Last FLOATING Wins $10,000 - Fortnite

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Last To Stay FLOATING Wins $10,000 - Fortnite Battle Royale
Today we used the new Fortnite Baller item in Fortnite season 8.
New channel: esvid.net/show-UCxfnL39e3uE6PV_gz41FriA
All songs by Kevin Macleod.
Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0
(pg family friendly fortnite gameplay)


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13 mar 2019






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Comentarios 9 175
MrTop5 Hace 8 días
Use code MrTop5 in the fortnite item shop..
Jamie B
Jamie B Hace un hora
MrTop5 I love you
Hi Hi
Hi Hi Hace un día
MrTop5 now way
Ana Candido
Ana Candido Hace un día
Ok best ESvid ever
What am I?
What am I? Hace un día
Adam Berdych
Adam Berdych Hace un día
MrTop5 you and the do yonder are mean to shadical
angali medina
angali medina Hace 3 horas
I’m not using code mrtop5
wesley chartrand
wesley chartrand Hace 6 horas
He rates so bad
Tyler Mc Ginty Lecky
Tyler Mc Ginty Lecky Hace 10 horas
It’s not shadical he was made do that for content
Rasul Imanov
Rasul Imanov Hace 12 horas
Poor shadical Is being trolled every time😂
duh.itz.Bella90 I love chicken nuggets BAKACK
Mrtop5 will you accept my friend request on fortnite because i sent you one
vlas angel
vlas angel Hace 21 un hora
Vivian Vera
Vivian Vera Hace 21 un hora
Why does shadical exist
MyUserNamesThis Fan
MyUserNamesThis Fan Hace 22 horas
1 like is one less time shadical screams LOL
ツPowerSerge2007 Hace un día
8:47 SHADICAL UNMUTE YOUR *HEADPHONES* He can’t hear you if his headphones are muted
Eddie Pacheco
Eddie Pacheco Hace un día
Eddie Pacheco
Eddie Pacheco Hace un día
I used cod mrtop5
Eddie Pacheco
Eddie Pacheco Hace un día
I like your rap
Eddie Pacheco
Eddie Pacheco Hace un día
I'm a big fan
Ana Candido
Ana Candido Hace un día
Add mee
Ana Candido
Ana Candido Hace un día
Shadical like badical
Jaime Mburu
Jaime Mburu Hace un día
shadical more like ragecal
Racing Pro Kill
Racing Pro Kill Hace un día
Like if MrTop5 can be MrBeast
What am I?
What am I? Hace un día
Why i would use your code?? You just clickbaiting, your content is trash, there's only 10:00 min videos. Don't use his code!! Use NoahsNoah 's code. He edits so much but this idiot has no content
Kids sonic fan 01
Kids sonic fan 01 Hace un día
Stop being mean to shadical 😢😢😢
Poor him do something nice for once
Lake Johnson
Lake Johnson Hace 2 días
"Did you hear him he said its not fair"(its a joke)
Irene Jimenez
Irene Jimenez Hace 2 días
I use tfue
LatchIBoi 57016
LatchIBoi 57016 Hace 2 días
Man I love LIL WHIP I even have the skin
BeeBee The Fortnite moblie player Beedabee
I used MrTop5 in the item shop 😁 and i want to play a game with you and shadical pls 😊
galaxywolf2.0 wormy
galaxywolf2.0 wormy Hace 2 días
I love shadicals rage
bigboy chungus
bigboy chungus Hace 2 días
shadical said shity
snipe s
snipe s Hace 2 días
Stop click baiting for 10:000$
Samurai 500
Samurai 500 Hace 3 días
6 05 is sooooooo funny
Anthony Crisantos
Anthony Crisantos Hace 3 días
lol shadical was trolled
Nicolas Mika
Nicolas Mika Hace 3 días
Shadical shut up it's not that big of a deal
Whitney Hall
Whitney Hall Hace 3 días
What is the severs name so I can play on it
Master cole -gamer
Master cole -gamer Hace 3 días
I hate shadical cause jes like always yelling and being mad
Major Danger
Major Danger Hace 3 días
Shadical you scream too much
abtwitch Hace 3 días
Badicle. L L L L
A person ontheinternet
Hengchay Tith
Hengchay Tith Hace 3 días
Nice pranking on Shadical Mrtop5
MrPhilnolan Hace 3 días
Would shadical ever shut up
This is how many wins mrtop5 have (Likes btw)
Levi Thomas
Levi Thomas Hace 3 días
You did touch the green blocks
JackieLoves JaneyBoo
You need to stop being so annoying to shad.ical...he did nothing to you...you're the one being annoying to him...mr top 5 you need to give him your friendship back...And if you dont...I Just might talk to shadical myself...
JackieLoves JaneyBoo
And if he does let me talk...we'll be coming for you Mr top 5...I'll tell shadical that I want to get revenge on you for making him so upset...the ignoring him for 24 hours?You really went overboard with that one...he tried to be your friend again
Funky Pizza
Funky Pizza Hace 3 días
Fortnite mrbeast
Cash Haren
Cash Haren Hace 3 días
I feal so bad for shadical
ii_SickTrxsh Hace 3 días
Am I the only one that feels bad for shad.ical?
Efrain Figueroa
Efrain Figueroa Hace 3 días
ROBLOX Tutorial
ROBLOX Tutorial Hace 3 días
I used it MrTop5
Dylan Markel
Dylan Markel Hace 3 días
Stop lil whip abuse
monkey dude
monkey dude Hace 3 días
You guys are like big jerks
llNeptunell123 GD GOD
5:20 idiot
aynia johnson
aynia johnson Hace 3 días
Mrtop5 your so mean I hate you
Banana and cheese Bros
Angel Brian
Angel Brian Hace 3 días
Shabocole wins you 2 Los😎
Dylan Hosaflook
Dylan Hosaflook Hace 4 días
shadiical gots issues
Jessica P
Jessica P Hace 4 días
If you agree
Jessica P
Jessica P Hace 4 días
Shaidical yells super super super super loud like if agree
Jimmy McClellan
Jimmy McClellan Hace 4 días
Shad.ial hurts my ears
gabe fazen
gabe fazen Hace 4 días
mrtop5 you're a bully to shadial he's propably deppressed because of you
AGdrummer111 G
AGdrummer111 G Hace 4 días
is there is vid where he dose not yell
James Gray
James Gray Hace 4 días
You sound like a youtuber nicsterV
Landen Zirille
Landen Zirille Hace 4 días
Shad iCal should not have a voice because how much he screams
Jillian SmartBenoit
Jillian SmartBenoit Hace 4 días
MARKMANO Hace 4 días
Your a peen
Aaron Brown
Aaron Brown Hace 4 días
I hate you mrtop5
wolfy and grizzlys show
Mr top 5 you are a bully to shadical you should stop you are hurting his feelings and soon he will no longer join your fortnite Islands and shadical is the best youtuber and you mrtop5 you should stop hurting shadicals feelings be nice or kind to shadical for once in your life
Taylan Horrigan
Taylan Horrigan Hace 4 días
you guys are jearks
Brooks Howard
Brooks Howard Hace 4 días
7:12 you touched the ground
Grady Holtmeyer
Grady Holtmeyer Hace 4 días
Wanna Sprite cranberry?
Dawson Blade
Dawson Blade Hace 4 días
7:13 he touched the floor put it in slow motion then you can see
scantum drift
scantum drift Hace 4 días
Shadical needs to be in a mental hostpetelll
GLITCHBOY1015 Twitch Streamer
Shadical didn't bath he wear the same skin in every video
Racing Pro Kill
Racing Pro Kill Hace un día
Leron 7171
Leron 7171 Hace 4 días
Schadical is mental
Guava Juice 3
Guava Juice 3 Hace 4 días
Tell shadical shut the f up he is salty
Sammy Martin
Sammy Martin Hace 4 días
Shadicle is so rage
KillerCupCake 621
KillerCupCake 621 Hace 4 días
Ayden Greenlee
Ayden Greenlee Hace 4 días
Mrtop5 ypur really mean to shadical
WOOFles 202
WOOFles 202 Hace 4 días
Wow ugly clickbaiter
Flamy Bye
Flamy Bye Hace 4 días
You are a lire you touched the floor so many times. And how are you two freinds your so mean to him
CaptainBlackbeard 285YT
Spooner man
Colin Roylance
Colin Roylance Hace 4 días
This is lol
Onix 2008
Onix 2008 Hace 4 días
Shadical is a little bit too much of a ragequiter
ashley parker
ashley parker Hace 4 días
Shadia Abu-rub
Shadia Abu-rub Hace 4 días
Worst friend
Alex rogers
Alex rogers Hace 4 días
shadical has anger issue
Lei Kent
Lei Kent Hace 4 días
Shadical is among
Esteban Gonzalez
Esteban Gonzalez Hace 4 días
i hate you Mrtop5
Brian Nelson
Brian Nelson Hace 4 días
DirtSprite GT
DirtSprite GT Hace 4 días
Shadical Power Level - 9001 = ITS OVER 9000!!!!!!!!!!
Ali BoiNo
Ali BoiNo Hace 4 días
subscire shadical
Ali BoiNo
Ali BoiNo Hace 4 días
you guys make ppl mad instead of PRANKING
Lavant Hunt
Lavant Hunt Hace 4 días
i have big robux
Penore Hace 4 días
this vid is trash'
mr gamer Tuesday
mr gamer Tuesday Hace 4 días
Shadical get so mad so easily lol
GamingBoy !
GamingBoy ! Hace 4 días
mr top 5 cheated he touched the ground at 3:22 because if you saw the little scrap
Gnome King
Gnome King Hace 4 días
Why does Shadical always scream?
Adam Brook
Adam Brook Hace 5 días
Shadical is mean
Aarti Sidhwani
Aarti Sidhwani Hace 5 días
Shadical rages so much
Ayden Iiioo
Ayden Iiioo Hace 5 días
Your are so meen to shaticl
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