LET'S TALK ABOUT TXT (투모로우바이투게더) + ‘Introduction Film - What do you do?’ - 연준 (YEONJUN) - REACTION

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►Here is my reaction to TXT (투모로우바이투게더) ‘Introduction Film - What do you do?’ - 연준 (YEONJUN) REACTION

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10 ene 2019

anthony nashanthony nash reactsanthony nash btsanthony tooanthony kpop reactionanthony too kpopanthony reacts투모로우바이투게더tomorrow x togethertxt연준yeonjun빅히트엔터테인먼트빅히트신인신인그룹신인보이그룹boy bandnew boy bandlets talk about txtlets talk about bighits new groupbighits new group 2019bighits new group nameTXT (투모로우바이투게더) ‘Introduction Film - What do you do?’ - 연준 (YEONJUN) REACTIONTXT (투모로우바이투게더) ‘Introduction Film REACTION






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Ho for park jimin & jinyoung
He’s 19
rozina Hace 8 días
Let's not be narrow-minded person. Love is not something in the small cup.
Jewels Hace 8 días
TxT will experience a double edged sword situation for sure. Some people will love and support them because of BTS/Bighit and some people will criticize them heavily for the very same reason. I'm waiting to see who they are and if I like their music. I won't automatically love them just because of BTS.
Nina Hace 9 días
1:47 *pauses* *looks at camera* inch arresting 🤔
Mariam Hace 9 días
I am soo excited for them but I am scared because I feel people are going compare the new boy group from Bts which would be sad because they are a new group who want to be idols. I have heard apparently that the new boy group are going to have a different concept to bts which is going to be great. I wish them luck and all armies should support them for who they are and not where they come from 😌
Nicole Valentina
Nicole Valentina Hace 10 días
Hawaiian Jin
Hawaiian Jin Hace 10 días
I'm excited to see what role he has in his group!!
PartyAnd ThePeople
PartyAnd ThePeople Hace 10 días
Yeonjun is 19 years old lmao I’ve heard that the maknae is supposed to be 16 but it’s isn’t confirmed yet
Our Maknae is a terror
ATEEZ Hala Hala is on another level and that's all I can say. These boys are stepping away from the norm of Kpop and adding dimensions.
Naomi Elledge
Naomi Elledge Hace 10 días
I’m really disappointed that a lot of Army’s are hating on them because they think they’re gonna “replace” BTS or because they think we’re only supposed to support BTS. It shows that they must not really have that much confidence in the boys.
SourSoul Hace 10 días
I totally agree with your points. They are under lots of attention and pressure, obviously they are lucky to be in the position they are in, but idols are under huge amounts of pressure on a normal day, but being the first group to debut after bts in bighit must be terrifying, I wish good luck to them, I hope I'll like their music ^^
SourSoul Hace 10 días
im so looking forward to them ^^ I've only known Yeonjun for a day but he is so lovely. btw he's 19 :) the morse code at the end says dreaming :)
n Hace 10 días
yep I agree about the not comparing them. but it's cool how BTS's debut was with No more dream and these guys are coming with Dreaming - such a BigHit thing to do.
Princessa-trasshh Hace 10 días
I'm so excited for this new group but I'm also kinda worried for multiple reason. First of all, even though I am an ARMY, I'm a LOT more excited for ygs new group. I don't think this is the right time for Bighit to debut anyone. And I can already see the beef going on on twitter within ARMY. Many have already begun comparing them and others just don't want them to debut. And that's not the only thing.
britanny Binns
britanny Binns Hace 10 días
I loved everything you said. I've been seeing some hate and i really didn't like them. Like give them and chance then you make a judgement.
VegoKpopDanceCovers Hace 10 días
*if you go to their TXT website, there's a count down*
Hannah Kååå
Hannah Kååå Hace 10 días
I think you're totally right in what your saying! You phrase it very well and I hope ARMYs doesn't pressure them just because they're from the same company! :)
Katianna Cotton
Katianna Cotton Hace 10 días
He is 19
린지Lindsay Hace 10 días
a lot of kpop fans (mostly in korea but international fans as well) stan entertainment companies. you'll hear people say they like YG or JYP or SM. and then they root for and support all the artists from that company. I think a lot of fans will be that way with Big Hit now. personally, I like Big Hit because of how they have treated BTS so far. They let them speak out about the youth and let them create their own music with their own personal lyrics and talk about sexual/gender/cultural/youth identity. I hope they continue to be that way with this new group. :)
린지Lindsay Hace 10 días
Those gaming places are called PC bang (room) (pronounced more like bong not bang) which are extremely popular in Korea. and the karaoke places are called no-rae-bang (again pronounced like bong not bang). a's Romanized from Korean always have an "ah" sound. :) I am so looking forward to this new group!
Taffy Hace 10 días
He's a 1999 liner, former CUBE entertainment trainee and is a dancer
peach Hace 10 días
I think we as armys should support them before debut BECAUSE they don't have a fandom to do so and they are getting a lot of hate because of their label and anything associated with it. Support=/=stanning Support means trying to defend them, wish them a good debut and when that song comes out give it a listen. After that you are free to decide whatever you wanna do about it. Im looking forward to TXT s debut
SINCLAIR FILM Hace 11 días
lets help each other ,come check my chanel for music video shot list and adn how tocreate bts spring day shot list esvid.net/video/vídeo-loe-RIPkGaI.html
Diyxlx Hace 11 días
I already saw kpop stans wanting to stan them for the sole reason to hate on bts like this is sick, a certain annoying fandom accused them of plagiarizing the moon (tf) and the boys didn't even debut, I just wish them good luck on their debut and if their music is good I might stan
S H A Hace 11 días
i love how you paused it and then smiled haha thank you for this!
Kathy Tan
Kathy Tan Hace 11 días
He is cute he is just 19 ?Lets support Their Debut...hope the best for them....
Soy Sauce
Soy Sauce Hace 11 días
I agree that BigHit will definitely try to differentiate them from BTS, but I think their concept/storyline will probably be equally as complicated, b/c #BigHit lol. BaseI d on the visuals that we've gotten so far, I think that they'll definitely be a 5-6 member group. I wanna wait 'til the next member reveal before I really start diggin' deep, and I could make a case for them being a 5 member group too, but for the time being, here's my 6 member prediction.. So, the TXT logo on the Instagram page right now is made up of 3 images, each containing 2 ellipses, so 6 ellipses total. Each ellipse could represent a member. Also note that the left and right images mirror each other, forming the letter "T," while being divided by the center image, forming the letter "X." We all know that an odd number of members works well in K-Pop b/c of symmetry/dance formations, so what I'm getting at here is that those left and right images of ellipses mirroring each other (the "T's") could represent 2 members on each side, and the center image (the "X") could represent 2 members in the middle, but in an i-formation. We've also gotten an image of 3 circles. There's a black circle with the letters "Y O U," a white circle with the letters "M E," and between them is a 'blank' circle with an "&" sign. Then we also got a similar, yet different image where the black and white circles form a venn diagram, but the middle section is blue, and next to it is, "You and I. Different but Together." Here's what I'm thinking.. The first letter in the black circle is "Y," and the first member revealed is Yeonjun, whose name also starts with the letter "Y." This could just be coincidence, but if the next revealed member's name starts with either an "O," or an "M," then I think I'm on to something. If that's the case, then my prediction is that each letter in the black circle (Y, O, and U) represents a different a member of one sub-unit, and the letters in the white circle (M and E) represent a member another sub-unit. Now, these sub-units could possibly be divided by their roles in TXT, by their roles in the storyline, or possibly both. Here's where the venn diagram, and "Different but Together" come into play.. I think that the "&" sign in the 1st image I mentioned could also represent a member, and in the storyline that BigHit will create for them, this member is who brings "together" the 3 members of the black circle with the 2 members of the white circle into "tomorrow." Lastly, if there ends up being Morse code at the end of the next revealed member's video, then I can I only assume 1 of 2 things. 1) The deciphered word will end up being a single for its respective member as a way to build hype. 2) Each deciphered word will represent a track on their debut mini-album.
LeenArmY Bangtan
LeenArmY Bangtan Hace 11 días
The main reosen I like BTS is their personality and we can say that they built their personilty mostly when they were at Bighit, so I believe our PDs and other staff have a big influence on them. And thats why I think that I am gonna like them (TXT) too. Because they will not just learn how to sing, rap, perform (maybe they already know) but they will also learn how to be a good person, how to interact with fans and each other, how to be a family, how to solve problems without hurting each other and so on. So, its not that I like BTS so that I like TXT too, I believe they will be a sincere, fun and lovely group..
Nureesa Manuel
Nureesa Manuel Hace 11 días
I have mix feeling of the new group and I think pressure is not such a bad thing it will either break you or make you, as harsh as it may seem this is the kind of industry Kpop is. They will have more support then most people starting of, unfortunately there will always be haters. Don't support them if you don't want to but don't be nasty and post hateful comments.
Leena M
Leena M Hace 11 días
By the way this members age hasnt been announced so we dont know how old he is yet. He might not be 15. Just saying to avoid confusion😁
No UN speech, No Opinion
He's 19 and is the oldest
Zage Hace 11 días
I hope big hit forms a girl group aswell
Marissa Lyn
Marissa Lyn Hace 11 días
They had been auditioning male for years already. I don't think they would have girls group since GLAM incidents.
Marrydena J
Marrydena J Hace 11 días
The biggest thing is their mv director are different from bts so I'm so excited to see how txt mv will be
Thyia Colt
Thyia Colt Hace 11 días
I apologize for commenting something unrelated to this vidnbut since 90% of y'all watching this are armies.... Vote for bts. They r loosing Download the app on play store or whatever. play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.sportsseoul.smaglobal Fassst gogogogo vote #bts #vote #28thseoulmusicawards Share this. Voting closes at 12pm kst
yumizuki youkoo
yumizuki youkoo Hace 11 días
have you seen his dance and sing videos? i've seen some and honestly im impressed. he got the talent
Jimin’s Promise
Jimin’s Promise Hace 11 días
After 3 days they will announce something again. Its either a new member or their concepts or something interesting. Just like the countdown yesterday There’s a new countdown 72 Hrs Min Sec
Deena Miller
Deena Miller Hace 11 días
He is actually 19 years old and the oldest member of the group. He appears to be similar to JHope because he is an incredible dancer. The ticking at the end of the video is Morse Code and it does mean "Dreaming". The have a webpage up and running txt.bighit.com. This shows another countdown for Sunday in which they will reveal another member.
Debiruman Yaoi
Debiruman Yaoi Hace 11 días
Like come on, can't everyone be peaceful? When EXO debuted, they weren't compared to SHINee or SuJu so can we please stop the commotion? I hope people who GENUINELY support the group will spam TXT with love and without comparing them to BTS. I hope this goes well. (Plus we all know that our ARMY fandom is really big so there are a lot of cringey insensitive new fans who are probably twelve year olds. Let's outnumber them and shower TXT with love☺️)
infiresos ‵‵
infiresos ‵‵ Hace 11 días
I am excited for their debut but I'm not gonna stan yet because there's still no music from them. Let's just wait and see. TXT will be compared to BTS by the media (k-media specifically) and people no matter what, we cannot help that from happening. I hope ARMYs don't feel the need to stan TXT just because they're in the same company.
S K Hace 11 días
I get that feeling he is V’s little brother. I could be wrong tho.
Butterfly Kim
Butterfly Kim Hace 11 días
This video looks so lonely
_Minohoney_ Hace 11 días
Can you react to Oneus-valkyrie
Dilara Gul
Dilara Gul Hace 11 días
can you please react to Chung Ha - Gotta Go btw love your reactions
Brooklynn Sugasfuturewife
Yeonjun have taehyungs face and Jin’s jawline with jimin a beautiful smile 😊
Chaney Wallace
Chaney Wallace Hace 11 días
my thughts exactly
alvichi Hace 11 días
I know im gonna get hate for this but i still think its the wrong time for bighit to debut this group. Media and everyone not into kpop are going to compare these guys. Personally i wasnt inpressed by this member paticularly. I didnt feel any emotion or him shining through. I'll keep an eye on them though. Maybe the other members will change my mind.
alvichi Hace 11 días
+anthony too to me i guess its more his personality didnt shine through enough for me in this video. Maybe you're right, he was supposed to be directed that way. Im still gonna check them out though.
alvichi Hace 11 días
+Lynne solis im not saying i wont give txt a chance. Im saying from this video, his personality didnt shine through for me. I'll still try.
alvichi Hace 11 días
+Chris personality can shine through.
Chris Hace 11 días
All he did was look good 😂 how are u gonna feel emotions from this
Lynne solis
Lynne solis Hace 11 días
give him a chance, I Stan only bts.. buying albums,streaming, etc related to them, I'll never listen to the other boy group even their music is so good..but I'm willing to support txt w/ all my heart..I hope they debuted successfully
1:48 Me when i saw Yeonjun’s face up close😂😂😂🤣
ning ning
ning ning Hace 11 días
Wow bighit
jess has jams
jess has jams Hace 11 días
y’all I’m upset they’re gonna b younger than me oof
jess has jams
jess has jams Hace 11 días
I feel like a mom now😂
anthony too
anthony too Hace 11 días
Marielle Visico
Marielle Visico Hace 11 días
One big diverse family of music. Different style of music, but share the same dream. What RM said "We may look different, speak live different, eat different, but we share the same heart." I am sure BTS will be there for TXT giving them tips and guide them through their debut. I'm not comparing them, but I am excited to for TXT.
Hidden Lover
Hidden Lover Hace 11 días
It was announced from bighit themselves that he is 19 years old, he's an outstanding dancer, and he the oldest one in the group, the next member will be announced in 62 hours and 41 minutes so be prepared
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