Legendary Skills that Happen ONCE in a Lifetime ᴴᴰ

Lorenzo F7
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Amazing Skills \u0026 Goals by the Best Players! :D
A compilation of best moments of in 2020-2021 HD
Click "Show more" to find the name of the songs and more info

Video Produced by: Lorenzo F7
Computer used: Macbook Pro 15' Retina
Software used: Final Cut Pro X, After Effects CC

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28 mar 2021






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Lorenzo F7
Lorenzo F7 Hace 2 meses
I hope you enjoyed the video ❤️ It took me so long to gather all the clips, I would truly appreciate it if you could drop a like! It helps the Channel a lot. Love You more than you can imagine...
James B
James B Hace 7 días
Excellent Video ! thank you for your service and God bless you !
Marco Entropiaco
Marco Entropiaco Hace 27 días
Esiste un numero di Figo che non trovo citato!
Tommy Rock Rohnström
You´re not gonna get a like from me, you missed Zlatan
Azan Rai
Azan Rai Hace un mes
❤️la. Thick. Xa
Allan Bennoch RFC #1
She stole off me.👎
Sadie Larson
Sadie Larson Hace 23 horas
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3mielu88 Hace un día
Where is Bergkamp?
is verry good thank you
arc Gallery
arc Gallery Hace 2 días
if Jay Jay Okocha is not in it - it's not worth it !
Gilson Silva
Gilson Silva Hace 3 días
(10:56) kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk
Vincent Pang
Vincent Pang Hace 3 días
The eminent south korea firstly chop because impulse ectrodactyly clear under a mellow ring. tight, acidic skirt
Saifullah Awan
Saifullah Awan Hace 3 días
where is zalatan ?
Michael Williams
Michael Williams Hace 5 días
I cannot believe that Jay Jay Okacha was not in any of the highlights
paul anker
paul anker Hace 5 días
No wonder football is the most skilful and popular sport in the world-So great to see-Thanks
phonomoon music
phonomoon music Hace 5 días
Very amazing. You forgot Ibrahimovic though!
Dragonite Pizza
Dragonite Pizza Hace 7 días
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James B
James B Hace 7 días
Ozil's triple homicide 😍
Bruno Stamati
Bruno Stamati Hace 8 días
cuales son los temas
Nguyễn Truường
Nguyễn Truường Hace 8 días
What is name music
İslam Yüce dağ
İslam Yüce dağ Hace 8 días
Huilton Carlos Chaves Medeiros
search Ronaldinho vs Dunga!
HASH GATES Hace 10 días
what is the names of songs you used in background.!? please tell me the two last songs.
Mimilo killo
Mimilo killo Hace 10 días
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Mimilo killo
Mimilo killo Hace 11 días
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Rinse Klaaren
Rinse Klaaren Hace 11 días
How is the first song called
Smile Za
Smile Za Hace 12 días
stalin tapia flores
stalin tapia flores Hace 13 días
el mejor regate el de Maradonna con pase gol
thuc tinh
thuc tinh Hace 13 días
Kỷ năng tuyệt...
Pro Game
Pro Game Hace 16 días
Rip Maradona The legend
citas registraduria
citas registraduria Hace 20 días
simplemente fantastico... clasicos de maestros del drible
Chungwei Wang
Chungwei Wang Hace 23 días
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Peggy Bledsoe
Peggy Bledsoe Hace 23 días
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Scifer- TFT
Scifer- TFT Hace 25 días
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Михаил Скобелев
чуть по длинее делать надо отрывки
Shawn McDowell
Shawn McDowell Hace 27 días
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han cai
han cai Hace 27 días
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m bot6
m bot6 Hace 27 días
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Eduardo Soares
Eduardo Soares Hace 28 días
Show de bola 👏👏👏
Dennis Mwangi
Dennis Mwangi Hace 29 días
Liked the video. U would have featured Jay-Jay Okocha too. He was exceptionally good.
Oranais وهراني
C'est injuste y as des joueurs qui ont fait des choses magnifiques vous les avez pas cité. 👎👎👎👎
Jorge Maldonado
Jorge Maldonado Hace un mes
Para Messi era un día más en la oficina.
Rui Costa
Rui Costa Hace un mes
Only got 2 words to say about this: Paulo Futre...
Mr.x clash - Clash of Clans
Next level
Mohammed Ameer
Mohammed Ameer Hace un mes
you need 2m like not just 34k
B B T Hace un mes
Whats the name of the Ole ole song?
Юрий Царь
Юрий Царь Hace un mes
Where Terry Anry?!
han cai
han cai Hace un mes
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Pannalona Hace un mes
the mix of these old calssic skills and some of the new ones is awesome!! GREAT VIDEO :D
Zac Ward
Zac Ward Hace un mes
Adel taarabt is possibly the most under rated dribbler of all time hes unreal
LETHE Hace un mes
Ronaldinho her maçta yapıyordu...
Benja Tissera
Benja Tissera Hace un mes
murat b
murat b Hace un mes
ı guess you dont know the meaning of the word dripling
Đức Trần
Đức Trần Hace un mes
name music all ?
sutulovich maisha
sutulovich maisha Hace un mes
quấ tuyệt vời cho trận đấu lớn
Warrior Georges
Warrior Georges Hace un mes
ホスMehdi Hace un mes
Mezu Osil 👍
Benyamin Nazer
Benyamin Nazer Hace un mes
just Maradona at the end
Dusan M.
Dusan M. Hace un mes
R9 and Ronaldinho are the kings.But,Messi too.
Its never complete without DB10 and TH14
DieLocke Hace un mes
RIP MARADONA last clip! And all others
rinijh rak
rinijh rak Hace un mes
Кто-нибудь слышал пр0 Еn0tGlobal.ru рaботает?
NjA Hace un mes
I mean, a lot of these clips are cool, but there a bit too many where the defender just slips (like 04:11) or a simple regular ball between the legs (like 09:59). That happens every other game, not once in a lifetime. The absence of (more than one) Zlatan clips is also noticeable. Other than that, cool video!
Peter Martinaitis
Peter Martinaitis Hace un mes
If the skill doesn't create or stop a goal then it's pointless........but good entertainment .
Eugen Berzani
Eugen Berzani Hace un mes
No they dont. Other players will arisr
Andre Araujo
Andre Araujo Hace un mes
The best
rinijh rak
rinijh rak Hace un mes
Вы чтo-нибудь слышали о Ен0т глобал?
Marcin Dwojacki
Marcin Dwojacki Hace un mes
Great compilation mate, I appreciate your work, thanks :)
Para cualquier Cosa
Alguien sabe los nombres de las canciones?
Humberto S
Humberto S Hace un mes
ronaldinho, messi y ronaldo
rinijh rak
rinijh rak Hace un mes
Тут в чатах пишут прo Еn0tGlobal, ктo знает чтo за штука?
rinijh rak
rinijh rak Hace un mes
Былo бы интересн0 п0см0треть выпуск прo пр0движение сaйтoв с En0tGlobal
Farzad Ahmadi
Farzad Ahmadi Hace un mes
Half of the are from brazil
Edward Apunyu
Edward Apunyu Hace un mes
Why Thierry Henry is not featured in this video. Only God Know
DCW Hace un mes
A moment of silence for all the cameramen trying to guess which way the ball will go.
Omar Anwar
Omar Anwar Hace un mes
I always love how Kehrer is diving! 🤣
momo dadju
momo dadju Hace un mes
Chaweki Bellouati
Chaweki Bellouati Hace un mes
MAHREZ amazing skills
shaighan1 Hace un mes
yeah, i liked it a lot! the video is dope! GJ man!!!
Yusuf Yetiş
Yusuf Yetiş Hace un mes
1:20 ersan gülüm bakkaldan dönerken 2 paket kısa Winstonla bi tane ekmek alıver ☺️
Davi Fernandes
Davi Fernandes Hace un mes
Dá para fazer um video desse só com Ronaldinho
Jetro Hace un mes
They dancing without the music, music just make looks great
BringMeTheSandwich Hace un mes
lol sneaking that Salah goal in there like it belongs there
Kaweesa Isaac
Kaweesa Isaac Hace un mes
It was so marvourous to watch ythanks alot for your time to produce such. keep it up.
Emilio Lopardo
Emilio Lopardo Hace un mes
Maradona al final... Sublime
Trump Ameri
Trump Ameri Hace un mes
Ronaldinho GOAT position forever
CASPERA Hace un mes
Man, Hazard could have been some much more
Willian Avelino
Willian Avelino Hace un mes
Funny how these kind of compilations never show the follow-up for the plays... ...must be because more than half of them never result in anything but a missed pass or cross.
makaveli2989 Hace un mes
OMG. R9 was like an alien!!!!
Stone Cold
Stone Cold Hace un mes
Once in life time and yet we see again and again Zidane :) (Maybe you can make one like that for Ronaldo too :) The Brazilian ofc.). How many players broke a knee and returned as all time champions? :)
RED Hace un mes
"Legendary Skills that Happen ONCE in a Lifetime ᴴᴰ" 12:10 Dribbling around a lazy fake attempt at a tackle...
Demir Poyraz
Demir Poyraz Hace un mes
sjsjsjsjsjsjsjsjsjsjsjsjsjsjsjsjsjsjsj sjsjsjsjsjsj
Jael Israel
Jael Israel Hace un mes
I did
S. K.
S. K. Hace un mes
Best skills video i've see on YT
coco alex
coco alex Hace un mes
bagamias pulan in youtubeul asta sami bag cu reclamele voastre cu tot
Leigh Cook
Leigh Cook Hace un mes
Why is there more than one scene then? 😂
Javier10Jose x
Javier10Jose x Hace un mes
0:52 ocurrió tres veces seguidas
juan sebastian norte
Un solo regate de Maradona ponen ?
Rickerd van de reep
I do miss the legendary Cruijff turn in this one.
Izaias ANDRADE Hace un mes
R10 melhor que todossssssss👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿👏🏿
KIRITO KHAN Hace un mes
Que buena la de metzu ozil!!!
جرب الوصفة مع راضية
اللهم صل وسلم وبارك عليك يا حبيبي يا رسول الله
Saakib Hace un mes
Ahh the days when we were allowed to breathe without a face nappy 🤐
Dr.Falcon Hace un mes
whats the name of the first song? It wasn't in the description
Njabzillah Hace un mes
Barely any skill. Just dribbling.
The Art of Dribbling
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