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11 feb 2019

Laughing atdax






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Sami Ammari
Sami Ammari Hace un hora
U pussy ass bitch
Arian Malici
Arian Malici Hace un hora
Fuck you
Dylan Smith
Dylan Smith Hace un hora
Dax can not punch😂😂😂😂
Marlon Pineyro
Marlon Pineyro Hace un hora
I know this video is wrong, but is anyone else laughing when he talks about Dax shouting his name out like a Pokémon 😂😂😂
Introverted Scribbles
Oh yeah Yeah
Oh yeah Yeah Hace 2 horas
We all know what’s gonna happen now
imperium Hace 2 horas
Ksi I liked you for a while but you don’t know where to stop, Dax is a rising star and when he on top of you he’s gone make you he’s bitch, need to know when to stop in 13 closing 14 from England but how do you not know what they been packing ? This is America not England, smh
Живко Илиев
Mildoras Bruzikas
Mildoras Bruzikas Hace 3 horas
6:35 by a single fat nigga during the period you were working out, not by 6 black dudes in a fucking truck probably armed aswell. Also that jump shit was fake cmon 😂😂
Elliott Jealous
Elliott Jealous Hace 3 horas
Your fight was 1v1 his was 8v1 with weapons
Elliott Jealous
Elliott Jealous Hace 3 horas
So dax got jumper pre the vid shown. In the vid shown tory lanes had 8 guys that would have beat dax to death. 8v1 aint a fair fight!
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And also...... oh yeah yeah oh yeah yeah yeah yeah
No comment No comment
Faze Eddy
Faze Eddy Hace 3 horas
Chill man dax is on another level
Shakz-_ 07
Shakz-_ 07 Hace 4 horas
Nahh ksi take the L lmaoo, Dax is way better you cant even laugh bc he said sorry. He had no choice 😂😂
Stuey Murphy
Stuey Murphy Hace 4 horas
KSI your such an ass.. you would have pissed your pants & begged for your life if you were stuck in that same situation. Joke man!
The Scarecrow
The Scarecrow Hace 4 horas
05:54 for everyone saying ksi would apologize too
Dankiez Hace 4 horas
you are so unfunny
Mujahied Holmes
Mujahied Holmes Hace 5 horas
Mission failed we'll get em next time😂
XtripleX123 Hace 6 horas
1:47 straight up hypocrite!
Draconid Zion
Draconid Zion Hace 7 horas
What is "on your ones?"
Gyroboterupter Hace 7 horas
Why does this video have 42k dislikes? Pussy ass dax fanbitches.
aiod 4
aiod 4 Hace 10 horas
It's dax😂😂😂😂😂🔪
KSI .. your a mummies boy who lives in a house with other, skinny weird, geeks who think playing games 24/7 makes you a badass. Yeah it's made you a lot of money but don't act like you know how this works, cause I don't much but you're sitting in england like a spoiled child, fuck up ya dumb dick. See how tough you are when you are somewhere with evil goons trying to mess with you because they are close minded dumb fucks eh ? KSI.... you are a scared little boy. fuck off back up inside that tower flat you live in you fucking gimp.
MINI GOD Hace 12 horas
At least his hair doesn’t look like cheese strings on your hair
xgaming Hace 12 horas
KSI: I GOT JUMPED YOU SAW ME FIGHT BACK. You got jumped by who? One guy fax got jumped by 4 with a gun just shut your ass up you'd say sorry too.
xgaming Hace 12 horas
Default Hace 12 horas
Wow there sure are a lot of ksi fans in the comment section
Xylineth Hace 13 horas
idk man i mean dax is collabin with rappers like hopsin and dissing tory lanez hes growing at a crazy rate
Junior Tito
Junior Tito Hace 14 horas
You are one ugly guy with a weird nose.!!!!!!!
Jared R
Jared R Hace 14 horas
Bro he doesn’t know the streets in the US fuck KSI
Zraxel Hace 14 horas
I mean if we are being honest firstly dax music is way better than KSI's. And i think he would have done the same.
ZO Hace 15 horas
You didnt fight back when you got jumped.
Alex Juinor
Alex Juinor Hace 15 horas
Ksi can’t punch right
Dylan Beck
Dylan Beck Hace 15 horas
i dont think you know how people go about beef in the US...try going to the slums of Philly, LA, or Toronto. He got clocked from the behind and your going to say he was being the pussy? Come to America and talk like that.
AyeitsJairus Hace 16 horas
Ksi I liked you during all the beef with your bro and took your side the whole time but if you’re gonna call dax a delusional and talk down on him, I’m not siding with you on this. You’re laughing at someone who got pulled up with Tory and his goons who prolly all have straps. You got “jumped” by a single dude fam. Like Tory asked for all the smoke and he’s all butthurt for dax wanting all of it. Don’t act like you wouldn’t have apologized. You skipped past all of the context behind why he dissed Tory. You’re a puss and learn how to see things in other people’s perspective and not be a cocky little dick.
pokmonful Hace 16 horas
KSI I'm disappointed in you. You give your brother shit for making stupid videos about sensitive stuff, but you cross the line in the same way. Plus, this shows how much of a ***** tory is for crying over a little diss track. This shows how fucked up the world really is when people like you laugh at it when Dax really could've gotten hurt. There were a group of people attacking him and he was alone. How would you have felt, honestly?!?! I used to watch your videos a bit, but I'm stopping, I lost all respect for you, this KSI showman shit crossed the line. Bye.
Jordan Givens
Jordan Givens Hace 14 horas
Dagos Hace 16 horas
I think Tory is just as bad, he doesn't need his goons to fight his battles, Dax is better in this situation.
Air Hace 16 horas
I don't see how this is funny? A group of some pussy's pulled up on 1 dude.. HOW FUCKING SCARED DO YOU HAVE TO BE TO PULL UP ON SOMEONE WITH 6 DUDES?
Shallow Snowy
Shallow Snowy Hace 17 horas
ksi can say hard r but i can’t say soft a :(
SKITTLES !!!! Hace 17 horas
My nigga Dax got jumped you just petty
SKITTLES !!!! Hace 17 horas
I hate you know wit ur petty ass
Dax is the best upcoming rapper. And him apologizing was The smartest thing to do and that situation
Requis Jones
Requis Jones Hace 19 horas
I’m a fan but you just took an L
Oof Oof
Oof Oof Hace 19 horas
I hate dax coz of his scru thing
ben peters
ben peters Hace 19 horas
You will never be anything ksi your a phase all you want is publicity like common man Dax is better then you ever will be you should honestly stop rapping. You are a pointless piece of shit. You would have done the same thing you pussy
Nate Mackey
Nate Mackey Hace 19 horas
Tory was the pussy hes getting but hurt over a diss track in my opinion Dax took the dub i wanna see ur ass get jumped and not apologizes plus u cant even make good music cuz ur ass got destroyed by multiple rappers kiss it nigga
Natedawg Hace 20 horas
KSI shut the fuck up if you had 6 guys on you that look like bouncers you probably wouldnt be able to rap them shit lyrics or play fifa you would look like a melted chocolate bar
FuegoZz Alex
FuegoZz Alex Hace 20 horas
Imagine third partying in real life
Johnathan Paquet
Johnathan Paquet Hace 21 un hora
You no nothing Bout the streets in the US.
Rust Reputations
Rust Reputations Hace 21 un hora
Why do I feel like KSI is butthurt and now this is his chance to get back?
Dabeastisborn Hace 21 un hora
Says his name like a Pokémon character soo tru😂
C0D3_K1NG Hace 21 un hora
Okay, now I know that you don't like him. But bc Tory's goons jumped him. Tory Lanes is a bitch. Frfr no cap 💯. And Dax is a better musical artist than half yall out there so... Just saying.
Danyaal Qureshi
Danyaal Qureshi Hace 21 un hora
Ksi his boxing is better then u tho im a boxer and i know that he is 100% better than u at boxing
Joe Sl4t3r
Joe Sl4t3r Hace 21 un hora
4:25 I can't handle this😂
Kossu 8
Kossu 8 Hace 22 horas
Bro ksi when i listen to your music my ears bleed dax is 100 times better rapper than you are you jealous or something
No Name
No Name Hace 22 horas
Tbh he did the right thing, he could’ve been that graveyard
Manuel Cobian
Manuel Cobian Hace 22 horas
Ksi u stupid u just a hater mad cause he kept you shhhhhhhh with a diss and he murder tory on track
Leroy Yang
Leroy Yang Hace 22 horas
Put captions on 2:36
DressedInBlack Hace 23 horas
Isaiah Hall
Isaiah Hall Hace 23 horas
Bruh we know if the roles were switched KSI would like a bitch cuz he ain’t with the shit the US way
XxKJxX Hace 23 horas
Black panther 2
Vitalijus Banuskevicius
Crazy guy
Crazy guy Hace 23 horas
stop laughing at dax you got jumped by one guy and shit yourself but dax got jumped by seven or eight people and said sorry
Shaye Harkin
Shaye Harkin Hace 23 horas
You didnt get jumped it was some retard that was taught karate and was ring around a rosie
Kenenna Udochukwu
Kenenna Udochukwu Hace 23 horas
KSI you lookin for trouble
Villy P
Villy P Hace un día
Lmao ksi your fan base are fucking 10 year Olds. Ksi, the man who got his ass kicked by Logan Paul. Ksi, the guy with a lil bro who got his ass kicked by Jake Paul. Lmao stfu
Mutman ali
Mutman ali Hace un día
Xanxiety Hace un día
KSI is like the black panther and Dax is killmonger
PTOW Hace un día
Well isn't this the guy who got jumped RIGHT in front of his friends who didn't do shit but record and coudlnt even do dat properly
Hebi Akari
Hebi Akari Hace un día
Tfw ksi would of done the same thing, but he would of done it from being scared. But Dax just did it because he wanted to go home and wanted to live for his family.
Tristan Spykerman
Tristan Spykerman Hace un día
ski really bro I'm a fan but everything you have said is bull hahaha bro fought back you got jumped by one dude and missed like every punch and backed up "ran" like a bitch. so do not talk shit on someone getting jumped you are just promoting that bullying someone is alright. and you are not some hard mf because if you were then bro we both know you would have made a distack but you didn't because you are way too scared hahaha, rightfully so but don't act hard in front of the camera bro.
speedy 1234
speedy 1234 Hace un día
LOL 04:27
Hypur Exploits
Hypur Exploits Hace un día
KSI is a meme😭😭
Kiile Hace un día
Wouldnt be laughing if you wouldve been jumped and beaten because you couldnt do anything i like your content but your ignorant asf for this.
Kiile Hace un día
Life is more important than death
wg.1 Hace un día
ksi got jumped by a fat mexican and couldn’t defend himself 😂🤦🏼‍♂️
Master Sage
Master Sage Hace un día
yo ksi you gotta stop at this point I'm seeing you like the paul brothers, you're not funny, you laugh like a chimpanzee (literally) for no reason, you're corny, and you definitely can't rap(you sound like the guy that made man's not hot) so idk why you're talking about Dax like that, you have no say dude I mean you got owned by white boy Quadeca. you have no business in the rap game You're not the KSI I subscribed to years ago you've gone downhill and trying desperately to be relevant
Christopher Hardwick
Are we ignoring the fact KSI used the sidemen for views?
Christopher Hardwick
+محمد الهذلول I've been watching ESvid for 7 years, you probably follow t series
محمد الهذلول
+Christopher Hardwick your probaby new to youtube
Christopher Hardwick
+محمد الهذلول no I'm not
محمد الهذلول
Loool I hope you're joking
Viking Skateboarding
Bruh, he chose life over pride. Oh yeah. You have the most forced laugh ever. Stop.
Rufiooo From Vine
Rufiooo From Vine Hace un día
Awesome Phoenix
Awesome Phoenix Hace un día
just shut up ksi. if you got 10 guys chasing you. tory lazes with a weapon. everyone would say sorry
Oscar Lee
Oscar Lee Hace un día
gosertube Hace un día
Black man laughing at black man for getting jumped by 10 dudes and this is amusing? You weak bro and your Chanel sucks ass
Kompo 04
Kompo 04 Hace un día
Fuck off you piece of shit you suck ksi
xD_Troy Hace un día
Does he even know what's a jab?
Holtys kid
Holtys kid Hace un día
It’s dax!
Jackie Ma
Jackie Ma Hace un día
Dude you suck lol
Creative Z33
Creative Z33 Hace un día
Still sickening to this day mate, 6 guys jump him, 1 guy jump you and you had your friends there doing what? Filming! 🤦🏾‍♂️ you’re a big man g 😂 at least he had balls to challenge Tory, shows who’s out here actually sucking the man’s dick 🤣
Arvindh Francis
Arvindh Francis Hace un día
Aiden Poitra
Aiden Poitra Hace un día
Nigga acts like tory lanez is that good😂😂😂
nmiller0119 Hace un día
Bro ksi ain’t got no flow compared to Dax and he ain’t got no balls if he was on the same street like Dax was by himself like you or I wouldn’t have known what the fuck would’ve happened so how the fuck you expect Dax to react especially in the streets with what’s happened to xxx. Man ksi you really dropped it because you couldn’t beat Dax one on one rapping or boxing and even you know that
ViVal_Voltxz Hace un día
I love u ksi but u will get your shit fucked up against dax
jack g
jack g Hace un día
dax is lame
Sauce Gaming
Sauce Gaming Hace un día
Dax would fuck you up KSI
Price Tag
Price Tag Hace un día
Still milking this shit
HydroSphereGaming Hace un día
I'm a fan but he still better at rapping.
Joseph Peat
Joseph Peat Hace un día
You realize tory had 5 guys jump him and chase him out of a club before this clip
mr jam master jay 23
Stfu that's why u got beat by Logan Paul
Luke Preston
Luke Preston Hace un día
Bruh Tory even said it himself that if he said something wrong it would be more than a rap battle
Ninja Hace un día
LMAO This man's petty as fuck and it's hilarious
Orange Flamingo
Orange Flamingo Hace un día
KSI stick to ur own shit and leave the better men alone ur a pussy ur a dumb fuck and u needa smarten the fuck up
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