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Unboxing the LG Wing. The LG Wing is a very unique smartphone for 2020.
The phone and accessories package shown in this video are a pre-release version provided by LG and may differ from the retail version. The swivel box is not included in the retail version.
This video is sponsored by LG.
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14 sep 2020






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Unbox Therapy
Unbox Therapy Hace 4 días
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Lance Rose
Lance Rose Hace 3 horas
What case can I buy for this phone?
Jenice Colins
Jenice Colins Hace 4 horas
I recommend on !g Trogan jobs for any sort of account recovery. Sure is A Reliable soul.
Kristen Hosenfeld
Kristen Hosenfeld Hace 23 horas
i did subscribe
Al Ahmad
Al Ahmad Hace un día
Arbie Mangadang
Arbie Mangadang Hace un día
If I have money I will buy it for my schooling, need new device especially for multi tasking.
Kristen Hosenfeld
Kristen Hosenfeld Hace 4 minutos
do u do tik tok
akiraryuu Hace 7 minutos
This form factor has already been used by Japanese feature phone more than 10 years ago. Example Sharp Aquos phone.
Aquarius Inc.
Aquarius Inc. Hace 7 minutos
The phone we LIT RALLY never asked for
Alex Ptc
Alex Ptc Hace 11 minutos
Now this is useful, compared to that samsung garbage foldable shit
Big Joe
Big Joe Hace 16 minutos
Bigjoe Charlie was here... Olenko hauska
TheVampireprince24 Hace 16 minutos
I am a Verizon rep and actually just assited your camera man in getting a order worked out for one of your videos keep up the good work guys love your videos
Sophie Phillips
Sophie Phillips Hace 18 minutos
This is the Lady Gaga of phones.
Christoph Kreuzer
Christoph Kreuzer Hace 41 un minuto
And the new Xbox on the table 😳😳
Aaron Serrano
Aaron Serrano Hace 43 minutos
Let me imagine the Apps that will never be made for this phone... Sigh!
Bong Da
Bong Da Hace 44 minutos
I will wait for LG Wing 2
MineJulRBX Hace 53 minutos
This phone is actually pretty sick & quite useful compared to other flip/dual screen phones.
Ogaga Okoroh
Ogaga Okoroh Hace 54 minutos
This looks actually practical unlike EVERY other folding phone out there. This I could buy!!!
MineJulRBX Hace 59 minutos
bit loud asmr but awesome either way
Youngmoze Hace un hora
Omg the flip thing is hella dumb 🤦🏾‍♂️🤦🏾‍♂️
Youngmoze Hace 52 minutos
@cnmmd qiuoo why? 🤣
cnmmd qiuoo
cnmmd qiuoo Hace 53 minutos
getting this
Levent C
Levent C Hace un hora
You can also bless all the people .
cnmmd qiuoo
cnmmd qiuoo Hace 52 minutos
I like it 🤗
Jordan Brown
Jordan Brown Hace un hora
This is the new Iron Man T-Phone
JME R Hace un hora
On the 200,001 opening it becomes the FLING
Jordan Brown
Jordan Brown Hace un hora
That's a nice table
waleed raza
waleed raza Hace un hora
I feel like i say this alot, but man! Would i love to see this on JerryRigEverything
Scott Pilgrim Vs The World : The Game HOY!!!!
Thats a T elephone
Apple Pakistan
Apple Pakistan Hace un hora
Rear Camera bump is like Samsung Note 20 ultra.
Alex Hace un hora
That’s thic
Husky YT
Husky YT Hace un hora
It looks like Tony Stark's phone from Iron Man 1, only that it's touch screen
Leonardo BrawijayaMRQ
this is perfect for streamer and vlogger.
Jalen Hewlett
Jalen Hewlett Hace un hora
I think I need this phone
lui ramos
lui ramos Hace un hora
So can we bring the keyboards back
G mertz
G mertz Hace un hora
wish it can play like 3ds
julieta gazzoni
julieta gazzoni Hace 2 horas
I dont know about the front facing camera. If that phone drops that thing is dooooneeee.
Eunice Kim
Eunice Kim Hace 2 horas
I like it 🤗
Christoffer Søderlund
How is Lew not more excited about this? This is literally the coolest thing I've seen In a long time. If it comes to my market I really could consider selling my rog phone 3 and getting this
YuHansung's Coffee
YuHansung's Coffee Hace 2 horas
I'm so confused by this phone
John Bridges
John Bridges Hace 2 horas
Sorry, that has to be the most retarded design of any phone I have ever seen.
JeffOf813 Hace 2 horas
Wow... Having played that game (asphalt 9) and having the map like that would be a leg up.
Bryan Bowes
Bryan Bowes Hace 2 horas
$2000??? Um... no thanks.
7Neves Hace 2 horas
If this comes out cheaper than a folding phone i do think its pretty good.
Mergawi Nabi
Mergawi Nabi Hace 2 horas
Furn Hace 3 horas
1. Things No one asked for.
Ikan 3103
Ikan 3103 Hace 3 horas
HCCH Hace 3 horas
this is innovative.
Thejus 29
Thejus 29 Hace 3 horas
case manufacturers left the room
😎👍The best future for smartphones till date!
Tahsyn S.
Tahsyn S. Hace 3 horas
Text and watch a movie the same time, we need to activate sharingan at this point to use phones.
Sravan Kumar kondapalli
I do not have a good mobile phone Give me a mobile
Trying to get 50,000 subscribers with only 1 video
When life gives you really good phones
Sin Ponchito
Sin Ponchito Hace 3 horas
2021 smartphone con forma de consolador ps como ya tiene la vibración
Soumik Roy
Soumik Roy Hace 3 horas
Now Dbrand is soooo fucked 😅😅 JK
Anonymous Human
Anonymous Human Hace 3 horas
Whether it is going to strike the cord among the users or not, either way, it's a much realistic approach to multitasking, taking pictures and making videos.
Batman cryptographic sequencer everyone?
Funky Hace 3 horas
oh my god, finally the Hyperkin Smartboy has a phone that gives it full potential.
Moises valle
Moises valle Hace 3 horas
That’s flip reminded me of the sidekick
Aquil Khan
Aquil Khan Hace 3 horas
This concept is really useful.
Sammy Campos
Sammy Campos Hace 3 horas
Lol it's a modern version of the iron man 1 cellphone
Paul Sugano
Paul Sugano Hace 3 horas
It's not a new concept tho. They've also done this type in keypad phone back in 2010 if I'm not mistaken. Nevertheless, it's nice to see it again in a touchscreen phone.
EverythingRaw Hace 3 horas
Lg:we have too much of resources Also LG :let's waste it..
naroex11 Hace 3 horas
tony stark used this phone since 2008.. we are behind 12 years
Mashfi Anan
Mashfi Anan Hace 3 horas
this phone is stream snipers dream come true
Zephskie Hace 4 horas
this video got Kingu crimson
nicole roberts
nicole roberts Hace 4 horas
Love from my heart
noob master
noob master Hace 4 horas
Would be sick if you could game and text at the same time
Anshe Mercado
Anshe Mercado Hace 4 horas
Ugh I like this phone, I just cant leave samsung because of samsung account hahahahah
OmegazGAMES YT Hace 4 horas
This genuinely a phone I would definitely see myself using .Its less gimmicky and more useful.
Matthew Tonkes
Matthew Tonkes Hace 4 horas
Sahran [142]
Sahran [142] Hace 4 horas
That's dope !
Victor_ Alexandre512
it must be good to emulate the Nintendo DS.
Funky Hace 3 horas
you would probably be right!
Ken Miranda
Ken Miranda Hace 4 horas
This might be the best smartphone yet
MurderOnTheMind Hace 4 horas
Bro talk about more than the camera... smh
jamie Chan
jamie Chan Hace 4 horas
*Samsung note 20 camera*
Rage Ca
Rage Ca Hace 4 horas
Reminds me of one of those Power Rangers phone.
Cheezy Pie Gaming
Cheezy Pie Gaming Hace 4 horas
ewwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww lg
VolksTrio Hace 4 horas
I’m actually considering this it’s different it’s new
Benoy Jayakrishnan
Benoy Jayakrishnan Hace 4 horas
So take two phone and screw it togther
YouTubeAddict Hace 4 horas
What the hell was lg thinking? This thing is to ugly
Funky Hace 3 horas
i'd beg to differ
Charlie Batten
Charlie Batten Hace 4 horas
Pretty cool!
Senwilliam William
Senwilliam William Hace 4 horas
Waiting for someone to abuse it
Jenice Colins
Jenice Colins Hace 4 horas
I recommend on !g Trogan jobs for any sort of account recovery. Sure is A Reliable soul.
nikhil katta
nikhil katta Hace 4 horas
just watching the video even though i know that i cant afford it in my lifetime
Bukton-1 Hace 4 horas
I'll get the phone, just to keep the box - a future collector's item.
Zeeshan Mirza
Zeeshan Mirza Hace 4 horas
OMG 😱, it's beyond imagination. Iloved it 😍
Mikey Lejan
Mikey Lejan Hace 4 horas
This should be the design of a new blackberry.
Deepak R
Deepak R Hace 4 horas
Sidekick 2020 🤩
Mikey Lejan
Mikey Lejan Hace 4 horas
This phone would sell! If apple made it
Ata Sayed
Ata Sayed Hace 4 horas
LG: Introduces New Wing Phone RedBull:
Neraizel Hace 4 horas
Might be me but I can't get over how ugly it looks lol
Mikey Lejan
Mikey Lejan Hace 4 horas
This ohone looks fucking bad
Ata Sayed
Ata Sayed Hace 4 horas
This phone is gonna end Phone Case Manufacturer's whole career
shibin sivaandan
shibin sivaandan Hace 4 horas
LG phone all time good quality...I have been using LG phone for so long time... Display and Hardware perfect
Beast AMO
Beast AMO Hace 4 horas
What bullshit is that?
Nelly Nell
Nelly Nell Hace 4 horas
It's look like a futuristic sidekick. It's sweet tho!🤩
Narken Sayson
Narken Sayson Hace 4 horas
is it really usefull🤔🤔🤔???????kind off
Narken Sayson
Narken Sayson Hace 5 horas
Angelo Salcedo
Angelo Salcedo Hace 5 horas
Any old phone is ok to me.
Sam M
Sam M Hace 5 horas
Does anyone know what he does with all the phones he is sent to review? Does he have to send them back or can he keep them ? Just curios
AwesomeJLK Hace 5 horas
That's amazing, reminds me of those times when cellphones were weird and had more moving parts
Joseph Freo
Joseph Freo Hace 5 horas
Me seeing the thumbnail: What an ugly design😤 Me after watching the video: Where can i sell my kidney???
ketchupi104 Hace 5 horas
Need it on a oneplus phone!
Hoouin Kyouma
Hoouin Kyouma Hace 5 horas
All other companies are coming up with bright ideas to innovate the smartphone. And then there's Apple that introduces $700 steel wheels for your CPU. Steve Jobs must be crying in the afterlife.
Mr Joe
Mr Joe Hace 5 horas
Lg mobiles will die soon completely
Imran khan Immu
Imran khan Immu Hace 5 horas
Rei chinalke tera haath me ek din b nahi ruke ga...
yoga sadewo
yoga sadewo Hace 5 horas
now i can watch pornhub with one hand without struggling while another hand doin his job
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