-oQdJbndkjZw.html
i'mjustbored Hace 4 meses
I've been with her since Born To Die, she literally shaped my personality. Listening to her asking us to "not forget her" in this song after listening to her old songs makes me so emotional and makes me realize how much me & her had grown up. I love Lana to death.
Mary Rodrigues
Mary Rodrigues Hace 2 meses
Me too
Aminta Singh
Aminta Singh Hace 2 meses
Nobody could ever forget her she's our living legend
Kinoa Hace 2 meses
The way she shaped whole generation, ugh her power *chef’s kiss*
Marko Hace 2 meses
Literally. Same, same
Same!!!!! Born to die omg such an era
Boby Arianto Saputra
using long-forgotten tunnel as a metaphor to her self is brilliant. SHE IS UNMATCHED. greatest songwriter of our time
Mouse man
Mouse man Hace 18 días
It took me a couple listens to figure out what she was implying. Very brilliant
Tarkan Özer
Tarkan Özer Hace 4 meses
I am so glad i am not one of those who say her music is boring. I feel like priviliged. This is such a masterpiece and like therapy. Also so meaningful. She is a poet.
Mary Rodrigues
Mary Rodrigues Hace 2 meses
GIRLBOSS1111 Hace 2 meses
R. Cotejo
R. Cotejo Hace 2 meses
They consider Lana Del Rey's art boring? I'd rather bury myself than call Lana's art boring.
Tamiya Fan
Tamiya Fan Hace 2 meses
Yes it's like magic washing over my body and into my soul making me feel like I am in a different place to the mundane horrible world we really all live in.
miloseviczarko45 Hace 2 meses
Her discography is really rich.
Yamato Sazaki
Yamato Sazaki Hace 5 días
Que canção, que melodia ❤
Mari Bella
Mari Bella Hace 6 meses
She truly never fails to deliver another dimension of musical art. LANA DEL REY IS A TRUE ICON
Livv Yeleni
Livv Yeleni Hace 6 meses
She IS another dimension
SABRINAKID Hace 6 meses
i love her but it sounds the same as everything else he has put out the last couple of years :(
ESC Cyprus
ESC Cyprus Hace 6 meses
Stream Honeymoon
SzanownaPani_Psyche Hace 6 meses
@SABRINAKIDexactly :( I mean, if this is what she want to do… but I’m kinda disappointed that there is nothing new and unique for each album. It’s just on the one same note
K S Hace 6 meses
@SzanownaPani_Psyche Lana always experiments with her music; I wouldn't be surprised if there is at least one song in this album that's experimental. However, as someone who's been listening to Lana religiously since her Ultraviolence album, I personally wouldn't like Lana to abandon her style or venture too far from the style and genre that I've come to love her for. This song is a quintessentially Lana Del Rey song, which I LOVE!
Louisemusiclover Hace 4 meses
Did you know that there’s a tunnel under Ocean Blvd Lyrics [Verse 1] Did you know that there's a tunnel under Ocean Boulevard? Mosaic ceilings, painted tiles on the wall I can't help but feel somewhat like my body marred my soul Handmade beauty sealed up by two man-made walls And I'm like [Chorus] When's it gonna be my turn? When's it gonna be my turn? Open me up, tell me you like it Fuck me to death, love me until I love myself There's a tunnel under Ocean Boulevard Therе's a tunnel under Ocean Boulеvard [Verse 2] There's a girl that sings "Hotel California" Not because she loves the notes or sounds that sound like Florida It's because she's in a world, preserved, only a few have found the door It's like Camarillo, only silver mirrors, running down the corridor Oh, man [Chorus] When's it gonna be my turn? Don't forget me When's it gonna be my turn? Open me up, tell me you like me Fuck me to death, love me until I love myself There's a tunnel under Ocean Boulevard Don't forget me There's a tunnel under Ocean Boulevard [Verse 3] Harry Nilsson has a song, his voice breaks at 2:05 Something about the way he says "Don't forget me" makes me feel like I just wish I had a friend like him, someone to get me by Lennon in the back, whisperin' in my ear "Come on, baby, you can thrive" But I can't [Chorus] When's it gonna be my turn? Don't forget me When's it gonna be my turn? Open me up, tell me you like it Fuck me to death, love me until I love myself There's a tunnel under Ocean Boulevard
Ebru Yeşilova
Ebru Yeşilova Hace 2 meses
FlowerChild Hace 2 meses
Like the tunnel under Ocean Boulevard ❤
groovtoon Hace 2 meses
I don't think it's "Lennon in the back." I think it's "leaning"--but "Lennon in the back" makes sense, and might be better, since he worked with Harry.
Helen Kelsey
Helen Kelsey Hace un mes
Thanks for posting lyrics
Plus2022 Hace 4 meses
"love me until I love myself". Wow, her mind is out of this world ❤️
 //aguardiente y limón ᴗ‿‿ᴗ
Ikr this is so realistic
Nikita L.
Nikita L. Hace un mes
Love me….until I’m me again.
Michael Angelo Caron
i repeat it and then saw it
Jason Lloyd
Jason Lloyd Hace 3 meses
This album needs to win a Grammy.
PK MFF Hace 2 meses
Grammy needs this album.
Coy Paez
Coy Paez Hace 2 meses
A a grammy does not mean anything friend, it is a bastardized award and that rewards sales not art!!
Lanadelreyperfct Hace 2 meses
“don't forget me” this women got me trough everything if i was happy sad mad or anything she was there for me not fisically but she make me feel like, omg i cant even know how to start talking about this wonderful lady. if i forget her im dead or have severe amnesia because this lady changed my life with her poetry and music since i was 11 and will never be forgotten. i love her so much it hurts.
Brandon A
Brandon A Hace un mes
Aw that's really sweet. I feel exactly the same way! I've been listening to her since BTD and she got me through HS and Uni and now almost 30 years old. Amazing ❤
kyliee b.
kyliee b. Hace 2 meses
lana del rey is honestly a true icon. she NEVER FAILS!!
Jessie Stoykova
Jessie Stoykova Hace 6 meses
A lot of people don't take her voice seriously, but no one can sing like her.
Onur Dogan
Onur Dogan Hace 6 meses
its basic
nirlana Hace 6 meses
@Onur Dogan you’re basic
dev loves the SNSD vocal line
@Onur Dogan her voice type is not even common, her voice is the opposite of “basic”
Eliza Sirpenski
Eliza Sirpenski Hace 6 meses
@Onur Dogan I disagree, I’ve never heard somebody even try to impersonate her voice accurately. Nobody sounds like her, not in this era of music at least.
Dario AN
Dario AN Hace 6 meses
​@Onur DoganHAHAHA
Bella Martino
Bella Martino Hace 2 meses
Who the heck couldn’t love her music? It’s hypnotic! Modern yet also gives me some Billie Holiday/60s/70s songwriter vibes. Also give me some Sade vibes. Not saying they sound alike but gives you that same feeling. Music that takes you to another world. Same listening vibe. The most unique voice around today, since the glory days of music.
Mina Awad
Mina Awad Hace 18 días
Yes agreed her songs and voice is angelic but sometimes like this song it's too much words and it almost doesn't seem like a song but trust me it's no hate and I like it 😭,I think that she is sending a message but maybe that's what others think . ❤️
Overexposed Hace 2 meses
The way she changes the lyric at the end from “don’t forget me…there’s a tunnel under ocean boulevard” to “don’t forget me LIKE the tunnel ocean boulevard.” It ties the whole song together. Fantastic!
Filmes Completos e Dublados
I've never seen an artist who is as grateful to fans as Lana, I met her a few days ago, how it hurts to fall in love with her voice like that and to know the features of her face like the lines of our palms. I didn't want to leave this life without at least saying, I exist and I wrote a poem for you.
Mary Rodrigues
Mary Rodrigues Hace 2 meses
Laura Lopez
Laura Lopez Hace 2 meses
Manu people are grateful to their fans.
WSA Hace 2 meses
Where’d you meet her if you don’t mind me asking.
Filmes Completos e Dublados
@WSA youtube
truffleday Hace 2 meses
​@Filmes Completos e Dublados Oh, so you mean you were recently introduced to her music, yeah? She's a glorious beauty! Inside and out. ❤
wuv Hace 4 meses
"Handmade beauty, sealed up by two man-made walls" such beautiful lyrics
Taryn Allen-Wood
Taryn Allen-Wood Hace 16 días
What a masterpiece yet again from our Lana!
Airy Hace 6 meses
She doesn't make music for popularity . She makes music for us period. We're getting into a new 'sad girl' era
Sugar Rae
Sugar Rae Hace 6 meses
and i’m SO excited
Latifa Hace 6 meses
I need this
Wonderland Hace 6 meses
Omggg I’m so ready, these lyrics were giving me very UV vibes, I’m ready to be heartbroken
Big Ben Bittner New Start Adventures
Uh, you realize Jack Antinoff is producing her music right? Same with Taylor Swift, neither of them are writing their own artsy music lmfao. This is music made for the mainstream to feel like they are in on hipster culture.
grace Hace 6 meses
@Big Ben Bittner New Start Adventures yeah did lana tell you that
Michael Fender
Michael Fender Hace 4 meses
Isn’t just a song, it's a state of mind, I see understanding in her way of communicating music to us, she doesn't compose for money but for us, she gives us a melody for every moment of life, she completes us.
PeepersT Hace 4 meses
What a sad and beautiful song. It's a masterpiece.
Paula Vitória
Paula Vitória Hace 4 meses
lana is a goddess of sadness, sensations i feel just listening to that voice, lana is a feeling, lana is an image of angels, lana is the woman
DJ PENGUEN Hace 3 meses
a woman begging not to be forgotten, that woman's name is lana del rey. Lana Del Rey likens herself to a tunnel with a unique metaphor, she is like a unique and timeless novel that will not lose its value even after centuries.
Maya 🌻
Maya 🌻 Hace un mes
Where tf do u get those emojis
Zerek Wolfe
Zerek Wolfe Hace 2 meses
Still my favourite song on the album
Nowhere Girl
Nowhere Girl Hace 2 meses
Sam Harvel
Sam Harvel Hace 2 meses
Geraldine Mercer
Geraldine Mercer Hace un mes
​@Nowhere Girl 😊q😊q😊😊1q
Geraldine Mercer
Geraldine Mercer Hace un mes
​@Nowhere Girl q😊qq😊😊😊
Moody Me
Moody Me Hace 9 días
AMEN!!!! It is THE BEST song on the album and her best in a while!..
Victor Chambers
Victor Chambers Hace 6 meses
10 years in, 9 albums in and she's still making timeless music! There's truly NO ONE like her
Páblo F.S
Páblo F.S Hace 6 meses
Max M
Max M Hace 6 meses
I remember when I broke up in late 2020, it was hard and then was her - spitting singles and albums like crazy. Two in few months!
Maria Gabrielle
Maria Gabrielle Hace 6 meses
Well... she's amazing! But we have a lot of female singers that also delivered us some masterpiece
Ro Kale
Ro Kale Hace 6 meses
The problem is that now her music doesn't evolve...it's like listening to the same song all over again...
ash Hace 6 meses
@Ro Kale doesn't evolve. Lol do u hear all the bts, kpop and rap songs now. She is a breath of fresh air.
Ailton Aquino
Ailton Aquino Hace 14 días
Essa daqui me faz sentir tantas coisas boas. Só a lana pra fazer isso! Love you mãe 💗😍✨
amateadea Hace 2 meses
Lana's voice sculpts the words in such a raw, beautiful, unique, exquisit sound... Her voice is a tour de force.
Boston Emily
Boston Emily Hace 2 meses
I’m so grateful to be alive while she is & able to listen to her music now because I’ve missed out on so much of my life the past 10yrs but Lana has some how I always been by my side every step of the way🧘🏼‍♀️🧚🏼‍♀️🙌🏼💕🪄thank you Lana
Harry Yarrow
Harry Yarrow Hace 21 un día
I love her singing on this record.Album of the Year.🧡
Ketlyn  Vytória
Ketlyn Vytória Hace 4 meses
simplesmente perfeita 🛐🛐🛐 Laninha não decepciona nunca 😭😭😭😭....que pena quer eu não vou poder ir no show 😓💔😭😭😭 mais eu vou conseguir ir em um algum dia 😭😭😭🙌🏽
Martial-Valéry R.D
Martial-Valéry R.D Hace 6 meses
zina Hace 6 meses
arturo Hace 6 meses
Sehzade Remik
Sehzade Remik Hace 6 meses
Had you heard the song before wrote this comment?
Sarah Mason
Sarah Mason Hace 6 meses
@UCpm1dS3EEaPzpUiQEgvWsmw god i’m already in love with that line it’s so real
Angie ☆
Angie ☆ Hace 6 meses
Sebastian Cortes
Sebastian Cortes Hace 4 meses
Her music makes me feel so sentimental, nostalgic, missing something that I can’t figure it out.
jaqueline Mos
jaqueline Mos Hace 4 meses
Cada vez que lança música, faz outra ainda melhor em seguida. Sempre entregando tudo a Lana ❤
evergreen ୨୧
evergreen ୨୧ Hace 19 días
these songs are actually otherworldly theres no other way to describe it... even beautiful would be an understatement.
Anara Mendybekova
Anara Mendybekova Hace 4 meses
Very deep lyrics of someone who lost a sight of her own light and in need of being healed with love and care. I hope Lana feels better and gets the support she needs.
Rick Rocks
Rick Rocks Hace 3 meses
Music that is full of feelings is a gift. No one does it better.
iván :)
iván :) Hace 6 meses
Second Name
Second Name Hace 5 meses
wtf 😭
shaka z
shaka z Hace 5 meses
Child! You better study.
Mr Shaq
Mr Shaq Hace 5 meses
@shaka z Excuse me, take a sec and listen to some of the records I've made , then give me ur honest opinion on it. I'd really appreciate it fam 💯. Have a great week.
erik gordon
erik gordon Hace 5 meses
Back...Does she ever really leave? Consistently putting out music
Q A Hace 5 meses
I’m begging y’all just one (1) era without this comment please
Velvet Sandpaper
Velvet Sandpaper Hace 4 meses
Lana Del Rey is my bread and butter but the last album I truly appreciated was Honeymoon. After a while her sound began to shift from cinematic despondence to a slightly less movie-like dream sequence. I understand that she has grown as a person and like any true musical genius must evolve but I must say, with this new release... the Queen is back 👑
Heather B
Heather B Hace 4 meses
This song is so beautiful. I hope the rest of the album is like this. It reminds me so much more of the Lana I grew with in my 20s than the past 3 albums.
Brigette P
Brigette P Hace 3 meses
totally agree with this!!!❤❤❤
Gui Winter
Gui Winter Hace 3 meses
Uma das músicas mais lindas, chega tocar em nossas almas, e faz com que a gente reflita tanta coisa. Lana é incrível!
Afiq ITE
Afiq ITE Hace 4 meses
Lana is a childhood artist of mine and this year, I am turning 19 where next year I will be in my 20s. Wow I cant believe I am almost finishing growing up!! I have been blessed to grow up with Lana Del Rey's masterpieces! Timeless music and just there's no words to express how much I love her and her music!! Whenever I hear her name or her song, I associate it with NOSTALGIA!!!
Cherry Bomb
Cherry Bomb Hace 3 meses
Same for me since middle school now through out my 20s..but honey we got much more growing to do! 🖤
Ragism Rotzrochen
Ragism Rotzrochen Hace 2 meses
Please don't worry... You will never be finished growing up ♥️
Afiq ITE
Afiq ITE Hace 2 meses
@Ragism Rotzrochen ♥️
Jeuro38 Hace 2 meses
Oh you'll see, you never stop growing up
Jim Hogg
Jim Hogg Hace un mes
That journey - growing up - will never be over . . . and it's barely begun . .
Mary Rodrigues
Mary Rodrigues Hace 2 meses
Regular Everyday Normal Guy
Lana Del Rey's voice is like a siren's call, drawing you in with its sorrowful beauty and captivating you with its raw emotion.
privatia Hace 3 meses
You‘ve put that beautifully into words 😊
driff Hace 3 meses
Mary Rodrigues
Mary Rodrigues Hace 2 meses
monkeymode1000 Hace 2 meses
corny 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Carmen the Choosen
Carmen the Choosen Hace 2 meses
The most awesome song i ever heard from Lana.. And The background vocals îs amazing👋👋👋👋
Stellar I-DLE
Stellar I-DLE Hace 4 meses
She is so timeless. I love her music so much! 🥰
Mana Mana
Mana Mana Hace 2 meses
Love your voice Lana❤
Anne Alves
Anne Alves Hace 4 meses
Mary Rodrigues
Mary Rodrigues Hace 2 meses
Que perfeição Senhores, Lana me traz paz ❤️‍🩹
Elder Hace 6 meses
La canción es perfecta ahora imagínense el álbum entero
Esteffi del rey
Esteffi del rey Hace 6 meses
Ahhhhhhh kermosaaaaaa
sweetnerhs Hace 6 meses
Deivid del Rey🍒
Deivid del Rey🍒 Hace 6 meses
Lana De Rey 🅥 fake vídeo!!
Fernanda Quispe Ocupa
diosssssss ese día no sé si saldré vivaaaa, la amooo
Kathy Incata
Kathy Incata Hace 6 meses
rionffub Hace 2 meses
One more fabulous song of Lana, she's so talented ...
Tamiya Fan
Tamiya Fan Hace 2 meses
Beautiful song. Feels like magic as it builds up in tempo and power.
mystic dove🕊️🥀
We will never forget you Lana. You're someone out of this world, I'll never forget the way you touched my soul and shaped me. I'll never forget you.
Amber Santana
Amber Santana Hace 2 meses
My favorite song of all time, I love this song!! Lana del Rey is so beautiful, amazing soul.
hubert vignaud
hubert vignaud Hace 16 días
Probably top 3 with Venice Bitch & Ultraviolence.
IdiotSavant Hace 3 meses
Was living in LA when she hit it. Glad she’s making such great music all these years later. That’s not an easy thing to pull off lol
Ele Basoli
Ele Basoli Hace 5 meses
Lana makes music for the soul
FxiryMxst Hace 5 meses
some of it is autotone
baby boomer twerk team
@FxiryMxst did anyone ask
FxiryMxst Hace 5 meses
@baby boomer twerk team no but they might aswell
B Hace 5 meses
Yes her music is heavenly.
eva Hace 5 meses
@FxiryMxst ok?
Anna Xatzh
Anna Xatzh Hace 4 meses
I’m in love with these lyrics…Lana did it AGAIN
Maria Lustosa
Maria Lustosa Hace 4 meses
Não canso de ouvir sua voz
Lucaszz :-)
Lucaszz :-) Hace 2 meses
Obra de Arte! ❤🎵🇧🇷
Syoni Hace 2 meses
This song is like a secret entrance to Lana's magical world. I'm in love! 🥹
sther Hace un mes
a voz dessa mulher me encanta. te amo lana ❤️‍🩹.
oui oui
oui oui Hace 6 meses
I love how she just randomly drops a masterpiece with the craziest name
Beatrice W
Beatrice W Hace un mes
the ‘don’t forget me’ cuts straight to my heart
Alexis Reyes
Alexis Reyes Hace 4 meses
This is a masterpiece to be honest 🛐
oceanblvd89 Hace 2 meses
her music is out of this world, so unique and mesmerizing. no one compares to goddess del rey.
Paul Garabet
Paul Garabet Hace 4 meses
She has the best title tracks ever!! She never miss it when it comes to albums and true art, I CANT WAIT FOR THE ALBUM OMFG!
B M Hace 4 meses
Seriously, this woman is incapable of making a bad song.
░ 𝐒𝐡𝐚𝐲𝐚𝐠𝐚𝐦𝐢 ░
this WOMAN doesn't make music for popularity✨ she makes music for special people
awüita de limón
awüita de limón Hace 6 meses
She makes art
truffleday Hace 2 meses
The hardest decision to make is if she is more beautiful on the outside or the inside..... She's the definition of perfection.
David Adams
David Adams Hace 2 meses
This evokes all the years I've lived and loved, the sadnesses and the joys.
Ragism Rotzrochen
Ragism Rotzrochen Hace 2 meses
This must be one of the most beautiful things I have ever heard. Still shaking after fifty listens...
D Limit
D Limit Hace 4 meses
Heard this on the radio and thought it was an old song from back when music was good.
H P.
H P. Hace 20 días
Let’s fight
Looiss__ Hace 3 meses
So excited !! It's my first time waiting for your new album since I became your fan 👑❤️ luv
Methswan Hace 6 meses
Lana has the power of turning the sadness into heaven
Guevara Hace 6 meses
this song isn’t about sadness babes
Your mom
Your mom Hace 6 meses
Underrated comment 😫 I’m tired of the slay comments
Your mom
Your mom Hace 6 meses
@Guevara yes but she does have the power to do that tho
Lucifer Morningstar
Lucifer Morningstar Hace 6 meses
Your mom
Your mom Hace 6 meses
Lаnа Del Rey 🅥 no wth
chrisbomber101 Hace 2 meses
I picked the new Lana Del Rey album on 12" record, my first new record in years and it sounds amazing. The Grants reminds me of my dad, we still miss him so much but the memories stay with us and helps bring comfort. Love this album, depressingly beautiful and fall of heart ❤.
ts 🍁🧣
ts 🍁🧣 Hace 24 días
When i feel sad i just open this masterpiece up. Love you lana. Thank you for sharing this piece of art with us.
Vitoria Souza
Vitoria Souza Hace 3 meses
Fernando Hernandez
Fernando Hernandez Hace 20 días
Can't help but feel this song into a cellular level 💙
nightdreamz Hace 6 meses
I love how Lana's song titles get progressively longer, you go, maximalist queen! 💕
Mona Martins
Mona Martins Hace 6 meses
She shorten Boulevard for us 😍
Rahul Dabas
Rahul Dabas Hace 6 meses
@Mona Martins so that we don't see a thrid line ,what a gem
pierre Hace 6 meses
Rihanna flopped
Animal finatic
Animal finatic Hace 6 meses
I'm the same too
Eon's Bricks
Eon's Bricks Hace 5 meses
I too, I hope in like 10 years the titles will basically be essays lol
martin giles
martin giles Hace 2 meses
Incomparable album. This is perfection.
AriNotes Hace un mes
Beautiful lyrics, beautiful voice
Jeff Stephens
Jeff Stephens Hace 4 meses
I love her voice, and her lyrics are always inspiring. I always feel like she's onlu using 70% of her vocal power. I would love to see her tap into that hidden power and truly belt a song out. Amazing woman.
Brazilian Hace 3 meses
esses vocais são maravilhosos.
faaaduma Hace 3 meses
Her melodies are getting better with each album.
Maeve Hace 6 meses
No one can do it like her. Absolutely one of a kind. The marvelous Lana Del Rey, everyone.
Alexander Brown
Alexander Brown Hace 6 meses
@pecy ♥️ Jesus Christ loves you pecy. ✝️know✝️ 1 John 5 KJV 13 These things have I written unto you that believe on the name of the Son of God; that ye may know that ye have eternal life, and that ye may believe on the name of the Son of God. 1 Corinthians 15 KJV 1 Moreover, brethren, I declare unto you the gospel which I preached unto you, which also ye have received, and wherein ye stand; 2 By which also ye are saved, if ye keep in memory what I preached unto you, unless ye have believed in vain. 3 For I delivered unto you first of all that which I also received, how that Christ died for our sins according to the scriptures; 4 And that he was buried, and that he rose again the third day according to the scriptures: Romans 3 KJV 25 Whom God hath set forth to be a propitiation through faith in his blood, to declare his righteousness for the remission of sins that are past, through the forbearance of God; 🎁 free gift 🎁 Ephesians 2 KJV 8 For by grace are ye saved through faith; and that not of yourselves: it is the gift of God: 9 Not of works, lest any man should boast. ♥️ sealed ♥️ Ephesians 1 KJV 13 In whom ye also trusted, after that ye heard the word of truth, the gospel of your salvation: in whom also after that ye believed, ye were sealed with that holy Spirit of promise,
irini Hace 4 meses
ill never forget, most timeless and beautiful voice out there. i love you lana your music feels so personal to me ❤❤
Fernando Hernandez
Fernando Hernandez Hace 20 días
I feel like the more time it passes away the more i love this song❤
Fernando Hernandez
Fernando Hernandez Hace 20 días
The little blowing in to the mic is just chills💙
Ayesha Sultana
Ayesha Sultana Hace 4 meses
Naturally you'll start loving this song once you understand each line of it. It's a song about us.
Jesus Gutierrez
Jesus Gutierrez Hace 4 meses
almost two months since this song has been released and I still have it on repeat
Marco Ragonese
Marco Ragonese Hace 6 meses
RAINY BEAT Hace un mes
Yessss, she is iconic... the same as Lil pump 🤩🤙🏿
MICAEL SILVA Hace 4 meses
mais uma vez aqui ouvindo essa obra prima, Lana del Rey não é só músicas são sentimentos que transmite!! obg por essa obra Lana 🙏 god is Lana 🛐
 Alejandro Nesta
Alejandro Nesta Hace 4 meses
i love lana His music is therapy for me and it seems that this album that he is going to give us is too big . I'm grateful to del rey for giving us such great music that I can relate to and cry to. i love u lana 💗
Rain W
Rain W Hace 13 días
The sound of her voice is hypnotic.
Lilith Bouvier
Lilith Bouvier Hace 4 meses
Lana, you are a living legend.
Effy Hace 3 meses
Absolute art as always
Alexa's House 🌻
Alexa's House 🌻 Hace 6 meses
Can we all agree that lana is an icon and a literal queen 💅
mimi Hace 6 meses
NaughtyBoy Hace 6 meses
No she’s not. She’s a goddess.
Gwyneth Zamora
Gwyneth Zamora Hace 6 meses
Habrá algo que mi lana no haga bien? Me salvaste la vida
JoJo JoJi
JoJo JoJi Hace 6 meses
*No, there isn't any need of agreement, it's straight up FACT*
DEFW Hace 4 meses
I have loved Lana since i was 15 I will never forget her concert wjen i was 16 or 17 and everything she does still resonates so much. Her voice is from another time and her constant homage to old classics adds such depth to her own art. She will be a remembered icon for sure 💜💚💜💚💜
Ariane Lima
Ariane Lima Hace 8 días
Esse álbum é tão profundo!❤️
Someone Out-there
Someone Out-there Hace 3 meses
"love me until I love myself." No matter how often she puts a new registered together she always comes up with the most beautiful songs.
luluart💜 Hace 4 meses
I love her songs so much that nostalgic feeling in my heart,i just can't explain. She bring back all my memories with my family,my mom and dad are divorced and everything changed for a 2 years,but Lana is here to bring back all that beautiful memories with her music Love you Lana so much🤍