Leader Nancy Pelosi Talks Politics at the Pub

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James and Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi head to the pub for a very traditional British experience: Scotch eggs, fish and chips, pub games and talking politics - everything from the Trump Russia investigation to the political divide in America.
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1 nov 2017

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Ethan Mullen
Ethan Mullen Hace 11 horas
i love nancy's gay pride apple watch band!
Regina Filengi
Regina Filengi Hace un día
“I hope so...”
tk4227 Hace 4 días
20 years of doing coke will do this to you
JK JK Hace 5 días
Poor fellows having to handle Trump...
Victor Taube
Victor Taube Hace 6 días
The mockery !!!
Real M
Real M Hace 6 días
Well, James you are doing better than Kimmel.
edd sawa
edd sawa Hace 6 días
This video made me hungry
Fan Mac
Fan Mac Hace 7 días
Pelosi is my hero: sharp as nail, tough while gracious. A winning personality and strategic thinker. Far far far far better than many men in WH and Congress.
John Bunker
John Bunker Hace 7 días
She should talk about how she aquired $50 million in cash in her accounts, free use of private jets paid via tax payers and her gated private estates.
ZION UKRAINA Hace 7 días
Ненси Пелоси в овальный кабинет вместо Трампа (!)
Vishy Hace 7 días
James bloody Corden ... how did that utter halfwit (that all of us back home can’t stand) get to rub shoulders with people like Pelosi. Simply shocking
JoanneLG1960 Hace 8 días
That was great, she is great
Juan Sanchez
Juan Sanchez Hace 8 días
There are 5000 welfare demanding inmigrants on Tijuana that she can take home
Jack Parker
Jack Parker Hace 9 días
Just look there's a million idiots who agree with Nancy Pelosi who is the biggest hypocrite in American politics she has a wall around her home that was paid for with tax dollars and she won't fund a wall to protect Americans This is why I've always said some people are just too stupid to vote
Trish Hace 9 días
I actually like her more now. She is a smart independent women that can go face to face with the orange moron. I agree she has some flaws but it doesn’t mean she isn’t a capable leader.
Me X
Me X Hace 7 días
What are her flaws?
meriem ch
meriem ch Hace 8 días
Bravo 👏
Edward Jacko
Edward Jacko Hace 9 días
What does this guy know about American Politics ? Another California Follower....
Ed Zh
Ed Zh Hace 9 días
nancy pelosi is the next sarah palin give it another year shes going to have a complete meltdown
Jean Jones
Jean Jones Hace 9 días
Schumer and Pelosi looked like 2 stoned wooden puppets. pathetic weak clowns... How is Pelosi in charge of anything? I want a Wall.
geolenn 94
geolenn 94 Hace 9 días
You old bitch
Mir Salek
Mir Salek Hace 9 días
Shoot: Good Lucifer
tor camorlinga
tor camorlinga Hace 9 días
OM K.ali
OM K.ali Hace 9 días
Orange is the New black. She wanted it
Bryan Clegg
Bryan Clegg Hace 10 días
Pelosi doing what she does best . Drinking....
Max F
Max F Hace 10 días
I really don't like that woman
Jane Hardy
Jane Hardy Hace 10 días
That was sweet.
prophethawthorneful Hace 10 días
I love Nancy Pelosi
falhad muradka
falhad muradka Hace 11 días
I like so much Nancy speech
Jason Boggs
Jason Boggs Hace 12 días
She hates me because I'm a white, tax-paying, straight married to a woman working middle class man that has NEVER asked for or received a government handout. She HATES people like me. Too bad for her there's so many of us out there...but if she gets her way in defying our president with the building of the wall and lets all the illegal immigrants in.....people like me will be a thing of the past and America the beautiful will become America the forgotten.
Frank Gzz America's Boyfriend
I love her!!!
Captain Howdy
Captain Howdy Hace 13 días
Lorna Harrington
Lorna Harrington Hace 14 días
What a loser she us always has been. Such a huge detriment to our country. So so sad. I pray every day she will go away. She only cares about herself and not about our country. She's awful. Why doesn't she go down to the border and see for herself she's such a liar
Joey Powderface
Joey Powderface Hace 16 días
I'm here after she became house speaker.
Perfectly imperfect
Perfectly imperfect Hace 15 días
Y Americans even democratic supporters hate her so much ?
Sean Mastro
Sean Mastro Hace un mes
What I love about this, Nancy is completely showing tremendous nervousness body language when responding, instead of showing care free no problem body language when responding. As close to half the Nation Voted Trump in......That is a Huge Wake Up Call to the Democrats that were in Charge at the Time. Still, the Democrats have displayed an Ignorance to America sending them that message....which is...Defend America, Quit the Bull Shit and Partisan Politics, and Actually Do things when We Elect you into Office to Strengthen America, and Not Yourselves.
Cameron Champine
Cameron Champine Hace un mes
I feel like when he began with the odd statement it was probably a joke not an actually serious first statement
CC Hace un mes
You can tell this was a year ago.......she cray cray.
Natalie Mae
Natalie Mae Hace 2 meses
I watched Nancy Pelois reading a dam pamphlet on what the DNC platform was back in 2016 primaries, it was just pathetic seeing how long Nancy has been in office & the position Nancy holds is unacceptable which is why Nancy MUST STEP DOWN!!
David Markwald
David Markwald Hace 7 meses
Where else would she be?
gottaloveit gottaloveit
Nancy supports MS 13! You still want to vote Democrat? If you do, your voting for satin! Pure evil!!! Wake up
Alec McDaniel
Alec McDaniel Hace 8 meses
Sure, and she now defends MS-13 gang members. Either she suffers from dementia or she's simply a political whore.
Saevo Pectore
Saevo Pectore Hace 10 meses
Barf. She is so redic
Hannible 100
Hannible 100 Hace 10 meses
I dont think she is a bad person I realy dont, but she is 100% batshit crazy! Iggy pop makes more sense when he is high and monged out on coke!
hwoods01 Hace 11 meses
Nancy stood and spoke 8 hours for illegal immigrants, but Nancy would not stand and clap a few seconds for our veterans at the State of the Union.
ihave35cents Hace 11 meses
Two fucking losers at a pub
janet planet
janet planet Hace 11 meses
It has to be a very miserable time for democrats and liberals. The Democratic Party is out of power, and the economy is again booming at all record levels. Optimism and believing in America is again becoming a healthy theme. The overwhelming majority of Americans regardless of party don't support endless illegal immigration. Sorry to see that you're so miserable when America succeeds. I know it's all about just acquiring power, and not giving a hoot about the country's well being. Today's Democratic Party has no ideas, and their party leadership is beyond pathetic. Sorry folks, but Americans are tired of identity politics, endless taxes, America last, and all of the other useless garbage you offer.
Rob Moir
Rob Moir Hace un año
I don t like you nancy pelosi you big jerk
tolstuie bear
tolstuie bear Hace un año
pelosi is an old delusional mental patient
Randy Potter
Randy Potter Hace un año
Today (January 3, 2018) was another record high for the stock market. President Trump is a GENIUS!!!!
Dr. Fastestinthewest
Trump-Russian investigation...? Pelosi is a dolt putting out more dreck. Universal health care my ass. Parliament ain't happy. Two fools here. Go jerk off... Haaa haaa haaa haaa.
the rooster
the rooster Hace un año
Wow just saw polosie and Mueller extra marital affair on tmz. Crazy
David H
David H Hace 13 días
Are you on drugs?
J Hace un año
With the greatest respect, I don't think it would take much to 'blow James Corden's mind'.
Michael Barclay
Michael Barclay Hace un año
the pub should have been called the bitch on the fiddle
Andrea Kae
Andrea Kae Hace un año
Wow, gross.
Politically Zen
Politically Zen Hace un año
She has dementia. You can tell. Unfit for office
Erin Davie
Erin Davie Hace un año
EPIC segment James...What a woman. :) thanks for sharing
Malik Mishra
Malik Mishra Hace un año
Nancy Pelosi does not get enough credit - she is fantastic.
pollo Castillo
pollo Castillo Hace un año
LisaK 1111
LisaK 1111 Hace un año
Oh James....
smithsj227 Hace un año
"You need to go further left" "That's what my constituents tell me" And that my dear, is why you keep losing.
salas7146 Hace un año
If you want to impeach Donald Trump please go to this website sign petition (Tolmpeach. com)
Jack Soxman
Jack Soxman Hace un año
hope the Democrats retain this wacko women and Schumer. It will insure the GOP stays in power.
Despiser Despised
Despiser Despised Hace un año
Why is this seditious cunt on every TV channel every second? Nazi Piglosi has spent more tax dollars on alcohol and prescription opioids than I will ever make in my entire life.
Stu B
Stu B Hace un año
That's a whole lot of projection Nacy!
vagas7771 Hace un año
I hate how politicians always try and make a statement. Plastic surgery pelosi wearing a gay wristband lmao. She looks fake and acts fake
pmeshelle Hace un año
Can this become a regular segment?
SuN Empire
SuN Empire Hace un año
Old hag!!!
47imagine Hace 7 días
and yet she's Speaker of the House and you're pulling your pud. Seems about right
Boogiewoogie Hace 10 días
Hu hu hu! Yu dun a funy
every joe
every joe Hace un año
yeah master of losing elections and great corporate tool. we need the Democrats to move further to the left because right now the Democrats are Republican Lite and we don't need Republican Lite. We Need a FDR like party on wealth Equality.
every joe
every joe Hace un año
oh yeah and you the want this state to become a oligarchy. Please Wake The fuck up to corporate and the Wealthy fucking you. If the New deal was so bad how come most of those policy's remain popular today. it is because of fetchers like you we can't get bloody change. and lastly there is a difference between Democratic Socialists and full blooded Socialist though you may not be able to comprehend it. you are not worthy of the air you breathe.
Despiser Despised
Despiser Despised Hace un año
You're a blind ignorant indoctrinated moron. A modern American Socialist Hitler Youth and too ignorant to realize it. You dumb fucks are in for a rude awakening. The Unionized ctrl-left Teachers that created nasty little seditious anti Americans just like you had better watch their asses too. Ive logged your MAC address for future reference. FDR's New Deal is what is leading America down the path of Socialist destruction today, dumb fuck. The Nazi press enthusiastically hailed the early New Deal measures: America, like the Reich, had decisively broken with the "uninhibited frenzy of market speculation." The Nazi Party newspaper, the Völkischer Beobachter, "stressed 'Roosevelt's adoption of National Socialist strains of thought in his economic and social policies,' praising the FDR's style of leadership as being compatible with Hitler's own dictatorial Führerprinzip" FUck you nasty little seditious NAZI fuck. You want "wealth equality" little bitch, then we will ship your sad indoctrinated ass to Venezuela, NorK or Cuba and you can enjoy your SOcialist Paradise, you dumb motherfucker. Attempting to Socialize America is SEDITION you little leech.
every joe
every joe Hace un año
what are you smoking? Remember FDR was Elected four Fucking times. anyone who believes the Democrats would lose moving further left is just plain wrong. their plan as it stands now is just move further to the center which has been costing them seats. for years I mean how many of those Blue dog Democrats are left in power the answer very few.
Kelly McQuaid
Kelly McQuaid Hace un año
Yes, please do that that will guarantee your party keeps losing!
ndgv2 Hace un año
now I'm hungry.
Tomek Car
Tomek Car Hace un año
I like this. You are on to something.. Just continue doing it.
J Ribs
J Ribs Hace un año
She is in the bottom five of all American politicians in the entire country in terms of approval. Don't treat her like anything other than the pandering dog she is. Serial liar, and nobody buys her shit. We just put up with it. Don't do fluff pieces for trash like Pelosi anymore. It's not what Americans want.
ez4me2c2 Hace un año
Porky Pig + Ms Piggy don't know how to connect the dots ! esvid.net/video/vídeo-865bdyL6t18.html
Simi822 Hace un año
the face of EVIL, this is a fakin WITCH
Alan Lee
Alan Lee Hace un año
Simi822 every politician is evil. Every single one of them all over the world.
Ryan William Templeton
I hope they take carpool and take it even further. This would be a great series. Politicians in pubs. Simple concept: take an interesting person and put them in a situation we don't normally seen them in and make then comfortable and human.
marieearthangel Hace un año
Pelosi's first meeting with Trump 3:03 Perfect example of Trump's perpetual lies without conscience. How did millions of voters put their trust in him? Bewildering.
Patti - Cake
Patti - Cake Hace un año
We need younger, non-career politicians in office. These old farts whom owe other old farts need to go. They vote for their favors instead of what the people want. Nancy, retire hun. Both sides should be cleaning house and bringing younger ones in.
Orange Trees
Orange Trees Hace 8 días
White people like you have no respect for elders. So...FUCK OFF!
Kenny Chuwing
Kenny Chuwing Hace 10 días
Despiser Despised you attack young people and call them ignorant, but yet you still lack an actual reason for them being ignorant morons...
Songya Ni
Songya Ni Hace 12 días
Am I witnessing internal struggle from the two of you? Because from my point of view you two are on the same page of against pelosi yet you guys are fighting among yourselves?
Despiser Despised
Despiser Despised Hace un año
Young people are ignorant morons, they elect cunts like Nazi Piglosi and Barack Hussein 0bama you fucking idiot. You stupid ignorant children are the problem, not the solution. When things were good adults told kids to stfu. The day adults began to listen to idiot participation trophy polishing children is the day it went to shit.
Tiana B
Tiana B Hace un año
We've got Scotch Eggs at Thirsty Lion Pubs in Oregon - they are AMAZING!!
Peter  Neate
Peter Neate Hace un año
That's not a pub.
Deep Patel
Deep Patel Hace un año
J Hace un año
Barry and Big Mike lowered the bar so much that the American people could have actually voted in a dog turd and achieve superior representation. I went from an ardent supporter of Barry and finally snapped out of the illusion around year 6. I am not a huge Trump fan but when you actually dig into the truth and recklessness Obama acted with even to his own party it is alarming. Bathhouse Barry actually bankrupted the DNC to the tune of 24 million that would have been on the books well into 2018 allowing basically a financial coup to occur partly out of necessity and greed on the behalf of the DNC. The DNC gave up its control over to Hillary under the stipulation that she would fund-raise and erase said debt. This was why almost any move the DNC made had to be approved by her office in Brooklyn NY at the time. It basically set Bernie Sanders up for ultimate failure and no chance what so ever. So before you blindly view Obama as some type of hero I suggest you actually look at his history of neglect and failure that went so deep that he did not even care about his own party at the end of the day. Take it even further his lack of concern for the future and well being of his own party was non existent, just imagine how little concern he had for the rest of the nation especially the parts he did not. It took me a non Trumper some time to see it as well but the facts are right in front of you just do some digging. Donna Brazil's new book confirms this as well as other both Dem and Rep operatives.
Despiser Despised
Despiser Despised Hace un año
0bama was a criminal you retarded moron..
Rojava Bashur
Rojava Bashur Hace un año
Corporate shill!
47imagine Hace 7 días
F**k face...and I mean you
Georgi Mihailov
Georgi Mihailov Hace un año
I really love Nancy Pelosi. She is intelligent, nice, a true fighter for human rights and she is also fun.:)
Stu B
Stu B Hace un año
Georgi Mihailov That's disturbing!
Paola Perri \\ Doppiaggi
Rokaj Mile
Rokaj Mile Hace un año
Look at Nancy's face, she'll soon be 80. Plastic surgeons did a great job here imo
Despiser Despised
Despiser Despised Hace un año
Did the plastic surgeons make this seditious cunt a traitor?
Josiah Ward
Josiah Ward Hace un año
The heck is this crap
Killswitch Haze
Killswitch Haze Hace un año
Everything has to always be about politics.
toxik.io Hace un año
James you're making me hungry
TheYoutubeGuy Hace un año
Scotch eggs are king
Ryan Hace un año
*Who's that mummy?* #TermLimits
Delboy0 Hace un año
America is fucked as a country. They sold their political process to the highest bidder and now politicians work for billionaires and not the people and country is declining so quickly and falling behind the other democracies because nothing gets passed unless a billion wants it
Randy Potter
Randy Potter Hace un año
TRUMP 2020 !!!!!!!
C Adenot
C Adenot Hace un año
Delboy0 That's really rich of you seeing as you are from the UK, which has also become an international laughing stock after passing Brexit. Talk about a nation being a shell of what it once was. Did you see Teresa May's recent speech at The United Nations?? Barely any other world leaders, many of who were also in town, cared enough to attend. The Prime Minister of the United Kingdom was pretty much speaking to an empty room. Truly embarrassing. Whether you're a trump supporter or hater, everyone showed up front and center (probably not an empty seat) when it was his turn to make his UN speech. Or how about lately when Teresa May attends summits with other European leaders and they take group photos, and Teresa May will often be relegated to the back of the group where you can barely see her, which signifies lesser importance compared to the others?? You lot really don't have much room to be so judgmental.
Alan Lee
Alan Lee Hace un año
Delboy0 Soooo true. But we/Britain is throwing away our free speech.
Delboy0 Hace un año
Americans always talk bad about British food but for me a person who has lived in both countries British food is healthier, less processed and natural compared American food. True story Tesco the British equivalent of Walmart opened stores in America and because the basic food standards are so much higher in the UK than American food standards it rebranded in America as a health store
Mason Campbell
Mason Campbell Hace 8 días
Ageed When I went to America it was really hard to find healthy food, and we couldn't even eat salad because there was an ecoli outbreak on tomatoes. The pizza was gross dripping in fat and stogy, the bread was sweet and everything had so much sugar it all tasted the same, and the supermarkets were just full of processed junk food, and meat, virtually no produce. i think British food gets a bad rap because the presentation is lacking but give me a toad in the hole or a full English over a McDonald's or KFC any day.
Captain Howdy
Captain Howdy Hace 13 días
Endless pints, Boiled meat , everything is fried ....yeah “health food”
Alan Lee
Alan Lee Hace un año
Delboy0 Soooo true. Sooooo true. 👍
SethCurry Hace un año
I've never heard an american even mention british food.. Besides fish and chips or like a scone, I don't think most Americans can even name a british food. So we don't "always talk bad" about it lol.
Archer Sterling
Archer Sterling Hace un año
Trump thinks he won the popular vote, and that his wife loves him. Lol.
edd sawa
edd sawa Hace 6 días
His “wives” loves his money. The money that his Dad gave to him since trump was 3 years old.
eddie urbina
eddie urbina Hace 9 días
krninja22 Hace un año
He probably isn't your President either right? Oh wait, he is.
Killswitch Haze
Killswitch Haze Hace un año
Archer Sterling be careful what you say trolls are always lurking. Deadpool approves this message
Leoson Bentley
Leoson Bentley Hace un año
I can not say anything bad or positive about her, because I don't know enough about her to form an opinion about her.
Leoson Bentley
Leoson Bentley Hace un año
Gheez calm the fuck down mate. First of all, I said I don't know enough about her. That obviously means I don't know what you talking about cause I don't give a shit about American Politics. Which was a PSA to everyone to be informed about something before they make opinions. Which I did not make. So please take a seat or add something constructive.
Stu B
Stu B Hace un año
Leoson Bentley Did we just watch the same video?
Michael B
Michael B Hace un año
2 Democrats. 1 import fake one, and another one that escaped from the Walking Dead.
krish tharu
krish tharu Hace un año
.oh James you are the bomb! 😘
Carlos Callejo
Carlos Callejo Hace un año
I’m voting against her and choosing her progressive opponent.
Chudy Ilozue
Chudy Ilozue Hace 8 días
We need experience and talent, we already have AOC to bring us progressivity.
freakincrazy6932 Hace un año
Corden talks to walking dead
L G Hace un año
Corden always get the best guest.
TegridyFarmer Hace un año
2:05 That awkward moment you didnt know she isnt for universal healthcare.
Yo Yo
Yo Yo Hace 10 días
Darksand99 you ironically see like the idiot because you didn’t fight back rather just taunted.
TegridyFarmer Hace un año
Darksand99 i do. My sister works in big pharma
Darksand99 Hace un año
Lol awww you Bernie bros still salty?? Do you even know what Big pharma is? I'm guessing your facebook feed is the first you've heard of it
TegridyFarmer Hace un año
Gavin Reddig
Gavin Reddig Hace un año
😝 gross 2 Democrats
Layflower Girl
Layflower Girl Hace un año
73 to like
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