Life Hacks Are Only Getting Worse

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After you've done that, come along with me as I once again explore deep into the most inventive corners of instagram. That's right, more life hacks, baby! What constitutes something being a life hack? Simple:
1. It involves hot glue
2. That's pretty much it

This episode features some of the most creative re-purposings of simple, every day objects I've ever seen- and this is coming from someone who's seen the MacGruber movie one and a half times. Please enjoy.

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comment your favorite life hack. mine is all of them :)

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31 ene 2018






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Drew Gooden
Drew Gooden Hace 3 años
i know ur just here for the lyfe hax but if you want a sweet deal on razors and ass wipes (remember, you're my *little* stinkers, you're not supposed to smell *that* bad) then click this link: www.dollarshaveclub.com/drew
Thomas Harvey
Thomas Harvey Hace 2 días
sorry about your wife my guy
Alyssia Tworkowsky
Alyssia Tworkowsky Hace 14 días
@bradasstv that’s what I was thinking
Not Clickbait Productions
This sponsor makes since. Most of your viewers probably have never heard of showers before.
Person on the Intergroogles
I thought that you said LIFE HACK STOP BUYING RAISINS
Ruler World
Ruler World Hace 2 meses
Is the deal still good?
Kanra _
Kanra _ Hace 2 días
Unironically- the 'taping/glueing two pencils/pens together lifehack' is something i actually did back in like elementary when i got in trouble and had to like re write a phrase 20 times. Since when i wrote one it wrote two instead. Wich meant i was writing like half of what i was supposed to 😅
Din Djarin
Din Djarin Hace 7 días
Oh my god their glue gun did look like a banana
Parker Xd
Parker Xd Hace 10 días
Why does drew look majestic in the thumbnail 😭😭
KVSupernova Hace 10 días
Did he just unscrew that beer bottle open?
Matt Schroeder
Matt Schroeder Hace 11 días
13:32 No, Drew from 2019. It's activism. -commenter from 2020
axolotl boi
axolotl boi Hace 13 días
Life hacks are made for money, the weirdness is probably for shock value. I wouldn't be surprised if non of those were fake!
Aaron Watanabe
Aaron Watanabe Hace 14 días
The intro feels like one long vine
Da fruit
Da fruit Hace 15 días
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Ethanial Again
Ethanial Again Hace 15 días
The opening sketch was actually hilarious
King_is_a_qt Hace 15 días
Blake . .
Blake . . Hace 17 días
Silly Drew, almost put the drill in the wrong hole!
Russian_Bot_2192 Hace 17 días
Mr. Gonzalez, you once again killed it with this video.
uosdwiSrdewoH Hace 20 días
That was almost definitely a mandarin, not an orange. I expect better from you, Drew.
xjsman101 Hace 20 días
"Double Tap if you hate school"... does nobody else see the subliminal school shooting promotion?!?!
Zion Trask
Zion Trask Hace 22 días
Sorry nobody taught you to shave. Quick pointer, slide from side to side instead of up to down.
Spicy Waffle
Spicy Waffle Hace 22 días
the thing is Doritos can actually be used as kindling, the downside is it's completely useless
Katie Hace 26 días
1:26 I have that lamp
Katie Hace 26 días
Bruh are you stealing from me ( ̄ᨎ ̄ )
Katie Hace 26 días
1:42 wait I have that toaster too
Dp Hace 27 días
*Add transition*
Nat Carreon
Nat Carreon Hace 27 días
The sketch at 9:57 is just proof you can take the person outta the vine but you can’t take the vine outta the person
Queen Elizabeth
Queen Elizabeth Hace 28 días
Dan Doodads
Dan Doodads Hace 29 días
why do americans call mandarins “oranges”. they’re like two different citrus fruits
Dan Hace 29 días
I clicked like for yes.
Dan Hace 29 días
Russian Santa XD
Russian Santa XD Hace 29 días
Can’t believe Amanda wasn’t ready for two spoons
Tony Hace 29 días
Lmao the ad at the end
DragoNate Hace un mes
You're supposed to shave with ketchup & then put whipped cream on after for like 6 hours. I can't believe you don't know that!
Peter Sarubbi
Peter Sarubbi Hace un mes
Nice SNL reference after you got shot🤣
JuggerJon Hace un mes
Okay okay although all of these are quite stupid, the bottle opener one is reasonable but not enough to make a physical difference, due to heat expanding metal
What? Visuals
What? Visuals Hace un mes
i love how at 1:50 amanda is just staring at a wall
kaz 42
kaz 42 Hace un mes
i saw a legitimate, unironic "life hack" where they said, "no mask? cut a bra in half and use that!
Landon Harder
Landon Harder Hace un mes
Get this to 200k likes
Max OG
Max OG Hace un mes
jackson weasley
jackson weasley Hace un mes
@Max OG ??
Johan L
Johan L Hace un mes
that is a belt, drew, its not his pants
Gandalf The Frog
Gandalf The Frog Hace un mes
SpaulanerPezi Hace un mes
Learning to open a beer with a paper is useful, because you can bet people that you can open a beer with a paper for more beer to open with a paper.
CoolguyAU Hace un mes
zamothac Hace un mes
Drew I am begging you to bring back those fridge magnets I want to purchase like 10
Axolotlotl Hace un mes
Not Drew saying going to the store is hard 3 years before the pandemic
boohoo bear
boohoo bear Hace un mes
Ádám Kis
Ádám Kis Hace un mes
Omg i cant unsee his moustache after he pointed it out
No, says possum
No, says possum Hace un mes
this video has a weird vibe
No, says possum
No, says possum Hace un mes
Drew looking mourfully out the window. Amanda standing behind looking away. Perfect pictures exist.
Suryanshu Rai
Suryanshu Rai Hace un mes
I am on a train laughing like an asshole 😅😅😂 I am cursed to have found you. That's 14 hours of my life gone 😂😂
Jake Phegan
Jake Phegan Hace un mes
That’s a mandarin, not an orange
baguetteboi Hace un mes
what the hell is happen
Sephtrix Hace un mes
How did the hot glue lid on the beer bottle not fly off 9:47
Mickey Hace un mes
Guys find the damn gaming gloves
Bean Hace un mes
Max OG
Max OG Hace un mes
Sensei Windju
Sensei Windju Hace un mes
chips are a great firestarter esp Doritos
Ocean Hace un mes
I'm living for the reference of the SNL-sketch: The Shooting/Dear Sister
Katasuna Art
Katasuna Art Hace un mes
"This is the best magnet. I really like this magnet, and it is the best" -Drew Gooden, 2014
Seth Bright
Seth Bright Hace un mes
God tier life hack: hot glue a hot glue gun to a hot glue gun so you can make two life hacks at once
Weed Ghost
Weed Ghost Hace un mes
Crass Humor
Crass Humor Hace un mes
I noticed PewDiePie and John Mulaney impersonation
Bea Williams
Bea Williams Hace un mes
12:20 *coment*
Dash Van Dyk
Dash Van Dyk Hace un mes
i still use the xbox 360 :(
Dash Van Dyk
Dash Van Dyk Hace un mes
@My Movie reviews stop using your channel acc with 3 subs
My Movie reviews
My Movie reviews Hace un mes
Xbox more like gaybox
Kokichi Ouma
Kokichi Ouma Hace un mes
9:24 10:46
HeromanV3 Hace un mes
Now that I think about it, there's Douyin, China tiktok service, and I wonder how much of these life hack videos are taken from Douyin. China has weird parts with copyright, but I imagine some chill engineer dude in say, Shanghai, has mixed feelings about his videos being taken by other people often.
Alex Wilson
Alex Wilson Hace un mes
hippieduck Hace un mes
It's like my "inventions" I made at age 7.
hippieduck Hace 7 días
@Shayla Ballard That's some fearless devotion to the art right there. 😔✊
Shayla Ballard
Shayla Ballard Hace 7 días
@hippieduck "Staring them in the face." I think I nearly ran right in front of his car when he didn't slow down. 😔 Thankfully my legs were too short to catch up.
hippieduck Hace 7 días
@Shayla Ballard Haha, oh man. Thanks for sharing this. That's precious and surprisingly original. I see and validate your thoughtful inventiveness as a child. 😌 Your neighbor couldn't grasp the amazing potential of suddenly being able to see what those stoplights told you! Adults. smh. Couldn't recognize a game changer even if it was staring them in the face.
Shayla Ballard
Shayla Ballard Hace 7 días
When I was a kid, I didn't know why the stoplights were on the opposite side of the road (you know, where we can see them.) I thought it made more sense if they were over the cars who needed to move, since it was their spotlight since it was closest to them. But then the drivers wouldn't be able to see when their light changed...so the other drivers would have to show them! Perfect solution! So I invented a mini stoplight thing for other drivers to show you when it was your turn to go. Like, how all stoplights work, but with more steps. And then I got mad when I tested it on my neighbor, who ignored it when he pulled into his driveway.
Elk182 Hace un mes
11:08 Sounds like Daniel Thrasher
Chris Z
Chris Z Hace un mes
I think that potato chip hack is a real mangled re-telling of an actual tip about being able to use them as a alternative to birch bark or fatty wood shavings when making a camp fire.
DuckLord Hace un mes
The chip one is kinda useful. In scouts I learned that Doritos are actually great fire starters. But yeah they don’t burn long nor hot enough to do anything 🤣
clouttail Hace un mes
ok I actually kinda love the Mountain Dew salt shaker though.
Jack Pritchard
Jack Pritchard Hace un mes
The dear sister part has me dead af
dogeridoo Hace un mes
that 2011 lonely island bit really cracked me up
sage willows
sage willows Hace un mes
10:30 I jumped when I heard that I was gonna like MMM WATCHA SAYYY MM THATCHA ONLY MEANT WELLLLLL I'm sorry the lonely island is too good
Hardi Shah
Hardi Shah Hace un mes
Am I the only one here who got anxious while watching that drill go near to his ear???
The Cats Whiskers
The Cats Whiskers Hace un mes
Nobody going to talk about the refrence to that one SNL skit??? It caught me off guard lol
Just AlexC
Just AlexC Hace un mes
I was looking for this comment. Lmao. You can't forget that iconic sketch.
Mikeology Hace un mes
Even when they show a life hack that’s actually possible like opening a bottle with a tightly folded paper, they do it so wrong they have to fake it. It’s doable, but completely impossible if you do it the way they were holding it.
John Guzik
John Guzik Hace un mes
3:45 to skip the junk.
The Bawn
The Bawn Hace un mes
i mean i just use the edge of a table to open my beer
Coltyn Latour
Coltyn Latour Hace un mes
Mary Canty
Mary Canty Hace un mes
The untidy leopard ipsilaterally hug because notebook covalently spoil past a stiff sweets. keen, wide beggar
Kris Smoot
Kris Smoot Hace un mes
Dr. Shit gang gang
Eric Prevett
Eric Prevett Hace un mes
people Persons
people Persons Hace un mes
I think you have some dirt on your fridge
Keegan Warner
Keegan Warner Hace 2 meses
Flame Hace 2 meses
Drew's most popular video at the time: 2 million views This video at the time of watching it: 6.2 million views
Charlie Leseman
Charlie Leseman Hace 2 meses
Bro, I had the same thought when I was watching this.
mureo rirua
mureo rirua Hace 2 meses
The loving force lovely arrange because mimosa splenomegaly choke mid a fluffy traffic. tremendous, black-and-white use
Rob Hace 2 meses
Is no one else seeing the comments at 13:32?
Andrea Hace 2 meses
You can tell Drew is slowly going insane as he watches more life hacks
lad Hace 2 meses
not the dollar shave club
nohsara Hace 2 meses
I used to not get the jokes abt drew and danny looking alike bc to me they look very different... but now after actually watching some of drew’s videos i can say i have already twice thought danny was making a cameo (for example in the magnets on the fridge). I am also sleep deprived
nohsara Hace un mes
@Don't worry, I bite. lol, no never
Don't worry, I bite.
It's been a week. Did you get any sleep?
Bee High!
Bee High! Hace 2 meses
Doritos are actually great firestarters, and can be a tasty/usefull resource on a camping/survival trip
Bee High!
Bee High! Hace 2 meses
your fridge is kinda weird
Enem Disk
Enem Disk Hace 2 meses
Paper-Bottle-Opener and Listen-Music-in-Class are straight 90s lifehacks - been there, done that. They work.
N0ah the td guy
N0ah the td guy Hace 2 meses
How to do that much more I can borrow it I would return it to do that much more I can borrow it to me and if it was made in the creator of sleep
murderhornet_ stings
you and danny are the same person i knew you guuys were the same when you said "boring jeans cheese grater intresting jeans
N O A H Hace 2 meses
That's a solid Drew Gooden quality Intro. 👌🏻
Madi Rae
Madi Rae Hace 2 meses
That's not real beer in the videos either its Heineken 0.0, no alcohol I have some in my fridge because I bought a 6 pack to try it and they're not very good
Nat Hace 2 meses
I have a habit of not finishing beer. So I buy those with twist caps. But I guess the condom-glue beer stopper is better.
Scaled Icy
Scaled Icy Hace 2 meses
2 ideots with a phone
Jaelyn Lorin
Jaelyn Lorin Hace 2 meses
i eat kids
Malibou Blu
Malibou Blu Hace 2 meses
why the fuck are you blinking so damn much lmao (near the beginning)
2 ideots with a phone
Li th t
jorge alan
jorge alan Hace 2 meses
12:00 actually this one is possible. A friend of mine from Denmark was a human bottle opener and this one was his ultimate bottle opener
Shawn Molver
Shawn Molver Hace 2 meses
Brooooo the crisps are v combust able uno
Damon Sparkes
Damon Sparkes Hace 2 meses
Me reading the thumbnail: How these are real?
Tugui Daniel
Tugui Daniel Hace 2 meses
May 2021?
Duckmaster5000 Hace 2 meses
0:23 I.... I HAV THAT LAMP....
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