Learning How To Dance in 24 Hours

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For a total dance noob how did I do!!? Megan was such an amazing teacher and probs won't be learning choreography again anytime soon, but had so much fun attempting to give this little routine my all!! I'll see you on Wednesday for a special mid week valentine's day DIY and then on SATURDAY for an even mooooreeee special collab hehe
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Comentarios 4 135
Arty Lopez
Arty Lopez Hace 2 días
Anyone else realize that when Lauren is dancing, she always has a red flannel around her waist?
Final performance... 15/10! Literally I would've probably injured myself.
esther chiu
esther chiu Hace 6 días
Love you lauren But laurdiy, stick to crafts
Aisha _737
Aisha _737 Hace 6 días
Lauren is acting like she can’t dance but really she’s killing it! 👌💃🏽
ItzGachaCake Hace 7 días
11:00 WOW Love it😍😍😍
Sachi Wachi
Sachi Wachi Hace 7 días
looks like a good time !
Jessica Brown
Jessica Brown Hace 10 días
I wish I had her body
Eve Se
Eve Se Hace 11 días
Omg yasss Her face when she said yeaaa after the hip twist thing Also Lauren looked like she was brain washed when she was doing the dance
Emma Morey
Emma Morey Hace 12 días
i can see you being a daner
Amesh Pettinger
Amesh Pettinger Hace 13 días
Girl you rocked it
Snoopy Lover
Snoopy Lover Hace 13 días
What song is this 🤔
Lauren Morales
Lauren Morales Hace 14 días
My favorite is 🥰
Maxime Elizabeth
Maxime Elizabeth Hace 16 días
she should've tried pointe lol
The crazy kids Emerson
overdosed in drama
overdosed in drama Hace 22 días
laurdiy = professional dancer conspiracy theory confirmed
Shannaaya Chopra
Shannaaya Chopra Hace 25 días
Yaaaaaas queen❤️
Yazzy Unicorn
Yazzy Unicorn Hace 26 días
Lauren that was great
Bricelyn Harrelson
Bricelyn Harrelson Hace 27 días
What is the name of the song???
SaltyOreos WithextraSalt
No hate at all! But this was really easy for a twenty four hour challenge, me being a dancer and all. Still thought you made it look amazin’!
Hannah Morgan
Hannah Morgan Hace 28 días
Omg it was so good your an amazing dancer ❤️
Shookookie 19
Shookookie 19 Hace 28 días
What’s the song’s name please?
Skye Anirudh
Skye Anirudh Hace 28 días
I thought she was going to dance to blackpinks boombayah because of the beginning snippet
Marina Sfinas
Marina Sfinas Hace 29 días
If anybody knows team edge does anybody remember when Megan was on it and looked so young
Nothankyou Bro
Nothankyou Bro Hace 29 días
You have no rhythm
Ella Routley
Ella Routley Hace un mes
Are you going to do more challenges like this cuz this is really cool! 😂
Genesis Ibarra
Genesis Ibarra Hace un mes
Naz Hace un mes
Lookin like a whole cheeto
Math Hace un mes
good progression =) but I think you need to change your fondation color you look orange =)
Alondra Sainz
Alondra Sainz Hace un mes
What is the name of the song????
Alexis Gill
Alexis Gill Hace un mes
Your so freaking awesome
Tea Times Two
Tea Times Two Hace un mes
This duo is too cute
LLAMA SLIMEZ Hace un mes
i love how u try new things but u maybe need a lil more work on this..
Maryam A.
Maryam A. Hace un mes
what song ??
Loc Bui
Loc Bui Hace un mes
I am dancer too l do ballet and jazz
Drawingwith Cupcake
I just relised that you don’t do the laurarex talk anymore, I miss it😭😭 but your happy so I am happy
moonlight Maia
moonlight Maia Hace un mes
For my dance 1 hour we can get half way through our dance
Cute hairstyles
Cute hairstyles Hace un mes
I think you did rilly good
Aisha Jone
Aisha Jone Hace un mes
i bet this is how she found her boyfriend
Jocelyn Garibay
Jocelyn Garibay Hace un mes
Wow the thumbnail wow Mind:wow what a good photoshop lol
Epic Playz
Epic Playz Hace un mes
Can u stop saying Sexy I dont like it
Ashika Zarif
Ashika Zarif Hace un mes
Lauren's concentration face kills me.. ahaha!! But she looked wayy better than me doing this dance.
Kailey Walters
Kailey Walters Hace un mes
I love u
100 000 subs 30 day challenge with 1 video
Grea how to video, made me understand lot of things and gave me ideas for my next video :) Thanks so much!
Cassandra Chorro
Cassandra Chorro Hace un mes
Anybody know what song this is?
Camila Saez DH
Camila Saez DH Hace un mes
What is the name in the song for the choreography?
Alice Sandman
Alice Sandman Hace un mes
If u have a song in the hole video u should Maby link it in the bio??🤷🏽‍♀️
Alice Sandman
Alice Sandman Hace un mes
xXFoxXx Love
xXFoxXx Love Hace un mes
Omg you killed it❤️
Veronica Shaw
Veronica Shaw Hace un mes
She dances at 11:00 ❤️
Maya Johnson
Maya Johnson Hace un mes
Wait why does her voice sound so weird @ 10:30
Glory's life
Glory's life Hace un mes
Who always goes to the comments Read more.. You got tricked sike
Bangtan's Wifeu
Bangtan's Wifeu Hace un mes
Samiya Islam
Samiya Islam Hace un mes
whats the songs name
Bella Margolin
Bella Margolin Hace un mes
whats the name of the song? I've looked everywhere for it and im starting to think Megan made it herself lol
Reikarrah Johnson
Reikarrah Johnson Hace un mes
Who else was dancing along with her?
Hit or Miss?
Hit or Miss? Hace un mes
Is crazy that Megan is teaching others since I watched her do different things for a week thing and she was struggling but she KILLED teaching Lauren oh and Lauren KILLED IT!!
100 subscribers with no video
Hit or Miss? I guess they never miss, huh?
She did good but she needs more practice... No offense ... Love u Lauren 😘😍😍😍
aestheticallyours WP
what's the song please
Georgia Karta
Georgia Karta Hace un mes
You look like a dancer though
Poppy Woodley
Poppy Woodley Hace un mes
If u want to see the final dance it’s at 11:00
AndromedaM Hace un mes
Poppy Woodley thanks
can you tell me the name of that song please
Avianna VanGorder
Avianna VanGorder Hace un mes
You killed it! Love you so much 💜
Lisa L
Lisa L Hace un mes
megan is so sexy D:
Amanda Uppendahl
Amanda Uppendahl Hace un mes
laur you lookin hottttt
hannah the gacha
hannah the gacha Hace un mes
When it came to the end when you did the actuall dance you looked soo cute
Johanna Hertzman
Johanna Hertzman Hace un mes
12:05 was so painful 😂
Elsa Champredon
Elsa Champredon Hace un mes
WOOHOO!!! YAY LAUREN!! THAT WAS SO COOL! 11:00 (when da show-mode is ON!)
XxMoonlight ShineXx
U killed it!,
Azntianna Hace un mes
Who recording
Ayla Lafleur
Ayla Lafleur Hace un mes
11:00 where the dance actually starts at
spacegamergirl19 Hace un mes
How aren’t you a dancer that was amazingggggggg
Maria Magpantay
Maria Magpantay Hace un mes
Meli Bruton
Meli Bruton Hace un mes
Megan:dancing Lauren: no emotion!!and I love you so much Lauren!
Makeup 101 by Ava💕
Omg you did great and I love your channel❤️❤️❤️
Chasity Infante
Chasity Infante Hace un mes
Girl you are actually a good dancer ❤️👅😘
Shola Iluyemi
Shola Iluyemi Hace un mes
11:03 looks like flashback Mary's enemy
Were the Scheels
Were the Scheels Hace un mes
WeirdLazyGamer Hace un mes
What’s the song she’s dancing to? It makes me feel alive.
Daimond Squad
Daimond Squad Hace un mes
U know there are kids waching
Hey_Its_ Kawaii
Hey_Its_ Kawaii Hace un mes
I dare you to dance ddu du ddu du.
Pineapple Princess
Pineapple Princess Hace un mes
Ooooo smexy Lauren!!!!!
Michelle Kong
Michelle Kong Hace un mes
Miche.lle_do Hace un mes
Omgggg Lauren you slay girl!!!💗💗💗😍😍😍😍 very sexy and beautiful❤️❤️ love you so much
김홍중 Hace un mes
wait, aren’t you supposed to stretch/ warm up before dancing..!
nora hussain
nora hussain Hace un mes
broooo you were soo good but gurlll you look a bit orange
toni lahoud
toni lahoud Hace un mes
the wall is orange of course she looks orange..
Ara Bella
Ara Bella Hace un mes
How was the dance?? Could barely see it with all the close ups
Renee Scott
Renee Scott Hace un mes
Is there a possibility of doing a diy challenge with Megan???
Wendy Elliott
Wendy Elliott Hace un mes
what song did she dance to
Ellie Billinge
Ellie Billinge Hace un mes
is laurex gonna come back!¿?!😭🤞🏻
Mira U should subscribe lol
So pretty
Joelina B. Ramirez
Joelina B. Ramirez Hace un mes
The way I clap is the same as Megan 😂😂😂 lover her so much 😘😘😘
rimona maad
rimona maad Hace un mes
shit you wearing a bra AHHHH
Imogen Oliver
Imogen Oliver Hace un mes
That looked pretty good. (Coming from someone who has been dancing for around 8 years😀 Congrats 🎉🎉🎉
Sasha nator
Sasha nator Hace un mes
Omg I love this Lauren
Yena Y
Yena Y Hace un mes
Why do u look orange?
meir fischer
meir fischer Hace un mes
Just continue to dance you doing great
Erick Gonzalez
Erick Gonzalez Hace un mes
I what to slap that ass
Erick Gonzalez
Erick Gonzalez Hace un mes
alex werte
alex werte Hace un mes
Where did the tick tock bit go?
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