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29 nov 2019






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Jason Hace 41 un minuto
Im convinced this is another andy kaufman
Maki Hace 6 horas
I'm completely nauseous from how dumb people are getting at a fast rate rich or not it's so scary and weird pplz succ. Keep your common sense Drew it's not so common everywhere ☠️
Stomach_Several Hace 6 horas
I think you can do better. this is "good" constructive criticism! Keep up the good work, Drew!
Nirali Hace 13 horas
It's her wokeness, that made her unfunny... I don't even think she is bisexual..... There's something that tells me it's either misunderstood from her pov or outright sham....
Frogman Hace 19 horas
I’d say this is your best video, a perfect combination of comedy and constructive criticism
TheBankruptSoul Hace un día
You think Lily would watch this video?
njh Hace un día
TFW you watch this a year later and never even knew lilly had a talk show
Meris Jade
Meris Jade Hace un día
i love lilly but her show…💀
akshay rathore
akshay rathore Hace 2 días
Her target audience on youtube was 12yo. Did the late night show people not know what comes out of that part of youtube?
ChocoLiatte Hace 2 días
Her jokes are like how someone explains the funny about the joke, except she doesn't have to.
Pranavi G
Pranavi G Hace 2 días
I agree with all of the points you have explained in the video. I agree that the show neededa lot of tailoring and I guess they did a pretty decent job in the 2nd season. She wasn't her authentic self at all! It was way too scripted as u said.
D Hace 2 días
I wonder if the audience reaction was take from a pre show act that actually made them laugh then used for the show
Aryaman Padia
Aryaman Padia Hace 2 días
Maxi Hace 3 días
I mean I _am_ an angry virgin, but that's not the point
Teni Aladesiun
Teni Aladesiun Hace 3 días
I never knew how much people hated Lilly Singh.
Eliza Hace 2 días
Michael Myers
Michael Myers Hace 3 días
They all r idiots they just have in there mind that she is cringe that's bs
Alastor Hace 3 días
You know repeating how you aren't a white man over and over again is definitely something a white man would do.
fatima hussain
fatima hussain Hace 3 días
@drewgooden you should get yourself a talk show
Michael Myers
Michael Myers Hace 3 días
He would fail lmao
k mo
k mo Hace 3 días
14:24 going after Todd Phillips, an Oscar nominated director and more talented than she will ever be, was her prime mistake imo.
Anxietywolfie Hace 3 días
Lilly: okay it's time to make another joke so.. why did the chicken cross the road- Audience:HAHAHAHAHHAHAHA lilly: I'm not even at the funny part yet- Audience:HAHAHAHAHAHAHA lilly: okay-
Pranshu Hace 3 días
As a Indian most bogus thing that when she plays indian mom and dad character trust me it's annoying overreacting and definitely maybe her root is indian but she is not represent india at all 🤣
shiny Hace 3 días
this video must’ve felt like personal therapy for her lmao
Ali Zeini
Ali Zeini Hace 3 días
This is the third funniest channel of all time.
Nahin Hace 3 días
This is probably one of the best videos drew ever made. All the logics are absolutely well put. Now don't let it get to your head
Shane Stencil
Shane Stencil Hace 3 días
thought to my self ''Hope her show get's cancelled'' well,..after 2 yr's on NBC,,they realized something we all knew instantly ..Thank fuckn GOD..
Dula Peppa
Dula Peppa Hace 3 días
I used to love her videos on her old youtube channel but her show is just 😐
riDQlous Hace 3 días
Nono No
Nono No Hace 3 días
Ha ha
Carter A Guy
Carter A Guy Hace 3 días
I disagree, you are nitpicking and biased I win bye bye
Carter A Guy
Carter A Guy Hace 21 un hora
@Lumus but yes, I am kidding
Carter A Guy
Carter A Guy Hace 21 un hora
@Lumus I’m referencing videogamedunkey
Lumus Hace 3 días
r u kidding
Aastra Calidad
Aastra Calidad Hace 4 días
She is not funny and she is trying too hard. Plain and simple.
Karan Sanal
Karan Sanal Hace 4 días
You just got a new sub. Keep going man. There's just something about your content thats very interesting. Gg
James Patterson
James Patterson Hace 4 días
Being successful and being handed a deal of a lifetime because you match a few adjectives, or you're so childish that you have to define yourself using 502 adjectives is not the same.
bomzo Hace 4 días
i saw a few comments saying youre cool and i feel the same but i dont want you to get a shitty talk show so " you are a smelly bad not good youtube meanie>:(" hope your ego is normal again
Alex Storr
Alex Storr Hace 4 días
As a Brit I've never seen this woman before, she seems like a total idiot.
lamao cford
lamao cford Hace 4 días
just coming back here for my monthly check to remind everyone that about half of these 11M views are from me :)
JustLenardTV Hace 5 días
Anjana Marakkatteri
Anjana Marakkatteri Hace 5 días
This right here is what you call a constructive critisism
Vio Ionescu
Vio Ionescu Hace 6 días
That s it: you are now my favourite ESvidr!
Lucario Hace 6 días
I remember laughing to Lily Singh's videos 6 years ago, now she's no longer funny.
Popoyskey Hace 6 días
It's already 2021 and I'm still trying to find the joke in the "what did the rock say to the flower..."
Haydouk Hace 6 días
I am not American myself (speaking of North America as a whole) and I never really understood this culture of late night talk shows. Sometimes I watch some parts of some on ESvid, but I usually find it not really funny, but I thought "well, maybe it's just American humor" . But now, watching the several bits of the shows of this Lily, it's a whole new level of embarassement. How can a person who is so desperately embarassing and not funny access fame as a comedian and be offered to run her own show?? I really don't understand. Is there an actual big part of the population who enjoys her humor? Because at this point, I don't think it's anymore a matter of different cultural humor, it's just objectively pathetic :/
Rodrigo Bravo
Rodrigo Bravo Hace 6 días
The people who disliked this are probably angry virgins
valiyzf600 Hace 6 días
Do some research first : Wanda Sykes - first woman of color late night host...+ she is gay ! And Wanda is actually funny. The only reason she did not last is the amount and quality of competition in the segment in that period and networks didn't "go woke" yet and didn't push a second season because of things that should not matter, like melanin pigment or sex. View count was the only thing that counted. Well...go woke go broke I guess. BTW what over 14 year old person found Lilly funny ?
Alex Bieryla
Alex Bieryla Hace 7 días
2:04 kinda sucks that your race or your gender is the thing that you think not only disqualifies you from making a point but makes you think that you would be wrong for critiquing her. I don't think there's anything wrong with you pointing out how repetitive those jokes get.
Pepe the III
Pepe the III Hace 7 días
Indian Lele Pons
Jeremy S
Jeremy S Hace 7 días
All criticism is taken this way now...by the Left. The reason her show was so hated was not only was it Terrible, but she attacks people, can’t take criticism, obsesses about her being a minority and bisexual (which people really don’t care about) and it/she IS WOKE. Over the last few years, the entire left has lost their sense of humor, become hateful, show their blatant racism, can’t take criticism, try to ban anyone who disagrees/has different opinion, and then projects all of that on the rest of the country...the Right, Independents, or just average completely non-political people. It’s horrendous to watch. Meantime, anything anti-Woke on any level sells through the roof, makes everyone laugh, draws huge ratings, and suddenly it’s the Right defending rights like freedom of speech and being the rebellious ones. But the Left has the media protecting them...which finally has pushed everyone to completely distrust all media unless its independent, making even news sources now the People. It’s been a wild last 5 years or so, but it’s mainly been downhill since around 2012-13 when wokeness began poisoning minds and destroying the country. Crazy. Hopefully it’s not too late to pull up before we crash and burn, but it probably is the way things are being run.
Jeremy S
Jeremy S Hace 7 días
Damn, the worst part of that compilation of her being pompous and arrogant was having an Author/Authors on to talk about their book...and she has to jump in and talk about how she ALSO wrote a book, completely undercutting them and making their achievements seem somehow smaller. Wow, thanks for having me on your show in order to make it look like my book is no big deal.
Maria João PARENTE
Maria João PARENTE Hace 7 días
That... and also she was always shouting
Kesar Hace 7 días
Yeah I love lily singh but late night show is not her thing. She is awesome with her sktech though. 😑😅
Nate River
Nate River Hace 7 días
bro is that a dgd riff??
Nathan Stegner
Nathan Stegner Hace 8 días
I’m sorry, Drew I love you but I can’t finish watching this. She’s just the worst.
dh piano
dh piano Hace 8 días
Hey drew you are " drew good" Lilly singh be like " Why tf did we not think of that?!"
Karly Sabbs
Karly Sabbs Hace 8 días
9:20 does anyone know the name of that song or instrumental?
Shannon A
Shannon A Hace 8 días
Along with a few other commenters, I’ve been a paid audience member. Seeing shows post-production, the laughs/audience shots used were often filmed BEFORE the host or show is actually happening. You’re given prompts like: “big laugh!” “Laughter into applause!” “Give a wooo or a whistle like something scandalous was said” “Subtle giggle or smile” So then they can pick and choose reactions in editing. For video/audio purposes, the reactions in real time aren’t used. Hope this clears up/sheds light on the unfitting joke reactions !:)
Small Poxz
Small Poxz Hace 8 días
Did we all just ignored the beginning of the vid 0:00 " hey GUY"
Ronald Reagan
Ronald Reagan Hace 9 días
Whats wrong with being a virgin?
Alex Smith
Alex Smith Hace 10 días
About as funny as a burning orphanage
Risshi Hace 10 días
Hey guy to you too!
Ānafu Āmedo-Kun
Ānafu Āmedo-Kun Hace 10 días
I'm so immature, that the funniest part of this video was the sponsor segment. It had me dying laughing. I've never liked Lily Singh's content tho so I guess I'm not that immature.
Makoto Kaidou
Makoto Kaidou Hace 10 días
That okay bloomer joke sounds like dad jokes
Epic Legend
Epic Legend Hace 11 días
I'm not a woman of colour *dances awkwardly* ~laugh track~
nastyash5 Hace 11 días
Variety, CNN, Cosmopolitan etc. just can't afford to criticize cause they will be called out for sexism/racism/negativity by Lily/her fans. Much easier to praise her show. Also none asked me but I don't understand her and Lisa Koshy phenomenons. I'm so sorry but I never find their ESvid videos funny
TheSodingen627 Hace 11 días
the second i liked your video you juat had to start talking about how raycon is such an amazing company... man cmon i had to take the like back
Tony Umana
Tony Umana Hace 11 días
This show is so bad but i can't stop watching it, it's like the movie The Room. Maybe a full decade later ppl will binge this show & laugh about how horrible it is & recommend it to everybody
natalie crumpet
natalie crumpet Hace 11 días
this makes me so sad because she used to be my favorite youtube of all time
Vigneswara Prabhu
Vigneswara Prabhu Hace 12 días
Canned audience laughter. Sorry, I'm unfamiliar with this concept, at our cult of Team COCO.
Scott Shaw
Scott Shaw Hace 12 días
If Dee Reynolds had her own talk show
Suresh Bagul
Suresh Bagul Hace 12 días
she is kids humour i love wutever she is doing nd stuff and i did watch her when i was like 12 but i stopped around 13 now m 16 nd honestly she is good at kids humour only like she has potential nd stuff she is not putting an effort at the right place
DJ RMX Hace 12 días
Watching cats being run over by buses is funnier than LIly
liamtheking Hace 12 días
Bruh her show got canceled
That0neGuy Hace 4 días
Lets go!!!
Tony Umana
Tony Umana Hace 11 días
Fuck yea, thanks for the good news 👍🏽🙏
Alexandria Lucero
Alexandria Lucero Hace 12 días
Thank you for a good content
Jadie Williams
Jadie Williams Hace 13 días
while i respect everybody's opinions, i believe lilly singh is also a respectable person. She started #girllove, which is pretty cool to me. though most of her jokes are centered around "i'm not a straight white guy", she isn't a bad comedian.
Baguette Gott
Baguette Gott Hace 9 días
Lilly is fine. The intense hatred people have developed for her these days (I don't mean Drew, I mean the comment sections) is disproportionate.
Jadie Williams
Jadie Williams Hace 10 días
I guess it depends on who's watching. my daughter enjoys her comedy very much and there are a few that I enjoy as well.
Wearedghost Hace 10 días
nah. she is.
Ali Mohammed
Ali Mohammed Hace 13 días
I might a little bit late to this but i think is just that lilly didn't actually think all of that through
S. D. B.
S. D. B. Hace 13 días
Conan is the only watchable guy. She just plays victim card.
PoonDestruction Hace 13 días
19:29 "...because those people are wrong." um...but women arent funny; everybody knows this. i agree with you on the racist comments but you cant deny singh's entire schtick is shes not a white man.
Baguette Gott
Baguette Gott Hace 9 días
It's so odd to me that this is still an opinion people have. "Women aren't funny". Like what, half of humanity doesn't posess the ability to be funny? Is "funny" a gene on the y chromosome or something? How can you possibly justify this opinion with anything else but just blatant misogyny?
Enigmatica Hace 14 días
Her show would've been great on Nickelodeon or Disney.
Curt Burtman
Curt Burtman Hace 14 días
She gives me a headache with every sentence she says.
Johnathan Walsh
Johnathan Walsh Hace 14 días
Lol the show has a 1.5 on IMDb
DJscooch Hace 15 días
3:03 But this is fucking hilarious
scratch johnson
scratch johnson Hace 15 días
i think lilly would do well with an after-school talk show at 4pm or something. she can still do her observational humor for kids, still have a talk show, and not be too far from her initial set up. they could even keep the guest interviews! honestly if she was on nickelodeon when i was 12, i totally would have watched her.
taytay no
taytay no Hace 15 días
she is what dad jokes would be as a human
David B
David B Hace 15 días
What did the patron say to the Pet Stylist? Ok, Groomer.
Sakshi Herman
Sakshi Herman Hace 9 días
what did the 13 year old say to her 20 year old boyfriend
Suresh Bagul
Suresh Bagul Hace 12 días
Ouchiness Hace 16 días
Maybe her staff doesn’t critique her bc they know how their critique will be received & they don’t want to be yelled at :/
Sarahh Hace 11 días
Or because they don’t want to be fired...
Jeffrey Epstein
Jeffrey Epstein Hace 16 días
Isn’t she Vice President?
An Egg with 300 Subs
@antisocialbred Well he didn’t kill himself, so I would say he’s doing just fine!
antisocialbred Hace 13 días
are you ok?
Donut Dog19
Donut Dog19 Hace 16 días
yo i wonder how she broke into that party also pretty sure the audience has a gun to their heads
viralthret Hace 16 días
That Raycon ad was the best!! 😂😂😂😂
Aries Spring
Aries Spring Hace 16 días
lolly singh: hi crowd: HAHAHUWEBKJRWBKJKDSDBKKXBKJKSADXBBKKDSAJKBKDSAMMC SO FUNNY😂😂😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣😂🤣😂
Blue Harmony
Blue Harmony Hace 15 días
Me behind the screen the whole time: 😐
Imani Black
Imani Black Hace 16 días
It's weird because I feel like her authentic personality would actually be pretty entertaining to watch in a show format but instead it just feels so much like she's not in the writing room but the writers are trying to make it seem like she is
Mars Hace 17 días
Drew should use the same laugh track every time he makes a joke. Nay! Every time he says something.
Noah Mendenhall
Noah Mendenhall Hace 17 días
Here after her show was cancelled.
Ben The Bean
Ben The Bean Hace 17 días
When it comes to Late Night, I go to Colbert, Oliver, and Meyers. Everyone else just sucks or doesn’t do shows as regularly, which sucks.
Ty Hussein
Ty Hussein Hace 17 días
Dude are those transition sounds from Dance Gavin Dance? That’s awesome 👏🏾
Drax the Literalist
Drax the Literalist Hace 17 días
yes as a white man you DO have a right to say what you want and you do have a right to an opinion. Even if that opinion is about people of color. Don't let any woke, leftist liberal take that from you.
Baguette Gott
Baguette Gott Hace 9 días
jesus, the persecution complex...
Lorenzo Doesn't Exist
Lorenzo Doesn't Exist Hace 18 días
She was never really funny. Her idea of comedy is being really loud and making wacky facial expressions. That works on ESvid because you don't have to read the room or have a crowd to bounce off of, just young people watching alone on their phones. She has all the confidence but tries to force the charisma.
Jenna Fox
Jenna Fox Hace 18 días
Actually Wanda Sykes was first female POC to get late night show I believe
Sir Pinkly
Sir Pinkly Hace 18 días
She has the personality, the content & jokes, and the audience of a children's tv show host. There was an aim at *a* dartboard with her but not quite the *right* dartboard.
David Jaskulski
David Jaskulski Hace 18 días
Daniel Tosh brags about being rich and it’s pretty funny
uosdwiSrdewoH Hace 18 días
It took Colbert years to centre himself after The Colbert Report. For the first time in decades he was playing himself. I say playing because there's always some performance element even when trying to be yourself.
uosdwiSrdewoH Hace 18 días
I don't like this. It makes me uncomfortable watching this person mugging for the camera and seemingly not noticing or caring that her audience and guests seem to despise her.
uosdwiSrdewoH Hace 18 días
Amber Ruffin's show is incredible and she's managed to mine humour from not being a white man but also lots of other things managing to be hilarious at everything,
Poultry Man
Poultry Man Hace 18 días
Idk I'm pretty sure she's a white man
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