Lana Del Rey - Watercolor Eyes, from “Euphoria” an HBO Original Series (Lyric Video) 

Lana Del Rey
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Lana Del Rey - Watercolor Eyes, from “Euphoria” an HBO Original Series (Lyric Video)
Video by Zachary Sekuler
#LanaDelRey #WatercolorEyes #euphoria
Music video by Lana Del Rey performing Watercolor Eyes (From “Euphoria” An Original HBO Series / Lyric Video). © 2022 Lana Del Rey, under exclusive licence to Universal Music Operations Limited


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19 ene 2022






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vio Hace un año
the fact they made her write a whole song just for it to be in the credits
Dolli Hace un año
Dolli Hace un año
Save the best for last ig lmao
Flann Hace un año
ceren Hace un año
i thought it was perfect wtf. this way no limitation to the imagination
gangsta nancy sinatra
Literally no one talks abt this anymore… I always go back to this video to listen to it at night before going to sleep. I love it so much.
tommy Hace 9 meses
Never forgotten in my heart ❤❤❤
Michalina Lol
Michalina Lol Hace 8 meses
Me too girl
v Hace 8 meses
whyyyyyyyy do you leave me with watercolour eyesssssss
alexisded Hace 8 meses
Antonio Díaz
Antonio Díaz Hace 8 meses
I do the same!!
levi Hace 11 meses
Some people will never understand how well this song fits in with the series.
john delrey
john delrey Hace 11 meses
this is perfect for rue and jules :(
Branco Gonzalez
Branco Gonzalez Hace 10 meses
YOUNG LOVE... its amazin
asj4l Hace 10 meses
not me taking a whole year to realize this was probably about maddie and nate and a comment on tiktok said “please don’t use this for nate” ONLY TOOK ME 10 MONTHS TO REGISTER 😭
Sherry J
Sherry J Hace 8 meses
It absolutely fits
Kenny Sama
Kenny Sama Hace 3 meses
@john delrey cassie/ maddy & nate too
xalkyre Hace un año
Her voice is so angelic but the words are so strong there’s always a story behind her music love it
Lawrence Soriano
Lawrence Soriano Hace un año
This song really summarizes the relationships of Euphoria. The song is about how loving someone feels so good even though the relationship in question is toxic. The line ,"your love stings like blood and a lemon, why do you leave me with watercolor eyes." Watercolor eyes obviously represent crying. "So what if you taste just like heaven That don't make it right", saying that loving a toxic person may feel good but n reality it's still toxic. We can observe this in the relationships in euphoria. Maddie and Nate, Cassie and Nate, Jules and Rue, Rue and Leslie, Rue and Lexie etc.
eve annelise
eve annelise Hace un año
I always thought of the 'watercolor eyes' representing a girl crying and they're watercoloured eyes because her makeup in running, leaving a stain that literally looks like watercolours - especially because of the vibrant makeup looks on euphoria as well :)
Nicole DeMerville
Nicole DeMerville Hace un año
"it hurts so good"
Svilena Ninetta
Svilena Ninetta Hace un año
Me myself and my toxic crush . I feel so good hanging with him but i know he is not good for me .
Jus Sanguinis
Jus Sanguinis Hace 11 meses
Bro, Lana still rocks!
Corina Blanco
Corina Blanco Hace un año
This feels like one of her old songs, love it
Büsi Hace un año
Her whole blue banisters album sounds like this (her latest album)
le Hace 11 meses
@Büsi examples???????????
Büsi Hace 11 meses
@le Blue Banisters, Arcadia, Cherry Blossom, Living Legend and Violets for Roses are similar to this song
I Hace 6 meses
@Büsi I mean there are many unreleased tracks that were reworked for Blue Banisters (e.g Thunder)
Anna Pham Clouds
Anna Pham Clouds Hace 6 meses
@I and she was supposed to release “rock candy sweet” - i think this is the song.
Secret Soul
Secret Soul Hace un año
I love how she create the atmosphere of feeling heartbroken, pain but badass at the same time. No one can do like lana gives.
La Rose
La Rose Hace un año
true 100 %
ultrarockwell Hace un año
Cristian Gutierrez
Cristian Gutierrez Hace un año
There's no one like her
Ange Hace un año
Hope Sandoval from mazzy Star can do gloomy like Lana. Norah Jones can also do gloomy jazz.
Reime iloveme
Reime iloveme Hace un año
A S T R O Hace un año
only lana can make a word like "brat" sound so heavenly.
Dudao Hace 11 meses
vqthkbad Hace 11 meses
Че сказал брат
lolia Hace 10 meses
@vqthkbad аххаха
lolia Hace 10 meses
@vqthkbad не брат он нам 😾
Suzanne Vatsayan
Suzanne Vatsayan Hace 10 meses
I'm so drunk. I feel this on another level 🥺
Eric 💫
Eric 💫 Hace 7 meses
This deserved to be a bigger hit than it was
Jazmin Ratzlaff
Jazmin Ratzlaff Hace 10 meses
Lana Del Rey is the definition of a goddess, queen, songstress, siren and female creature with a voice filled with euphoria. Love listening to Watercolour eyes, perfect song for her. 😍😘✨🥰🏆⚜️🌟💎👑🎶🎵🎤🎙️📺🤩🥹 🌊
peace Hace 8 meses
Real gem in all artists currently
bae20s Hace un año
a voz da lana é incrível, parece um anjo cantando...
Maykon_at Hace un año
É impressionante como a Lana consegue transmitir um sentimento tão incrível somente em uma música =) É por isso que te amo...
Maria Grazielly
Maria Grazielly Hace 9 meses
brianna *:・゚✧
brianna *:・゚✧ Hace un año
i hope lana knows how many people she’s helped throughout her career, she means so much to me.
Taylor Lee
Taylor Lee Hace un año
She saved my life
Animal finatic
Animal finatic Hace un año
Me too.
divya Hace un año
Without her Billie ellish wouldn't exist
Liliamuseum Hace un año
I would have killed myself without lans
Aadam Hace un año
Couldn’t be more true. And even that is an understatement. She really did THAT.
SuperPatinator B
SuperPatinator B Hace 11 meses
Thats such a classic Lana sound. I love it
Hafiy Musyrif
Hafiy Musyrif Hace 7 meses
Why you always doing that? Breaking up with me then making up Just to make me mad I think that you taste like rock candy Sweet like beaches, leave me all sandy Why do you leave me with watercolor eyes? Young love don't always last forever Wild horses can't keep us together So what if you taste just like heaven That don't make it right Hot summer and cold watermelon Your love stings like blood and a lemon Why do you leave me with watercolor eyes? Watercolor eyes, watercolor eyes, watercolor eyes That don't make it right Why you always doing that? Playing guitar while I'm sleeping Acting like a brat I think that you're sweet like rock candy Warm like beaches that leave me sandy Why do you leave me with watercolor eyes? Young love don't always last forever Wild horses can't keep us together So what if you taste just like heaven That don't make it right Hot summer and cold watermelon Your love stings like blood and a lemon Why do you leave me with watercolor eyes? Watercolor eyes, watercolor eyes, watercolor eyes That don't make it right Watercolor eyes, watercolor eyes, watercolor eyes That don't make it right Why you always doing that? Breaking up with me then making up just to make me mad Oh oh, hey hey, why? That don't make it right
Hill Hace 4 meses
Ailton Aquino
Ailton Aquino Hace 4 meses
A lana transmite tantos sentimentos através de suas canções. Love you rainha 💗🕯️
rizky hermawan
rizky hermawan Hace un año
Lana always play with lyrics that weird but somehow rhymical, powerful and poetically sweet at the same time.
nita gayle
nita gayle Hace un año
Unique, different, born before her time old soul deep feels i get from her songs
Lana Del Rey Fandom
Lana Del Rey Fandom Hace un año
I love you Nita ❤️❤️❤️
Lana Del Rey Fandom
Lana Del Rey Fandom Hace 11 meses
How long have you been my fan
Sherry J
Sherry J Hace 8 meses
@Lana Del Rey Fandom forever 💕
Brenda Elizabeth
Brenda Elizabeth Hace un año
Trying hard not to cry because Lana’s a masterpiece creating masterpieces
Corina Blanco
Corina Blanco Hace un año
Josué Junco Zetina
Josué Junco Zetina Hace un año
Es todo lo que se espera de una canción de Lana. Belleza y caos.
★彡[ᴀʟᴇxᴀɴᴅʀᴀ ꜱᴛᴀɴ ɪꜱ ᴀ Qᴜᴇᴇɴ]彡★
All her songs have such vintage vibes and yet sound like they're out of this world at the same time
edits..skyioo Hace un año
Her voice is so truly beautiful it's honestly insane.
Mars Jonn
Mars Jonn Hace 9 meses
This became my Top Spotify song this year ❤️
Estefania Fernández
Mine to 🤍
Kelvin Mendoza
Kelvin Mendoza Hace 9 meses
mine to
Lewis Woodhall
Lewis Woodhall Hace 9 meses
Have you heard Buddy's Rendezvous by Lana released this year? I prefer it
Mars Jonn
Mars Jonn Hace 9 meses
@Lewis Woodhall No not yet. But I'm going to listen :)
Dana Prad
Dana Prad Hace 9 meses
Ailton Aquino
Ailton Aquino Hace 4 meses
Essa música meu pai, essa voz. Isso é a perfeição. ❤️‍🩹😭
sevenseven Hace un año
lana and euphoria mix perfectly. lana always sings about situations like those in euphoria. this song is so beautiful
lari Hace un año
lana a gente precisa de um clipe desse hino
Listening her song make me go back to my past and deal will the pain instead of running away...love it
Kyle Esson
Kyle Esson Hace un año
Ya I feel it real life😥😇💪🥺
Francis Chibueze
Francis Chibueze Hace un año
Alan Sutton
Alan Sutton Hace 10 meses
So I’m not the only one to cry first time hearing this? Like a time machine it takes me back to my first gf and how our on again off again feelings still hurts even after 24 years!
GirlsLikeFairies Hace 7 meses
I'm so grateful to have found Lana.. Now I know even if I don't have anyone standing there by my side I'll always have her. She's always there with her art for my soul. This is so beautiful. Lana is a gift.
fefe🪐 Hace un año
essa música é uma obra de arte 😁🛐🛐
ilovelana Hace 10 meses
Lana's angelic voice left me with watercolor eyes
Star Gazer
Star Gazer Hace un año
as an introverted person, Lana makes me feel like I am understood. She’s my comfort; she’s my warm hug.
Khushi Jain
Khushi Jain Hace un año
Stole my words,hey you;)
Star Gazer
Star Gazer Hace un año
@Khushi Jain introverts for the win lol
𝙎𝙪𝙧𝙞𝙚𝙡 🍒
Lana Del Rey + Euphoria = Perfección 💜✨💊
Linda Hace un año
this is painfully angelic and beautiful. 🖤
HANA Hace un año
Mano, já tô apaixonada pela Lana!! 💕
LaurenEdïts... Hace un año
Que voz única e perfeira, te amamos *lana dey*
Sherín Miranda
Sherín Miranda Hace un año
Lana con cada canción q saca me hace florecer como una rosa 🌹
Kairi _
Kairi _ Hace 11 meses
que hermoso comentario, merece más likes
yayo Hace un año
sad that this mesmerizing song was only used for the end credits but either way i love that lana was basically in euphoria
Jonathan Ponce De Leon
You just beat me to it, I thought the same shit
Giselle Hace un año
Ugh same, this song also remembers me to Ultraviolence era
Meg Hace un año
Yeah they should have used it with Cassie drunk singing instead of a Sinead O’Conner song
sofia muller
sofia muller Hace un año
watch episode 6
pmcPANIKA Hace un año
После твоих песен. Я как будто спускаюсь все дальше в низ , по лестнице. И мне черт возьми это нравиться . Это прекрасно и больно .
Cylia VMS
Cylia VMS Hace 11 meses
This sound is litteraly perfection.
Lewis Woodhall
Lewis Woodhall Hace 11 meses
Listen to Buddy's Rendezvous by Lana released this year it's better
V MM Hace un año
Her voice is a like a dream
Jag Bigfoot
Jag Bigfoot Hace un año
so angeletic!
Lana can heal the deeply wounded people just in seconds with these lyrics .Her voice is heavenly amazing.
LovaticRey_ Hace 9 meses
S R Hace un año
I see why she says she’s a poet first: her lyrics are beautiful. She makes art with words
Jillian Hace un año
@Guillaume Ducellier oh yes, all mighty dictionary, please define what poetry is for the whole wide world.
Paulina Siwiera
Paulina Siwiera Hace un año
Your art allows me to connect to the deepest emotions thank you you are real and amazing
Mishael Wilson
Mishael Wilson Hace un año
We need more of her in euphoria
Igor Warszawa
Igor Warszawa Hace un año
Masterpieace. A song that will never get old.
elo nars
elo nars Hace un año
Igor Warszawa
Igor Warszawa Hace un año
@elo nars Polak ,urodzony,wychowany w Syrenim Grodzie tak jak moja matka,ojciec ,dziadek ,babcia.
JassO Hace 5 meses
Hi Cartman
Igor Warszawa
Igor Warszawa Hace 5 meses
@JassO Hi
TheGelfling33 Hace un año
I seriously dont know why they dont play songs like this on the radio
The Mechaniacal
The Mechaniacal Hace un año
Every generation has that "someone" who has an unending ability to reach into your soul and stir it up in such a good way. Lana is one.
Lonely Angel
Lonely Angel Hace un año
if ya'll like the vibe of this track, I'd recommend this because I found it earlier this week and it's similar :) esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-20xWvxFALug.html
Oh Snap
Oh Snap Hace un año
The Weeknd and Lana in my case ✨
the edge of 29
the edge of 29 Hace un año
And for Gen Z it's Cardi B sadly.
Melissa Hace un año
@Oh Snap same! Lana is my favorite female artist and The Weeknd is my fav male artist. Love the storytelling in their music and ofc their voices, like in stargirl interlude
Fran Gibin
Fran Gibin Hace un año
Areli Colan
Areli Colan Hace un año
Transmite tanto sentimiento atravez de sus canciones
𝐁𝐞𝐥𝐥𝐞 Hace 10 meses
This is way later, but this song is still soooo good. This fit the series so well!
PhipheeDancee Hace 10 meses
No importa el tiempo, necesitamos un Videoclip 🥺🌊
I think this is my first time listening to Lana Del Rey's song and I really love it !!
Moody Me
Moody Me Hace un año
Life is hard, but it's always a good day when Lana Del Rey releases new music.
Lonely Angel
Lonely Angel Hace un año
if ya'll like the vibe of this track, I'd recommend this because I found it earlier this week and it's similar :) esvid.net/video/v%C3%ADdeo-20xWvxFALug.html
Ashley williams
Ashley williams Hace un año
So true!
querida _
querida _ Hace un año
Hope life gets easier for you , sending love ♥️
Moody Me
Moody Me Hace un año
@querida _ I just saw this. My mom was ill in the hospital back then. Sadly she passed away soon after. Never easy, but some days I do find solace. Sorry, I know we don't know each other but I was touched by your comment. Thank you 💜
aseel Hace 10 meses
Lana has a charming voice, I love her
Mart Del Rey
Mart Del Rey Hace un año
i can't stop listening to it, i swear this song is so perfectlyy made!!
Noela Maswan
Noela Maswan Hace un año
Alex VanDyke
Alex VanDyke Hace 2 meses
each one of her breaths puts a tear in my soul when i listen to this
Shada Hace 4 meses
"Your love stings like blood and a lemon." Is one of the most relatable lyrics in the entire song.
Jheens Hace 8 meses
With this beautiful song and the Euphoria series, I was feel like in the paradise and it's so 1 year later this. 💛🥺
Frankye Hace un año
Finally they decided to give lana a tv series’ soundstrack. She is perfect
Markella Stromatia
Markella Stromatia Hace un año
Actually ,she has sang for Maleficent’s soundtrack too :Once upon a dream
robertopangondiant Hace un año
@Markella Stromatia that's not 'tv series'
Moonlight Gem
Moonlight Gem Hace un año
@Markella Stromatia that's a movie but let's not forget other movies like the great Gatsby, scary stories to tell in the dark and big eyes
Bruno Hace un año
@Moonlight Gem but still missing Frankye's point. "Tv Series' Soundtrack" and fits perfectly with Euphoria and its theme.
FadiMike ☆
FadiMike ☆ Hace un año
@Bruno this song is pure perfection
Ananda da Silva Santos
Essa música ficou linda demais
Suzanaএ Hace un año
Lana perfeitamente perfeita🛐
makaula sam
makaula sam Hace 2 meses
can we talk about her vocals?damn never heard her sound like this before
Poonam0T7 Hace un año
Her voice can make you melt and cry with perfection.
doll Hace un año
Lana never disappoints
leandroxcx Hace un año
lana del rey + euphoria? perfection.
Denias XIPA
Denias XIPA Hace un año
idkwha2put Hace un año
Reey27 Hace un año
swoop dog
swoop dog Hace un año
cant wait to see an edit to this
Liora Mikhailov
Liora Mikhailov Hace un año
Listening to her songs make me feel like I’m floating up in a good space
Chloe Hace 11 meses
This song gives me such a calm and floating vibe... It's like I'm on clouds!
sophia sweat
sophia sweat Hace un año
this is one of my favorite songs from her, i’m shocked it was from euphoria
Art and Pop
Art and Pop Hace 9 meses
Hit me deep with this one❤️‍🩹
talesroque Hace 9 meses
Lana Del Rey euphoria vibes ✨🖤😍
thibault Hace un año
Let's be honest, the Lana's voice is so unbelievably beautiful. She never disappoints us
get lost sheeple
get lost sheeple Hace un año
she aged just like a fine wine. PERIODT.
elli3bug Hace un año
this song made me feel hurt but full of love at the same time omg this is amazing
Leonardo J. Brito
Leonardo J. Brito Hace un año
Viciado em Lana mais do que tudo nesse mundo
David Ribeiro
David Ribeiro Hace 11 meses
Nós mn
bmthclbs Hace 2 meses
how calming this song is even though the lyrics are heartbroken
mi Hace un año
Todas as músicas da lana são perfeitas
Hasan Alayoubi
Hasan Alayoubi Hace un año
Now I’m the bad guy, call me Chun-Li
Love or hate her, you need to admit, she’s a masterpiece machine
Benazir Durdana
Benazir Durdana Hace un año
We all love her
bby Hace un año
Lana Del Rey forever ♡♡♡
ismail demir
ismail demir Hace un año
I admire you soo much. You are the embodiment of art. What a voice!! From Turkey 🇹🇷
Raul Gamino
Raul Gamino Hace un año
I immediately fell into a trance listening to this the first time. What a vibe and feeling,.. Bravo Lana!
Szu Hace 2 meses
Something about the way she enunciates her words just makes me love her music/voice even more
sally 👑💅
sally 👑💅 Hace un año
never thought i’d cry to a song i’ve never seen before, only with lana.
Dyl 19
Dyl 19 Hace 11 meses
Lagu-lagunya lana gak pernah gagal, selalu membuat jatuh cinta para pendengarnya
lorenzo mccoy
lorenzo mccoy Hace un año
sometimes i think about how i literally grew up with her since childhood and here she is, over a decade later, still releasing amazing music. it’s really wild to think about.
Simon Rieuwers
Simon Rieuwers Hace un año
Dee Bridges
Dee Bridges Hace un año
It's wild to me that my first introduction to her was in 2011 with Video Games and I thought to myself "whoa, no one is gonna understand how special this artist is". I am happily surprised that I was wrong!
Cesar Vazquez
Cesar Vazquez Hace un año
I met her music back when I was 14 and this year I'm turning 24. Her music has been with me for almost 10 years. 🥺
TWD Hace un año
@Dee Bridges people are still sadly very unappreciative of Lana
how underrated… I literally watched Euphoria just for this song
yourlocalkiwii Hace 9 meses
I love lanas voice with all my heart
Reyhana Galijasevic
Reyhana Galijasevic Hace 11 meses
This is so calming i swear
Ivelis Miranda
Ivelis Miranda Hace un año
Her voice heals me spiritually
KS Hace 9 meses
This has remained my number one song for MONTHS
darling Hace un año
estoy llorando, la voz de Lana es tan tranquilizante y linda, las melodías dios!!!
sofia Hace un año
misskim ෆ
misskim ෆ Hace un año
Crystal Hace un año
y si
あ : arii 🕷⁷
あ : arii 🕷⁷ Hace un año
euphoria tenía que tener a lana en su soundtrack porque tenía que tenerla, amamos
Steven Wade Ousley-Touchet II
Lana has by far the most extensive/consistently fantastic discography of any artist in history
Vagner Andrade
Vagner Andrade Hace 10 meses
Ela simplesmente é incrível
Paola Az
Paola Az Hace un año
Beautiful voice as always, i love it
rv&nj stan
rv&nj stan Hace 11 meses
Lana will always find a way to touch my heart and make me cry
L H Hace un año
lana is the embodiment of euphoria. she has that melancholic glitters in her voice. so excited for this season!
Eye Hace un año
White Aura
White Aura Hace un año
No but seriously, there is literally no one more perfect for this show than Lana
kazehazeee Hace un año
Does anyone know on which episode this song being played?
L H Hace un año
@kazehazeee I think it’ll be played on the 3rd ep
Kaylee. Hace un año
Mayxian Teoh
Mayxian Teoh Hace un año
Lana is the definition of perfect.
laklwini Hace 11 meses
your voice is magical
Julia Pacheco
Julia Pacheco Hace un año
Euphoria+ Lana= ART
yesi Hace un año
as a dancer, this song gives me so much passion for dancing and I lately been improvising to this song it’s so pretty I love Lana
venice bitchh
venice bitchh Hace un año
What do you dance?