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Marianna Pascal shows how the secret to speaking a new language with confidence is all about attitude, not ability.
Marianna Pascal helps professionals achieve greater success in life by communicating effectively in English. Marianna began her career as an actor and performed across her native Canada in film television and on stage for 15 years. Today, Marianna improves the way employees relate to their bosses, clients, colleagues and other key stakeholders. Marianna is also the Official Communication Trainer for Miss Malaysia World.
An award-wining speaker, Marianna is known for her humorous speech on ESvid titled "Local English or Standard English" which has been seen by over a million people worldwide. Marianna is also the author of the best-selling book series English Fast & Easy. The most recent was #2 on Borders' Best-Selling List for non-fiction.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at ted.com/tedx

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11 may 2017






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Korean Noodle
Korean Noodle Hace 5 horas
This is great. I haven't doubted when teacher from school teaching eng by forcing students to do many many annoying grammar ex. And that is not effective to me. My eng haven't been improved by this rubbish ex. This native speaker is great, she has been proved that, learning eng is not a hard thing, or we should not think it's a hard thing. Eng is just a tool for communication and no need to feel stressful when you are communicating using eng.
Adella Adiningtyas
Adella Adiningtyas Hace 14 horas
what a thoughtful
Fabian Aquino
Fabian Aquino Hace 16 horas
Im in a similar situation . My house. Is between two houses they used DEW Weapons and targeted me to make me look guilty. They sent false mental messages to my mind , so they input false information to prove they were correct. It was done in an illegal way, in a terroristic manner with real threats . Both sides were wrong . That cant be considered science nor research . Thats illegal cheating . 5514 1/2 S San Pedro st los angeles 90011 A collection of illegaly obtained data through illegal and false pretenses . illegal science research and should be looked into .
ANZELL Hace un día
I'm a Korean and this video is quite relatable in some countries like mine and Japan, where perfectionism is prevalent in educational system. We should try to get more adventurous in terms of getting courage to speak and think in other languages if we really want to learn.
sweet sour
sweet sour Hace un día
Your clear voice I like it
khawla Al Hafedh
khawla Al Hafedh Hace 2 días
Absolutely good idea and good speach also we need English as tool not as art which we must master it!!
Gisa Hace 3 días
Very good. Thanks
Bashayer Bebita
Bashayer Bebita Hace 3 días
What does Cheese integrator mean?! 😂 I didn’t get it 🤔
Marianna Pascal
Marianna Pascal Hace 15 horas
Hi. He actually said 'Cheese integrate.' He meant "The cheese is integrated into the hot dog." (Google the word integrate.) Integrate is used by engineers, and that is why they all understood him.
Russian Away
Russian Away Hace 3 días
That moment when you´re American.
Mona Enad
Mona Enad Hace 3 días
This TEDx talk video is awesome! Thank you Marianna.
Marianna Pascal
Marianna Pascal Hace 16 horas
Marianna Pascal
Marianna Pascal Hace 3 días
Thank you Mona!
Wan-Lai Chen
Wan-Lai Chen Hace 6 días
Very helpful! If Visal's way of speaking English can be shown, it surely will help even more!
w Hace 6 días
I can understand every sentences .I feel so happy!
CIGAngeles Xhang
CIGAngeles Xhang Hace 6 días
omg SO TRUE (Chinese here) English is still taught like an art to master, instead of a tool. I think a large amount of the English skills we learn in school mainly deals with exams. Also maybe because of its difficulty to implement, the tests usually ignore oral English, which is the most important part of using English as a tool, i think. Typically there're reading, writing, and grammar on the tests but no speaking.
Al Mujahid
Al Mujahid Hace 7 días
Clarity over correctness!
Tony Williams
Tony Williams Hace 8 días
I'm disappointed actually, I was expecting an amazing engaging language TED talk but she just talks about English for like 20 mins, shame really I was expecting more
Kiwibreath Hace 5 días
You thought this ted talk was going to be in Chinese or something?
Paris Granville
Paris Granville Hace 8 días
How can there be 2.7K downvotes for this? It's a genius!
ali Hace 8 días
Only 0.5 B of people can speak english native . So don't worry . This problem is around the world and many of people want to speak english . I know my english is aweful but I try to write and speak english even bad In my country many people can't speak en and they think I'm so high level😎
Laura Brufal
Laura Brufal Hace 9 días
It was really nice! Your speech help me a lot! Thank you
shahim's channel
shahim's channel Hace 10 días
If don't mind how to develope my speaking skills
Default Indian-spy
Default Indian-spy Hace 11 días
it is a life changing video.
Amiro Natsu
Amiro Natsu Hace 11 días
Thank you. For me the most valuable thoughts were - English is not an art to be mastered. Only a tool. - Concentrate on your partner and the meaning of what you say. - Form does not matter that much in the real world. Ideas are of the most value. Always. Words should help us, but should not be the aim themselves.
fireflocs Hace 11 días
This is the opposite of how it works for me. I am SO TERRIFIED of making mistakes and being judged when I play video games. But speaking languages I only kind of understand? No fear, no shame, all goal-driven.
Ankit Hace 12 días
Double thumps up
Hazem Osrof
Hazem Osrof Hace 12 días
in my opinion, it is still the matter of practicing, practicing makes perfect !
Mignon K
Mignon K Hace 12 días
She can make such big deal out of something that is so obvious... Wow She is great.👍👍👍
Jumanga NhokSu
Jumanga NhokSu Hace 13 días
I learn English with all my heart. Because I knew a whole new world when I can access international knowledge by English. So, learn it, because you love it, try to use English as much as you can such as : you want to find something, don't find in your mother language but English. That is will help you a lot in learning English.
Mustafe Abdirahman
Mustafe Abdirahman Hace 14 días
Absolutely! When you speak don't focus on yourself, but you must to focus on other person and then you will be understanding what he says thank you so much for your advice 🌹🌹 From 🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴🇸🇴
TTT nn
TTT nn Hace 14 días
I'm a Korean and I am studying for TOEFL for 3 years. I've always studied for tests, not for communication. After watching this video, now I want to learn English to communicate. I practiced speaking English a lot but whenever I speak with my English native teacher, I lose my confidence. I will study more and become confident speaking English. I really hope to accomplish my goal.
Aicha Attemane
Aicha Attemane Hace 14 días
Thanks i m agree with you madame
Тверь 69
Тверь 69 Hace 14 días
She's Great! Hello from Russia🙏😋
Abhishek Kumar
Abhishek Kumar Hace 15 días
U r a great speaker,loved the whole things u been trying to convey to us. Thanks a lot..
BOXTUBE69 Hace 15 días
Hi, there! I need conversational partners to practise my English. Please feel free to reply my comment to get in touch with me. I'm an easy going person. Whatever is right, we can do together. D:
Litterator Hace 16 días
Still, it is the art to master in order to use it as a tool.
Luiz Felipe
Luiz Felipe Hace 16 días
I'm brazilian. I started to study english since 2019, when i was 19. Now, althought i'm better than i am before, i think that i could improve myself more, and this video is a great opportunity to do this. Almost everyone in my age speak english, so its difficult to get a good intership, and that's why i'm trying to improve myself. My principal difficulties are speaking and listening, but i'm watching a lot of videos in english, and i hope be better in five months or less. Thx for the video :D
JOSEPH MWANGI Hace 17 días
I am from Kenya and I can speak japanese
Chuck Cassel
Chuck Cassel Hace 17 días
Awesome, will try new version communication 102
to paradis
to paradis Hace 18 días
Hwo want to speak English with me . However i am not so good .
Ted Sheridan
Ted Sheridan Hace 18 días
Is the misaligned font on the sign behind her driving anyone else crazy?
سعيد محمد
سعيد محمد Hace 19 días
I totally agree with you , learning any language in the world should not just take it as science to judge people speaking, what we want to learn any language is just speak whatever mistake you do it's like playing game for every mistake you do for more learning you will earn
누구게 Hace 19 días
im finding a person who use native english language and want to learn korean. i really want to that person. im not good at english. but if you see my comment and want to learn korean, anybody recomment pls!
rajanikanth uppari
rajanikanth uppari Hace 19 días
If u spend time with English more then ur native language then ur English skills developed naturally itself
Trâm Dương
Trâm Dương Hace 19 días
Thank you!! This video helps me a lot in practicing speaking English as it makes me realize what's the purpose of using English nowadays. Thank you so much
Simpack51 Hace 19 días
So helpful. Thank you.
Александр Хачатурян
Great performance. Thanks for that!
youcan doit
youcan doit Hace 20 días
to sum up: be confident , how to be confident: when you realize that the main purpose is to let other understand you not focus on making it long, formal, and sophisticated
MAH _ Hace 21 un día
Such an amazing speech❤️❤️
A Z Hace 22 días
What a charming lady!
gaurav deokar
gaurav deokar Hace 23 días
M creating WHATS APP group 😀😀 ' If u really wanna improve ur English ' send me ur No. We could help each others !!! DM ME NoW or send Hi on these no...with English 😄
Anik Roy
Anik Roy Hace 24 días
Hey this is anik from bangladesh. I have been trying to improve my english sounds since 18 and it seems to me that i have not imoroved my ability yet. I'm taking preparation for IELTS and i wanna deliver my exam in 21 march 2020.
Jose Maciag
Jose Maciag Hace 25 días
Outstanding! When a soccer player plays, just does it. I want to enjoy the sport and is not necessary to be "Messi" to do it, because everybody into the team Will understand you. José from Argentina
Svitlana Volkova
Svitlana Volkova Hace 25 días
I don't use English for more than 10 years, i don't have time or desire to repeat it but also I am not afraid to talk if it's necessary. it's not a probleme for me to make mistakes..The main purpose is the person to understand you. So just try...sometimes twice... but don't be afraid!!!
marunekochannel Hace 26 días
Omg, this is a great eye opener. Awesome talk
Nilson Cara
Nilson Cara Hace 27 días
Congratulations. It was really good point to think about.
Najmah Farhan
Najmah Farhan Hace 27 días
I learning English for years now, but I still can't do writing and speaking properly. Yes, I am too afraid to make a mistake 😞
mohamed eden suudi
mohamed eden suudi Hace 24 días
we all same sister but keep on trying cuz more practice make perfect keep up doing
Jimy Torres
Jimy Torres Hace 29 días
I like it!
Ramon Ribeiro da Silva
Lovely woman!!!
AMALJITH C Hace un mes
After watching this vedio I get a new Ted vedio notification that says about "How to speak like a native speaker" Me:Lol
Lost Serendipity
Lost Serendipity Hace un mes
It resonates with me . Amazing !
What is
What is Hace un mes
Cheers for this, I have been researching "goal setting theory pdf" for a while now, and I think this has helped. Have you heard people talk about - Seyrayson Startling Scheme - (just google it ) ? It is a smashing one off product for discovering how to achieve your ultimate life goals minus the hard work. Ive heard some pretty good things about it and my mate got amazing success with it.
Joshua Barrios
Joshua Barrios Hace un mes
*I do speak 5 languages.* And I couldn't help myself from relating to this video on everything she said... While learning all of the languages that I do speak today, I had the same fear she's talking about every single time, but eventually I overcame it. What I did in order to do so was to find my self a friend that was native on that certain language that I was aiming to learn (I found myself using this tactic more than ever especially with English) and just talk to them about anything that came to my mind at the time. In the beginning like any other beginning it was always difficult, but I knew that they wouldn't judge me for trying, so I kept going, until eventually I gained the sufficient confidence and courage to the point that I didn't even cared anymore if I committed any mistakes or not. And from that point on, there is only one way to go, and that's improvement! Turns out I already had the vocabulary and the knowledge but I was lacking the confidence. I made a major improvement in these last few months and the video on my channel is a prove of that, in case any of whom might read this comment want to check how bad my English used to be and compare it to this comment which took me like 3 minutes to write.
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