Lana Del Rey - Wanderlust 

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00:00 - Chemtrails Over the Country Club
05:40 - Text Book
10:00 - Mariners Apartment Complex
13:03 - Black Bathing Suit
17:12 - Cherry Blossom
20:45 - Living Legend
24:54 - Arcadia
29:35 - Hope is a Dangerous Thing
35:15 - White Dress
38:38 - Not All Those Who Wander Are Lost
42:38 - Dance Till We Die
46:38 - How to Disappear
49:45 - Cinnamon Girl
52:52 - Let Me Love You Like a Woman
56:13 - Venice Bitch
58:48 - Tulsa Jesus Freak
1:01:48 - Norman Fucking Rockwell
1:05:25 - Thunder
1:08:39 - The Greatest
1:12:11 - There's a Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd
1:17:03 - Wild at Heart


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6 jun 2023






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Fábio Rodrigues
Fábio Rodrigues Hace 5 meses
A concert like this with just her most recent albums would be amazing. Like, I love her older stuff too, but because she always has to have many songs from BTD on the setlist, it leaves less space for so many songs that would be amazing live
Delta Ultra
Delta Ultra Hace 5 meses
I wonder if it’s part of her contract: cause she knows what we want 😓
Wandeilson Lucena
Wandeilson Lucena Hace 5 meses
yeah im tired of BTD on the set
floppyrin Hace 5 meses
exactly, it's fucking annoying, the real hardcore fans want her new stuff!!
miguel hernandez
miguel hernandez Hace 5 meses
😭😭😭 the amount of times I’ve heard summertime sadness, video games, and off to the races live is insane she definitely needs to put btd in the past😭
Cyber Lyon
Cyber Lyon Hace 4 meses
That happens because people (like me) who has never gone to her concerts could have a chance to at least hear It once on stage
akli Hace 5 meses
I wish i had this on vinyl wow
Christopher Muñoz Jaque
Me too ❤
Dejan Knez
Dejan Knez Hace un mes
Derrick Muturi
Derrick Muturi Hace 5 meses
Okay!!! The arrangements are just divine!!! The acoustic ones just match so seamlessly with her voice!
A Different Kind Of Human
Lana's work since NFR has been her best I wish there was a setlist with just these songs
SanderX Hace 5 meses
Such an underrated opinion but I 100% agree
Vic Ng
Vic Ng Hace 5 meses
All of her work from NFR til now sound identical to the next - same instrumentation, extremely slow paced with different lyrics. I miss her upbeat days…
Bruce Baker
Bruce Baker Hace 4 meses
so true. she crossed a threshold yes.
Jukai Sea
Jukai Sea Hace 3 meses
How can u say that when Honeymoon was literally her third album (under Lana Del Rey name) and was extremely slow and is probably one of her best album?
SanderX Hace 3 meses
@Jukai Sea honeymoon is a whole different style compared to the new songs
Emilio Martinez
Emilio Martinez Hace 2 meses
There must be an official release of this remarkable concert. The version is better than the official album and the sound is so clear.
lee baldock
lee baldock Hace 4 días
The sound here is insane , it's so good !
OdeToVenus Hace 5 meses
I'm a minute in and I'm already hooked. Chemtrails was BEAUTIFUL and I can only imagine how amazing the rest is gonna be. Edit: I ALSO love how you arranged these
Gaurang Sharma
Gaurang Sharma Hace 5 meses
I want this on Spotify😭😭😭
ORPHY Hace 5 meses
Me toooo💔
Moritz L
Moritz L Hace 5 meses
just make a playlist?
Eddie Hace 5 meses
It’s on ESvid music
Carlene Hace 5 meses
I made a playlist:)
Bernardo E. Lopes
Bernardo E. Lopes Hace 3 meses
This is genius. And I bet that's what it would look like if Lana opened a concert with "Chemtrails". Genius! Simply! Special day after listening to this. Congratulations on everyone involved. Thank you! Love.
Breanna Beaudoin
Breanna Beaudoin Hace 5 meses
I'm only on chemtrails so far but I'm in love. The guitars are reminding me of the paradise tour versions I've heard and it elevates the songs in a way that I can't get enough of. Dare I say it, I like this better than the album versions already.
Terry Turner
Terry Turner Hace 5 meses
I saw her 3 times. I wasn’t sure what her first tour was called in 2014. I saw her again in 2015 and 2018. This is excellent by the way. I can’t wait for her new album.
Fita Hace 5 meses
I feel like listening to Lana Del Rey's voice is like slipping down through a blue velvet slide.
Warren Macdonald
Warren Macdonald Hace 5 meses
Wow Lana should actually hire you to produce one of her albums these are great !
Henrique Calado
Henrique Calado Hace 5 meses
I closed my eyes and I was there. Thank you. This is amazing.
Jean Charly
Jean Charly Hace 2 meses
K Muse
K Muse Hace 5 meses
Living legend has me lifting up my hands like I’m in church
Felipe Leite
Felipe Leite Hace 4 meses
LollieVox (Laurie Webb )
She’s a force- love it!!!
Aakash Sharma
Aakash Sharma Hace 2 meses
😃Yessssss me too!
Mike D
Mike D Hace 4 meses
Wow the rendition of Chemtrails and ocean Blvd. absolutely astonishing. Will be downloading and listening on repeat. Sooo glad I found this
DXRLNG Hace 4 meses
The production of Chemtrails breathes new rock life into it, and Ocean Blvd brings her vocals out so well. This made my whole year
Jukai Sea
Jukai Sea Hace 3 meses
Exactly! I'm not one of the "i'm tired of the piano" stans, but I LOVE what this person did to Ocean Blvd
Summer Solstice
Summer Solstice Hace 5 meses
Just the right amount of rock n roll. This is so perfect. Lana is perfect but the album versions of these instrumentals are really lacking. These are truly exquisite. Thank you thank you thank you.
Stockrateez Of Athens
yes. they are good songs, but I can't make it through CoCC without dozing off. There's just no beat lol.
Weston Loomis
Weston Loomis Hace un mes
​@Stockrateez Of AthensCOTCC is the only album of hers I've still not been able to get into, but the arrangements of the songs from it on this are really good. It's a shame that the album didn't go in this kind of direction. All her other albums are so great.
Maria Afonsa Nunes
Maria Afonsa Nunes Hace 5 meses
It’s so beautiful!! I miss her on the stages, and this video gave me a certain “nostalgic trigger” i loved it!❤
Anti-Cap Hace 5 meses
You’re really out here gifting us. Thank you!!!!!! It’s such a fresh listen of these songs I’ve played out so much lol it’s almost like listening to them for the first time again.
Electra Froot
Electra Froot Hace 5 meses
Didn't know Cinnamon Girl could sound any better than it already does but wow 🔥that version was amazing!! thank you for sharing your talents! x
Ma.lovella Velado
Ma.lovella Velado Hace 2 meses
These arrangements are ethereal! They gave Lana this folk-rock vibe and it fits her well from NFR era to Ocean Blvd!
Katie H.
Katie H. Hace 5 meses
These edits are superb!!! Thank you for coming back and sharing your talents again with us.👏👏👏 I wish Lana would use you as a producer, you have real gift with her sound.
Gab Mendoza
Gab Mendoza Hace 5 meses
Thank you so much for this amazing experience It was a great set list You kept essence of every song It felt so genuine I can see Lana performing this whole masterpiece ***I would add other songs like Nectar Of The Gods, Yosemite, Summertime, Get Free... But to be fair, I didn't want it to end, so I would always add more songs Well done ❤️
Peio Ospital
Peio Ospital Hace un mes
I can't thank you enough for this masterpiece. So much joy! I'm stunned by the quality of the arrangements. Thanks and bravo
Matheus Chagas
Matheus Chagas Hace 5 meses
This is so beautiful I wish Lana could listen to it! Thank you.
hodajuciparti Hace 5 meses
I’m playing this at my funeral from beginning to end!
Andrew Greenwood
Andrew Greenwood Hace 3 meses
No, someone else will be playing it. You'll be the guest of honour.
hodajuciparti Hace 3 meses
@Andrew Greenwood 😂🫶🏻🖤
hardworker1957 Hace 2 meses
She is a rare individual- a once in a generation artist. Thank you for the compilation.
Fernando Luís de Andrade
The arrangements for the Blue Banisters tracks are better than the original album’s version.. fantastic job ! I loved How to Disappear version and Wild at Heart extended version !!! Thanks for sharing !! Lana should know this and get some tips for her future concerts..
Stockrateez Of Athens
These are incredible. A lot are better than the originals. You make Lana shine even more. Well done.
Summer Solstice
Summer Solstice Hace 5 meses
I far prefer these over the originals. Anything Lana does is just right for me but this is everything the instrumentals needed I just can't get over it.
Rhys Heal
Rhys Heal Hace 3 meses
I think these three are her best albums! And I love this. A mixtape for pre-Norman-Rockwell albums would be AMAZING!!
Fantabulous Cass
Fantabulous Cass Hace 4 meses
This is incredible. I've been listening to it in pieces and I got up and started singing along with "Norman Fucking Rockwell". It's soooooo good! ❤️❤️❤️
nadine Hace 5 meses
this is an absolute masterpiece. thank you so much
rolita12 Hace 18 días
Just when you think Lana is perfection I find this gem! Wow I'm not usually open to edits of songs I like but these are just so dreamy!
Kristo X
Kristo X Hace 5 meses
For me, this concert is a pleasant surprise. I'm glad Lana is in top vocal form. Bravo!
Mitsu Hace 5 meses
This isnt from a concert. Its just a playlist of her songs with edits
Kristo X
Kristo X Hace 5 meses
@Mitsu - thanks.
INTP Rhapsody
INTP Rhapsody Hace 5 meses
You really enhance her already superb production! Well done you need to be her album producer
vazqal10 Hace 5 meses
that rework of 'there's a tunnel...'-- perfection.
Perla Salas
Perla Salas Hace 6 días
Gorgeous ❤❤❤❤❤❤ I love every part of this album-concert!!! ✨👌🏻
Guilherme De Paula
Guilherme De Paula Hace 3 meses
Daknil DarX
Daknil DarX Hace 3 meses
Gostei muito mais dessa versão senti o som com mais rock !
Hector Hektor
Hector Hektor Hace 13 días
kkkkk top!! tem brasileiro nessa playlist!!! abraço aê!!!! 😃 a play tá perfeita!!
Kris Woz
Kris Woz Hace 5 meses
Loved that you used the vocals from the Fallon performance OF LMLYLAW. Those backup singers elevated the song from la to the moon and back! appreciate this art!
oo ff
oo ff Hace un mes
Love love love, thank you, my new go-to playlist!
Jean W
Jean W Hace un mes
this is just insane work. Speechless at your talent
moonliqhtwt Hace 5 meses
Thank you, I’m glad you’re back! You’re so talented, I love your work so much
Vladimir Putinho
Vladimir Putinho Hace 2 meses
Todas as músicas com vibe Ultraviolence, obrigada por postar esta preciosidade
Nick Bowers
Nick Bowers Hace 3 meses
I hope she goes on tour with songs from NFR through COTCC, Blue Bannisters and Tunnel Under Ocean Blvd., with some early fan favorites intertwined in the setlist. I love this playlist, it is divinely and intricately produced
PlatinumxLove Hace 4 meses
this is insanely beautiful. thank you so much for making these versions they mean so much to me!!
John Rae Guimbungan
John Rae Guimbungan Hace 5 meses
Nothing but love. Best Christmas album ever. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐
Wonderland Hace 5 meses
I love the drums at the end of Chemtrails so I love that you made a version with the drums being more prominent
adrienpastel Hace un mes
OMFG!!! I LOVE EVERYTHING YOU'RE DOING!! Even tought I love this songs alot already, your soft touches make it's more emotional and ethereal. LMLYLAW is so good.
eh Hace 5 meses
this was gorgeous.
Julián Falcón G. Bordados
No voy a comentar en ingles porque seguro termino conjugando mal los verbos o creando estrucuras gramaticales erradas pero... Que hermoso lo que hiciste! fue un placer escuchar todo de principio a fin, los arreglos sublimes, las transiciones delicadas, y Lana, nada, una reina.
iván Orue
iván Orue Hace 2 meses
Free edits
Free edits Hace 5 meses
These are fucking insane. I’m obssesed
Sαʋ Hace 5 meses
I absolutely adore the piano instrumentals from the original album, but this take😫😫It’s so much more lively with the guitars but still has those soft beats ♥️♥️obsessed
angel baby
angel baby Hace 3 meses
this rendition of arcadia just gave me goosebumps
Julian Sepulveda
Julian Sepulveda Hace 2 meses
This is amazing in every single way!!
Rudolf Weiler
Rudolf Weiler Hace 3 meses
One of the very few singing poets, Lana has become an unprecedented genius of music and lyrics, e.g. in "Textbook" and so many other titles. Living Legend indeed.
Cheyenne Hace 5 meses
You never disappoint. Thank you so much for this!
Rafaela Teixeira
Rafaela Teixeira Hace 5 meses
This is truly heaven. Cinnamon girl took me to another reality!! Thank you so much!!
Lana Tuesday
Lana Tuesday Hace 5 meses
Aaaah this is absolutely everything! THANK YOUU!! I miss seeing her do concerts😭😭
Paulo Henrique Gaem
Paulo Henrique Gaem Hace 3 meses
oh WOW this version of Thunder is simply the best
assykc Hace 2 meses
Minha nossa, como isso ta perfeito!!!!!💖🥺
Bruno Mamede
Bruno Mamede Hace 4 meses
This is so beautiful 😭❤️
Renato Pereira
Renato Pereira Hace 5 meses
Simplesmente perfeito!
Jasper van Beveren
Jasper van Beveren Hace 5 meses
This is so incredibly well done!
Mysti Frost
Mysti Frost Hace 3 meses
Living Legend gave me goosebumps. Thank you!
Anna Ivanova
Anna Ivanova Hace 4 meses
This playlist is ALL I listen for last days…thank you
Kevin Hace 2 meses
You've done a fabulous job.This is awesome
Alena L
Alena L Hace 2 meses
wow, unbelievable brilliant sound
Josenílton Alves
Josenílton Alves Hace 5 meses
Shaunice Hace un mes
Black Bathing Suit shouldn’t sound this good as a live concert concept 🖤😭
Esther Hace 5 meses
I love this!! Please do this with more Lana songs
Kaitlin Pepin
Kaitlin Pepin Hace 5 meses
Simply amazing and I’m glad we can all share it
dassha Hace 5 meses
just by the first track i can tell this is gonna be so good. i'm excited, thank you
croop0903 Hace un mes
Crazy good. I hope this is monetized and you're getting what is owed to you for creating such an experience.
Laura Vidaurre Teixidó
I wish Lana listens these tracks, I would love a bit of this rock´n´roll to some of her new songs that would be amazing! I also miss a bit of electronics and hip hop on her latest albums... although they are amazing as always
Francisco Armagni
Francisco Armagni Hace 5 meses
Incredible! Awesome job, been listening to it on repeat. Saludos from Argentina.
João Farias
João Farias Hace 4 meses
rigby Hace 5 meses
This is stunning. Thank you so much for such great gift!! ❤
Kadin Michael
Kadin Michael Hace 3 meses
Love the rock renditions
Nick Bowers
Nick Bowers Hace 4 meses
This is AMAZING. Literally nearly in tears
Luanna Hace 18 días
Isso ficou INCRÍVEL
pyrrhichos Hace 5 meses
this is incredible!!!
cauã Hace un mes
esse começo de black bathing suit da pra ouvir a galera gritando se ela cantar ao vivo
Vinícius Brollo
Vinícius Brollo Hace 3 meses
todo dia eu venho ao mesmo lugar, maravilhoso!
Lovell Hace 5 meses
I'm crying, this is so beautiful 🥺😭
Pedro Paulo Jacomo
Pedro Paulo Jacomo Hace 5 meses
Ficou perfeito!!!
Ephiuhra Hace 5 meses
This is a fucking treasure man! So beautiful !!❤️❤️❤️
Hugo Rodriguez
Hugo Rodriguez Hace 2 meses
this is awesome!! great work.
Justin Hampton
Justin Hampton Hace 5 meses
Wow!! She really needs to go on tour! 😍😍
Edgar F Migliaccio
Edgar F Migliaccio Hace 3 meses
PG is not kidding with this!! A work of genius!!! Most of her studio stuff is overproduced and her Lananess is muted and toned down what PG was able to do is harness her loveliness in a natural way, probably a real fan and not just someone doing a job. The arrangements are beautiful. I’ve listened so many times I wish it wasn’t on YT but I’m glad my friend Bunny shared with me. Thank you.
lane haberman
lane haberman Hace 5 meses
this is AMAZING. do you have a download link?
Moon Hace 5 meses
This is amazing thank you for this !
Leonard Newman
Leonard Newman Hace 8 días
This sounds amazing! Is this all really her? Like the background music and stuff? Or was this created by a fan? Anywho, it's still AMAZING!!!
flo Hace 5 meses
the way you put thunder as demo version ❤ i really do miss her touring and next time she tours hope she will come to Asia
Dr. Melon 85
Dr. Melon 85 Hace 5 meses
Gosh, Wild at Heart is absolutely beautiful
Jean Charly
Jean Charly Hace 2 meses
Can’t stop listening to this
María Delaf
María Delaf Hace 4 meses
Omg this is so beautiful ❤ Thank u 🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 i love it 🥰🥰
Howard Trigg
Howard Trigg Hace 5 meses
Fuck! This is amazing. Beautifully done, thought it was official itsso damn good. Love the edits. Well done you. 👏
Guilherme De Paula
Guilherme De Paula Hace 3 meses
Cherik McFassy
Cherik McFassy Hace 5 meses
Love the guitar mixes!
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