Leader Nancy Pelosi Talks Politics at the Pub

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James and Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi head to the pub for a very traditional British experience: Scotch eggs, fish and chips, pub games and talking politics - everything from the Trump Russia investigation to the political divide in America.
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1 nov 2017

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Christopher Rivas
Christopher Rivas Hace 13 días
She’s full of it. She loves her alcohol
Sundar Pichai
Sundar Pichai Hace 21 un día
Corden: Do you drink on a regular basis? Pelosi: *I can not confirm or deny that*
Todd Lutz
Todd Lutz Hace 23 días
And that's why Democrats cant get things done Nancy is a drunk!!!!!
Nancee Nana
Nancee Nana Hace 22 días
Todd Lutz I’ve read that she doesn’t drink. I think she’s a PILL HEAD.
Big Rudy
Big Rudy Hace 3 meses
haha, this lady is the craziest old drunk lying bitch ive ever seen! second only to my mother in law. She actually make the same drunk faces and drunken slurs just like my mother in law, its hillarious. SELF RIGHTEOUS DOUCHEBAG!
Jon Rosenlof
Jon Rosenlof Hace 3 meses
So the Speaker of the House is a raging alcoholic. I should have known. What a hag!
Venkata Subramanian Gopalakrishnan
Thank you so much for doing something refreshing about asking nice things about the opponents instead of always thrashing and bashing like the other so-called talk show hosts do! Well done. I think Nancy Pelosi is a woman who I really think is far better than any other woman from the left. At least she has basic decency and proper manners. I am a Trump fan, by the way.
drawingangel2 Hace 3 meses
Look at the democrats trying to win the popularity back through the media by being funny or entertaining. Nice trick..but not falling for it. Do what's best for our country please.
Gary R
Gary R Hace 4 meses
When is Nancy Pelosi going to clean the shit and piss in her district?
justgayjim Hace 4 meses
Of course who is better equipped to handle a toddler having a temper tantrum than a grandmother.
MIchael Rigby
MIchael Rigby Hace 4 meses
A Muslim Speaker of the house would not be drinking. Is it too much to ask that our elected officials take an oath of abstinence while in office..? Because i'm going to smoke a mountain of weed while I watch them ruin this Country.
Zahid Anwar
Zahid Anwar Hace 4 meses
One of the James Corden's best work
Angie P
Angie P Hace 4 meses
Hey 308 "thumbs down" people, 1.8k people disagree with you! Idiots.
Kanan Al
Kanan Al Hace 4 meses
She knows how politics works she knows the law. Trump is just a croc
justmemadison Hace 4 meses
Where was the picture of McConnell...dang, I needed to see her face. lol
Graham Hill
Graham Hill Hace 4 meses
Licking the devils balls for fame corden is a complete wash out
Graham Hill
Graham Hill Hace 4 meses
What a wanker
James Elliott
James Elliott Hace 4 meses
Anybody that supports this treasonous bitch should be exterminated
Shonté Hanna
Shonté Hanna Hace 4 meses
looks like it was a good date
James Hutchins
James Hutchins Hace 4 meses
Trump is a definitive aberration, a horrible ignorant who can’t make any truthful statement.
Soul Cyster Support
Soul Cyster Support Hace 4 meses
Great PR.
Kyle Noe
Kyle Noe Hace 4 meses
What was her nice thing about trump?
wmoore47 moore
wmoore47 moore Hace 4 meses
James you hit the ball out off the park on this one! Great segment! Kudos to your producers!
its_Domino 09
its_Domino 09 Hace 4 meses
None is trusting or listening to this treasonous drunk in treasonous traitor. SATANIC evil demon. Arrest and murder his piece of shit
S Regan
S Regan Hace 4 meses
Godamnit she is such a corporate Democrat and a big part of the problem coz I really fucking like the woman!
J Prevatt
J Prevatt Hace 4 meses
Origins Skin Care has a face wash called "Checks & Balances" lol perfect for Pelosi & Dems crew! 💆💪🙌🇺🇸❤
hutch Hace 4 meses
Trump supporters mocking Pelosi's looks, ignoring that Trump is a bloated, orange clown with a raccoon sewed to his scalp.
hutch Hace 4 meses
Trump would have trouble even understanding her vocabulary.
Squirlly Squirl
Squirlly Squirl Hace 16 días
Because she uses too many big words for his comprehension level. Its hard speaking to an adult when their intelligence is lower than a 3rd grader. She would have to use words like, yuge, believe me, corrupt, disgrace, witch hunt, I know better than, bigly, bing bing bing, lock him up, sort of shit. SIMPLE words for the SIMPLE MINDED.
Sundar Pichai
Sundar Pichai Hace 21 un día
Because she slurs every word
TheyCallMeTex Hace 4 meses
Finish the Wall Saves Billions (maybe Trillions- 1,000,000,000,000) , that can fund our childrens social security.
J Flow
J Flow Hace 4 meses
Pelosi clap back. priceless
cc22ful Hace 4 meses
Sluga Bunny
Sluga Bunny Hace 4 meses
ahhh her favorite place
kikiwest2001 Hace 4 meses
"I gotta go further left? That's what some of my constituents tells me" lmao
Telly Bitsakakis
Telly Bitsakakis Hace 4 meses
Can you say ANYTHING NICE ABOUT HIM .... "I hope so"...
Wayne Roche
Wayne Roche Hace 4 meses
Are you fucking shitting me? Pelosi a leader?? LOL........ the last dump I took is more of a leader than the mafia sweetheart, Nancy Pelosi! And for all you ASSHOLES out there that still think that Trump is not doing anything good for this country, you're worse than scumbag Pelosi. Why? Because you give pieces of shit like her the illusion that she's important and strong.......and that's a steaming load of horse shit..... and so are you. Have a nice day!
Cassie Stoddard
Cassie Stoddard Hace 4 meses
Your beer my root beer. Cute
Luis de leon
Luis de leon Hace 4 meses
Damn, she's beautiful, yummy
R A Hace 4 meses
Scene was a fake pub. Typical with a liberal.
Mikayla Bansie
Mikayla Bansie Hace 4 meses
Nancy is good, she'd be great if dumped her big money donors. Further left never hurt anyone.
Mikayla Bansie
Mikayla Bansie Hace 4 meses
@Graced with Beauty Ty for reply Gracey. That money does do good. Those donors get special access and or favors🙂
Graced with Beauty
Graced with Beauty Hace 4 meses
Mikayla Bansie but she has money and it’s to help her caucus as a whole they use it not just her. Plus they take from good donors unlike the NRA. But I am for less money in politics overall
sally gonzalez
sally gonzalez Hace 4 meses
Drunk nancu
Black Sheep
Black Sheep Hace 4 meses
*Reads comments people praising her* Are these people bots? 0.0 FUCK THIS LIBERAL BITCH!!!
S Hogan
S Hogan Hace 4 meses
"Even the (Republican) Party has gone beyond Darth Vader." Nancy Pelosi is SAVAGE. #GottaGivePelosiRespect
Graced with Beauty
Graced with Beauty Hace 4 meses
S Hogan she is a real classy shady boots
B.P. DHANA Hace 4 meses
Though the criticism on her is pretty harsh ( it's normal for anyone in power btw) but i still have huugee faith in her leadership. Keep going!
B.P. DHANA Hace 4 meses
Badass speaker! Way to go lady ✊
Paul Warren
Paul Warren Hace 4 meses
enchasser person
enchasser person Hace 4 meses
Such an admirable woman. I really want to be like her. An epitome of a person who's focus and couldn't care less of what her detractors are saying. Republicans made her a bogeywoman and attacked her for many many years but unsuccessful. Now they're doing it on AOC.
Christopher Rivas
Christopher Rivas Hace 13 días
Oh you wanna be like her? Sure, have a few drinks and talk “politics” (left leaning nonsense)
Jesse Leinard
Jesse Leinard Hace 4 meses
Her and the people who voted for her are absolutely scum
Jesse Leinard
Jesse Leinard Hace 4 meses
That's a crazy bitch . That needs lots of meds
edward Brown
edward Brown Hace 4 meses
Central America is with Nacy P. Nice person... Humble and visionary.... God bless the Americas
Rad Roach
Rad Roach Hace 4 meses
Pelosi the younger....
Vince Chiaravalli
Vince Chiaravalli Hace 4 meses
Sorry James, having bride of chunky(chuck shimmer) on your show just dropped you off the map of civilized world. How stupid to have this woman on your show.
Joseph Jacobs
Joseph Jacobs Hace 4 meses
The party has gone further than Darth Vader? Let's not forget Vader turned out to be the good guy Nancy. 🖐🏻
Graced with Beauty
Graced with Beauty Hace 4 meses
Joseph Jacobs well then that was her compliment
ARC ARC Hace 4 meses
Trump genunely believes he won the popular vote.......
Crinky Hace 4 meses
trump had a good tv show, theres one
Alabama Mothman
Alabama Mothman Hace 4 meses
Peas and Rice, just like her mansions. ANY pub she visits must have a wall.
J. A.
J. A. Hace 4 meses
What a batshit crazy full of shit...old...bat
Bob Anderson
Bob Anderson Hace 4 meses
Pelosi, the figurehead for the new communist party.
Cali Babii
Cali Babii Hace 4 meses
Yasssss Nancy tell it like it is
Mike Cole
Mike Cole Hace 4 meses
I'm liking her more and more. That's something Trump can be praised for😀
Marton Steve
Marton Steve Hace 4 meses
Miguel Hace 4 meses
Wonderful woman. The only politician I would like to meet. Thank you for your strength and leadership, Nancy.
Sundar Pichai
Sundar Pichai Hace 21 un día
She'll drink you under the table
Bryan Clegg
Bryan Clegg Hace 4 meses
Boy are u fucking stupid Miguel..
J. A.
J. A. Hace 4 meses
She just voted against DACA and immigrants in AMerica because she doesn't want to give the president a wall. She is a drunken hustler.
Ethan Mullen
Ethan Mullen Hace 4 meses
i love nancy's gay pride apple watch band!
Jamie Jax
Jamie Jax Hace 20 días
Pride? about being abnormal and mentally ill?
Regina Filengi
Regina Filengi Hace 4 meses
“I hope so...”
tk4227 Hace 5 meses
20 years of doing coke will do this to you
JK JK Hace 5 meses
Poor fellows having to handle Trump...
Taube Victor
Taube Victor Hace 5 meses
The mockery !!!
Real M
Real M Hace 5 meses
Well, James you are doing better than Kimmel.
edd saw
edd saw Hace 5 meses
This video made me hungry
Fan Mac
Fan Mac Hace 5 meses
Pelosi is my hero: sharp as nail, tough while gracious. A winning personality and strategic thinker. Far far far far better than many men in WH and Congress.
God Father
God Father Hace 5 meses
She should talk about how she aquired $50 million in cash in her accounts, free use of private jets paid via tax payers and her gated private estates.
ZION UKRAINA Hace 5 meses
Ненси Пелоси в овальный кабинет вместо Трампа (!)
Vishy Hace 5 meses
James bloody Corden ... how did that utter halfwit (that all of us back home can’t stand) get to rub shoulders with people like Pelosi. Simply shocking
JoanneLG1960 Hace 5 meses
That was great, she is great
Juan Sanchez
Juan Sanchez Hace 5 meses
There are 5000 welfare demanding inmigrants on Tijuana that she can take home
Jack Parker
Jack Parker Hace 5 meses
Just look there's a million idiots who agree with Nancy Pelosi who is the biggest hypocrite in American politics she has a wall around her home that was paid for with tax dollars and she won't fund a wall to protect Americans This is why I've always said some people are just too stupid to vote
Trish Hace 5 meses
I actually like her more now. She is a smart independent women that can go face to face with the orange moron. I agree she has some flaws but it doesn’t mean she isn’t a capable leader.
Gary R
Gary R Hace 4 meses
99% of Nancy Pelosi face is baby foreskin.
James Elliott
James Elliott Hace 4 meses
Trish you ignorant liberal twit. This treasonous bitch and anyone who supports her should be exterminated
J. A.
J. A. Hace 4 meses
Orange man bad? You re brainwashed Trish. Libs and their liberal media have you hating the security, prosperity and freedoms of YOUR OWN COUNTRY! Way to be a sheep
Me X
Me X Hace 5 meses
What are her flaws?
meriem ch
meriem ch Hace 5 meses
Bravo 👏
Edward Jacko
Edward Jacko Hace 5 meses
What does this guy know about American Politics ? Another California Follower....
Ed Zh
Ed Zh Hace 5 meses
nancy pelosi is the next sarah palin give it another year shes going to have a complete meltdown
Jean Jones
Jean Jones Hace 5 meses
Schumer and Pelosi looked like 2 stoned wooden puppets. pathetic weak clowns... How is Pelosi in charge of anything? I want a Wall.
Graced with Beauty
Graced with Beauty Hace 4 meses
Jean Jones did you see the sotu in her house? That’s how she takes charge of a rescheduled event lol
geolenn 94
geolenn 94 Hace 5 meses
You old bitch
Mir Salek
Mir Salek Hace 5 meses
Shoot: Good Lucifer
tor camorlinga
tor camorlinga Hace 5 meses
OM K.ali
OM K.ali Hace 5 meses
Orange is the New black. She wanted it
Bryan Clegg
Bryan Clegg Hace 5 meses
Pelosi doing what she does best . Drinking....
Graced with Beauty
Graced with Beauty Hace 4 meses
Bryan Clegg soda pop lol
Max F
Max F Hace 5 meses
I really don't like that woman
Jane Hardy
Jane Hardy Hace 5 meses
That was sweet.
prophethawthorneful Hace 5 meses
I love Nancy Pelosi
Mohamed Ismail
Mohamed Ismail Hace 5 meses
I like so much Nancy speech
Jason Boggs
Jason Boggs Hace 5 meses
She hates me because I'm a white, tax-paying, straight married to a woman working middle class man that has NEVER asked for or received a government handout. She HATES people like me. Too bad for her there's so many of us out there...but if she gets her way in defying our president with the building of the wall and lets all the illegal immigrants in.....people like me will be a thing of the past and America the beautiful will become America the forgotten.
Frank Gzz America's Boyfriend
I love her!!!
Jules fans
Jules fans Hace 4 meses
I adore her, she's intelligent
Lorna Harrington
Lorna Harrington Hace 5 meses
What a loser she us always has been. Such a huge detriment to our country. So so sad. I pray every day she will go away. She only cares about herself and not about our country. She's awful. Why doesn't she go down to the border and see for herself she's such a liar
Joey Powderface
Joey Powderface Hace 5 meses
I'm here after she became house speaker.
yolo x
yolo x Hace 4 meses
@J. A. Wow you really wrote a whole new novel there. Must say I'm impressed and I give you credit for your honesty and that you obviously have spent some time to think about this issue. Only problem is, you didn't think it through. What you say is basically that we don't live in a democracy, that we are manipulated by the media who again is controlled by the Washington establishment and that our politicians are greedy and lying exploiters. Now let's just assume for a minute that what you say is true, than why are you able to even say this out loud, why can Fox News continue to support and justify Trump's and REP's stupid ideas, how could Donald Trump get elected in the first place? Why didn't the establishment prevent him from getting in office? Let me tell you why, because you got it all wrong! There is no 'deep state' controlling us and the government and Trump is no outsider uncovering and defeating some secret political society. Yes, DEM combat Donald Trump using every resource available to them, that's how politics work, how it has always worked even in the days of Jefferson and Co. The truth is DEM and REP, left and right they always fight each other and they always will. So get over it, it's reality, of course it's about power and influence and both parties are fighting for it. So don't tell me Trump is some innocent victim of a conspiracy within the heart of Washington. He's a politician (an unusual one but still one) and just like the rest he's competing for power and all politicians are trying to push through what they think is best for the country.
J. A.
J. A. Hace 4 meses
@yolo x You are brainwashed. Let me put it another way. I'm sure you won't read this, but just try...See, We’d like to believe that most of GOV cares about its people and works hard on behalf of those who elected them, but the fact is most of GOV doesn’t really care about you at all. Nor does its left leaning propaganda system otherwise known as, the mainstream media. If we’ve learned anything in the last two years it is that. What they care about is power and money and We The People are just a means or sounding board for them getting that for themselves. The saving grace here is that maybe people are waking up a little. We have a person elected that is actually trying like hell to do what he campaigned on, for the People and what happens? More than half of GOV and their self-serving media want you to hate him. They attack him, in fact the former administration has attacked and spied on him. Does anyone see a problem here? Politics has trumped the progress of this country, pardon the pun and if you don’t believe me look at what’s going on in France and Germany. If you don’t grasp it, globalist politicians are running amok and putting their own citizens on the back burner in favor of higher taxes, open borders and guess what? The citizens there aren’t having it. If you’ve seen a glow in the dark yellow vest lately in the news, then you know what I’m talking about. There is a revolution, all over and it’s starting to happen here too. This war of the wall isn’t just about border security, it’s mostly about politics and trust me, half of GOV would rather see their own country burn than give President Trump a political win. That’s where we are. This isn’t about you, other than your $$ and your vote. It’s about them regaining power. 100%. And border security, sanctuary city crime, drugs and your safety, be damned. For those on the left, that isn’t what’s important here. What is important to them is that they remove or impeach a President that is doing a good job, because they can’t have that. They can’t have someone there that exposes their corrupt ways. They can’t have someone there that is exposing their selfish politics, politics that don’t serve the country, but only serves themselves. They can’t have a President doing what the People elected him in on, because then they are accountable. And they can’t have that. What is even MORE amazing than these FACTS is that this half of the GOV and their bought and paid for media have convinced HALF the people of this country to not even care about their own damn Country. It really is quite an astonishing feat that this machine of politics and propaganda has somehow convinced many millions of Americans to blow off things like security, prosperity and sovereignty for their own country. Crime, sanctuary cities, drugs? Who cares? Lower taxes and a good economy? Who gives a shit? What really matters is that we remove a President who is working hard for The People. This they say is the real problem, our duly elected President. Does anyone see a problem here? This isn’t about America or you. This is all about them. It is mind boggling that there are people in this country who think a wall will not help at all, that guns should be taken away from good citizens and that not everyone should have freedom of speech, only those that agree with their talking points. These are scary ideologies folks. It is completely baffling that people cannot see the “show” being produced on a constant loop right before our very eyes, spoon feeding us bullshit on a daily basis 24/7, ad nausea which says only one thing…they want you to not like President Trump, not to benefit you, but to benefit them. They, the Democrats, also think that we are nothing but dumb Americans who are easily swayed and misled. In fact, they not only think it they are banking on it. They figure they can spin anything, make us do their bidding, get us to think like they want us to think, because nothing will ever matter and you know what? They are right! They are right, because this isn’t about a wall. It’s about a People’s President getting more popular with his base. And again, they can’t have that. This is the real truth. Let me ask you, when did you ever hear EVERY talk show host day or night bash President Obama every day of the week, all the time? The answer is it never happened. Not one word or criticism was ever uttered about Obama, because he was their guy. He was the media’s darling and the Democrat leader and he was to be admired. That is how propaganda works and it has never been clearer than now. The media works with the Democrats don’t you know and there was no reason to let anyone in on GOV run health care or more GOV run regulations or Billions in cash to Iran, or him spying on Trump or Fast and Furious or Hezbollah or the Muslim brotherhood or Uranium One or…well this is only the tip of the iceberg. Let’s just say they buried anything he may have done that could be scrutinized. When this kind of smoke and mirrors runs the show, objectivity is out the door. And well, here we are. Now they all want you to hate President Trump. Let me just say that there is a reason that a politician who can’t be bought and paid for will quickly become the corrupt politician’s enemy. Smear campaigns do exist, know that and welcome to the Russia Investigation, to the...well…Just tune into any channel at any hour and see what’s on the docket and who is getting attacked. Guess who is being attacked? Our own President…This should be very telling. These are truly amazing times. Someone who, despite all his faults was elected and is actually trying to do what he was voted in on…but here’s the real truth…He isn’t one of them and they want him out. He isn’t bought and paid for and cannot be compromised and they hate him for it. This is why everyone is freaking out, because most of our GOV doesn’t want America to prosper under his administration. This isn’t and was never a part of their plan. In fact it is quite the opposite, after he won they were intent of making him and in consequence, this country fail so they could save it. That hasn’t worked, so they are scrambling to oppose him at every turn and keep the media on him. He isn’t one of them, on both sides, because there are Republicans AND Democrats in this club, make no mistake and their corrupt way of life is in jeopardy, as is their undying thirst to regain a foothold of power. CNN’s ratings are down 41% from last year, which is good to see. Maybe people are waking up to how the media and the globalists GOV work together to sway your opinion. It’s a total shit show folks and they think you are dumb enough to believe their balderdash. They think you will vote against the progress of your own country in favor of their own pocketbook and not only their pocketbook but for their own innocence to many corrupt allegations. They not only think it, they are banking on it, again pardon the pun. The many against President Trump hold allegiance to no Constitution. They hold no allegiance to We The People, because they only care about who really owns them. As a result, they want you to sell out that in which you love about America. Well, what’s that tell you?
yolo x
yolo x Hace 4 meses
@J. A. Thank you for apologizing. Very kind of you! And yes, all of this: the shutdown, the debates over it, it was all one big political game, one that Trump lost. The president had the government shutdown to demonstrante his strength, to force democrats to give in and to make them endorse his extra 5 billion dollars. But he underestimated the DEM and espcially the endurance of Nancy Pelosi. Neither did he want to negotiate and achieve a compromise nor did he have an exit plan from it. If you willingly shut the government down you need a clear vision what you're gonna get from it. I totally agree with you that we need sufficient and effective border securiety, but this wall is more of a symbolic act, that doesn't solve any real problems. Instead he should have invested this money in staff and equipment.
J. A.
J. A. Hace 4 meses
@yolo x Outplayed him? How do you figure? By getting him to open the GOV to help the workers? Wow, look at the big picture and quit playing this little pissant infantile political game. The real issue is we need border security and you are claiming victory over what? Opening the GOV, look Trump will build a Wall and the left only cares about politics. GET REAL! Ok i just realized I am likely debating a young person with little life experience or a disabled person. I apologize if I have offended you, but wake up plz. Pelosi doesn't give a shit about you or this country, only her own party. Good luck!
yolo x
yolo x Hace 4 meses
@J. A. Trump is doing a good job? Since when???? People like you just can't bear the truth that a fragile, old lady outplayed your president so effortlessly and you won't even recognise her remarkable political skills.
Sean Mastro
Sean Mastro Hace 6 meses
What I love about this, Nancy is completely showing tremendous nervousness body language when responding, instead of showing care free no problem body language when responding. As close to half the Nation Voted Trump in......That is a Huge Wake Up Call to the Democrats that were in Charge at the Time. Still, the Democrats have displayed an Ignorance to America sending them that message....which is...Defend America, Quit the Bull Shit and Partisan Politics, and Actually Do things when We Elect you into Office to Strengthen America, and Not Yourselves.
Colin Hace 6 meses
You can tell this was a year ago.......she cray cray.
Natalie Mae
Natalie Mae Hace 6 meses
I watched Nancy Pelois reading a dam pamphlet on what the DNC platform was back in 2016 primaries, it was just pathetic seeing how long Nancy has been in office & the position Nancy holds is unacceptable which is why Nancy MUST STEP DOWN!!
David Markwald
David Markwald Hace un año
Where else would she be?
gottaloveit gottaloveit
Nancy supports MS 13! You still want to vote Democrat? If you do, your voting for satin! Pure evil!!! Wake up
Alec McDaniel
Alec McDaniel Hace un año
Sure, and she now defends MS-13 gang members. Either she suffers from dementia or she's simply a political whore.
Saevo Pectore
Saevo Pectore Hace un año
Barf. She is so redic
Hannible 100
Hannible 100 Hace un año
I dont think she is a bad person I realy dont, but she is 100% batshit crazy! Iggy pop makes more sense when he is high and monged out on coke!
hwoods01 Hace un año
Nancy stood and spoke 8 hours for illegal immigrants, but Nancy would not stand and clap a few seconds for our veterans at the State of the Union.
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