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Marianna Pascal shows how the secret to speaking a new language with confidence is all about attitude, not ability.
Marianna Pascal helps professionals achieve greater success in life by communicating effectively in English. Marianna began her career as an actor and performed across her native Canada in film television and on stage for 15 years. Today, Marianna improves the way employees relate to their bosses, clients, colleagues and other key stakeholders. Marianna is also the Official Communication Trainer for Miss Malaysia World.
An award-wining speaker, Marianna is known for her humorous speech on ESvid titled "Local English or Standard English" which has been seen by over a million people worldwide. Marianna is also the author of the best-selling book series English Fast & Easy. The most recent was #2 on Borders' Best-Selling List for non-fiction.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at ted.com/tedx






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luisa lopez
luisa lopez Hace 4 horas
hi everybody just i watched the reviews and i so impressed about that i am not the only one who make mistakes when to speak english
emincan yılmaz
emincan yılmaz Hace un día
Kürtçe altyazı olmasına rağmen türkçe altyazı yok neden yok?
Yanny Ko
Yanny Ko Hace un día
very useful and inspiring, thank you
MC Ngân Hà
MC Ngân Hà Hace un día
she it so fun 🤣🤣🤣
Ismael Eduardo
Ismael Eduardo Hace 2 días
This was a good video, it speaks about to take actions and don´t worry about if something is perfectly correct, so just do it
Nurliyana Nabilah
Nurliyana Nabilah Hace 2 días
this talk makes me realised that English is just a tool to communicate , not being perfect.
Jisus E Vg
Jisus E Vg Hace 2 días
no hablo ingles xd
Rajesh Kannan
Rajesh Kannan Hace 3 días
I saw ten to fifteen videos from TEDx speaker who the English man his speaking attitude is like our Indian nursery school teachers
TRAP BOY Hace 3 días
10:55 Look At Her SHADOW It Is moving Like a robot
ROBIN RAWAT Hace 4 días
i just want subscriber for my channel can you help me
Krushnakumar Jilariya
Wow! Best video for teaching facts on speaking English language with confidently. Her body language during speaking was very good.
A&B electrical and plumbing works kottayam
Definitely faisal will be മലയാളി ..
Jmobile Hace 5 días
I’m so self conscious even on the language I can speak that I stutter. Also this comment was written out from the top of my head to bring a result in who ever sees it, I tried not to ponder 5 min to write this.
Abson Raju
Abson Raju Hace 5 días
Let's statead the game 🎮
Abdul Nazar
Abdul Nazar Hace 5 días
I am from Kerala India
Nanoimilon Vlogs
Nanoimilon Vlogs Hace 6 días
Mona Sohsah
Mona Sohsah Hace 6 días
Please, could you introduce the speech with English subtitles beside the Arabic translation?!
Kẻ Đần
Kẻ Đần Hace 6 días
i know it, thanks English teacher
Gülhan Cetin
Gülhan Cetin Hace 6 días
İ can understand but i dont speak :D
Angie Pham
Angie Pham Hace 7 días
if we could be like Faizal the man, I think we could solve not only English, but anything we could meet in life. I don't know why this talk makes me feel not only simple good but kind of touched too.Yet English is not my mother langue, but I think i will not say sorry when i use it from now on :)
Be in Chefchaoune
Be in Chefchaoune Hace 8 días
I tried a lot of time to find a way for learn English at the end i found the listing and watch English movies and video's is made me move up so faster more than anything else.
student life
student life Hace 8 días
Ultimate Weeb
Ultimate Weeb Hace 8 días
Heyo guys! Do you know which csgo map that is? 4:55
Priyanka Sonkar
Priyanka Sonkar Hace 9 días
Don't know what to say but it's like getting the liberty when we understand the fact.thank you mam
Khalil Elsayed
Khalil Elsayed Hace 10 días
Jua Ram
Jua Ram Hace 12 días
My English not good , but I trying speak another language, these people was born in Canada but don't speak well (lazy English), and judge me all time than I can't speak your language, "the people said in this place everyone speak English and you don't". The people don't have comun sense, when you are talking about bananas, the people talking about apples. When this people enjoy my country, food, beach, weather kind people etc.... and the native people read their head because this people don't speak another language, these guys think the everybody made everything for "tourist", but don't apreciated the life and the same air the everyone breath for living. And the old people said me, go back your country don't below here, but I am paying taxes and I am citizen.
Urieu Hdjdkf
Urieu Hdjdkf Hace 13 días
Salam from Kyrgyzstan. I also want to improve my language and i hope these kind of videos help me to do it. But i just understen about 20 procent of this video.
القرأن الكريم
Hello everyone , I'm from morroco , that's mean I'm not a native speaker but I love this language and i'd love to became fluent in English cuz I will need it in my job in the future, anyway I gonna share with u some advice that I use to learn English ,u have guys to listen a lot of englich every single day and also watch the movies and the most important thing is to practice ur englich so u have to talk with someone every day it doesn't matter if u don't find someone to talk with u can talk to urself , also u should be patient and everything will be alright anyway I wish u all a good luck and don't give up if u really want it u get it 💯🙏💪
Veronica Choque Toaqui
Excelente video
Nguyễn Mai
Nguyễn Mai Hace 15 días
You're great. I need to try harder. Thanks for sharing ❤️
nyzerdv Hace 16 días
Wow this is so lucky for me, I had some trouble in my learning English. That is a lack of confidence and sometimes I forget the vocabulary.😅 To rely* on this video I can have energy to never give up. Try more and DON'T CARE what people are saying about your English level. In my country, when I want to use a new word which I have just learned, on the social network like: ESvid, Facebook,.ect. I'm sure will have an annoying guy disparage your text and well that guy want to shoves you down. :l. Your working isn't to care about him. I hope I can😭
Martyna Szczepaniak-Woźnikowska
What about correctness as a means of conveying clarity? Rules are not there to torment the speakers but to enable them to communicate clearly and precisely. I totally agree with the general message of this speech but in my work as a translator I've encountered so MANY situations when communication was made impossible because of sloppiness and mistakes which made the text/utterance absolutely vague. Language is a tool, that's right, but it is art as well.
doina loluta
doina loluta Hace 17 días
excellent video. finally someone who understands how the mentality should change
Bá Vương Trần
Bá Vương Trần Hace 18 días
Thank you very much, Video is very good
Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and experiences with us. My native language is Persian so learning English is so exciting and more fun but too different to talk with a native speaker. Now I realized one important point from this video, that I have to learn English to English and understand that as a English, you know what I mean. When someone speaks English and my mind is first translating that to my native language and then answering. So now I have to try learn English to English and understand it as English.
Vulcan Xie
Vulcan Xie Hace 18 días
In order to learn English well, you need to practice as much as you can.Because language is the thing you need to show it out and only then will you know how much progress you have made.
xyz Oopsie
xyz Oopsie Hace 19 días
To all of you out there who feel bad about their poor English and don't feel confident speaking the language, first of all know that your English doesn't reflect how smart/valuable you are as a person. English is a way to communicate, it's not something that gives you value, it just opens up the door to Western world where majority speak English. And most of non native English speakers feel so insecure about our English is because of how condescending people sometimes act when you don't get the grammar or pronunciation right. No baby feels insecure about their ability to speak a language, just know that your brain is basically like a baby's brain when you're trying to learn a new language. Give it time, give it practice, and soon you'll see the results.
Arwah Sapi
Arwah Sapi Hace 19 días
You know if you're bad at English you can always say "Pardon my French."
LI YUQI Hace 20 días
Great Speech! Strongly agreed on everything! Language is for using, not for judging. The fear for being judged shifts the focus from others and the dialogue to self-awareness. You are not performing. You are having a conversation. The point is to let information flow, rather than having the perfect grammar or the perfect accent. Focusing on the latter two kills your confidence and your ability to talk to people. Just say it! Tell people what you think! Talk to people who are listening! Ignore those grammer and pronunciation police!
Fatima Khan
Fatima Khan Hace 20 días
Bravo 👏
echnae Hace 20 días
Time stamp for my future reference 8:57 , 13:50 :) "When you speak, don't focus on yourself. Focus on the other person and the result you want to achieve." --Marianna Pascal
Diego Restrepo
Diego Restrepo Hace 22 días
I can only agree with this lady. I'm not a native English speaker, my native tongue is Spanish. I have always enjoyed English, from a very young age, but my English is far from perfect (by the way, I know I will find errors in the text I'm writing, and will edit it just after I have posted it, it always happens to me). I love English, but I'm extremely perfectionist as well. Some people say I speak as if I was American, other people say I have some British accent... Other people just can't figure it out, but all what I (try to) do is try to imitate how people speak. It may sound nice, but it is not (that's the reason why people don't know where I get my accent from). The real problem I have is German. For some reasons, I moved to Germany and lived two years and a half there. I also like German, but it is so difficult to me that I get frustrated very quickly about my poor progression with the language. Sometimes I feel I hate it, but I'm just not tolerant to frustration and to invest my time and energy with no apparent results. Thing is I still love and want to learn German, but frustration to poor progress really creates a lack of motivation I cannot get to handle.
Saifoulaye Sow
Saifoulaye Sow Hace 22 días
" English is not an art to be mastered ,it's just a tool to use to get results " Thank you so much for this quote !
Bougherbi Nabila
Bougherbi Nabila Hace 22 días
Thank you very much u helped me to improve my speaking skills
Parand Karambakhsh
Parand Karambakhsh Hace 23 días
When we talking,we can courect our mistaks .but when we didn't talk,we just thinking about those.
wissal Rahioui
wissal Rahioui Hace 24 días
I’m Moroccan and I study at school of English teachers 👩‍🏫 I’m doing all of my best to learn academic English but the professor always says that you do not deserve to be here because I’m a lazy person but actually I’m not because I’m trying my best to improve my English 👏🏻❤️
ROSE -N Hace 25 días
I loved that video. I finished learning English at language institute. But I also have problem in speaking English very fluently. I am watching some videos like this one to improve it, but it still not much that I want. I really don't know what to do. :(
Cẩm Khanh
Cẩm Khanh Hace 25 días
Vietnamese was here
adem smeth
adem smeth Hace 26 días
كفيتي ووفيتي
조나미 Hace 28 días
I agree with her 100%!English is one of many languages. We use a language to communicate with people. We don't use it to be judged by someone.
Anonym J
Anonym J Hace 28 días
i have to say that i learn quite a lot from the speaker , am i am going to do more practice !
sanjar makhmudov
sanjar makhmudov Hace 29 días
Hi everybody! I am studing English I learn words, word combinations, phrasel verbs, idioms, read books and so on But for me there is a little room for doubt that I can improve my skills just learing or reading Of course, these things are useful but one should use them in conversation. Unfortunately, there is a little chance to see and talk to foreigner in my country. So I need a practise and I would like to talk about interesting topics by skype, for example If you are interested in, please contact me😊 By the way, you can also practice you Russian with me if you like😃
Miguel Angel Curo Tercero
Really interesting talk! Thank you very much Marianna Pascal, now I will have in mind, every time I start to practice my English, to not focus on me but on the other person and my intention, my message. I stay wit this phrase: English is not an art, it is a tool to play!
Integrate a video stream using only a few lines of code.
Telecastic Girl
Telecastic Girl Hace un mes
What’s “integrator”? Ive searched for the meaning, but can’t understand it. Please anyone tell me🙏
Mai Eyad
Mai Eyad Hace un mes
We need more teachers like you in this world ! ❤️
Karan Singh
Karan Singh Hace un mes
Very well explained and shared...thanks
Max WEI Hace un mes
The most attractive part of English is that you can use a few single words to convey your thoughts and ideas clearly, but you can never do that in Chinese. BTW, I am a Chinese man
Prince Raoul Charles
I'm an Haitian i'm learning english you were great and you're right in everything..congra..🔥👍
Tom Lee
Tom Lee Hace un mes
It’s such a great speaking.
Diego Brito
Diego Brito Hace un mes
I've been learning English by myself about 2 years ago. I'm living in brazil that is a country with a lot of issues. Today I can claim that less than 5% of the Brazilian people are fluent in English and the Brazilians have much fun about the pronunciation. It's very sad because it discourages me to try speak English. But, nowadays I'm starting focusing on communicating and the results of it. This video helped me a lot.
Syed Moazzam
Syed Moazzam Hace un mes
That video game was counter strike global offensive
Kan Konaki
Kan Konaki Hace un mes
I remember in 1997... I and another 4 co-worker, we agreed to communicate in English (not our native language) everytime we talk face to face or over the phone. Others always laughed at us but we keep going.
aljody al hammad
aljody al hammad Hace un mes
ترئ فيصل خويي
Marcelo Magalhães
Marcelo Magalhães Hace un mes
This video is just awesome!
Mehmet Saka
Mehmet Saka Hace un mes
It has been lots of times since this video was published, but I have Just seen this video and watched from beginning to the end. First of all, all the mistakes made by the instructors while teaching english to the students are being made in my country, turkey. Students are required to be good at grammar. And maybe students here know grammatical informations better than any native speakers. But when it comes to using the language effectively, nearly anyone can not be succesful. I am studying English Language Teaching currently and in future, when I teach my students english, I Will not use the method we use today. I Will be different and I teach them how to use the language effectively in our daily life. All in all, thank you for this wonderful video.
Aziz Bereket
Aziz Bereket Hace un mes
Our older language.... (Mu)=Bu= this (Tsu)=Şu= that (ts=~th) (Hou)=(Ou)=O= it (he /she) (Al)-/El=carrier (bearer) (Iz)- iz= S (old plural suffix) (Der)/ Dar= diger= other (nearest) (Eune)= Ön= (fore- first) =uno- one (Kendi= own)=(Ka-eune-de-u= which that is at fore) (this own)=This one= Mu-eune= (Men)= Ben= Me That one= Tsu-eune= (Tsen)/thien= Sen= You These ones= Mu-eune-iz=(miniz)=Biz = We Those ones=Tsu-eune-iz=(siniz)= Siz =You (Plural) Hou-al=Ol =O= it (he /she) Hou-al-dar= (Ouldar) =Onlar (The bearer and other-s nearest to it/him) Hou-eune-dar= (Ondar)=Onlar= They for other languages... (eune)- mu =ene.....ma...me...mo..bi..bo...wo.. (eune) -tsu =eni...ente..anda..anata.. thu..tu...ti..you (eune)- hou= auwn...huve..he....
Dr S Ranjan MBBS Acupuncturist
5:55 Focus on One Goal- Is Message communicated, Is PURPOSE achieved? Smile on the face (Confidence)
Evandro Lopes
Evandro Lopes Hace un mes
I will try to write and drop a English coment now. In this morning, among the end of night and before the sunrise I decided to take any video of Ted talks to try to understand the english speech, but I cannot be able to understand english without a subtitle in english to follow, so I put a subtitle and going to follow the audio reading the subtitle, and with a notebook I've been note the words that I don't had understand and seeing the translation in a translator, it passing many time, but in the finish I felt proud by myself, It help me to do other step in my walking for my fluency, that is understand the english in speaking. It's a nice video and the host is very smart.
rohayu binti yusuf yusuf
that rights you talking about that😄... I'm lough more when hear u ..
EM PI Hace un mes
In Vietnam, education wants students to learn much grammar and vocal but not focus on pronunciation and speaking. So almost students cannot communicate with foreign people.
EM PI Hace un mes
Really awesome and useful. Almost the symptoms in the video I have got so I learned a lot from this video. Thank you so^n much!
幽默力POH Hace un mes
I am Chinese, the same as most of other chinese students. We have learn English for more than 10 years. But we still can't speak or write Englisn. Because we are afaid of mistakes. Now because of the Novel Coronavirus Pneumonia, I can't go back to work. I have stay in hometown for 30 days. so I decided to catch this opportunity to improve my English reading and writing skills. Inspired by the Japanese friend, So I try to write down this words in English
Nicolas Fernando Duque Osorio
@幽默力POH a WhatsApp group, or telegrama group 🤔
幽默力POH Hace un mes
@Jee Yi Kang Thank you, 一起加油!
幽默力POH Hace un mes
@Nicolas Fernando Duque Osorio Good idea!but I don‘t know what is meaning of "wpp group"~~
Jee Yi Kang
Jee Yi Kang Hace un mes
Hi I'm Chinese too. I'm from Malaysia. I wish you all the best in the English learning and China 加油!
Nicolas Fernando Duque Osorio
And speaking skills? what if you create a wpp group with people that wants to improve their english and don't know people to practice with? i need something like this.
dasuni chamathka
dasuni chamathka Hace un mes
I'm Sri lankan this speech is change my life
Mamie Leung
Mamie Leung Hace un mes
The video is inspiring!It's very useful for daily communication but not professional or scholarly scenes where grammar is significant.
Sinan Hace un mes
Hi everyone Which online game would you recommend to speak English?
Oren Ben-Dov
Oren Ben-Dov Hace un mes
She has the guts to utter words in front of a crowd - I'll give her that!
Oren Ben-Dov
Oren Ben-Dov Hace un mes
Click Bait! Nothing really to do with video games!
Oren Ben-Dov
Oren Ben-Dov Hace un mes
"magen"? Imagine!
Oren Ben-Dov
Oren Ben-Dov Hace un mes
Does she speak Malaysian? Should: "been there for many years"...
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