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This is THE PLACE to jumpstart your Japanese kanji knowledge with the radicals that build 1500+ characters in under 45 minutes! Download Your Free Kanji ebook goo.gl/Z0zFmv to learn Kanji with more Example Sentences and Phrases ↓ Check how below ↓
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Step 3: Download Your PDF book and master Kanji meanings, readings, stroke order and words for each radical.
Your Free ebook includes:
- 50 Most Common Radicals
- 63 Chapters & 538 Pages in Total
- 150+ Example Sentences and Phrases
- Native Japanese Audio Examples for Every Entry
- Stroke Orders to Help You Write Each Radical
- Vibrant Images to Help with Memorization
- 3000+ Bonus Sample Vocab
Learning kanji can either be the most frustrating work of your life, or it can be a fascinating and fun journey! The key to making kanji an enjoyable experience is to learn the meaning and origin of the kanji radicals that build all kanji characters.
This video will introduce you to the most essential radicals that can be found in over 1,500 kanji characters! Just imagine how many doors in your learning process a mere 45 minutes can open for you!
To learn more about the Japanese writing system:
Learn all Hiragana here: goo.gl/cn6znv
And don't forget to brush up on your katakana here: goo.gl/HtEguV
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Learn Japanese with JapanesePod101.com
To all Japanese learners, don't forget to download your Free JLPT N5 Cheat Sheet including the 103 Kanji you must know, vocabulary, grammar and more: goo.gl/hVaijT 🎓
Hobi_Love18 Sprite
Hobi_Love18 Sprite Hace 18 días
Sensai can you help me 😭😭
Hobi_Love18 Sprite
Hobi_Love18 Sprite Hace 18 días
Kanji is such BS 😤😤
Joel Lim
Joel Lim Hace 24 días
The problem is that each kanji character have multiple "on" and "kun" pronunciation so it can have 3 "on" sounds and 3 "kun" words but this video didn't teach on that.
J Kings
J Kings Hace un mes
There are many factors in teaching yourself to talk Japanese . One plan I discovered that successfully combines these is the Fergs Magic Blueprint (check it out on google) without a doubt the most helpful treatment i've found. Check out all the extraordinary information .
Luciano Oliveira
Luciano Oliveira Hace 2 meses
@Victoria C. its hard bit when we studyiin its get easy after to much efforts! Believe in me! I vestarted to learning kanjis! A little, :but one day i ll know much more?
さんあっきー Hace 8 horas
Writing system is very beautiful but it is hard
Sam The Man
Sam The Man Hace 10 horas
Being proud of yourselve because you know all Hiragana and Katakana. Kanji: Omae wa mou shindeiru Me: Nani?!
Pedro Miguel Abdo Fidélis de Paula
Oh my god this woman's accent is ADORABLE
Y Hace un día
literally doing this to play Death Note DS
Daniel Silva
Daniel Silva Hace un día
I’m a Brazilian, learning Japonese in an english video...
prinz Hace 2 días
As someone who studied mandarin, ima go back to mandarin
Butterfly Man
Butterfly Man Hace 2 días
I thought japanese cant say L
Diju Gayary
Diju Gayary Hace 2 días
Warning! Go Back. It's a dead end. 6:48 : I am ok with English.
שרושה גויכמן
Did they skiped the "woman" part ir did I just missed it?
Isaiah Scobel
Isaiah Scobel Hace 3 días
Kanji are like ancient emojis if that makes it any easier A good tip is that there is no one certain reading (Example: Soda, Pop, Coke, Cola) and then u just use it as the 🥤Emoji
jaru session
jaru session Hace 3 días
めっちゃユニークなレッスンやな It's so unique lessons.
Muhammad Syafii
Muhammad Syafii Hace 3 días
well atleast im not suffering alone...
BlackWizard Hace 3 días
Fight on everyone!! FIGHT!!!
Jose Angel Quiel
Jose Angel Quiel Hace 3 días
It is hard when deciding to use on yomi or kun yomi when using kanjis... do you have a video about it
Jose Angel Quiel
Jose Angel Quiel Hace 3 días
Very awesome your explanation...you are good teachers Tremenda su explicacion...son muy buenas profesoras Interesting class
Walter Guerson
Walter Guerson Hace 3 días
日月所照 Hace 4 días
The grammar of Japanese is so so so difficult. Fortunately I'm a Chinese and kanji is like a review of my primary school. (except the pronounciation)
Tuğba Arslan
Tuğba Arslan Hace 4 días
I've finished hiragana and katakana me: Oh it is easy Kanji: am I joke to you
ŞANS YILDIZI Hace 4 días
Türk olanlar +1leyin
Roy Jones Molina
Roy Jones Molina Hace 4 días
It's so complicated to learn kanji
Jdkdjd jdjdkd
Jdkdjd jdjdkd Hace 4 días
I wish
Jana-ssi Hace 4 días
I did this because of bts' japanese songs
ZeVillan Multimedia
ZeVillan Multimedia Hace 5 días
Edgarovski Hace 5 días
Done! Next step: learn Heptapod in 45 minutes
Alabama Mothman
Alabama Mothman Hace 5 días
This is by no means, meant to be critical of the japanese people. If fact Im in awe that ANYONE learned to read and write in japan after watching this video.
Precious Infornon
Precious Infornon Hace 5 días
16:04 is now math
Precious Infornon
Precious Infornon Hace 5 días
if anyone of you needs have some fun while learning this video. take a scroll at the comment section theyre funny asf
Nightmare Hace 5 días
Who else knows katakana and hiragana but not kanji?
Shobhana Raut
Shobhana Raut Hace 7 días
I know what is Kanji and then also watching this video seeing that it's a fact or a opinion? People says that kanji is very difficult to learn because Japenese can't only learn it. 90% of people don't know kanji in Japan (as searched on Internet) but I want to learn. So thanks to sharing this with us.
unknownHappness Hace 8 días
Can you make a sentence using kanji
Steven Z
Steven Z Hace 8 días
It's like a Chinese tutorial for me.
Xx ExilaratorxX
Xx ExilaratorxX Hace 8 días
Alisha sounds like google translate female
Radney Gallo
Radney Gallo Hace 8 días
Id rather watch alisha and risa teaching how to speak japanese Than playing mobile games
Karan malhotra
Karan malhotra Hace 8 días
Soumen Bhattacharya
Soumen Bhattacharya Hace 8 días
Human + trunk Me:"oh thats easy it means rest or sit on a trunk" ..."body" Wait.what?how?
Romar Rojo
Romar Rojo Hace 8 días
After I learned how to read in korean Me: Wow. It's so easy. Next up Japanese... *sees kanji* Me: Oh. Nevermind
Chou Hace 8 días
Title: *How to learn kanji in 45 minutes* The whole video: *43 minutes* OK WHAT?
Radney Gallo
Radney Gallo Hace 8 días
Ppl r not perfect
Brody White
Brody White Hace 8 días
This is philosophical
Just another Punk
Just another Punk Hace 8 días
This video makes it seem like Kanji can be read in only one way when each kanji usually has multiple kun’yomi and on’yomi If only it was as easy as they say 😢
The unique
The unique Hace 9 días
Is that enough to learn hiragana and katakana for only speaking?
Radney Gallo
Radney Gallo Hace 8 días
Wut about kanji
Gencoil Hace 9 días
Woah, radical.
matt malvin
matt malvin Hace 9 días
Thank god i Studied chinese
James Ramirez
James Ramirez Hace 9 días
No one: Japanese: *ten plus mouth equals old*
Andy W.
Andy W. Hace 9 días
There are over 200 radicals so this video covers barely 5% or something of the basic knowledge (haha)
clovers10 Hace 9 días
1:10 I got that reference.
Valeriy Manzhos
Valeriy Manzhos Hace 9 días
Of course, the legs plus mouth will be my older brother
たろう Hace 10 días
確(たし)かにこうやってみると漢字(かんじ)を学(まな)ぶのは難(むずか)しいねえ〜 It assume that it is hard for beginner to learn KANJI.
kethavath shilpa
kethavath shilpa Hace 10 días
はい せんせい . should learn both the onyomi and kunyomi Or kunyomi is enough for japanese learner. PLZ clear my doubt .
Code Reader
Code Reader Hace 10 días
Thank you.
Flykryy Hace 10 días
The mouth kanji looks like ru in katakana ロ
hilton hacks
hilton hacks Hace 10 días
When they said: Person + word. I thought it would be to speak. But it came out to be trust ! I was shocked.. wth happened!
YUZURU FANYU Hace 11 días
Fck kanji
Delta 38
Delta 38 Hace 11 días
Each Kanji represents an idea, eh? Who tf came up with those ideas?
Jhon Hones
Jhon Hones Hace 11 días
Why start from write?
Ahmed San
Ahmed San Hace 12 días
I want to know the name of intro song 0:08 ?
Sikha Rohela
Sikha Rohela Hace 12 días
So I am enjoying comments here who even cares about those ladies "jabardasti" trying to make sense. Right now I am like Kan kapali futi meri kanji pedhi ki Kema laganin chuyin apni kheri ki chuyin apni kheri ki
Shanta Bhattacharya
Shanta Bhattacharya Hace 12 días
Tsumugi Shirogane
Tsumugi Shirogane Hace 12 días
The makers of 鬱 (Melancholy) are proud to introduce taito and biang (literally can't copy and paste them). Google them and you will lose your will to learn kanji once and for all... Kanji, only in konbinis.
jion Je
jion Je Hace 13 días
When we Chinese people learn Japanese, we only need to learn Hiragana and Katakana, that saves us lots of time😎
Nichaela Agu
Nichaela Agu Hace 13 días
I’m seeing the comment and I’m like no I’m scared
Xeon XGM
Xeon XGM Hace 13 días
Oh my god . Its very hard .aaahhmmm maybe nextime. Not this time my mind is flying right now...
Sergio Goncalo
Sergio Goncalo Hace 13 días
Incredible teachers! I liked too much!.
Emerald Survivor
Emerald Survivor Hace 14 días
I am so glad I’m chinese
Chansoriya Hace 14 días
This is a nice review during this self isolation period. As an intermediate I look back and never had a solid radical lesson but it really does help. Good luck to any who read this!
しょうじ_Shoji Hace 14 días
*Let's admit it... You are here to learn Japanese and Kanji for anime, cause I am :>*
O O Hace 14 días
I’m so glad I’m Chinese, I understand most food these lmao
Nishant Hace 15 días
This is ridiculous, I am out
Kayla V
Kayla V Hace 15 días
it’s kinda concerning how hard kanji is. knowing that on July i’m gonna start my life as a japanese language major.........
Ellen W.
Ellen W. Hace 15 días
you missed the "woman" radical part 😒
Daniel Williams
Daniel Williams Hace 15 días
Alex Sunderland
Alex Sunderland Hace 15 días
The japanese alphabet kana is better than kanji.
Andris Musevics
Andris Musevics Hace 16 días
Pixel Pike
Pixel Pike Hace 16 días
Japanese: yeah let’s use kanji in our language Me: I’LL NEVER FORGIVE THE JAPANESE
lucifer morningstar
lucifer morningstar Hace 17 días
Ok i give up fuck this life. I better read subtittle much easier
Tsumugi Shirogane
Tsumugi Shirogane Hace 12 días
you can still learn to speak and listen. You don't need to write to understand anime...
Anthon Waluyo
Anthon Waluyo Hace 17 días
ああ Hace 17 días
Ann Onymous
Ann Onymous Hace 17 días
ONLY here to learn more hanzi and check out Alicia, goddess she's hot!
dummy aguilar
dummy aguilar Hace 18 días
i learned hiragana and katakana. and.. now... Me: brain hang in there! we can still do this!! brain: goodbye world!!
Adil Sunesara
Adil Sunesara Hace 18 días
Human + word = Trust???
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