LeBron Reverse Lob Off Glass and Ground! 2018-19 NBA Season

Chris Smoove
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13 mar 2019






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Comentarios 629
xx_Renegade_xx Hace 5 días
Yet another travel not called at 1:32 by Lebron
Winchester Westfield
I still love LeGoat 🐐 💕
Jalen Watts
Jalen Watts Hace 7 días
Dis how u know he’s 2nd in nba
Brandon Ware
Brandon Ware Hace 7 días
I can take nothing away from lebron. He was balling against the bulls
JC TheBlackGuy - Road to 6 Figures
It's been so long I haven't checked out your videos... Happy to see you still on the grind...
josh knight
josh knight Hace 7 días
For GOD so loved the world that he gave his only son (JESUS christ) that whosoever believes in him and repents of their sins, should not perish(in hell) but have eternal life (in heaven).
Miguel Rosario, Jr.
Miguel Rosario, Jr. Hace 8 días
Lebron is not impressive at all.
Marco TheMan
Marco TheMan Hace 8 días
0:49 and 1:38 what we came for
vc23 Hace 8 días
Lebron make a double back flip 360 reverse under the legs dunk, ESPN, they can make the playoff.
Mac Bowie
Mac Bowie Hace 8 días
LeBron gotta be 270 plus he still over weight and Still GOAT
Prime Time
Prime Time Hace 8 días
It wasn’t off the glass. Giannis for m.v.p.
youdontknow da1/2
youdontknow da1/2 Hace 8 días
what is he dancing about?
Helicopter Puppy
Helicopter Puppy Hace 8 días
Playoff mode finally activated... that's some 🧀
*Anal Perpetrator
*Anal Perpetrator Hace 8 días
Tf lebron got lean.
KPG_ 4KT Hace 8 días
Water Hace 8 días
Seriously though, where is Lonzo?
YBS T-y Hace 8 días
Gonna miss watching lebron when the playoffs start honestly
Slime Yooo
Slime Yooo Hace 8 días
wow the cpu is cheating 😂😂
Ethan Cerenord
Ethan Cerenord Hace 8 días
His hairline moved back
thog Hace 8 días
Lebron shooting form looks different
Tony Gonzalez
Tony Gonzalez Hace 8 días
Wtf is Lebron so happy about? Not making the playoffs and he’s doing celebrations? Lol go home James.. you’re drunk.
Catalyst V7
Catalyst V7 Hace 8 días
Hart looked so happy 🤠
Randy Gutierrez
Randy Gutierrez Hace 8 días
LeBron thought Jordan was in tonight's lineup LOL 🤣
MagicMan -
MagicMan - Hace 8 días
Groin alert
Mr.E Hace 8 días
RIP Brandon Ingrams career. Seriously
TyJamar Hace 8 días
Will LA ever be consistent
Vip ISxucyy
Vip ISxucyy Hace 8 días
I was their when andre got the whole crowd started screaming 😂😂💀
Amadou Ndiaye
Amadou Ndiaye Hace 8 días
that dunk by LeBron was nice
Aslam Ul-Haq
Aslam Ul-Haq Hace 8 días
Hippo would have made the playoffs if he was on the lakers smh 😒
Der Gebieter
Der Gebieter Hace 8 días
LeFlop can make 100 Pts in Chicago, hes still NOT the Goat
Young Kobrah
Young Kobrah Hace 8 días
Not impressed
Precious Cody
Precious Cody Hace 8 días
I was at the game and benny the bull hit a backwards halfcourt shot
noufel zuberi
noufel zuberi Hace 8 días
NBW_ Crisp
NBW_ Crisp Hace 8 días
When was the last time LeBron had 50 I thought so
Shrey Bodapati
Shrey Bodapati Hace 8 días
Game 1 2018 nba finals
Bettle J
Bettle J Hace 8 días
Molly: Are Lakers the biggest threat to GSW
Justin Flores
Justin Flores Hace 8 días
Oh shoot lakers are bac....missing the playoffs so...
Nehemiah Hicks
Nehemiah Hicks Hace 8 días
Playoff mode reactivated🙄
Bodhi sb
Bodhi sb Hace 8 días
Andre ingram on the team and they start winning aigain
kalorj inston
kalorj inston Hace 8 días
Wtf bronie! Nice post up. Is that even legal? thinks nba should hire another ref for travelling calls. 😂😂😂
JoJo M
JoJo M Hace 8 días
0:38 Lebron got rejected by Mcgee lol
Raptor416 Hace 8 días
I wish it would be raptors and Lakers in the finals. That would be amazing
KootenaiKing Hace 8 días
LeBron should have saw that Kuzma was trailing, and did an NBA Jam-style extra alley-oop off the glass to Kuz.
Lydia Murangwa
Lydia Murangwa Hace 9 días
Don’t know what to comment 🤔
George Paza
George Paza Hace 9 días
Too bad the Lakers already missed the money
Lebron tambok
TheKooperDon Hace 9 días
Can you do nfl news too please?
PepsKnows Best
PepsKnows Best Hace 9 días
IDK why Andre Ingram only got 2 mins of action
rita the cat
rita the cat Hace 9 días
do you want a high draft pick or not?
Jt_ Ballin_23
Jt_ Ballin_23 Hace 9 días
Are the Lakers going to the playoffs.
Mr Gamer
Mr Gamer Hace 9 días
What where ingrams stats?
Kentravius Greene
Kentravius Greene Hace 9 días
In the end Lebron will be number 1 all time stats wise. And top 3all time
Jose Lopez
Jose Lopez Hace 9 días
The Bulls just piss me off a lot💯🙄
Jacob Hickman
Jacob Hickman Hace 9 días
Andre Ingram fanboys are so retarded. There's a reason he plays in the G-League dumbasses
Maurice Copeland
Maurice Copeland Hace 9 días
Where’s that Kobe Bryant account???? “Lakers NBA champions”
J. Spadez
J. Spadez Hace 9 días
Bulls are so much better when Zach Lavine plays trust that. They had the Pistons by 18 points in both games then the Lakers by 20 points.
johncitizen76 Hace 9 días
Some of that ODB shimmy🤣🙌🏼🔥
jonz23m Hace 9 días
OMG the Lakers beat the bulls? GSW better look out.
S K Hace 9 días
You can see the passion again in LBJ. Was never a fan of him but now I’m hoping he goes to WCF against Warriors next year
why u say result before the game it is digusting
Eric Byers
Eric Byers Hace 9 días
He can only beat the east to go to the finals 🤣🤣🤣🤣
big deezle
big deezle Hace 9 días
A blind squirrel can find a nut
Blake G
Blake G Hace 9 días
That’s the Lebron I know💪🏽
Stephen White
Stephen White Hace 9 días
Both of them lobs bron caught were nasty af
GDS- NIKE Hace 9 días
I love seeing Bron having fun out there
MrNubito81 Hace 9 días
Zion Farquharson
Zion Farquharson Hace 9 días
Stop commentating your voice is big ugly
Taco Rio
Taco Rio Hace 9 días
Kuz sucks low key
Darth Dulla
Darth Dulla Hace 9 días
A little to late to show effort
Brandon Boyd
Brandon Boyd Hace 9 días
Score 10/10
ßlàçk Kîñg
ßlàçk Kîñg Hace 9 días
Lakers finally and Chicago 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
seq h
seq h Hace 9 días
(Make up potential headlines) ESPN: Proof the LA Lakers are going to make the nba playoffs.
Ch3sy Hace 9 días
Didn't Stephen A Smith say that "father time" is finally catching up to LeBron?
clinton caple
clinton caple Hace 9 días
And ppl wonder why we say the east is weak lmao
MalRulesAll Hace 9 días
jeremy brown
jeremy brown Hace 9 días
So there's still a chance
Z1PPER Hace 9 días
Having fun but missing playoffs?? 🤔🤔🤔
VSG eyeQ
VSG eyeQ Hace 9 días
Playoff-Mode Lebron worse than restricted Lebron, thats some cheese
Moises Sobrepena
Moises Sobrepena Hace 9 días
If you are in th same footing as Lebron, or even surpass him you can talk smack to the guy but if not better stfu!
MalikVision Hace 9 días
That lob off the ground was Flu Ridden 😨
Caleb Nielsen
Caleb Nielsen Hace 9 días
1:38 STILL A GREAT HIGHLIGHT *lebron plays defense*
bryan ethan
bryan ethan Hace 9 días
Lebron celebrate after the dunk as if they were going to playoff.
Jephthah San Pedro
Jephthah San Pedro Hace 9 días
Minute-restricted LeBron > Playoff -mode Lebron
Musashi Kaneko
Musashi Kaneko Hace 9 días
His groin injury had to have decreased his testosterone levels. Maybe he's back for real noe
Calique Richards
Calique Richards Hace 9 días
Playoff mode activated a little too late
Emerge_ Jr
Emerge_ Jr Hace 9 días
Are the lakers out of the playoffs for sure yet
elthon macapilit
elthon macapilit Hace 9 días
Yess the lakers is back
EDGE LORD Hace 9 días
Honestly a local YMCA can beat the bull's. Not very impressive beating them.
Shrey Bodapati
Shrey Bodapati Hace 8 días
Comment Support
Comment Support Hace 9 días
I see Andre Ingram has become a meme.
Romi Arkan
Romi Arkan Hace 9 días
Why is it that everytime I expect a team to tank they do the opposite?
Jackson Liang
Jackson Liang Hace 9 días
At least the finals record stays 3-6 😂😂😂
Johann Consoro
Johann Consoro Hace 9 días
Jackson Liang u implying LeThanos would go to the finals if they made the playoffs I know he a real goat 🐐
Ron Albert Hibionada
Lebron James and Andre Ingram for 36 points combined 😂
sukarendang Hace 9 días
nice to see them playing without any pressure
Arse Hace 9 días
just how strong is lebron? he doesnt even jump that high when he shoots threes
I see you in coments
espn the lakers are making playoffs
Most Hated
Most Hated Hace 9 días
Chris Smoove is panty dropping for LeDrama. Put the pom poms down son
Josiah Olantes
Josiah Olantes Hace 9 días
Yey!!!!...they defeated the 13th seed bulls(without Zach”their best player” lavine)😂😂😂
MikeWithTheHoodie Hace 9 días
0:26 was a travel?
John Rafael Sytin
John Rafael Sytin Hace 9 días
never thought smoove would ever say "robin lopez" runnin that whoever offense
Homeless to Greatness
When Lebron on minute restriction from 48min per game to 47 min and 59sec per game
Timmy Turner
Timmy Turner Hace 9 días
But its little too late LeBron
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