late night vibes... 😴

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Who said nights were for sleep? 😴
Late night vibes 3 » esvid.net/video/vídeo-EkWq7X3D9M8.html
🎧 Late Night Vibes on Spotify » chillhop.lnk.to/LateNightVibesYm
Tracklist: (* = Unreleased)
0:00 idealism - dont say a word
2:22 through & through - mom.
* 4:52 Aso - Lucid Dreams
* 7:37 fujitsu - too far gone
9:21 Arbour - elusive
* 10:54 Philanthrope - RealEstate
12:32 idealism - midnight, somewhere
15:47 Harris Cole - Louie's lullaby
18:39 fujitsu - azure
20:49 Knowmadic - Fade
23:26 jinsang - undersea
24:36 KUPLA - Still Breathing
27:17 nohidea. - you don't have to cry
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through & through
Harris Cole
📷 Original photo by Efren Lozano
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Sofia Beans
Sofia Beans Hace 16 horas
Fuckkk I used to be on this on my worst nights it's a year later n I'm here every night as a thank you and just being grateful im okay now... n that's shits crazyy to think about. If your at a hella low point in life RN it's gonna get better and when it does you'll never feel better
fvked up songs
fvked up songs Hace 16 horas
imagine coming home or taking a late night drive and listening to this. heavenly
BOOST GARAGE Hace 19 horas
Has a copyright? Sound great!
Maria Walley
Maria Walley Hace 21 un hora
I used to come to this comment section like every night and read through all the comments. Some were stories of loss, some of hope. Some were about people slowly falling in love with their crushes on late night bus rides. Some were about listening to the rain fall as they sat in a cafe. I wonder if I scrolled down far enough if I could still find those comments
Space Dog
Space Dog Hace un día
Spread the positive vibes 🤞✌️
A Vlogs
A Vlogs Hace un día
I’ve tried. 5 times. And 5. Not a single girl said yes......
Living Like Tabatha
Living Like Tabatha Hace un día
FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO SEE THIS! you are b e a u t i f u l no matter what. So much love and light surrounds us everyday. I hope you can see it. Deep inside you have so many amazing qualities. Love yourself for that. We all are different and different is cool. You never know what you may come across from. Lofi helps me a lot. Once listening to this, I don't focus on negativity, but reflect on the positivity. Have a great day
Claire Amboise
Claire Amboise Hace un día
Line 2 word automatic correction :*
Claire Amboise
Claire Amboise Hace un día
Tjs a lot i hiep je happy tu m'aide me soule anyone ywhi whrote this comment
Claire Amboise
Claire Amboise Hace un día
Of courssing i hipe hee aient hereee ;p
Claire Amboise
Claire Amboise Hace un día
Il lonelt cuz i miss hardiiii toi luch liké way too
Claire Amboise
Claire Amboise Hace un día
Hîiiiii Ils ir thé sale chat as last night ?
Battle Royale Gaming
Whenever you feel lonely, just look at the moon, somehow, somewhere, someone is looking at it too....
Hud Kalih
Hud Kalih Hace 3 días
The wallpaper is so chilling
eFighter Hace 3 días
i let the video playing and read comment's
Gianna Ramirez
Gianna Ramirez Hace 3 días
One day I will see the stars.....
samurai hyper
samurai hyper Hace 3 días
Yo wassup
GamerFox Hace 4 días
This comment section is so nice and chill! I like to come here after a long day at school and just forget about my problems. You dont know about that, but you are helping me a lot. Stay ok, will ya? 15.09.2019. Poland
Retarded Weaboo
Retarded Weaboo Hace 4 días
It's so nice to see people in the comment section being so friendly and not toxic to each other. I(sorry if it's too dramatic, can't blame you if you don't believe me) have bullies in school who always call me autism (lol). *sigh* It's so hard to have an actual proper friend. I always ended up having friend either because they pity me(like I cried or did something wrong and/or embarassing and then they become my friend), which often saddens me when I think about it. I also have no, like, 'girl' friend. Don't know why but every girls seems to hate and despise me :/ Sorry if I had to throw all of my life problems here, I just want to let you guys know this(I had no one that wants to hear my problems, my parents are ignorant).
1 0
1 0 Hace 4 días
Plz make it on SOUNDCLOUDdddddd
Strix_06 Hace 4 días
Hello person scrolling through comments 👋 hope your day is one of your best ones yet! And remember... you’re all very epic :)
Let's ban idiots not guns
*Your from a small city, you enjoy going to bigger city's, you wake up around 6am when the sun is just rising and there a some cars and some good music in the car, your on your way to your favorite spot in a nearby city, you arrive and get out of the car to walk with your friends to a train track to get some cool photos, you get the photos and drive around and have fun, on the way back you watch the sun set in the back seat of the car while listening to this and post malone's new album while feeling mad vibes because you and your friends are all moving to the same big city soon to pursue youtube. 🕊*
microwave ,exe
microwave ,exe Hace 5 días
3:02 am no friends just 2 cats who’re sleeping besides me it’s a interesting life i have idk if im happy with it or not i have a lot of work to do rn but I’d rather not care and have this moment to be mine, where i can live i can be free and think and listen to chill beats :)
Carl Ant
Carl Ant Hace 5 días
Lonely and vaping, smoke on my face🙄
O r b i t
O r b i t Hace 5 días
I kinda wanna make a discord group just for the 11million of us to chill and socialize with each other and chat and enjoy life
Alice Petrino
Alice Petrino Hace 6 días
I love to just sit it the orchid deep in the woods and climb and tree and listen to the as the wind blows my hair bac k and as I look up I can feel the warmth of the sun on my face. As I jump down I love to clench my feet in the grass and pick a flower. But I’m moving soon, to a city and then I won’t have my orchid. The sun would hide beneath the clouds. 😪
Charlélie Buchholz
Charlélie Buchholz Hace 6 días
Ive got an idea everyone, You’re gonna write a com with where you are and the time And we can see where people is Its 23:12 in France - Bagé le chatel Peace everyone
Wickery Place
Wickery Place Hace 6 días
“chill mode on” 😌
alva sandoval
alva sandoval Hace 6 días
“Comment section....you had me at hello” lol! 😆I love EVERYONE here😘😆✌️❤️❤️❤️
Cassidy Reinitz
Cassidy Reinitz Hace 6 días
I just wanna melt away.
SilverArms Hace 6 días
Listening to this at 730 PM !!! (PST) Hahha not really late night bute still pretty need to wake up early tomorrow thanks
Star Was Dreaming
Star Was Dreaming Hace 6 días
I have found no other video on ESvid, or anywhere for that matter, that brings me more peace than this one. I imagine being older at a bar at some dimly lit diner late into a winter's night, sipping hot chocolate. Nobody is outside due to the light snow. The only other person in the diner with me is the waiter, and we sit and chat softly about whatever it is happening in our lives. As I was saying, nothing else brings me peace as this does. I hope one day I find a place like I describe in my head to go to when I am at my lowest.
rocky sanchez
rocky sanchez Hace 6 días
I like watching this really late on summer nights
Nicknamed Hace 7 días
gera Almanza
gera Almanza Hace 7 días
Relax perrossss
124124 ppo2
124124 ppo2 Hace 7 días
Hey you Hello welcome another positive vid in the comment section. If your doing homework, work, all nighters, bored, or anything else I want you to know that you are special and to keep going. Never feel like stopping. No matter color, age, gender, religon you are special god loves you. Lets be grateful that we are still alive and *wish* that all hate and negativity goes away. I just wish in life everyone can just be friends. 💛💙💛💙💛💙💙💛💙 God bless and thank you for reading.
Ethan Burgueno
Ethan Burgueno Hace 7 días
I miss her so much
シ.Airi. Hace 7 días
i feel like i'm the only one that takes time to read peoples comments and understand how they feel
i know these are really cliche comments but lol. to whoever reads this, have an amazing beautiful day. dont let anyone ruin your day. i love you all (i dont know anyone but.. :))
Hemlock Tea
Hemlock Tea Hace 9 días
Trigger warning: creepy baby noises beginning about 2:55 so gross
Oh man I so wish I didn't have a test tomorrow. I could just go out in the balcony and chill. But no, I gotta hustle all night. Feelsbadman
Jared Pramonoo
Jared Pramonoo Hace 9 días
2 0 1 9 VIP ?
elmer garcia
elmer garcia Hace 9 días
school just started and I'm already vibing to this trying to not mess up college. Cant wait for the vibes ahead of me.
Jeyson DP
Jeyson DP Hace 10 días
Esto allá por 2017 te relajaba bastante, Sigue adelante tomando la vida de chill todo va mejorar, Hoy justamente estas acostado en tu cama pensando sobre lo acabado de tu trabajo cuando tienes menos de 5 horas para dormir y levantarte a volver a trabajar, Vas bien en el gimnasio sigue teniendo disciplina, A dos semanas de cumplir el mes Eso mejorará ten paciencia ❤️ NT: Vengo dentro de 1 año a ver que estaré haciendo este mismo día, Un domingo 8 de septiembre
Hype The Beast
Hype The Beast Hace 10 días
I'm about to sneak outside in an hour, it's 1 a.m atm, i'm going to go in the streets and listen to this as I gaze at the stars :)
3.0.03 kemy
3.0.03 kemy Hace 11 días
ZungleIF Hace 11 días
I am a S.Korean currently dedicating (more like wasting) my life in mandatory military service that my country forced me to enroll. Service time still remains about 16 months, and I'm literally legally locked up in a jail facility with slightly more freedom. It's a common sense in Korea that when you are in the military as a soldier, you are just wasting your life because you are doing nothing useful to your life. So I have mixed feelings and concerns about this. Will the time finally come to end? What am I gonna do after it's all done? About 100 souls on average commit suicide alone in the military every year. Will I survive? It's the question. I remember walking beside the streets alone in the middle of the night listening to these kinds of songs. My opportunities to doing so will be far less for next 16 months. Help me survive through all of this.
Koldraiyne DownSkayle
Koldraiyne DownSkayle Hace 11 días
I'm a Ramp Agent for an airline. Working on the ramp at a small airport at night is beautiful in that hour before all the overnight planes come in. A pitch black field of small red and blue lights and silence. This music gives me those vibes.
Gordo Mafioso
Gordo Mafioso Hace 11 días
ESvid community: Chaos Late night vibes: reverse card
HawtSosa Hace 11 días
Music is always better at night, 4 am here ❤
Good Vibes only
Good Vibes only Hace 12 días
I love all of you Remember that please Your not alone You can do this It may be a rough ride But At the end there’s always a reward Keep going I believe in you Have a wonderful day You amazing human being You don’t know me I don’t know you But I appreciate everyone of you Your all so beautiful Don’t be sad Your smile brightens everyone’s day up Keep going Please For the random guy you saw in the comments of a ESvid vid And all of your friends and family Good luck 😘❤️ RIP dad 1970-2019 I’ll do it for you I’ll make you proud
Kyn Suoh
Kyn Suoh Hace 12 días
You laugh when you're happy. You cry when you're sad. But when you feel empty what can you do?
CyberWeeb 2077OwO
CyberWeeb 2077OwO Hace 12 días
Why why why why why why me of all people me have to suffer this cruel world
Raul Brito Gonzalez
Raul Brito Gonzalez Hace 12 días
I listen this a lot of times, and always I feel the same energy, wich one you can forget you day and be happy 29:03 minutes, traveling in your mind like a free world. This make me very happy and chill, and I hope people can scape from they rutine as I do and enjoy the little things who make us happy easly.
Daegan Hace 13 días
This is so great to do homework to. I like this video in particular.
Ali Rezvani
Ali Rezvani Hace 14 días
idk why sad music gets me everytime
Pepper Serrano
Pepper Serrano Hace 14 días
🤟+😋(😘÷❤)= everyone in this comment section
Book of Ruth
Book of Ruth Hace 14 días
The guy that I am falling for just told me he considered calling his ex and that devastated me, I came upon this video and began to read this comments and it touched me truly. I needed to read such nice inspirational words. ♥️
Sameer Master
Sameer Master Hace 14 días
Currently 3:57 am idk whats going on tbh im just ouchere staring at my ceiling in a pitch black room. Ngl im just kinda getting flashbacks on what has happened in my life almost lie ptsd but whatever. Idek if im awake or not but it would be good if i was asleep because i have school that starts at 8. But yeh bless up everyone
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