Latest news on Gedson Fernandes, Bruno Fernandes & Christian Eriksen! | With Anthony Costa

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All the latest transfer news and rumours from Sky Sports News featuring special guest Anthony Costa from Blue talking all things Spurs.
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15 ene 2020






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Comentarios 80
Ali Haider
Ali Haider Hace un mes
name of anchor in blue??
Evan Walker
Evan Walker Hace un mes
WRONG. Sebastian Haller not a target man, do they even watch the games?
andson02 Hace un mes
I hate that Jaydee Dyer.. especially when he starts ranting about Spurs and just DOESNT STOP
Creees Hace un mes
Not convinced with Gedson. He feels like a man utd fop like fred . You have Eric Dier play him more. When Mourinho first came he played more English British players and they did so much better, especially bringing in Dier, i dont know if Gedson will play a brutal strong smart defensive minded instinct defensive midfielder. Stick with Dier. Dier links up well and with him being able to drop back into defensive line it could push fullbacks forward and with Mourinho you think they would grab a w goal lead and drop dier into defence if needed
Creees Hace 29 días
@Michael Batten the last 5 seasons he has played and spurs have been great, now he is not playing and it is a mess. Lo celso and winks are useless
Michael Batten
Michael Batten Hace un mes
I stopped believing you knew what you were talking about when you said play Eric Dier. No....just No
Offical HARD22
Offical HARD22 Hace un mes
Spurs need two more playes to improve 👇🏼 Krzysztof piatek and koulibaly
Zepher Gaming
Zepher Gaming Hace un mes
JD is too argumentative
Kaylum_ Hace un mes
I watched 20 minutes of this because it’s homework. I’m going to forget everything by the next time I have my PE class
random youtube guy
random youtube guy Hace un mes
Chelsea need a lb more than anything,they should go for junior firpo out of barca seen as hes not getting much game time,only 23 i think and can play on the left of a back 3 if needed Edit:also mcburnie played for swansea last season,we signed him this summer
XX TheProPlayer XX
XX TheProPlayer XX Hace un mes
Oli mcburnie didnt play for Sheff u last season oh my
Menex Hace un mes
The great challenge
Y'all need to take more inspiration from fan channels on reporting transfer rumors. This was absolutely piss boring gibberish with click bait title. Poor programming.
Callum Hace un mes
Whoever made the decision to cut the breaks, thank you🙏
Jaces Boat
Jaces Boat Hace un mes
Eriksen is close to Inter Milan. Still negotiating on transfer fee.
Olivia Butler
Olivia Butler Hace un mes
Starts at 04:58 👌🏼 💔S*x dating s1te - dating69 cf (enter "." after 69)
Conor Cunningham
Conor Cunningham Hace un mes
starts at 5:00 😆
DSD Plays
DSD Plays Hace un mes
Thanks bro😁
Stephen Zhao
Stephen Zhao Hace un mes
5:39 to start you’re welcome
DSD Plays
DSD Plays Hace un mes
Thanks bro😁
Baby Yoda Up In This Mofo
This group of sjw cast are unbearable. The Futuremark TV. The Tottenham prick is unbearable. Trying to sound gangster. Diversity flag waving stereotypical flogs
adam malone
adam malone Hace un mes
I know United cant be in for everyone but why aren't United trying to get Eriksen and Cavani they'd be perfect
adam malone
adam malone Hace un mes
@TheAmal316 ahh that's obviously it so 👌
TheAmal316 Hace un mes
Because Tottenham didn't want to sell to competitors. There was a meeting .
Fern A.
Fern A. Hace un mes
adam malone because they don’t want to go there. Don’t blame them
Dehren Hunter
Dehren Hunter Hace un mes
Excited about Gelson Fernandez, because he seems - on paper - to be an upgrade to Sissoko. Great at breaking lines, skilful, forward passer and can score goals. 🤩
Light Owl
Light Owl Hace un mes
Piss off with a "musician" spewing his words about FOOTBALL, can't get FOOTBALLERS on the show? What junk are we coming to ffs.
Luke Miller
Luke Miller Hace un mes
Ollie Mcburnie wasn't at Sheffield last season you pillock he was at Swansea.
lstrn99 Hace un mes
Just me who realised she said Mcburnie helped Sheffield United last season when he played for Swansea?😂
Baby Yoda Up In This Mofo
Let's face it the woman know stuff all about football. Just reading of paper and cues. Reminds me of an early kids programme. No critical analysis
Sam Davis
Sam Davis Hace un mes
I don’t get annoyed that much but Jesus when they were talking about Lacazette staying or going why don’t they talk about the financial benefits not him as a person unless they know him personally makes no sense I thought these were top football journos In a squads or on the time of a rebuild you may need to sell one of your best players to get to a 3 youngsters in to rebuild your squad I’m not even an Arsenal fan but I would understand that’s what you have to do
patrick Harrigan
patrick Harrigan Hace un mes
Ake ain’t worth 40 like mings ain’t worth 25
liam bourke
liam bourke Hace un mes
40 mil buy back clause. Probably more for other top 6 sides. Holland national defender.
The Potato King
The Potato King Hace un mes
@patrick Harrigan Stop defending yourself so much man. It's just an opinion you know. Ake is very young and has great potential. Also, the market is inflated in the centre back position, so his price, if you think about it, is reasonable.
patrick Harrigan
patrick Harrigan Hace un mes
The Potato King if so leave you do not watch football
patrick Harrigan
patrick Harrigan Hace un mes
The Potato King you think ake is worth 40 mil ?
Why Hello There
Why Hello There Hace un mes
Are you OK?
Jam Hace un mes
Anthony costa was the ugly one in blue lol
Dani Fetisone
Dani Fetisone Hace un mes
No wonder he's a Spurs fan🤭
josh park
josh park Hace un mes
No news about Bruno Fernandez even the he's in the BLOODY TITLE
L. Hollanda
L. Hollanda Hace un mes
josh park Fernandes with S, please
rue de bac
rue de bac Hace un mes
United are gobshites when it comes to transfers it takrs em forever
Samsung J3
Samsung J3 Hace un mes
Must be good to be Man U! Bruno Fernandez been signed since summer of 2019
TheAmal316 Hace un mes
It's really really nice cause we have such good owners lmao
L. Hollanda
L. Hollanda Hace un mes
Fernandes with S, he’s not spanish
Helen G. Pitts
Helen G. Pitts Hace un mes
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Creed Bratton
Creed Bratton Hace un mes
That Spurs fan looks like a class A sleazbag 🤣
DeadlyDiddly Hace un mes
Antony Costa FFS? 🙄 Was Duncanfromblue busy?
Mr Big D*ck
Mr Big D*ck Hace un mes
Sad to see how far Sky Sports has fallen
antwango Hace un mes
was elton john busy? jeez i had to remember who and why just now
crnfcs Hace un mes
What kind of accent this blonde chick has?
Callum Hace un mes
@KingsHeathDon91 why?
KingsHeathDon91 Hace un mes
Trust me you don't
crnfcs Hace un mes
@liam bourke For sure for sure :D
liam bourke
liam bourke Hace un mes
I need to go Scotland
crnfcs Hace un mes
@Sinead Sweeney Thanks!
Iron D
Iron D Hace un mes
Bring back expressions
Grandson Little Billy
why didn't United sign Fernandes why did spurs have to ruin my life
Grandson Little Billy
@The Potato King thanky mr potato head love you
The Potato King
The Potato King Hace un mes
@Grandson Little Billy aww
Grandson Little Billy
@The Potato King I'm just a confused grandson with the world at my feets
The Potato King
The Potato King Hace un mes
@Grandson Little Billy Are you trolling or are you just slow?
Grandson Little Billy
@Dylan Marshy no bruno's second name is fernandes his middle name is gedston
steven 6000
steven 6000 Hace un mes
When is Bruno
eragon812 Hace un mes
@Sam Idiot
Sam Hace un mes
Nicholas Bernhardsen
steven 6000 not in it
Adam A
Adam A Hace un mes
He'll flop at spurs
Jaran Sandland
Jaran Sandland Hace un mes
DSD Plays
DSD Plays Hace un mes
Thanks bro😁
Code: JMY
Code: JMY Hace un mes
Ur a god
Number 27
Number 27 Hace un mes
Cheers pal
Zaahid Umaduth
Zaahid Umaduth Hace un mes
Starts at 04:58 👌🏼
DSD Plays
DSD Plays Hace un mes
Thanks mate😁
Disconnected Roamer
nice one G
tasie acc-van deush mark
What do they start Chelsea News ?
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