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11 feb 2019

Laughing atdax






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Haroon Lakdawala
Haroon Lakdawala Hace 2 horas
Best part 4:24
28 Stab Wounds
28 Stab Wounds Hace 11 horas
Who is it again?
Jordan 11 11
Jordan 11 11 Hace 16 horas
Both y’all nigga can’t rap for shit both y’all niggas should just stop
i'm a potato
i'm a potato Hace 21 un hora
Dax was irrelevant till ksi started talking bout him
Aimee Redford
Aimee Redford Hace un día
He protecc He attacc But most importantly...... iT'S *DAX*
Gavin Blood
Gavin Blood Hace un día
Dax is better than you
Micah van Tongeren
Micah van Tongeren Hace un día
2:36 Hard R?? Smh lol this fool a clown
Felix Fadnes
Felix Fadnes Hace un día
When he said you a circus act just look at his hair😂😂
blazo king
blazo king Hace un día
Just the fact that in America goons are able to publicly roll up guns and confront a person without it being a commotion is seriously fucked up.
ME Hace un día
I know right
Olaf K
Olaf K Hace 2 días
U suck at music
206- Sea
206- Sea Hace 2 días
Dax is a way better rapper than you KSI.
Ricky Camon
Ricky Camon Hace 2 días
206- Sea k
Brandon Shinko
Brandon Shinko Hace 2 días
Bruh honestly ur fucking stupid. Bro if he didnt he would've been killed stupid ass. U would've said sorry too
Wizf421 Hace 3 días
Man ksi kinda gave dax a tiny bit of a chance and dax still wants to soar him even tho he dont know what sparring is
hashpesos Hace un día
KSI is a trash fighter and a trash rapper.
Izzy Hollenbeck
Izzy Hollenbeck Hace 3 días
Wdym he destroyed tory bro the hell is u stupid and tory a bitch he can't fight dax without a gun or his goons dax was running from 4 niggas and the tory lanez got in a car with his goons caught up to dax and pulled up with a gun tory a pussy.. you'd prolly be scared too if you were about to get jumped then followed and pulled up on with a gun by yourself.. you lacking dude your songs ass the only song that's good is Adam's apple nigga really😄😄😂😂😂
Jude Elliott
Jude Elliott Hace 3 días
I don’t understand why he would diss Tory he was in a good position yet he fucked it by dissing someone in the same city and Tory is just a bit of a pussy by getting for 4 dudes to jump him so they both fucked up either way lose lose situation
raptorgod77 Hace 3 días
Ksi actually lost 2 fights the instagram trainer and logan paul xd
raptorgod77 Hace 22 horas
Ksi tied with logan even though logan didnt wanna box and never did until he practiced Plus ksi the cocky guy fought 1 guy and already started calling people out. Plus the trainer kinda whooped him if u saw the other guys side perspective he recorded
Ricky Camon
Ricky Camon Hace 2 días
raptorgod77 delete this
Ghost Scorpion
Ghost Scorpion Hace 3 días
raptorgod77 I just can’t stand u American kids
raptorgod77 Hace 3 días
Who the fuck r these guys some uk rappers?
Simon Wesley
Simon Wesley Hace 3 días
Holy sh*t that was funny as hell 😂
Craig Webster
Craig Webster Hace 3 días
On my ones
Tortilla_Chip10 Hace 4 días
Dax playing games with his boxing career
Anbu Amv's
Anbu Amv's Hace 4 días
Ksi is lame and acts like he knows what a goofy
david devel12 anderson
He sucks
James Willey
James Willey Hace 5 días
Dax lookingike that scared hamster meme 😂😂😂
GMD ASW1 Hace 5 días
Dax is the type of guy that’ll kill someone and then say sorry to the corpse
Zac zac
Zac zac Hace 5 días
Gay ksi
Radu Mihai
Radu Mihai Hace 5 días
Dax still got better bars tho..
Josh Bayliss
Josh Bayliss Hace 5 días
Bitchiest people on the internet
Fikret Doğan Karaerkek
Why you people watching this piece of shit human being. This guy is lower then the lowest.
Dylan Ameh
Dylan Ameh Hace 6 días
Fax fights like a kangaroo
Adams 1038
Adams 1038 Hace 6 días
Funny!!!! Never heard of you until now. Hahahaha! Dax will be a GOAT! And plenty of mf in rap throw a dis and the apologize! Get a real story you hack! Hahahaha!!!!!
Katsuki Bakugou
Katsuki Bakugou Hace 6 días
I only know dax cause of ksi,so dax ass gotta be grateful for nothing 🤦‍♂️
Lil Dre sipping on a parfait Allen
Ummm it's Dax is 10x better then you he can actually sing you can't sing for shit
WNBA Youngirl
WNBA Youngirl Hace 6 días
Ksi the type to talk crap but end up gettin stabbed by tory lanes
Asgard Ninja
Asgard Ninja Hace 6 días
How did KSI turn into this? Great for him
Haikal 8589
Haikal 8589 Hace 6 días
Dax is fucking shit dumb boy just like ur fucking dad boy
George Kardashyan
George Kardashyan Hace 7 días
Hang on so Tory Lanez was fucking with Dax last year and now collabing with Joyner. Is this the same person?
minien90 Hace 7 días
This is fucking hillarious 😂😂
Syncere TCG
Syncere TCG Hace 7 días
Tory Lanez still ain’t say shit to VI Seconds tho😬 Shizzy really bodied him
Ada Kalaj
Ada Kalaj Hace 7 días
My boxing technic is better than dax I’ve been in boxing in 4 years
AA plus Batteries
AA plus Batteries Hace 6 días
ok ig
Duckington Ducksss
Duckington Ducksss Hace 7 días
I mean ksi if 5 dudes pull up on you would you rather get ur ass whooped or just apologize
Nat Z
Nat Z Hace 7 días
I don't know if it's me but I feel sorry for dax right there I mean like he started this shit so it is kinda his fault idk but I feel sad for this dude
IGN Fr0sty
IGN Fr0sty Hace 8 días
Spin off super saiyan goku
Bro dax studdering like he's fucking freezing his ass off lol
Leo Reed
Leo Reed Hace 8 días
This is such forced cringy laughter 😂
TheHiddenOne Hace 8 días
fucking dumbass he had a gun pointed at him. ofc hes gonna apologize
Dreb 3211
Dreb 3211 Hace 9 días
"ksi bitch get mentioned, views" "nah but real shit lil nigga don't you try and diss me or i will come for your neck" that's not a diss that's a warning
Family Guy
Family Guy Hace 9 días
but Tory lanez pulled up with security thugs, ksi this was a bad one but pretty funny
argin kara
argin kara Hace 10 días
levi homer
levi homer Hace 10 días
... this wasnt funny but dope i guess
Breezy Hace 10 días
Jaydon jaydonm540
Jaydon jaydonm540 Hace 10 días
i want more of these “laughing at:” series😭
maxamillian mus
maxamillian mus Hace 10 días
Ohh yeah yeah
Jay King
Jay King Hace 11 días
I'm not gonna argue with anyone in the comments, but tory had goons chase him for multiple blocks and beat him up, you can clearly see him breathing hard and all his chains are gone, who knows any of these people could have had weapons. I'm not arguing with you people, half of yall probably ain't even been in fights before, if your gonna talk trash you gotta walk a mile in his shoes
HAZIM SHABOUT Hace 11 días
DaxIs the best he can kill you in one second
Valerexo Hace 11 días
He had a gun pointed at him? Why would he say anything but sorry? I’m with ksi but this is just fucked. Dude could have got shot from youtube drama.
《 CooFta 》
《 CooFta 》 Hace 11 días
And I thought JJs hairstyle was bad...
Anthony Bertuna
Anthony Bertuna Hace 11 días
Bro ksi finna clap dax. Dax you gonna get fucked
Martrease j.r Hopkins
Martrease j.r Hopkins Hace 11 días
Jose Tovar
Jose Tovar Hace 11 días
This foo fucking stupid lmao
Jxjx Rightygc
Jxjx Rightygc Hace 11 días
Them: Dax what’s your son called Dax: ITS MAX
NiGhT FuRy
NiGhT FuRy Hace 11 días
A little late reply but dax is now officially a global meme
Ryder Turner
Ryder Turner Hace 11 días
NiGhT FuRy it’s FAX
John Moussa
John Moussa Hace 12 días
I fucken love u no homo
PANOS G Hace 12 días
2025 anyone
Mohammed Marouf
Mohammed Marouf Hace 12 días
I’m 12 and I box better than him hahahaha lol
Yo yo yo Yo yo yo
Yo yo yo Yo yo yo Hace 12 días
Mohammed Marouf why tf yu lying? Wait who?
Baseball fan12333
Baseball fan12333 Hace 13 días
DAX mom:hey DAX do u want to go outside sweetie DAX:*points at saxophone*IT'S SAX
Mamea101 Hace 13 días
KSI u fuckin trash
Mamea101 Hace 13 días
KSI, Dax is a better rapper
bagel Hace 14 días
Im suprised tory Even saw the diss tory famous af
Yo yo yo Yo yo yo
Yo yo yo Yo yo yo Hace 12 días
bagel shit has millions of views he would’ve seen it for sure
Susan Austen
Susan Austen Hace 14 días
4:27 the funniest bit 😂
Este Mitz
Este Mitz Hace 14 días
He protec He attec But importantly.. IT'S DAX
Dr. Rahul styane
Dr. Rahul styane Hace 14 días
Fuck 👆 ksi
FortniteGamer Spencer
FortniteGamer Spencer Hace 14 días
Lol ksi is way way way way way way way more stronger then he will touch you and boom your down
SvenDaBeast Hace 14 días
I feel like he should name every video "Laughing at" because he always ends up laughing at someone by the end of the video
Yo yo yo Yo yo yo
Yo yo yo Yo yo yo Hace 12 días
SvenDaBeast I mean that won’t get him clicks tho
MellowYellow1O Hace 14 días
🤡 you rn
Faew Hace 14 días
yo whats with dax walking forward on a street or bridge in every music video and freestyle...... is he just tryna hide the fact he lives in a soggy wet box
KC 645
KC 645 Hace 14 días
KC 645
KC 645 Hace 14 días
0:45 everyone who puts KSI in the title
KC 645
KC 645 Hace 14 días
0:45 everyone who puts KSI in the title
KC 645
KC 645 Hace 14 días
0:45 everyone who puts KSI in the title
Kendall Gray
Kendall Gray Hace 14 días
Dax's 3rd punch tho
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