Letting a Homeless Dog Pick His First Meal!

Rocky Kanaka
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Freddie Mercury the dog and Bosco from the Buying a Special Needs Dog EVERYTHING She Touches! video are back. Get started with 8 free meals - that鈥檚 $80 off your first month of HelloFresh. Go to bit.ly/2EzSSpr and enter rocky80
This all stared when I started doing my Buying My Dog Anything He touches video. When I saw this I knew I could help rescue dogs by making a video called Buying a Homeless Dog Anything He Touches. I was so excited that this community of dog loving people came together and we were able to get King adopted. Then when we took Freddie Mercury the dog on her very own Dog's Day Out she brought along Bosco. Please let all of your friends know about our challenge to get Bosco adopted. I am hoping we can accomplish this in the next 24 hours so we can call it a 24 hour challenge !
In this video we let Bosco and Freddie Mercury the dog pick between fresh steak lobster salmon chicken spinach blueberries carrots and more. I love cooking for my family weather that is my wife or a dog. Thats why I am so happy to get the opportunity to work with HelloFresh because they have easy to make family meals with simple to follow how to recipes. Thanks HelloFresh for supporting me and all of the dogs out there that we are working to help. I know Zach Skow and Marley's Mutts are really grateful and the gift we gave them will go a long way.

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15 mar 2019

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Rocky Kanaka
Rocky Kanaka Hace 3 meses
Hi Early Squad! I am here responding to as many comments as possible. Who gave this a thumbs up for Bosco?! 馃惗馃榾馃憤
Israela Dark.panda
Israela Dark.panda Hace 6 d铆as
Wait can i adopt it?
BTS has us Jungshook
Me I gave it a thumbs up for bosco!
Jejejeje Elle
Jejejeje Elle Hace 2 meses
Melissa Fewtrell
Melissa Fewtrell Hace 2 meses
its so cut
Pencil Leafy
Pencil Leafy Hace 2 meses
We saw a dog like Freddy but all grown up and able to use all four feet
Winterprawn150 Xxx
Winterprawn150 Xxx Hace 31 un minuto
What wrong with Freddy leg
Winterprawn150 Xxx
Winterprawn150 Xxx Hace 35 minutos
Ana Lopez
Ana Lopez Hace 38 minutos
Because I had a dog she was thrown out and re-adopted and we adopted her and now she鈥檚 very Strong
Ana Lopez
Ana Lopez Hace 39 minutos
I am so happy you鈥檙e saving dogs you are so nice and you deserve it thank you
Willis Tv
Willis Tv Hace 39 minutos
Wye don't you keep rosco
these trains are cool
these trains are cool Hace 41 un minuto
Stisha Burton
Stisha Burton Hace un hora
I already use hello fresh
Kimberly Keyes
Kimberly Keyes Hace un hora
He said turn on the notifications of love Freddy he's using a Freddy as an excuse to have subscribers and that's a really biitchy thing to do
James Steffen
James Steffen Hace 2 horas
You should adopt him
Joshua Hamilton
Joshua Hamilton Hace 2 horas
Who dislikes this video!
Brian Ellington
Brian Ellington Hace 2 horas
9.43 = #fail
Angie Gutierrez
Angie Gutierrez Hace 2 horas
Give a like if you love Bosco 馃憞馃徑
Animal Entertainment
That pit bull is adorable I want him so bad
Luke Liberatore
Luke Liberatore Hace 3 horas
I love what you do
Animal Entertainment
I will take Bosco he is soooo cute
Niki Austin
Niki Austin Hace 3 horas
Take him to the store
Owen Louthian
Owen Louthian Hace 3 horas
Do it
Kelli Maninin
Kelli Maninin Hace 3 horas
I love u mate馃榾馃榾馃榾
MeowterSpace Hace 4 horas
Ahhhhh ima be honest I would eat this. lmao jk just the rice chicken and steak don't worry
NANCY Hace 4 horas
Cane corso are the best
Melissa Shiver
Melissa Shiver Hace 4 horas
Go shopping
sam randolph
sam randolph Hace 4 horas
skull cruisher 14
skull cruisher 14 Hace 4 horas
This is how many people want free likes Don鈥檛 like this
Bangtan SonyeonDONE
Bangtan SonyeonDONE Hace 5 horas
This is adorable, we are lucky to have you in our life and I hope the dogs get the home their deserve
Lil_Abi !
Lil_Abi ! Hace 6 horas
You guys did a good sense of humor :)
Alexandra John
Alexandra John Hace 6 horas
I love Bosco ,he is a good dog
Alexandra John
Alexandra John Hace 6 horas
Freddy is kinda not my type 馃槙馃槙馃槙
Just Slymes
Just Slymes Hace 6 horas
Wait... I just noticed .. aren鈥檛 you from 鈥渟ave our shelter 鈥?
J.V.R. Hace 6 horas
Never met a pitbull that was violent. They were the sweetest! (knocks on wood). Btw, I thougth peanutbutter cotains an ingredient that's toxic for dogs?
Cat Dog
Cat Dog Hace 7 horas
KENJ莫 Hace 7 horas
The dogs are so adorable! 馃槉
cupcake quenn
cupcake quenn Hace 8 horas
People are so mean ! I mean 10 k dislikes on this Video
Lanae Maynard
Lanae Maynard Hace 8 horas
Freddy is so beautiful and cute.
that touched my heart AWWWWW
Raylee Long
Raylee Long Hace 9 horas
Poor boos o
thelegendarygamer 375
I want Bosco really bad but I already have two amazing dogs and I know my mom wouldn't let me get him but I would love to have him he's a beautiful dog.
dalton Gray
dalton Gray Hace 9 horas
Its awsome your doing this
dalton Gray
dalton Gray Hace 9 horas
Poor 馃悤
ntokozo cornalia
ntokozo cornalia Hace 10 horas
In which continent are the dogs, I think I wanna adopt them馃槏馃惗馃惗
Smultring TV
Smultring TV Hace 10 horas
You are a very good human being loe thats you do sorry not so good in english
banana gamer
banana gamer Hace 11 horas
Ahhh his back story is so sad This video made my day
Cecelia Smith
Cecelia Smith Hace 12 horas
Take Zeus
Johana Aguirre
Johana Aguirre Hace 12 horas
Do it! Do it!
Laasia Keane
Laasia Keane Hace 13 horas
I think I have pitbal
Purple Playz02
Purple Playz02 Hace 13 horas
I love Freddie mercury not only the actual Freddie but the dog as well 馃檪馃槃
Richie Zepeda
Richie Zepeda Hace 13 horas
I always like dog there the best
Kids Productions
Kids Productions Hace 13 horas
Do it. Just because other people think about him that way doesn't mean he can't stay happy.
Not specific, just Artistic
Freddie is sO cUtE
Widdle Wizard
Widdle Wizard Hace 14 horas
Freedy is sooooooo cute 馃樆
Andrew escamilla
Andrew escamilla Hace 14 horas
Take the pitbull shopping 馃槂馃槂馃槂
Vicki Good
Vicki Good Hace 14 horas
My house and north and see my dog
Dallas Lawrence
Dallas Lawrence Hace 14 horas
You're so nice to dogs
Angel P
Angel P Hace 14 horas
The others dog to
Angel P
Angel P Hace 14 horas
Freddie is so cute
mommatoone Hace 14 horas
do more videos with freddie
Lillie Loves god!
Lillie Loves god! Hace 15 horas
Beans and boo & family
I love the dog who needs a home so much
Reynald Owen
Reynald Owen Hace 15 horas
Go to the store but tell then what not to do before Zeus go in
Gacha Cami
Gacha Cami Hace 16 horas
Oh well they will never know if they never met em and what comes around goes around and just cause he's a breed that Is blamed for being bad and stuff doesn't include all from the breed so if they judge zues will probably judge right make like some why yall giving me all these looks plus it will make the dog feel sad but happy that be got so much stuff and why dont you adopt zues he can .be apart of the gmnetwork
Jennifer Grijalba rosales
Homeless Dog: l do not like blueberries 馃槕馃槕馃槕馃槕馃槕馃槕馃槕
Jayla Thornton
Jayla Thornton Hace 16 horas
Ugh my grandparents won鈥檛 lemme have any animals 馃槕馃槕馃槕馃槶馃槶馃槶
Ethan Ouellette
Ethan Ouellette Hace 16 horas
I am so happy that there are people like you guys that help the homeless dogs and other stuff
Gold Gaming
Gold Gaming Hace 17 horas
Who could dislike such a beautiful video
Lila Pulley
Lila Pulley Hace 17 horas
me and my sisters have pick out steak for bosco!!!!!
mary holiway
mary holiway Hace 17 horas
Blair Williams
Blair Williams Hace 17 horas
face catcher battle cats
Awwww you have a soft heart even though I love cats I still love dogs
DanoFunTime PooHead
DanoFunTime PooHead Hace 18 horas
I subscribed for the homeless dogs
Zakye Johnson
Zakye Johnson Hace 18 horas
I will adopt him
Lorelei Edwards
Lorelei Edwards Hace 18 horas
Yes you should take zues to the pet store
Dyl Cra
Dyl Cra Hace 18 horas
The big own is soooooooooooooo cute like ef you agree
Dyl Cra
Dyl Cra Hace 18 horas
Yes it is
Jacob Balbuena
Jacob Balbuena Hace 19 horas
if you think freddys gross you will go to hell for not being respectful for ones that can help you in bad times
neon master
neon master Hace 19 horas
I want bosco
Lambos_rule1 gaming
Lambos_rule1 gaming Hace 19 horas
Adopt Zues and keep him
KainoaDawg Hace 19 horas
Asks for 50k likes gets 555k likes
Joshua Pringle
Joshua Pringle Hace 19 horas
Kind and your dog is cute
Adrian Alvarez
Adrian Alvarez Hace 20 horas
You deserve so many more subscribers
Bombsaway 1231
Bombsaway 1231 Hace 20 horas
Is his name freddy mercury cuz he almost dead
Bombsaway 1231
Bombsaway 1231 Hace 20 horas
I assumed it was a hes but no its a she
tae_with_a bit_of suga
omg you guys are so nice by feeding them
xd unkn0wn
xd unkn0wn Hace 20 horas
I would have loved to adopt Bosco but I live in a really small apartment and my family can鈥檛 afford to feed another dog
Amalia Garcia
Amalia Garcia Hace 21 un hora
Adopt them
Alex Ferreira
Alex Ferreira Hace 21 un hora
Should they be licking the raw meat?
XXrainbowletsplayYTXX :3
XXrainbowletsplayYTXX :3 Hace 21 un hora
He is so sweet I bet the dog is soooo happy
TBNRWilly Hace 21 un hora
One like = one prey for Zues! You should get him!
Mimi Santona
Mimi Santona Hace 21 un hora
OMG omg Pearson
OMG omg Pearson Hace 21 un hora
I fell bad
Genesis Flores
Genesis Flores Hace 21 un hora
I love 鉂わ笍 dogs and it makes me so 馃槶 sad
Floyd Hace 22 horas
At my school we have these things called Bosco sticks
Nope Yup
Nope Yup Hace 22 horas
This is how many ppl love Freddy and would do anything for him 馃憥
Seth Olsen
Seth Olsen Hace 22 horas
This is bosco This is also clickbait
Seth Olsen
Seth Olsen Hace 22 horas
I have a black lab
Katy Mccutcheon
Katy Mccutcheon Hace 22 horas
who else swiped up on another vid and saw this vid and said 鈥渋 swear if this is mr.beast i鈥檓 gonna lose it鈥 cause i did馃槀馃ズ
Adalyn Lamey
Adalyn Lamey Hace 22 horas
Dominic Nguyen
Dominic Nguyen Hace 23 horas
You suck I saw you kill a dog
Xavier O
Xavier O Hace 23 horas
Did oh see Freddy鈥檚 leg
Miranda Echeverria
Miranda Echeverria Hace un d铆a
Take him to the store take him to the store!
Mr_ Oreos
Mr_ Oreos Hace un d铆a
They have paid attention more to Freddie she is suffering and all they care about is healthy bosco and other dogs instead of Freddie i dont recommended this channel because they just leave out the suffering pets and they mention more healthy dogs then the ones who are suffering like Freddie, she can't walk properly! And what they are just going to make it hard for her??? Don't watch this channel. Like if u care and wanted Freddie in the video and if u dislike u don't care about her. Edit: One more thing he puts cool music when Bosco shows up but with Freddie its sad music i mean like at least Freddie is happy and she has a home so she is fine but sad music?????!?!? Why? Treat Freddie the way you treat bosco even though she is not your dog still treat like bosco. This channel needs to LEARN SOME RESPECT CAUSE THAT IS NOT OKAY.
CHEONG CHLOE Hace un d铆a
I think chicken
twisted wolf
twisted wolf Hace un d铆a
Awwweeee they cute 馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槏馃樆馃樆馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槏馃槏
bab- baby alive buddy
bab- baby alive buddy Hace un d铆a
Fredy is cute
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